The Origins of Ascension and Karma

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The Origins of Ascension and Karma

Origins are murky and always ancient.

In the new age community, ascension is a popular word used to describe many different experiences and processes. I’ll define ascension as broadly as possible for the purposes of this article in the hopes that it will include most perspectives.

At its core, ascension is the realization that we are more than a physical body, and our consciousness is a multi-layered perceiver that is distinct from the body and can ascend into non-physical dimensions. This ascension is not necessarily an after-death experience or process, but can begin at any time that the individual has an awakening or activation.

This belief goes back a very long time. Original Sin, coupled to redemption, is related to the concept of ascension. We have “fallen” into a physical body, into sin, into darkness, into ignorance, and we are redeemed by some form of grace—Christ, God, Spirit, etc. The grace of redemption is an activation, awakening or rebirth. Following this activation, we set a course for spiritual destinations of a higher vibration, a purer state, a state of love and harmony.

All of this sounds good until you realize that the destination is selfish and consists of abandonment. It’s selfish because you are focused on your own spiritual goals and not the whole. It is abandonment because you desire to leave the human levels of earth to explore the higher domains of heaven. You are abandoning earth in favor of heaven. I am not criticizing this orientation. I’m merely pointing out the reality.


The Issues of Selfishness and Abandonment

Let’s take the first issue: selfishness. Most of us have heard of the concept that in order to help others, you must first help yourself. In other words, focus on yourself, learn, learn, learn. We must learn the lessons in order to ascend and keep ascending, or we unhappily return to human (or lesser) form. This is how karma connects to ascension. Karma is the gravity that holds one in bondage to the lower dimensions of experience. It is the countervailing force of ascension.

If we live as an infinite being within a human form, if we truly believe that we are one and equal with all life, where exactly are we hoping to go when we ascend? Can one ascend and leave another human being behind in the clutches of karma and confusion? Can one have enlightenment in a world where wars, poverty, depression and abuse thrive, and truly call it enlightenment?



Ascend into heavenly bliss or nirvana. Is this not selfishness? My point is that you cannot hold the frequency of equality in your heart and focus on ascension for yourself. If you embrace the I AM WE ARE consciousness, if you live to the best of your ability as a Sovereign Integral, you are of the people. You are one and equal. You operate in the interest of achieving realization for all life, and therefore you are not ascending as an individual, but rather gathering the realization of our shared infinite self for all to understand. You are bringing this realization to earth and humanity therein in whatever way you can.

Ascension is a personal deployment of energy and time for personal interest. It can serve a positive purpose, but my point is that it can also deceive you into thinking that you are doing it for the benefit of all, when indeed ascension is birthed from the construct of separation.

Think about it. I ascend apart from those who stay mired in the grip of karma. It makes me better than those who remain stuck to the “spider web” of deception and illusion. It makes me separate. I am with the spiritual elite instead of the enfeebled humans who slog it out in the muds of ignorance. I’m climbing the ladder of consciousness and improving myself. How can that be bad?

It’s not. I’m not judging it as bad or wrong. I am pointing out that the perspective of the Sovereign Integral is that we are equal in our infinite selves. The covering of our infinitude is the human instrument that we all don on earth and this human instrument was designed to refract all quantum objects as being separate from ourselves. The human instrument—its perceptions of experience—reveal only the program, not the infinite being that it so cleverly conceals.

Thus, embracing ascension, as a process, encourages us to be separate. There is no eliteness in the consciousness of the Sovereign Integral. In fact, it is the opposite. It is recognizing that we all live in oneness and equality, and to the best of our abilities we express this in our behaviors. This requires us to pull down pretenses that might otherwise seem advantageous and even transcendent, so we can express our virtuous heart authentically without barriers and judgment.

Let’s take the second issue: abandonment. If we abandon earth and humanity for the sake of spiritual ascension, and that higher place to which we strive remains a fixture of illusion, we abandon one place of illusion for another. How is that improving us?

We’ve all heard the phrase, heaven on earth. It is a very real construct of the Sovereign Integral consciousness. It is the notion that living in a state of realization of one’s infinite self is possible within the human instrument. Until one is realized of their infinite self, they are deluded into thinking that the higher worlds, the light of enlightenment or heavenly realms are their goal.

They are like the woman who leaves her children to experience love with a stranger in a strange land. The love is not real and therefore does not last long, and when she returns to her children they have left her. The maternal bond has been disconnected. When we abandon the material world for the grasp of the spiritual, we lose the bond with the human dimension and the possibility of our role in birthing heaven on earth. We forget that we are all midwives for establishing heaven, or the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness, upon earth, for all human beings to share.

I realize many see the human instrument as the reason why heaven can never occur upon earth. As long as we are human, we are limited and vile. We seek pleasure and survival. We are animals. I understand this belief, but the scope of this process—of birthing the Sovereign Integral consciousness on earth—is not left to chance. It is the purpose of our species to free itself of our delusions, illusions and distortions and look clear-eyed into our depths, and to do this while living on earth in a human body.

This is our calling. Our collective purpose. However long it takes. However hard it is to achieve. It will happen.

A paraphrase of Captain Jean-Luc Picard seems appropriate: we will make it so.


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27 thoughts on “The Origins of Ascension and Karma

  1. Grazie! per avermi ricordato lo scopo, il significato della parola “ascensione”. Poichè facilmente dimentico quanto sia fondamentale coinvolgere chi ti sta intorno nel cammino verso l’unità, ho bisogno di tenere vivo il ricordo costantemente!

    English: Thank you! for reminding me about the purpose, the meaning of the word “ascension”. As easy to forget how important it is to involve those around you on the path towards unity, I need to keep alive the memory constantly!


  2. 應觀法界性,一切唯心造。


  3. First and foremost, I like to thank James for creating, the best spiritual material for humanity through a Heart centered life. There are no words to express how deeply grateful I am.
    The Sovereign Integral consciousness is our goal to become who we really are. Thank you for showing us the way to take part to reach SI individually, so that our existence can be transformed into what is supposed to be for All of us.

    From my heart to Yours,



  4. I appreciate this connection in the blog and the understanding you express for all of us James. So many times in my previous practices I was told the only way to help others is to become realized. So if I am clear with what you are saying is not that we do not attain realization, but that the idea that we ascend and leave this nasty place is not a part of who I AM really is, but to establish Sovereign and Integral consciousness right here where I AM WE ARE.
    What I have been feeling lately is this connection with every being I gaze upon. Really FEELING it. When I look into any living beings eyes, I see the same being gazing back into my eyes. Individual AND the same. There is a blurring of lines, before solid and separating. Categories of me and you. Now WE ONE. This is a new feeling. So to “leave” one illusion for another would be like cutting off my arm and thinking I am better off, and then my leg, and so on. For each time I feel separate from another, better, smarter, or whatever.. I am making the wall thicker, my/our prison stronger.
    One of my favorite sentences in this blog is, ” It is the purpose of our species to free itself of our delusions, illusions and distortions and look clear-eyed into our depths, and to do this while living on earth in a human body.”
    This feels right to me… and it does require my consistent and daily practice of the Quantum Pause and establishing fully, living a love centered life, expressing and living the six Heart Virtues. Mindfulness is called for for me to catch those sneaky separation thoughts and actions. I feel I am doing a better job than before. Resistive and insertive… I love this phrase… this practice. It is very powerful.
    Thank you again. I am here to join and remember and fully transform for US all.
    Peace and Love,


  5. Hi Everyone, I am so excited to see the new web site. It looks really good. I’m like a kid in a candy store again. The high res paintings definitely reveal much more now. My heart is really beating while I’m writing this letter ( I hope you can feel it). I am so privileged to be alive as a human being in this time. I always said that ” The road to discovery is paved with uncertainties” These uncertainties are slowly starting to disappear as the talons of society are slowly losing their grip on my mind. This new paradigm is shifting forward at an incredible pace. The information that streams though my brain is uncontrollable. I sometimes feel like I need a filter. I think that the anima and animus will be in perfect balance sooner than we know. When men can see women as equals and men can show their emotions without being ridiculed. Men will be able to start loving and letting go of ownership. I never thought that living in the now can be so blissful.
    One last thing I want to say is, LOVE ALWAYS brothers and sisters.


  6. None of us have made it until all of us have made it.
    The blood of my brother is my blood.
    The breath of my sister is my breath.
    United in creation upon the ground of unity.


  7. I’ve been following the Wingmakers materials for a while now, and this, the massive flaw in Ascension theory, has always struck me as being a discordant note that was never properly addressed within. It makes me glad to finally see it acknowledged and addressed, and as always, I’m interested as to how the philosophy changes – evolves, even – with the passing of time and events.


  8. Thanks James. I’ve received much benefit from your work over the years.

    While I ultimately agree with the point you are making, I realize that I encountered some resistance because I was trying to reconcile my understanding of these concepts with my interpretation of what you were saying. I wholeheartedly agree that “…ascension is birthed from the construct of separation.” Reading your piece made me see that I’ve been using the word “ascension” when it doesn’t accurately describe my own awakening experience. I do associate ascension with an accelerated vibration, but this vibration is still a back and forth motion between two poles that are in separation. The word that I inevitably come back to when contemplating the awakening experience is “merging.”

    It felt like a higher vibration energy of love and light was trying to merge with me via my heart. My heart was a doorway and the energy felt like a vortex connecting me to some other aspect of consciousness that I had never experienced before. This lasted on and off for two years. Think of one of those complex swirling fractal images. If you zoom into a portion of the image, it’s like you can go infinitely deeper into the image, but it never loses its complexity or depth. When you say, “…living in a state of realization of one’s infinite self is possible within the human instrument,” I agree.

    At the time, I didn’t understand what was happening to me and it was often confusing. As we live in a polarized world of opposites—masculine/feminine, positive/negative, good/bad—what I realized is that the opposites within myself were merging into a state of unity. It’s crucial that one remain in acceptance without judgement. If you judge, you are only aligning with one side of a polarity that blocks the merge into unity consciousness. We must take this stance within ourselves and with all beings. The response must always be love.

    I disagree with your definition of karma. I believe karma is an energy configuration created from past choices that can hold us in a particular pattern of thought and action. Karma can be positive or negative. As we evolve, I believe we learn to refine our choices to support the state of unity within ourselves and with all beings. It’s a process of learning to be a co-creator with all life.

    You say, “It is the purpose of our species to free itself of our delusions, illusions and distortions and look clear-eyed into our depths, and to do this while living on earth in a human body.” I absolutely agree with this.


    • Hi Lea-
      Based on what I’ve been able to understand and assimilate from the 5th Neruda interview, the concept of karma is “real” in the context of the hologram of deception. Beings are manipulated to reincarnate to keep the paradigm of separation/fear fully operational.

      From the perspective that we are all sovereign integrals–all infinite beings–karma is irrelevant; it has no merit or value.
      Again, that is my personal understanding thus far.


      • Yes, I agree that “…karma is irrelevant” and I was not looking at the karma/ascension relationship correctly.

        James says, “Karma is the gravity that holds one in bondage to the lower dimensions of experience. It is the countervailing force of ascension.”

        I said, “I believe karma is an energy configuration created from past choices that can hold us in a particular pattern of thought and action. Karma can be positive or negative.” Karma is the energy configuration of duality whereas ascension would be the merging of opposites or unity consciousness which would make it the “countervailing force of ascension” as James said. Thank-you.


  9. Just thinking about “ascension” again. Actually, it’s easy to see why people use this word…it’s descriptive of the samadhi experience. There’s sort of an energetic bounce that occurs when you go into samadhi. (It was my experience & I heard someone else describe it this way.) First, you relax so much that there is a falling sensation, but then you bounce and go up again into the samadhi experience which I guess is when you are really just merging with a higher aspect of yourself. The problem–as James has pointed out–is when people associate ascension with leaving the planet…”Beam me up Scotty (& get me out of here).”
    As the Wingmakers (our future selves) are able to infiltrate our 3D reality here–sort of like light seeping through the cracks–as the cracks increase, the light increases, and reality (as we know it) falls apart. Then I like to imagine it as some sort of shimmering moment where we all transform (this includes the Earth of course) in unison and wake up once and for all. We don’t have to go anywhere…IT’S here NOW.


  10. First of all, I would like to thank you for such a wonderful and easy page James and Mark. Do to the learning I’ve been involved since 2002 in the Czech Republic we have abolished temple event at least I can not get there. I have a question as to the Sovereign Integral fits the animal kingdom. with respect and gratitude Miloš Parma.


    • hello, Parmic.
      as you wait for an answer from Mark or James, i offer that you might find the Philosophy paper #1 helpful with regard to your question about the animal kingdom. From what I understand, all manifestations of life are extensions of First Source, and the essence of all manifestations is timeless and equal. My perception may not be as useful as your reading the paper and drawing your own conclusions, of course.


  11. 1. king-like bodhisattva – one who aspires to become buddha as soon as possible and then help sentient beings in full fledge;
    2. boatman-like bodhisattva – one who aspires to achieve buddhahood along with other sentient beings and
    3. shepherd-like bodhisattva – one who aspires to delay buddhahood until all other sentient beings achieve buddhahood.
    this is not to advocate a certain sect, though while on the topic of karma….(wiki – bodhisattva)
    seems like 1. is self-contradictory, though not impossible, and 3. is a close second to 1. so….
    peace to all you boatman…(and king&shepherds too!)


  12. I took a staycation from my interactions with the space (dimensions) around me and rediscovered the updated WingMakers blog. I have been with these materials since they first leaked into the 4 quadrants.
    Impressive emergent expansive informative.


  13. Celebro el giro de los acontecimientos, “el agujero en el muro”, como lo define James, y me alegro que la profecía 2013, 21 de diciembre, no se sólo una quimera, sino una realidad.
    Todo un cambio de sentido, otro nivel se ha abierto, y por fin, la luz al final del túnel.
    Simplemente, Gracias, A todos.

    In lack’ech, Namasté.

    English Translation:
    I welcome the turn of events, “the hole in the wall”, as defined by James, and I’m glad that the prophecy 2013, December 21, not just a pipe dream, but a reality.
    Quite a change of meaning, another level has been opened, and finally light at the end of the tunnel.
    Just Thanks, to all.


  14. Ooooph! No way to express my gratitude to James and Mark other than add my love to that already expressed by others.
    And the excitement I feel….well, somehow being able to see the concept of ‘ascension’ as a part of the separation paradigm has lifted a huge burdensome expectation of ‘will I EVER be worthy’.. I feel freed up to live my life and pursue my relationships with all beings in the most heart-centered way I am able, and ……guess what… THIS I CAN DO/BE! It is so simple….note I do not say ‘easy’ :)
    With much love from I to WE


  15. “This is our calling. Our collective purpose. However long it takes. However hard it is to achieve. It will happen.

    A paraphrase of Captain Jean-Luc Picard seems appropriate: we will make it so. ”

    I love the certianty of this statement…especially through the hardest times…thank you James!


  16. My heart feels complete with every piece of arts experienced through the Wingmakers!
    I wonder though your disappearance from all platforms for the past 8 months, event though I can sense your presence.
    I would love to have a live an encounter with James now that I found myself!!!
    From my world to yours


  17. Thank you Wingmakers and James for bringing this knowledge out in the open. This movement makes so much more sense than earthly religion and its roots. Thank you for unmasking the illusion of spirituality for self growth. I always realized there was something far bigger than I was taught growing up. I am trying to share with people in my life. I hope that they someday have the ability to understand. If they would only see what I have seen for a lifetime. Now I have a place to belong and not wandering the physical plane looking for others like me.
    How can mankind really think that we are the end all be all in an infinite universe?
    I remember meeting my daughter in the sovereign integral or place before life in a dream or OBE. She reached out to me through the void to contact me.. Now she is here at 12 weeks old. It gives us hope that the next generation will continue to evolve as a group to reveal our destiny


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