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Store Literature The Weather Composer
Store Literature The Weather Composer


The Weather Composer: Rise of the Mahdi


About the Novel: The Weather Composer: Rise of the Mahdi

In 2021 an extinction level event occurs on Earth. Only one billion people survive the terrible
repercussions of what becomes known as Sunrot.

The Rise of the Mahdi begins 12 years later when Terran Kahn—born on the first day of Sunrot—
runs away from his nomadic tribe in northern Iran to satisfy his voracious thirst for knowledge.
After a harrowing escape, Terran takes an entry exam at a school in Mashhad, Iran. The test
determines that Terran possesses a “one-in-a-trillion intellect.” Terran immediately comes on
the radar of the Faculty Research Center (FRC) in Denver, Colorado.

In a post-Sunrot world, humanity is unified through a world government called The Greater
Nation, which places education as a top priority to restart humanity. Thus, the Faculty is a global
institution that is established to find and nurture the best brains remaining, and Terran Kahn
was the best of the best.

Trevor Stanton, the President of The Greater Nation, is convinced by Faculty leadership to extract
Terran Kahn from Mashhad, Iran, where he was attending school. President Stanton’s primary
initiative is known as the Technology Reboot Program, and central to its success, is finding the
brightest minds to implement it.

Unknown to President Stanton, Terran Kahn was raised as the Mahdi. The Mahdi is a religious
leader who was prophesied to be born on the eve of the End Times. The leadership of Terran’s
tribe sends a team to Mashhad to return the boy to his people. Terran is their most important
asset, because the Mahdi is analogous to the Second Coming of Mohammed.

A great battle ensues between those forces of The Greater Nation who want to extract Terran from
Mashhad and utilize his intellectual gifts, and those tribal forces who want him to stay and live his
life out as the Mahdi—the Great Unifier. Terran is caught in the middle. The battle lines are drawn
in the school where Terran stays, and the various schemes to leave Mashhad for Denver are heroic,
and oftentimes, life and death struggles.

Other Versions

The Weather Composer is a series of novels. The first in the series is Rise of the Mahdi. The second book, The Battlefield is Born, will be released in Spring of 2014. The Rise of the Mahdi is also available as an eBook on

About the Author

James Mahu is the anonymous and visionary creator of five websites, four novels, a large collection of philosophical discourses, a dozen papers on spiritual practices, poetry, short stories, visual artwork, and nearly a hundred music compositions.

His first published creation was, which established James—its creator—as a multidimensional storyteller who is focused on sharing deep, original perspectives to the conversations of spirituality, cosmology, extraterrestrial life, myth and the importance of the heart in one’s personal mission.

Author: James Mahu
Format:Softcover Paperback 6×9
Library of Congress: 2013901922
Publication Date:Summer 2012
Publisher: Planetwork Press
Cover: Full Color
Book: Full Color
Pages: Approximately 712
Language: English
SKU: TWC-1-novel. Category: .

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