The Art of WingMakers

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Chamber Paintings
  • 16 paintings available
  • Large and small format
  • Priced from $19.99 - $149
Detail from Chamber 24

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The Art of WingMakers

The Art of WingMakers
There are 16 Chamber Paintings available for purchase as limited edition art prints in either
large format (approximately 30” x 20”) or small format (11” x 14”). Each large format
reproduction is printed on a museum quality, acid-free paper with UV coating to protect
against fading. The archival quality of the pigments and paper is rated to 120 years, depending
on the room's light conditions, giving them one of the highest image stability ratings in the
art industry.

These limited edition fine art reproductions are very luminous, sharply detailed, and provide the
best means to experience the art of the WingMakers. Their size varies depending on the print,
but generally they are about 30″ x 22″ (80 cm x 59 cm) in size.

Each Large Format Chamber Painting is numbered and verified as an original through a First Source
insignia. They are being produced in an indeterminate, museum quality edition for the following

  • 1. The WingMakers' Chamber Paintings are designed to be available to as large a market as demand requires.
  • 2. If edition sizes were fixed at 100, 250, or 500, the prices would be substantially higher.
  • 3. There is no interest in trying to market these prints for investment purposes, which is a primary motive for capping the size of an edition.
  • 4. While simple poster versions would be a significantly less expensive alternative, posters do not have any longevity because lower cost posters are prone to fading in 1-2 years, and don't provide the rich, saturated colors found on these museum quality prints. Lower cost posters are also prone to wear and tear because the papers are thin and relatively fragile.

Availability of these limited edition reproductions is exclusively intended to provide people a close
examination of the art's detail, color brilliance, and inherent beauty. If in purchasing these prints,
you were hoping to have a high return on your investment, we would counsel you to not purchase
them because there is no guarantee that their value will increase over time.

Whatever the case, if you like the WingMakers' art, try one of the Chamber Paintings and frame it for
your home or office. If you do, have the piece professionally framed with acid-free mats and place
it under glass. This will not only protect the print, but also showcase its best qualities.

Note: These prices may change without notice. Please contact me if you have any questions, or desire
to order quantities of five prints or more at a time. WingMakers Web Manager.

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