The Art, Music and Writings of WingMakers

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The Art, Music and Writings of WingMakers


About the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1

Collected Works of the WingMakers – Volume I (CWW) is the definitive collection of the writings over a twelve year span (1998 to 2010) by James Mahu—the visionary creator behind the WingMakers, Event Temples, SpiritState, and Lyricus websites, books, booklets, music, art, poetry and metaphysical papers.

This beautiful and comprehensive volume contains insightful introductions and commentary by Editor John Berges that provide context for the diverse body of material that James has made available. Considered by many within the enlightenment community to be one of the most esoteric collections of spiritual information on the planet, CWW is made easier to understand by Mr. Berges’ expert explanations.

CWW includes the popular “Ancient Arrow Project” novel, paintings, poetry, e-books, glossary and techniques for working with the materials. It is what many WingMakers’ students have wanted for many years—one book you can study, mark-up, and research.

The works of James Mahu are extensive, ranging from poetry, philosophy, art, spiritual novels, and papers. The Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. I is full-color throughout with an amazing view into both cosomology and personal spirituality. Any student of the esoteric works, will find this volume an indispensable part of their library. (Volume II will ship fall 2013).

About the Author

James Mahu is the anonymous and visionary creator of five websites, three novels, a large collection of philosophical discourses, a dozen papers on spiritual practices, poetry, short stories, visual artwork, and nearly a hundred music compositions.

His first published creation was, which established James as a multidimensional storyteller who is focused on sharing deep, original perspectives to the conversations of spirituality, cosmology, extraterrestrial life, myth and the importance of the heart in one’s personal mission.

About the Commentator/Editor

John Berges (October 5, 1946 – August 30, 2011) was an esoteric spiritual researcher and teacher for over forty years. He was a life-long gifted practitioner of love-centered living, and during the last decade of his life, John devoted his energies to experiencing, studying and sharing his insights of the WingMakers and Lyricus materials.

He edited many of the WingMakers and Lyricus papers, and authored The When-Which-How Practice Guide, and The First Ten Years e-books. In 2009, James asked John to be the editor and commentator for the Collected Works of the WingMakers. It was a three-year process, and John’s dedication was unswerving, even as he battled cancer in his final year.

Selected Testimonials

“I was thinking about John last night, as I was reading, and the absolutely amazing grasp he had of the WingMakers materials. I’ve discovered some of the new information that he had written, and I’m loving his commentaries. They add a new dimension to the work that helps me to grasp it better and understand the subtle integration of the art, poetry and writings.

“I cannot explain it very well, but opening the book, (even after reading the materials online for several years), it was like opening a long sought after door to a world I’ve yearned for my entire life. Words cannot describe the feelings that it evokes in me when I read.

“The book is so worth whatever dollar amount one has to pay. It is well worth it for the information and beautiful way it is presented. It is priceless. It is a gift.”

- Lark F., USA

“This is a stunning collection of the WingMakers works. I have The Urantia Book, Keys of Enoch,The Golden Dawn, The Secret Doctrine, and none of these have the look and feel, let alone the diversity of content or the power of the integration that The Collected Works of the WingMakers book has. This is a HEAVY book. I mean that literally and metaphorically. Its eloquent prose, expert commentary by John Berges and the astounding art make this collection of spiritual work my new favorite volume. Only one word can describe it: ‘masterpeice.’ Thank you so much!”

- Chris D., Washington

“I received the book today. WOW I cannot express how amazing this book is. Just the feel of the pages and the clarity of the photos. Thank you. I received the book today. WOW I cannot express how amazing this book is. Just the feel of the pages and the clarity of the photos. Thank you!”

- Scott, USA

“I’ve received this gorgeous, magnificent and shiny book on Saturday(France).:) )))))))))))))))))
All the vivid, fresh and luminous colors of the rainbow are here dancing through the pages !!!!

”Now, I’ll go back to it, and hopefully “fly” in the book. Thanks!”

- Thierry B., France

“Yesterday I received the incredibly marvelous book: Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1. It’s true that I never would have imagined its beauty. I’m not used to writing in English (Spanish is my language), so I think I can’t describe the appreciation that I feel for you, happiness, admiration and all feelings I have. But simply imagine my LOVE for your publishing this wonderful book. There is many new papers, and the texts that I had yet not read. The quality of paintings, styles of letters, colorful art,paper… it is all excellent!”

- María S., Spain

“Since it arrived Friday, I’ve turned off my phone and haven’t been on my computer for two days (not a common thing for this lad) This book has absorbed me. Woah! I’ve not seen a book with this much… I really don’t know what to call it (spiritual authority?). It just feels like a manifestation of something so needed in this world. I really hope this gets out. Please, please get this in the hands of as many people as you can!”

- William B., Australia

“I wasn’t sure if I could afford one. I went through all of the wondering about cost of shipping and cost of book. Big arguing inside my head, but my heart won, and I got it. I live in Poland, and the cost to ship was very high. When I got the book, I understood. It’s heavy!!!! I am so happy to have in my possession this book. I have heard of the WingMakers for almost 10 years from friends, and I had been to the website, but never knew how to really put all of it into a collected way of seeing it. The big picture, as they say. Mr. Berges’ writing is like having a guide reading beside me, helping me to understand this big picture. I feel like a flower that has opened up to the sun. It’s the best feeling I’ve had. It feels like new meaning has flooded me. Thank you James and John!!!!

- Aniela A., Poland

Author: James Mahu

Commentary: John Berges

Library of Congress: 2013901922

ISBN: 096415496x

ISBN: 978-0-9641549-6-4

Publication Date: Spring 2013

Publisher: Planetwork Press

Cover: Full Color

Book: Full Color

Paper: Acid Free

Size: 7″x 10″

Pages: 736

Language: English

SKU: CWW-1-book. Category: .

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