Imagination: The Telescope of Consciousness

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Imagination: The Telescope of Consciousness

The role of imagination and why it is underutilized.

In a world of utter separation and disillusionment, it can be a very difficult task to imagine how we, the human race, could ever become unified through the expression of love as our primary behavior. Love expresses itself in the attitude of oneness and equality, and perceives all life as infinite beings, no matter how they are veiled in terms of personality and human cloak.

However, we are programmed to rush to anger or defensiveness anytime something or someone threatens, diminishes, impedes or aggravates our will and sense of security. In a world of constant surveillance, of diminishing freedoms, of steamrolling secularism, it is not easy to deny our programming.

This programming is based on two interdependent and primary features of human reality:

1) Separation

2) Deception

Each of us is separate and each of us lives in deception. This is a simple fact.

Separation begins the moment we don a human body (birth). We are instantly separated in three-dimensional reality. We are sealed away inside our body. It is a very strange experience to begin to see the world as separate from ourselves and that we exist separate from everyone and everything else. We become programmed by this prominent feature of reality to feel vulnerable and dependent.

The deception of our world is its illusory basis that describes our consciousness as an 80-year lifespan (on average) that is human with a possibly divine, yet undefined spiritual component. Because of this potential divine spark, we are allowed to believe in soul, but it remains only a belief, and therefore the deception is complete—we do not know our true self. (You might want to read The Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda for more detail on the Hologram of Deception).

The Suppression of the Imagination

The imagination is a faculty within the heart and mind of every individual. It is that part of us that can exercise a vision that is counterintuitive to the reality that surrounds us. Just as our eye-brain can use a telescope to see distant galaxies, the imagination is like a telescope of our consciousness. It allows us to reach out to the infinite. We are each inundated with stories and images of war, social dysfunction, freedom-stealing policies and technologies, all of which instill a sense of doom and gloom. Our imaginations are sat on by these heavy objects that we can generally call suppression events.

These suppression events introduce, over time, a false sense that we are fundamentally flawed and disempowered. We begin to believe the lie that our lives—or parts thereof—are mistakes that demand corrections or modifications. And where do you suppose those corrections will come from? Which government or religious institutions will correct our mistakes? The same institutions that design and issue the suppression events in the first place? Exactly.

The problem is that we have allowed our imaginations to be programmed by the suppression events and our imaginations have largely become atrophied as a result. Our imaginations are likened to a muscle that must be exercised in order to lift a heavy weight. In order to throw off the suppression events that literally sit on us, we may find value in using our imaginations regularly.

Applying the Imagination

Now the question becomes, in what manner or method do I exercise my imagination? In the Fifth Interview of Dr. Jamisson Neruda, I recommend a specific practice called Quantum Pause. This is a good starting point to exercise and expand the imagination. I say starting point, because I strongly suggest individuals adapt the Quantum Pause practice to themselves.

Imagination has been marginalized by academia in much the same way as words like myth or intuition. These are word concepts that sit at the fringe of acceptability, and yet they are, in many ways, the power concepts of our time. How these words became marginalized is an interesting study in itself, but the focus of this article is not on that, but rather on suggesting that each of you might want to find a way to exercise your imaginations.



But equally important is the way you apply your imagination, and to that extent, I suggest you have a look at Quantum Pause, and see if there are any aspects of that tool that you could use to formulate your own technique. These are some of the key aspects to consider when developing your own:

• Rhythmic breathing

• Visualization of specific imaginative activities

• Gathering inward (reception) and expressing outward (transmission) in a cycle

• Connection to earth, life and infinitude

• Appreciation to Creator in communication

• Integration of the heart virtues

• The paradox of empowered humility

The Quantum Pause technique is an inner technology based on the imagination and human physiology operating as one. It is designed to ease the suppression events’ impact and effect on our emotional and mental attitudes, but more importantly, to enable us to lessen the density of the veil that surrounds us. This helps us see with greater clarity and to understand our infinite selves a little more.

Tiny effects can shift the well-being of an individual. Similarly, tiny changes in the imaginative faculty when it is aligned to the heart virtues and the expression of love, equality and oneness, can assist all of us. Those seven key ingredients mentioned above are a recipe for your imagination to grow in its potency and to ensure it is applied to the benefit of all.

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17 thoughts on “Imagination: The Telescope of Consciousness

  1. Hola,
    realmente sobrecogedor este texto, decepción-separación, un tándem que nos empobrece intensamente.

    La imaginación y su grado de autenticidad, juzgada, como una distracción de la atención a lo real por una ilusión o ego-personalidad temerosa y desconfiada, resulta ser un patrimonio gratuito, sin coste y sin deudas, libre y sujeto a nuestro universo local.

    Me alegra comprobar que el 21 de diciembre de 2012 ya pasó, y que hemos entrado en una fase mucho más dócil para acceder al Soberano Integral.

    He comprobado que la Pausa Cuántica y la imaginación son herramienta de poder. Un poder para situar el punto de consciencia en un plano desde el cual fluir en vez de combatir y competir, en un plano en el cual compartir y construir.

    Simplemente, James, Gracias.
    In lack’ech.

    English Translation (courtesy of Google)

    This text really overwhelming, disappointment separation, a tandem that impoverishes us intensely. Imagination and its degree of authenticity, judged as a distraction from the focus on the real by an illusion or ego-personality fearful and suspicious, happens to be a free heritage, no cost and no debt, free and subject to our local universe. Glad to see that the December 21, 2012 is over, and we have entered a phase much more docile to access the Sovereign Integral.

    I have found that Quantum Pause and imagination are power tool. Able to locate a point in a plane of consciousness from which flow rather than fight and compete in a plane in which to share and build.

    To James, Thanks.
    In lack’ech.


  2. “The paradox of empowered humility”
    I have experienced the power of humility in many ways. Being humble and not being afraid of what others may perceive as weakness , when in fact we are strong by not succumbing to the pressure of the suppression events. The liberating power of being humble comes from not falling prey to the social conditioning of the norms of a fear based society that views preemptive measures of get them before they get you attitude as being strong in order to survive. It is not us and them anymore, it is “I am and we are.” There are no good guys or bad guys, only various levels of misunderstanding brought about through the veils of separation.


  3. Dear James,
    Thank you. I have for a very long time been feeling the falseness of the reality I seem to wake up to every morning. Even as a young child it felt like the world was not real to me. I also sense and FEEL the programming all around. I have always felt like I was inside a snow globe.
    I am an artist and my imagination and visualization skills are pretty good. Quantum Pause is powerful and I feel able to make my technique. I will continue to bring into my practice the guidelines you have presented. I like that this is a fluid and can be tailored to the Sovereign as related to the Integral.
    Everything is so dreamlike and surreal. Sometimes I do not know where I am.
    This practice is my anchor point, to effect the change I am here to make.
    I like that imagination is this powerful… I also like that my Heart cannot be usurped.
    I hear your voice and guidance whenever I have a question.
    I appreciate yours and the Wingmakers monitoring.
    Peace and Love, Disa


  4. Hey James-
    I have been following your sites since 1999. I understand your work and your message to be among the cleanest and most pure of all the information I have spent a lifetime as a seeker looking for…and that encompasses a lot of material.
    I have been a channel of the Elohim since 2000, and I can verify some of the information fields embedded in your work as similar or the same which I have encountered in some of my Cosmic travels in the multiverse. Also, I have loved seeing reference to Elohim in some of your writings.
    I am reading your 5th interview now. I will read it a few times, as it is truly a game – changer. I have sensed some of the info you reveal in that interview- but have not known how to ‘categorize’ it.
    I love the work you are disseminating for humankind on this Paradise Planet we call Earth.
    And Mark-
    Great job. Keep up the good work. Love the new website re- design. It is way better.


  5. The Turtle…

    It was a beautiful warm morning. The air was sweet and the sky was almost blue.

    Heading to my trail I prepared for a run. Music streamed from my arm band – Earth Wind and Fire seemed to match the lightness of the day.

    Beginning my run I smiled as the butterflies floated in and around me and the trail. Apparently they are free of any earthly destination.

    Despite the lightness of the day, my footsteps felt heavy and slow. Moving at a turtles pace I clumped along searching for my zone. Unable to find it I settled in pushing ahead. Making it to a rock I rested basking in the sun, spying on a wild turkey.

    Before losing track of time I reluctantly pulled myself away.

    Running again I settled in and letting go a bit, I finally hit my zone.

    Moving lightly I escaped my skin for a brief moment. A memory flickered – this blog. And I imagined a deer, a coyote and a hawk moving along with me. I smiled, breathing. As each breath moved in and out my image became clearer. We ran as one. It felt good.

    When…as I turned a corner I came face to face with a very large and very snappy turtle!

    Stopping I chatted with him for a bit. He pondered me from his defensive position. Moving like a linebacker he never took his eyes or shell off me.

    Leaving I wished him a beautiful day and laughed at life’s joke on me. For you see as much as I wish to escape my heavy human skin the turtle reminded me that on planet Earth slow and steady has its place. And, maybe next time I shall add him to my imaginary running tribe with him covering the rear. ;)

    My imagination frees me. And your blog validated this for me. Thank you so much…


  6. from all that i’ve read of the WM material, and what i’ve been able to understand and assimilate thus far, i realize that the only way “out” is to travel within.
    the concept of gratitude seems comparatively meager when i try to envision the scope of such incredibly intelligent effort that you, James, extend to help us to awaken and step out of enslavement.
    i am we are, are trying to rise to the necessary and long overdue occasion. sounds of light back to you.


  7. The WM material is unfolding in time, showing the different layers of reality and illusion. Things fall into place, insight is growing, as is the gratitude that this is all available for us. Thank you James.


  8. The paper mache bird
    Has freed itself
    From the paper page
    Swallowing its identity.
    Choosing form.
    Taking flight!
    Revealing dimension ~


  9. the bell tower chimes its rays of white light where all colors unite.
    like humanity will one day. . . when we remember the melody of equality; and our voices singing in unison, to commemorate infinity, will witness the inexorable demise of ancient prison walls.


  10. THE QUANTUM PAUSE allows us to face the presence of suppressors and apply the six heart virtues as and when needed.
    No more avoidances. May the quantum pause be practiced by all who visit here.


  11. I love the Quantum Pause and especially when the reality of delusion appears to me as exactly that. I love my imagination because it is unlimited and its up to me to make the most of it how ever I chose. It has helped me through some very dark times. Thank you James for being you and sharing!


  12. The paradox of humility,
    to empower the self.

    This heart virtue was-is difficult for me.
    I could perceive people as lacquing intelligence.

    Humility and understanding of the intelligence of the heart,
    as a practice of breathe, observe, welcome the presence,
    share the flow of compassion.

    This belief that the mind what we are,
    when in truth the heart is stronger,
    a field of great power(heartmath).

    I associate humility with oneness,
    in my daily directives,
    to my sovereign integral self.

    As we are one in reality,
    then each is equal to each one,
    in the oneness of all ones.

    My mother used to say,
    take it one day at a time,
    now I take it one breath in a moment.

    I convey my appreciation,
    to all who work for truth,
    and live as sovereigns.



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