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The Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1

The Sovereign Integral is the re-conceptualized expression of the human
soul during the era of transparency and expansion. . . . This is the era whose
shoreline we have just touched, and those tools, mental models,
and methods of the previous age, well, they are not as relevant, just as the
abacus is not relevant in the age of computers.

- James

At 736 pages and full-color on every page, this is a beautiful volume that any student
of the spiritual works will want in their library. It is a masterful collection of the
WingMakers Materials, carefully researched, and includes detailed introductions by
John Berges, along with new content never before seen.

Mr. Berges, drawing on his forty years of experience in studying the esoteric works,
has curated the WingMakers Materials and made them more accessible to any reader.
This book holds all of the printed works (including the art and poetry). It has taken a
small, dedicated team, three years to produce.

The Weather Composer Physical Book

The Weather Composer is the latest spiritual novel from James. This novel follows
on the heels of Quantusum, and takes on a very different subject and cast of
characters. It is a dynamic page turner more than any of James’ other novels.
Against the backdrop of Mashhad, Iran, twenty years into our future, a young boy
becomes the most sought-after asset for both his Baluchian tribe, and the powers
of a new world government.

This is an action-adventure story that will surprise you with its many twists and turns.
James interweaves spiritual insights throughout the story, both subtle and potent.

James, in his April 2013 Interview, talks about The Weather Composer.

The Weather Composer is also available as an e-Book on Sumbola.com.