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Social Media
Alternative sources of information related to WingMakers.
Social media, in regards to WingMakers, is not a significant element of its content offering. Partly, that’s a reflection of James’ wish to remain anonymous and let the words, images, and music of the work stand on its own in a curated environment ( Also, he is opposed to promotion. He doesn’t promote himself or the work. For those who have followed the WingMakers since its launch in 1998, you know that less than 1-3 emails per year go out about updates or new products. Mailings are rare events in this community.


With the spread of social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, YouTube, etc. coupled to mobile phones, it’s been a decision of James to essentially not get involved. He has a Twitter account and uses it sparingly. SpiritState has a YouTube channel, but it hasn’t added any videos for about two years.


Thus, social media is really in the hands of the users who decide they want to share information related to WingMakers. That’s where it stands. If you have an interest in sharing WingMakers content on your social media websites, you are encouraged to link to the site. If you want to use excerpts, images or music, please contact us and we will work with you.



WingMakers’ current social media presence is on the following sites:—This features three novels from James, including The Ancient Arrow Project, The Dohrman Prophecy and Quantusum. This is a social reading platform and has wonderful imagery that is integrated to the books. The Dohrman Prophecy is particularly enhanced on this site with superb images and added content.—James Mahu has his novels on and it is a wonderful reading platform for computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. It also allows readers to share notes and comments with one another, get translations on words, message to one another, and so on. For a social reading experience it is first rate.


Twitter—This is James’ personal Twitter account. While it isn’t updated frequently, it does provide updates from time to time.


YouTube—This is a video channel originally established for SpiritState and includes mostly help videos on the use of SpiritState platform.