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Various writings from the vast collection

The important thing to bear in mind as you review these materials is that you are composed
of a human instrument that consists of your physical body, emotions and mind. The human
instrument is equipped with a portal that enables it to receive and transmit from and to the
higher dimensions that supersede our three-dimensional reality—the reality of everyday life.
These materials are designed to assist your development of this portal so as you read and
experience these works, you are interacting with this portal, widening its view and receptivity.

- James
Excerpt from the Introduction,
Collected Works of the WingMakers

The writings of the WingMakers are generally organized under philosophy, poetry or storytelling. These writings, in the Resources section, are somewhat harder to categorize. They are resources for the spiritual seeker, but they are more to provoke and inspire than to instruct or illuminate. They are expressions of a mind that is not concerned with the material realm or how one can best navigate it. The focus of these writings is to unmask and unlock. It is to build a new prism from a light source that is not from our spacetime. This prism—constructed only of words and rhythm—can refract light into other dimensions so the reader can sense the outlines of what is emerging for all of humanity.

Sometimes the things that illuminate come from darkness. They announce themselves as ideas or ideologies; passionate outpouring from a place whose identity is concealed or forgotten. The light of insight is often dim and subtle. It requires us to accept that things are different in other dimensions of reality. That what was true in our past view of reality, may not serve our present view of reality or especially our future view. It involves change. It forces us to be flexible enough to explore new concepts and ideas, because without this flexibility, we tend to retreat from our higher purpose, and assume a lesser role.

One of the things that can assist any person intent on living a love-centered life is to learn to perceive darkness as a source of inspiration that is aligned with purpose. It is not there to block us, or prevent us from being our higher self. We actually need this darker light to integrate our purpose with our “mundane” or ordinary life—the life of grocery shopping, driving the kids to school, commuting to work, making dinner, etc. We understand the sacred and secular as one experience that ebbs and flows in a purposeful rhythm. We are taught flexibility and resilience from this darker light, and for a reason.

These writings help to shed light on this reason.

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Discourse 1 Experiencing the Wholeness Navigator

Discourse 1 Experiencing the Wholeness Navigator

Student: What prevents me from experiencing my innermost self?

Teacher: Nothing.

Student: Then why don’t I experience it?

Teacher: Fear.

Student: So, then fear prevents me?

Teacher: Nothing prevents you.

Student: But didn’t you just say that fear is the reason I can’t experience this state of consciousness?

Teacher: Yes, but it does not prevent you.

Student: Then what does?

Teacher: Nothing.

Student: Then what role does fear play?

Teacher: If you are in prison, what do you fear most when you dream of being liberated?

Student: Returning to prison… So, you’re saying that I fear experiencing my inmost self because I will return to my ignorance.

Teacher: No. I am saying that your fear of ignorance holds you in ignorance.

Student: I’m confused. I thought you were saying that I feared the experience of my highest self, but now it sounds like you’re saying that I fear my human self. Which is it?

Teacher: You fear the return to your human self after experiencing the God-fragment within you.

Student: Why?

Teacher: If you are thirsting in the desert, what is it that you desire above all else?

Student: Water?

Teacher: So if I gave you a glass of water, you’d be satisfied?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: For how long?

Student: Okay. I see your point. What I would desire above all else is to be near water so I could drink whenever I wanted, or better yet, I would want to leave the desert entirely.

Teacher: And if you loved the desert, wouldn’t you fear to leave it?

Student: You’re saying that I fear the experience of my inmost self because I would want to leave this world behind, but how can I fear this when I have no experience of it whatsoever?

Teacher: This is not the fear that floods your body when someone is about to kill you. It is the fear of a shadow so mysterious, ancient, and primordial that you know immediately that it transcends this life and this world, and its knowing will change you irrevocably.

Student: So it’s really this change that I fear?

Teacher: It’s the irrevocability of the change that you fear.

Student: But how do you know? How do you know I fear this so much that I cannot experience my inmost self?

Teacher: In order to keep the human instrument in stable interaction with its world, the designers of the human instrument created certain sensory constraints. Because these were not absolutely effective, there was also designed into the Genetic Mind of the human species an instinctual fear of being displaced from its dominant reality. For these two reasons, I know.

Student: But this isn’t fair. You’re saying my capacity to experience my inmost self has been diminished by the very beings that designed it. Why? Why should I be continually frustrated to know I have a God-fragment inside me, but not be allowed to interact with it?

Teacher: Do you love this world?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: You are here as a human instrument to interact with this world and attune to its dominant reality, and bring your understanding of your inmost self to this world even if this understanding is not pure, strong, or clear.

Student: But if I had this experience of my inmost self, couldn’t I bring more of this understanding into this world?

Teacher: This is the fallacy that frustrates you. Do you think the experience of this sublime energy and intelligence can be reduced to human translation?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: Then how?

Student: I can teach others how it feels to be in rapport with their souls. I can bring more light to this world and inspire others to seek this out within themselves. Isn’t this what you do?

Teacher: Have I taught you how to achieve this state?

Student: No. But you have inspired me.

Teacher: Are you sure? Haven’t I just told you that you can’t experience this state in the human instrument? Is that inspiration by your definition?

Student: I didn’t mean in this specific case, but you inspire me to think deeper into the issues or problems that confront me.

Teacher: If you want to bring more light into this world, why will interaction with your inmost self enable you to do so?

Student: That’s just it. I don’t know if it will. It just seems logical that it would. Don’t all good teachers have this insight? Don’t you?

Teacher: It’s true that there are teachers who can switch their dominant realities, and have learned to integrate this in their life without losing balance or effectiveness in this world, but they are extremely rare.

Student: I know this. But this is what I aspire to learn. It is learned isn’t it? Can’t you teach me?

Teacher: No, it is not learned. It is not teachable. It is not acquired through instruction, esoteric technique, or revelatory process.

Student: Then how do those teachers who have this ability acquire it?

Teacher: No one acquires this ability. That’s my point. No teacher within a human instrument on earth at this time, or any previous, has the ability to live as a human and simultaneously live as a God-fragment. Nor does any teacher juggle between these realities with certainty and control.

Student: I’m surprised to hear this. Why is this so?

Teacher: For the same reasons I told you earlier. Do you not think this applies to all humans?

Student: Even Jesus?

Teacher: Even Jesus.

Student: Then why do I have this desire? Who put this notion into my head that I should be able to experience this inmost self or God-fragment?

Teacher: If one experiences the wind, do they not understand something of a hurricane?

Student: I suppose.

Teacher: And if they experience the rain, don’t they understand even more about hurricanes?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: If you never experienced a hurricane, but you experienced wind and rain, might you be able to imagine a hurricane better than if you never experienced wind and rain?

Student: I should think so.

Teacher: Such is the case of the God-fragment within the human instrument. You can experience unconditional love, supernal beauty, harmony, reverence, and wholeness, and in so doing, you can imagine the features and capabilities of the God-fragment within you. Some teachers have simply touched more of the edges of the God-fragment than others, but I assure you, none have entered into its depths while living in the human instrument.

Student: But don’t some teachers travel outside their body?

Teacher: Yes, but they are still living in a human instrument whilst they travel. Everything I said still applies.

Student: So what do I do? Give up the desire to have this experience?

Teacher: There is a fish that can leave its underwater world upon the equivalent of wings. While it is only for a short time, it experiences the realm of the air-breathers. Do you think this flying fish ever desires to touch a cloud, climb a tree, or venture into a forest?

Student: I don’t know… I doubt it.

Teacher: Then why does it fly above the water?

Student: I suppose it’s an instinct, something of an evolutionary imperative—

Teacher: Exactly.

Student: So you’re saying this is true of humans as well. We strive to experience our God-fragment out of an evolutionary imperative or compulsion?

Teacher: Yes, and like the flying fish, when we break from our world it is only for a short time and we fall beneath the surface once again. But while we are above the surface of our world, we momentarily forget we are just a human with a beginning and an end. Yet, when we do this, we do not imagine that we can touch the face of God within ourselves.

Student: But I do. I feel that I can, and even should, touch this God-fragment.

Teacher: You think this way because you have the hopeful exuberance and naïveté of a person unacquainted with the experience of First Source.

Student: So you don’t feel this way?

Teacher: Anyone attuned to the highest vibrations of their innermost self will feel this and be guided by it. The only difference is that I am content in knowing that I will not experience it while I am embodied in a human instrument.

Student: And what does this contentment provide you that I don’t have?

Teacher: The ability to channel my energy into this world rather than to apply it in the pursuit of another.

Student: But I thought you said it is an evolutionary imperative? How do I control this desire or ambition?

Teacher: Live in this world with all your passion and strength. See the God-fragment in this world, even if it is only a diminished beacon or tired light. See it! Nurture it! Do not be so quick to look for it in the depths of your heart or mind where you believe it might be.

Student: It’s hard not to be disheartened at the sound of these words. It is like someone telling me that the vision I had was merely a mirage, or a trick of the light.

Teacher: This is a world of shadows and echoes. You can chase the source of these if you desire, but you will likely do so at the loss of living in this world. You will diminish your experience of the shadows and echoes, and this is the very reason you incarnated upon this planet at this time.

Student: But it sounds so passive, as if I should settle for experiencing this world, and not try to change it. I feel like I’m here with a mission to improve it, to change it for the better, and I’m missing some experience, some capability to do this. What is it I feel and why?

Teacher: When you experience the warmth of the sun, do you change the sun?

Student: No.

Teacher: And if you hold a piece of ice in your hands, do you change it?

Student: Yes. It begins to melt.

Teacher: So there are some things you can only experience, and there are some things you can change.

Student: And I should know the difference.

Teacher: It helps.

Student: I know this. It’s elementary. I’m not sure it helps me feel less disheartened.

Teacher: You know this, I agree, but you have not necessarily practiced it. It is a principle of life to practice discretion and discernment, and while people will think this concept elementary, it is a critical difference in living life in a state of fulfillment or, as you put it, frustration.

Student: So I can’t change the fact that the God-fragment within me is unknowable to my human mind, and I need to accept that. Is that the lesson to be learned here?

Teacher: No.

Student: Then what is?

Teacher: The concept of the God-fragment within you has power. It can be contemplated, but it cannot be experienced as a dominant reality in a human instrument. Through this contemplative approach you can learn discernment, and through this discernment you will learn how to navigate in the world of shadows and echoes in such a way that you bring changes that are in accord with the objectives of First Source. You externalize the will of the God-fragment, rather than seek its experience. In so doing, you eliminate the fear and frustration energies that flow through your mind.

Student: Thank you. Your teaching just struck the chord I have been seeking since I found this path, and I feel its resonance.

Teacher: In resonance you will be guided.

Calling Forth the Wholeness Navigator

Discourse 2
Calling Forth the Wholeness Navigator

Student: Is God a physical being?

Teacher: Are you?

Student: Of course.

Teacher: Then doesn’t it stand to reason that God is as well?

Student: I don’t know…

Teacher: Can a dead man govern a city?

Student: No.

Teacher: Then how does First Source govern the Grand Universe that is—at its most coarse expression—a physical manifestation?

Student: First Source inhabits a body like you and me?

Teacher: Can any person upon earth create something more magnificent than their human instrument?

Student: I can’t think of an instance.

Teacher: So, within this world, the human instrument is the highest expression of materiality?

Student: I think so.

Teacher: And whatever a human creates, its creation is less magnificent than it is.

Student: Unless it is a child.

Teacher: And who is the child of First Source?

Student: We are.

Teacher: No. Humans are thousands of generations removed from First Source. Who was the original child or first creation of God?

Student: I don’t know. Source Intelligence, or Spirit?

Teacher: Source Intelligence isn’t a creation of God; it is the mobility and presence of God.

Student: Then I’m afraid I don’t know.

Teacher: When a cloud emerges from a blue sky, there are specific conditions that create the cloud. It appears from the sky, but does not resemble the sky in color, scale, texture or scope. And yet, is it not accurate to say that the cloud was a child of the sky?

Student: I suppose, but what does this have to do with the physical body of God?

Teacher: Think of First Source as the sky, and the physical body of First Source as the cloud.
Student: So, the first child of God was the physical body of God?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: First Source created the conditions whereby its physical counterpart could manifest to govern the physical universe. Then which came first, the physical universe or the physical expression of God?

Teacher: Do you elect a president before you have a nation?

Student: Okay, I see your point. Is it true that we were created in the image of God?

Teacher: There are genetic archetypes that reside within the physical manifestation of God, and these archetypes are seven-fold.

Student: So there are seven manifestations of God? Are they all physical?

Teacher: They can be summoned physically at will, but God appears to each of his seven offspring in the form they will recognize as their father.

Student: Are you referring to the seven root races of earth?

Teacher: No. The seven races of humankind are part of the most ancient genetic line of the universe in which earth is an infinitesimal component. I’m referring to the seven genetic archetypes that reside within the Seven Tribes of Light that are known as the Central Race. They are sometimes referred to as the Elohim, Shining Ones, or WingMakers.

Student: And you’re saying that these beings are separated into seven genetic groups?

Teacher: The Grand Universe consists of seven universes, and each of these converges in the central-most region of the Grand Universe. It is within this region that the seven physical manifestations of First Source live, each an archetype of the human instrument designed for the universe of its destiny.

Student: Are you saying there are seven versions of God?

Teacher: There is only one God, but there are seven human instruments—each with different attributes and capabilities—that the one God inhabits. Our universe is associated with the Seventh Archetype, and it is this expression of First Source that interacts with, and governs, our universe.

Student: Are all seven universes like our own?

Teacher: The physical worlds are similar in all material respects, but the life forms that populate them possess different genetic capabilities, forms, and expressions, each based on the archetype of First Source.

Student: A human instrument from universe one would not be similar to a human instrument from any of the other six universes?

Teacher: Correct.

Student: But isn’t this true even within our own universe? Not all humanoid life forms look the same?

Teacher: This is not a matter of appearance. You are 98 percent identical to a chimpanzee—genetically speaking—and yet you undoubtedly consider yourself quite different in appearance.

Student: What you’re saying is that all humanoid life forms, regardless of where they are located within our universe, are genetically linked to the Seventh Archetype of First Source?
Teacher: Correct, but you can extend this to include a broad spectrum of other life forms as well. In other words, it’s not just the human instrument.

Student: Then in the other six universes, each has its own archetype that is embodied by God, and the life forms of these universes conform to this archetype—at least from a genetic perspective, if not in appearance. Is this accurate?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: Then the obvious question is why? Why does First Source divide itself into seven genetic universes?

Teacher: When you approach a vast mystery, a mystery as infinite as the Grand Universe, what do you, as the creator, desire above all other things?

Student: Assurance that the universes will not be destroyed.

Teacher: Assume that you have no doubt of this—so perfect is your plan.

Student: Then I would probably want to inhabit what I created and explore it.

Teacher: And how would you do this?

Student: I would need to travel somehow.

Teacher: Assume that you are the Seventh Archetype of First Source. You are alone in your universe, and the universe is populated only with celestial bodies. There are no sentient life forms and no method of travel.

Student: But isn’t that what Source Intelligence is for? Doesn’t First Source utilize Source Intelligence for its travel or omnipresence?

Teacher: Let me remind you that we are discussing a physical expression of God. The Seventh Archetype of First Source is not able to travel about the universe independent of the laws of the universe. You may think of these seven Archetypes as the Human Instruments of First Source, and attribute similar characteristics and limitations to them, as we ourselves must bear.

Student: So, the physical archetypes of First Source do not share the omnipresence and omniscience of their Father?

Teacher: They do not.

Student: Do they operate as a team, or are they independent?

Teacher: They operate in cooperation and collaboration, but they exercise their sovereign wills as it pertains to the universe under their charge.

Student: Were the archetypes of First Source created right after the creation of the Grand Universe?

Teacher: They were created in succession the same way a family is created.

Student: Why?

Teacher: There is much to learn from the creation of one that can be passed on to the next.

Student: I want to see if I understand this correctly. At some point in time there was a Grand Universe created by First Source, consisting of seven universes, each governed by a physical expression of First Source. The universes were devoid of life other than celestial bodies like stars and planets. Is this correct so far?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: And then the creation of life occurred. How?

Teacher: First Archetype of First Source created life forms, what we shall call the Central Race of First Universe. These beings were very powerful and not unlike their creator in function and form. They, in turn, created the genetic structures that became the first, pure physical soul carriers that housed the individuated spirit energies of First Source.

Student: And this repeated itself six more times?

Teacher: Each universe was populated with genetic structures that were based on the Archetype of First Source for that particular universe. Each genetic structure had unique capabilities that were suited for the exploration and colonization of their particular universe.

Student: So, there are seven different genetic structures of soul carriers exploring the Grand Universe. For what reason? Why does First Source design the universe this way?

Teacher: The Grand Universe is a vast network of life-bearing planets that enable the individuated spirit consciousness, housed within a soul carrier, or human instrument, to interact with the limitations that physical worlds—by their very structure—impose. By interacting with these limitations, the genetic structures evolve, and in this evolution, they become unified.

Student: Are you saying that evolution’s final form is unity?

Teacher: Not in all species, but in the most advanced formats of physical existence, unity is the outcome of evolution.

Student: Why?

Teacher: When you create something that is in your image, what do you think is the most difficult thing to do?

Student: Let it go?

Teacher: Correct. You want your creation to explore and colonize the universe, but you also want your creation to return. Thus, you instill a fundamental instinct within your creation to desire to return to their place of origin. This is the unification instinct and it is one of the most powerful instincts designed into the soul carriers, of which the human instrument is one.

Student: Then human-like, soul carriers exist throughout the Grand Universe, and all of them are designed to explore the expanding universe, but also to return to the central-most region after they’re done. This doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Teacher: It is not the soul carriers that return. These are physical-based vehicles that, like all physical matter, decay and transform. Only the Wholeness Navigator within the soul carrier neither decays nor transforms. It remains everlasting, and within this specific element of humanity it is designed to return to its origins.

Student: Where does one draw the line between First Source and other life forms?

Teacher: How do you mean this?

Student: Are the Archetypes of First Source separate from First Source. In other words, do they have their own identity, or do they think of themselves as First Source? In the same way, what about the Central Race?

Teacher: There are five rings of life that comprise First Source. At the center is the consciousness of First Source. At the whole is Source Intelligence. In between are three rings of life: the seven Archetypes of First Source, the Central Race, and the individuated spirit-essence, or Wholeness Navigator.

Student: And each of these rings of life draws their identity from First Source?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: What you’re really saying is that all of these life forms are threaded together as one consciousness?

Teacher: No more than a family is one consciousness.

Student: They are separate?

Teacher: They are both separate and unified.

Student: How?

Teacher: The five rings of life are distinct forms of consciousness. In the formless state, each ring of life is aware of its unity, purpose, and inherent kinship with the others. In the physical realms, where consciousness is expressed through a dimensionally focused soul-carrier, they have a diminished awareness of this connection. Thus, they are both separate and unified, depending upon which strata of consciousness the entity is focused.

Student: Then you’re saying that even the Archetypes of First Source, since they have a physical body, operate in the three-dimensional world without a strong sense of connection to First Source? It hardly seems possible.

Teacher: No one within the Central Race pretends to know the degree in which the Archetypes of First Source have a diminished capacity to recall their Source vibration. However, those within the Central Race are well aware of how the soul carriers of three-dimensional substance, create the condition of separation in which divine recall is reduced to such a degree that the entity regards itself as separate from First Source, and therefore its capabilities.

Student: Separate from the capabilities of First Source?

Teacher: If you believe you are an ant, how do you behave differently than an eagle?

Student: But an ant is not an eagle.

Teacher: But the Wholeness Navigator is First Source. If the ant were an eagle, in every respect except form, but associated its capabilities with that of an ant, the eagle would slowly lose its ability to fly, it’s entire physical body, mind, and emotional make-up would change. Its soul carrier would literally devolve.

Student: Our bodies cause our souls to devolve?

Teacher: No. Our sense of separation from our Source vibration causes our human instrument to remain devolved. The devolution has already occurred; it is merely perpetuated.

Student: Then the goal is to awaken this Source vibration and begin to re-associate with its divinity—this is what causes the human instrument to evolve in the direction of the Wholeness Navigator?

Teacher: If you are going to start a fire, what do you need?

Student: Dry wood, kindling, and a lot of work generating sufficient heat to combust the kindling.

Teacher: And what is the most critical of these?

Student: I suppose the kindling.

Teacher: Can you start a fire without any of the elements?

Student: No.

Teacher: Are you sure?

Student: Well, I could start a fire with the kindling, but without the dry wood, it won’t last very long.

Teacher: Aren’t they all critical then?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: And if I had all the critical components to start a fire, but I had no experience, would I be able to produce fire?

Student: Probably not.

Teacher: I might not even know, if someone were to give me all of these items, that their purpose was to create a fire. Correct?

Student: Correct.

Teacher: So we can add experiential knowledge as a critical component.

Student: Yes.

Teacher: And what if I didn’t see the need for a fire?

Student: Okay, so you also need a reason or desire.

Teacher: Yes. Desire and purpose are critical.

Student: Okay, I agree we can add that to our expanding list.

Teacher: And if we were outside and it was raining and our kindling became wet—

Student: I understand, conditions must be right.

Teacher: So conditions are important also?

Student: Yes, but where are you going with this? I don’t understand how this applies to my question about what causes the Wholeness Navigator to evolve?

Teacher: You simplified your question to the extreme. The equations of evolution are so complex that they are invisible to the mind of the human instrument. It is not merely the re-association with the Source vibration or God-Fragment that draws the Wholeness Navigator to it divinity and re-asserts its capabilities as a replica of First Source. This equation carries thousands upon thousands of critical elements bundled in a coherent, carefully orchestrated path. I wanted you to remember this.

Student: But isn’t it necessary to simplify in order to approach the subject? How can anyone give all of these factors equal weight and still have an intelligent discussion?

Teacher: That’s my point. You cannot.

Student: So we can’t even discuss it?

Teacher: No, not with any degree of accuracy. Evolutionary circuits are dependent on complex systems, and these systems are so vast and multifaceted that words—when applied to depict them—only serve to bring focus on one element and this element is never—in itself—powerful enough to catalyze or mobilize the evolutionary path.

Student: So what does?

Teacher: If you had a magical friend that was infallible in her judgment; perfect in her decisions because she saw clear to the destination of First Source and therefore knew how to travel the landscape to achieve her reunion with God. What would you do with this friend?

Student: I’d listen to them. I’d ask them for directions and guidance. I’d follow as closely behind them as I could.

Teacher: Even if they led you to a cliff and jumped off.

Student: Well, if I really believed they had this infallible judgment as you put it, yes, even if they jumped off a cliff. Somehow I’d trust that I would be okay if I followed them over.

Teacher: What if they didn’t know you were following and they had capabilities that you did not? In this example, they could fly, but you could not.

Student: I guess I would have made a terrible mistake in following them, and I’d die as a result.

Teacher: So your friend’s judgment, even though it was infallible for herself, led to your own destruction.

Student: Yes.

Teacher: So who then do you offer your trust to?

Student: Myself.

Teacher: And why?

Student: Because I know my own limitations.

Teacher: So what do you think is the mobilizing factor for one’s evolutionary path to Wholeness and unity?

Student: You mean if I could sum it up in a single concept—despite the fact you showed me earlier that it couldn’t be done?

Teacher: You’re learning very well.

Student: It would be to trust myself.

Teacher: What part of your self?

Student: The soul.

Teacher: And not the carrier?

Student: Okay, I would need to trust the whole of me.

Teacher: Trust the parts and the whole. Trust the connection of these to First Source. Trust the God-Fragment that orchestrates all of this complexity into coherent experience and knowledge that assures the recollection of your divinity. Trust the evolutionary process defined by First Source. Trust each of these above the external voices that meet you, no matter how infallible they may appear to be. Trust your self-knowing and its ability to guide you in the ascending spiral of your journey.

Student: Even though I am but a student?

Teacher: Are we not all students?

Student: But there are those who know more than me. I don’t feel like I know that much to trust myself. How can I overcome this self-doubt?

Teacher: It is not something to overcome. If it were, would you then require trust?

Student: I suppose not.

Teacher: When you grapple with the finer distinctions of a concept, you invariably come to a wall that defines the limits of your memory or experience. When you find this wall, there is nothing wrong with seeking help from others, but remember that you are the entity that is most aware of your own needs. The wall that you find may be precisely what you need at that time.

Student: Then it seems that I need to become more aware of my self-interests and needs.

Teacher: The needs that you have that fuel your evolution as a Sovereign Integral. If you are hungry, your stomach will remind you. If you are tired, you will yawn and your eyelids will become unbearably heavy. What is the equivalent for your evolution as a Sovereign Integral?

Student: It’s an interesting question. I don’t know.

Teacher: What causes you to search for your higher self?

Student: I guess unanswered questions. Not knowing who I am, where I am going or why I am here.

Teacher: Really? Unanswered questions awaken you to your highest self-interests?

Student: I can tell by your question that I answered wrong. What is it then?

Teacher: It is inspiration! Inspiration from the spiritual masters who came before you.Inspiration from Nature.Inspiration from art. But most importantly, it is the inspiration that enters from the realm of the Wholeness Navigator within you, into your human instrument and then tirelessly kindles your desire to recollect the reality of the God-Fragment stored inside you.

Student: How do I recognize this inspiration?

Teacher: It is not important to recognize it. It only matters that you feel it and welcome its presence because this is how you develop self-trust and self-knowing.

Student: Are there techniques to accomplish this?

Teacher: Of course.

Student: What are they?

Teacher: You haven’t invented them yet?

Student: I thought you might know some that you could share.

Teacher: I know my own. I do not know yours.

Student: They’re different for everyone?

Teacher: I don’t know.

Student: How did you create your own techniques?

Teacher: If you want to establish a relationship with someone that you want to know, what are some of the things you do?

Student: I might invite them for a conversation over tea, or possibly write them an introductory letter describing my wish to meet them.

Teacher: And if they don’t respond.

Student: I will probably assume that they are too busy, or more likely, not interested in meeting me.

Teacher: Then this is the problem.

Student: What?

Teacher: The human instrument gives up too easy, if it invites the Wholeness Navigator into its realm at all.

Student: I think we’re all sensitive to rejection.

Teacher: Do you think it’s possible to be rejected by the divine instruments of First Source?

Student: I never thought about it before. Maybe?

Teacher: It is not. The divine instruments of First Source are ever vigilant for sincere prayers, and never reject the offer to extend their presence within the human instrument of an entity that desires to ascend in consciousness. This is an immutable law of the universe.

Student: Is there a better way to extend this invitation than simply asking in prayer?

Teacher: It is not your words that will be heard. It is your feelings and the purity of their motivation. You could be drunk from wine and swearing in your loudest voice, but if your innermost feelings were pure, sincere, humble, and motivated by love, your invitation would be answered. In contrast, you could be meditating for days, striving to be of perfect character, and asking in the quietest whisper of a clear mind, but if you were tainted with the motivations of honor and pride, your invitation would most likely be declined.

Student: Why would the Wholeness Navigator, or any divine instrument of First Source, care?

Teacher: Why do you care if the food you eat is served on a clean plate or a dirty floor?

Student: I don’t understand the comparison.

Teacher: The human instrument is a vessel, or soul carrier. Upon your planet, it houses the pure and perfect instrument of First Source: the Wholeness Navigator. If the human instrument is impure with thoughts of materiality, motivations of self-aggrandizement or actions of hatred, it makes the soul carrier less receptive to the vibrations of the Wholeness Navigator. In some cases, the Wholeness Navigator, if it enters into such a vessel and offers its capabilities, these very capabilities are corrupted for selfish purposes.

Student: So the Wholeness Navigator does not want its capabilities to become contaminated by an impure soul carrier?

Teacher: This is partially true, but it is more that the God-Fragment within you chooses to expose its energies to a human instrument that has invited it to share its vision and understanding. Once it is invited, it will monitor the response of the human instrument to its presence. If the invitations are repeatedly extended, the God-Fragment will continue to materialize as an infused, spirit-led consciousness that directs the human instrument in its earthly mission.

Student: It sounds like the God-Fragment takes over. Is that how it is?

Teacher: The God-Fragment injects divine perspective into the human instrument. It enables the soul carrier to become the soul’s vision in service to First Source. In doing this, the human instrument is transformed.

Student: I understand. I think I need some time to sort all this out. Thank you for sharing your perspective and helping me with my understanding.

Teacher: You are very welcome.

Discourse 3 The Nature of Knowledge

Discourse 3
The Nature of Knowledge

Student: Is there a technique to gain knowledge of God?

Teacher: What God do you speak of?

Student: The one and only source of all.

Teacher: No.

Student: Why then are there some who seem blessed with the knowledge of God, and some that seem completely ignorant of his presence and value? Surely those who are enlightened discovered a technique to secure their knowledge.

Teacher: There are no techniques. This is the great fallacy that has swept across the universe of sentient beings. We persist in our belief that there is a formula or ritual or teacher that can bring us enlightenment—or the knowledge of God.

Student: If there is no technique or teacher, then why does all of this exist? Why do you, my teacher, sit before me? Or why are there books and learned masters here, in this instructional setting? Are you telling me they’re all worthless?

Teacher: When there are questions there are answers waiting to be heard. All this exists for the questions of people such as you. If these questions did not exist, this would not exist.

Student: But what’s the point if the answers are not bringing me closer to the knowledge of God?

Teacher: Why doesn’t the knowledge of destruction lay in the hands of the many instead of the hands of the few?

Student: What do you mean?

Teacher: Why is the knowledge of how to destroy humankind—on a mass level—so carefully safeguarded?

Student: You’re talking about weapons of mass destruction?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: Naturally the technology is so destructive it needs to be managed and controlled by responsible governments.

Teacher: Why is it controlled?

Student: If it were in the power of any one person to destroy the lives of many, he or she might do so if they became sick of mind.

Teacher: Is the knowledge of mass destruction the opposite of the knowledge of mass enlightenment?

Student: I don’t know.

Teacher: What if you were given the power to enlighten the masses of humanity or destroy humanity? Would you not be the most powerful person on earth?

Student: I can’t imagine how I could be more powerful.

Teacher: How would you choose to wield your power?

Student: I suppose I’d have to have many advisors helping me to make the right decisions in order to build a great society that was rich in culture and learned citizens.

Teacher: What if the citizens that you ruled rebelled? What if they chose to be independent of your power? What would you do then?

Student: But if I had the power to enlighten them, why would they rebel? They would be enlightened and, as a result, they would choose to live harmoniously.

Teacher: But some might not want to be enlightened. Perhaps they feel that they know what is best for their development and would resist an outside source, no matter how benevolent and wise.

Student: Then I would let them have their own way.

Teacher: Even if they killed themselves and behaved in decadence?

Student: I would try to teach them how to behave properly so they would learn to live harmoniously.

Teacher: Do you think they would listen?

Student: If they didn’t, I’d place the good and respectful people separate from those that were warring and cruel.

Teacher: I see. So you would divide your citizens into two groups?

Student: It would be the only way to bring harmony to some, if it couldn’t be brought to all.

Teacher: And if the warring and cruel citizens ultimately had children that desired to live in harmony, what would happen then?

Student: They would only need to ask and they could rejoin the society.

Teacher: So the citizens of your society would accept them without any problem and confer upon them the same social benefits that they themselves enjoy?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: And if they didn’t?

Student: I would have to order it—make it a law—I suppose. But again, if I had the power to enlighten my citizens, they surely would forgive those that were led astray by their parents, and let them re-enter the broader society.

Teacher: And what would be the result if one of these new citizens murdered someone within your enlightened society?

Student: They would be expelled and punished.

Teacher: Not enlightened?

Student: I would assume they were not able to be enlightened.

Teacher: So your power to enlighten was not perfect.

Student: I guess not.

Teacher: And what if the decadent society decided that the enlightened society should be conquered?

Student: Why would they attack if they knew I had the power to annihilate them?

Teacher: Perhaps they believed you didn’t actually possess the power, or if you did, that you would never use it.

Student: We would then have to defend ourselves and capture the decadent society’s leaders and lock them up until they changed their ways of thinking and acting.

Teacher: Then your power to destroy was not perfect either.

Student: Not in the same way I thought it was.

Teacher: You have answered these hypothetical questions wisely. Do you see how power complicates?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: Do you understand that having the power to enlighten or destroy is a type of power that most people consign to God?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: So I was asking you to play God, hypothetically.

Student: I understand, but how does that answer my question about gaining the knowledge of God?

Teacher: It may not. I simply wanted you to have a glimpse of the perspective of the human-imagined God.

Student: Why?

Teacher: If you want the knowledge of God, you must have some perspective on the position of a God.

Student: But I didn’t mean that I wanted to have the knowledge of the God that humans have created.

Teacher: It’s the only knowledge you can have.

Student: Why can’t I obtain the knowledge of the true God, First Source? Why isn’t there a technique that I can use to find and acquire this knowledge?

Teacher: Let’s return to our hypothetical scenario. Suppose that your power to destroy was simply a thought away. If you became angry, your power to destroy would be unleashed and the recipient of your anger would be obliterated.

Student: Would it work the same way for enlightenment? In other words, would I be able to enlighten with a simple thought?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: Okay.

Teacher: How many times a day do you have an angry thought and a thought to enlighten someone?

Student: I don’t know. On a good day, I don’t have any angry thoughts.

Teacher: On a bad day?

Student: Maybe three or four.

Teacher: Each time you have these thoughts, if you were angry with a person, your anger would harm the object of your rage.

Student: What about the other side of the coin. What if I were loving and kind, would my thoughts enlighten them as well?

Teacher: Precisely.

Student: So, with nothing but my thoughts, I can harm or help a person.

Teacher: Yes.

Student: Then wouldn’t it make sense that if I had the knowledge of God, I would also have the discipline to control my thoughts and emotions?

Teacher: No.

Student: Why?

Teacher: Because your dominant reality is that of a human being with all its weaknesses and foibles. You are designed to have spontaneous thoughts and emotions. You have instincts that respond to stimuli, and you cannot control your natural thoughts or emotions. You can suppress them. You can ignore them. You can even extinguish them, but only for a period of time.

Student: And this is why I can’t have the knowledge of God?

Teacher: Correct.

Student: Then every human is sealed inside a world of limitation because they have this inability to control their impulses—be they thoughts or emotions? It seems unfair.

Teacher: Perhaps, but this same limitation is liberating.

Student: In what way?

Teacher: Do you know the will of First Source?

Student: No, but I think I have an idea of what is aligned with the will of God and what is not.

Teacher: If you truly know what is aligned and what it not, then you would need to know the will of First Source, would you not?

Student: I mean that I know the general direction, or intention of God’s will.

Teacher: But not the details?

Student: Correct. I know that what is of love and light is aligned with the will of God, and what is of evil and darkness is not. But I might not be able to distinguish between the more subtle shades of light and darkness or good and evil.

Teacher: I see. And how did you arrive at this conclusion?

Student: It is what I have been taught.

Teacher: And who taught you this?

Student: My teachers, the books I’ve read. Everyone believes this don’t they?

Teacher: And because you have been taught that the will of God is knowable, you believe you can make the judgment that a loving act is aligned, but an evil act is not.

Student: Basically, yes.

Teacher: What if I suggested to you that understanding the will of God is one and the same as possessing the knowledge of God?

Student: I’m not sure I understand what you mean.

Teacher: What do you think I mean? Make an effort to express your thoughts, no matter how murky they may be. Sometimes the fog lifts only when you struggle to see through it.

Student: I have the sense that you’re suggesting that if I understand what the creator desires from his creation, I would also understand a key component of the knowledge of God. In other words, in order to have the knowledge of God, I must know what God wants from me, what he desired me to become.

Teacher: And what do you think God wants you to become?

Student: Liberated.

Teacher: From limitation?

Student: Yes. Exactly.

Teacher: First Source desires that you live without limitation, but creates a soul carrier and a setting for that soul carrier to live within that is rooted in limitation. Why do think it is the will of God that you shrug off your limitations?

Student: Because if I have no limitations, I am liberated of the things that reduce my spiritual awareness.

Teacher: And what will you do then—when you are free of all limitation?

Student: I’m not exactly sure, but it will be blissful and likened to what Buddha called Nirvana—freedom from desire.

Teacher: Why would your Creator create you, set you in a soul carrier that was bound to a reality of limitation, construct an elaborate universe school to educate you, and commission a vast array of instructors, only to enable you to pass into Nirvana, or a blissful state?

Student: I don’t know. That’s in part what I’m trying to understand.

Teacher: Are you sure?

Student: Well it’s certainly one of the things I’m trying to understand.

Teacher: If you’re trying to understand this, then answer my question.

Student: But I don’t know the answer.

Teacher: Try to articulate it as best you can.

Student: I agree it doesn’t make sense that God would have me educated in the ways of the universe and then leave me to simply enjoy it, but I don’t know what else I would do. No one paints this picture very clearly.

Teacher: The picture, as you put it, is found in the service to a plan. The plan is the collective unfolding of souls to realize the singular nature of universehood as an undivided process.

We move from neighborhoods to cities, to states, to nations, to continents, to hemispheres, to planets, to solar systems, to galaxies, to local universes, to Superuniverses, to the Grand Multiverse—the all-encompassing structure of our collective unity.

And at every step we emerge the victor of the lesser state of being in that our lives increasingly exemplify the presence of our collective perception of what is best for the evolutionary course set forth by First Source for the Grand Multiverse.

Student: Okay, so this is the reason? To simply be able to hold the perspective of what is best for the Grand Multiverse? How can I ever know such a thing?

Teacher: You cannot.

Student: So again, I’m frustrated in ignorance. This seems to be the theme of spiritual matters.

Teacher: It is only because you take the undivided process and leap to its end, wishing to bring it closer into your reality of now. Your patience is exceeded by your vision of what is to be.

Student: I know. But what can I do about it?

Teacher: Define the knowledge that you need to accomplish each step of your process. Don’t profess to need the knowledge of God before you have the knowledge of your earth world or the knowledge of your human instrument. Frame your knowledge in the context of your design.

Student: How do you mean that?

Teacher: You are a physical body with complex, emotional impulses and instincts; you are also a system of nerves and data collectors that feed your consciousness and brain. Moreover, you are a collective of consciousnesses that span your entire species and time. These elements comprise your human instrument.

Like most seekers, you try to understand the mysterious substance of your inmost spirit—the Wholeness Navigator—before you understand your human instrument. And even more to the point, you seek to understand the Creator and sustainer of the Wholeness Navigator before you understand your inmost spirit.

You have intuited the undivided process because it is stored within you, but if you stretch the reach of your understanding it is because you seek to know the stars before you know the planet upon which you stand. And I ask you, what good is the knowledge of the stars when your home is misunderstood?

Student: You’re saying that I need to study my body and mind before I study the soul?

Teacher: No, I’m saying the knowledge of God that you seek is contained in every step of the undivided process. It is not realized in some sudden, elusive revelatory experience at the end of your journey. It is found in every step along the way.

Student: Yes, I understand this in concept. I’ve heard this many times before, but I sense that you’re making a different distinction here.

Teacher: Perhaps. I’m only recommending that you understand the soul carrier before you seek to know the soul, and that you understand the soul before you seek to understand its Creator. Otherwise, if you first channel your energy into understanding the Creator, you will see it marginally, and this partial knowledge will deform your understanding of the soul carrier and the soul within it.

Student: But how will I know that my understanding of the soul carrier is adequate so that I can embark on the understanding of my soul?

Teacher: The human instrument is an amazing composite of miraculous connections between the material and non-physical worlds. When you understand these connections, they will guide you to your understanding of the soul within you.

Student: So then I should really be asking you about how I can gain the knowledge of these connections. Is that correct?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: So how do I? Is it the chakras that are key?

Teacher: Much has been said and written about the energy centers that are revealed within the human instrument, but these energy centers are not the connections between the physical and non-physical realms.

What weaves together the physical body with the non-physical bodies is what we refer to as the phantom core.

Student: What is this composed of?

Teacher: The phantom core is not composed of anything material. It is like a shadow of soul consciousness that can move between the realms of the human instrument.

Student: So it can operate equally well within the mind and body?

Teacher: The phantom core is the consciousness that moves between the body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind at speeds greater than light. Yet it is a point of awareness that distributes the experiences of the human instrument to the soul.

Student: Does it embellish the experiences or simply report them like a recorder?

Teacher: It reports everything in extraordinary terms.

Student: How do you mean?

Teacher: Even in the quiet moments of your life when you are staring through a window or reading a book, there is a great universe of experience that is perceived by this phantom core, and every miniature detail is faithfully recorded and transmitted to the soul.

The phantom core is the super consciousness of the human instrument. It is separate from the soul, and is considered the soul’s emissary to the natural world in which the human instrument must interact.

It is through this awareness that soul experiences the natural world of limitation and separation, drawing in the experiences that help it build appreciation for the Grand Multiverse that is the garment of First Source.

Student: Why have I never heard of this before?

Teacher: Who should tell you?

Student: You, for one.

Teacher: I just did, were you not listening?

Student: Yes, but I’ve been your student for two years and this is the first I’ve heard of this phantom core. Why?

Teacher: We teach through association and metaphor. You have been taught about the phantom core, you just haven’t heard its name before now. And now that you have its name, it crystallizes in your mind a clearer picture of its design and purpose.

Student: But two years it takes for me to know its name?

Teacher: For some it is two hours, for some it a lifetime. It depends on the person and how they arrive at their answers. You sought the unknowable before you sought what is to be known in your present life—where your consciousness resides now.

Student: Okay, we’ve established that I’m a dreamer—

Teacher: There’s nothing wrong with seeking the unknowable. I am not suggesting that you have wasted your time in the pursuit of a dream.

Student: But it seems that I need to place more time in understanding this phantom core. What do you recommend I learn in this regard?

Teacher: Learn all that you can about the human body, emotions, and mind. Make it the focus of your study for a period of time—perhaps a year or two, depending on the availability of your time.

As you do this, take notes about the features of the human instrument that either seem connected or anomalous. For example, the brain is dominated by the data received from the eyes. Why do the eyes not dominate consciousness?

As you produce your notes, organized around connections and anomalous phenomenon, begin to define the structure of the human instrument as one would if they were making a map of the interaction between the body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind. Remember that the phantom core is the shadow of the soul and operates seamlessly between the folds of the human instrument. It is the first perceiver and transmitter of the experience that consumes the human instrument of a specific individuality. It is the continuity of the undivided process within the material realms, while the soul is the continuity of the undivided process within the non-physical realms.

Student: And what about the Wholeness Navigator?

Teacher: It is the bridge of continuity between these two worlds. The Wholeness Navigator is the interlock between the worlds of time and the worlds of non-time. It is the fusion of the soul and the phantom core, integrating this vast experiential storehouse of data, and making it coherent as a force of transformation.

Student: It will take me a long time to create this picture and understand the connections.

Teacher: It will take you a lifetime, if you are fortunate. However, if you set forth upon the path of First Source without first understanding the fundamental structures within which your soul operates, you will pursue a mirage. God will appear and disappear, and doubt will shake you every time a new occurrence crosses your path. It will seem that all is impermanent, even the face of God.

Student: You said a moment ago that the Wholeness Navigator uses the experiences of the soul carrier and soul as a force of transformation. Transformation of whom and for what purpose?

Teacher: The transformation is of the individual personality—the God-fragment that sojourns in both the worlds of time and non-time, and is devoted to the One Plan that embraces all forms, personalities, and opinions therein. This personality is the identity that endures the shape shifting of forms and the ceaseless churning of time to become a conscious extension of the One Plan.

The purpose of this transformation is to explore the Grand Multiverse as emissaries of First Source, creating new opportunities for the expansion and ongoing evolution of the One Plan.

Student: I suspect you purposely gave me an abstract answer as a way of reminding me of the task ahead.

Teacher: I gave you what is available to be given. Words themselves are an abstraction, are they not?

Student: If you don’t mind, I want to return to my task: studying the human instrument. Is there a model I can use so I can compare my approach with others?

Teacher: There may be some who would gladly share their research and findings. I would encourage you to collaborate with your fellow students. It is a very useful practice.

Student: You spoke of connections in the human instrument and anomalous phenomenon. Can you please elaborate on these?

Teacher: The connections of the human instrument are the threads that make up the fabric of the phantom core. These threads weave the pathways between the physical body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind. Within each of these are sub-layers, just as the skin of the human body is different than the nervous system, which is different than the skeletal structure.

The body is therefore made up of many layers and sub-components that comprise the total structure. This is equally true for the emotions, mind, and genetic mind.

The connections between these layers or strata of the human instrument, which number twenty-four primary systems, each originate from the Wholeness Navigator. In other words, these threads have a common ground and spiral out touching each of the twenty-four primary systems, binding them together in a holistic system.

Student: What are the twenty-four systems? Do I know them?

Teacher: It is not important to recognize each of them individually. Some have not been discovered in the world of time and space. I only mention the number so that you can know the depth of the human instrument and its impeccable and miraculous structure.

Student: Why is this so important?

Teacher: The human instrument is regarded by most cultures as a body that is vulnerable and fragile. It is considered flawed and imperfect because it degenerates over time and is susceptible to disease. In some areas, it is considered nothing more than an animate object for the sensing of pleasure or pain. It is held in low regard, and even those who feel a spiritual imperative, regard it as the lesser or lower self.

Student: But it is the lower self isn’t it?

Teacher: It is the vessel of the transcendent soul. When you see a vessel of beauty, do you wonder what is inside it?

Student: I guess when I see a beautiful vessel—like a work of art—I assume the vessel is for appreciation, not utility.

Teacher: It doesn’t require a utilitarian function because its beauty is sufficient a purpose. Correct?

Student: Exactly.

Teacher: The human instrument is the same way. It is a beautifully conceived creation; so much so that most believe it is empty. Its purpose is in itself. They do not see the twenty-four strata, they perceive only the five dominant strata: skin, muscle, bones, emotions, and mind.

Student: Why? Why do we only see these five and not the whole twenty-four?

Teacher: You are taught these perceptions by your educational indoctrination and society as a whole, and conversely, you are not taught to appreciate and understand the other nineteen strata. In most cases, these strata require more vigilance and persistence to understand and appreciate.

Student: So how do I learn about the other dimensions of the human instrument?

Teacher: You study the human instrument. You study the body, emotions, mind, and genetic mind. You learn to understand this sacred vessel for what it truly is: the exploratory, albeit temporary, vehicle of your inmost, immortal consciousness in the worlds of time and space.

Student: But if you gave me information about the twenty-four strata, wouldn’t it help me in my studies?

Teacher: Perhaps, but it is not necessary to understand all these levels with the human mind. And here again, you seek to know the staircase before you understand the first few steps. It is the function of time to make the staircase comprehensible in steps, not singular revelations.

Student: I understand.

Teacher: I have highlighted the universal path; now tell me what you have learned.

Student: Okay, I’ll do my best. The phantom core connects the twenty-four levels of the human instrument, and is the observing consciousness of the worlds of time and space for the human soul. The phantom core has multiple threads, for lack of a better description, that weave these twenty-four levels together, and it uses these connective threads like pathways to move—as a consciousness—from one level to the next at quantum speeds. It then passes this experiential information to the soul, which then processes this incoming data in order to evolve its understanding of how to align with the One Plan and increasingly bring light to the darker outposts of the Grand Multiverse.

Teacher: Take a deep breath. You have listened well.

Student: Did I get it right?

Teacher: Are you concerned about being right or are you interested in learning?

Student: Are they so different?

Teacher: They can be polar opposites.

Student: I’m interested in learning and being right.

Teacher: You asked me at the beginning of this dialogue, as to whether there is a technique to gain the knowledge of God. Do you remember?

Student: Yes.

Teacher: And have you discovered your answer?

Student: No. I don’t think there is an answer.

Teacher: Perhaps there’s an answer, but it is different for every human. All beings approach their Creator in a unique path that has never been navigated before. If you stitched together the vast reservoir of your experience in the worlds of time and space, do you think it has ever been replicated?

Student: I don’t know. I’ve never thought about it before. Perhaps at a basic level it has.

Teacher: Only if you grossly simplified it would you see any similarity in the paths of the ascending souls to their Creator’s realm. Truthfully, we are each as unique as the planets that number the Grand Universe, and it is precisely this uniqueness that prevents a universal technique from ever becoming the magical pill of enlightenment.

Student: I understand this. Was this done as part of the design?

Teacher: Yes.

Student: I guess the real question is what knowledge is required in order to construct my own techniques for gaining the awareness of my own, multi-layered self?

Teacher: You are on your way if it is your practice to make this inquiry every morning that you arise, and you feel yourself a magnet attracting this very knowledge into your life through every facet of your experience.

Student: Does it help if I believe that the phantom core is present within me and absorbing this knowledge even if my conscious mind is not?

Teacher: It does and it is.

Student: I am grateful.

Teacher: You are most welcome.

Discourse 4 Universe Relationship

Discourse 4
Universe Relationship

Teacher: And so you desire to experience the Wholeness Navigator. Have you decided how?
Student: This is why I wanted to meet with you. I thought you could instruct me on a method, or technique to achieve this.
Teacher: If I could do this, wouldn’t all that exists here (the ashram) be obsolete? Wouldn’t all of your education fall to yourself? Wouldn’t all of your connection to people erode into an existential journey of self-knowledge?
Student: I don’t understand.
Teacher: You have assembled the inner and outer knowledge like a bridge without a middle, and the missing middle section is your experience of that which confirms that the two ends do indeed join; that there is cohesion between these worlds; that the bridge has function. Yes?
Student: Yes.
Teacher: If you found this middle section within your experience, your bridge would be built and you could pass between the inner and outer worlds unencumbered and independent. You would desire to then teach others how to build their own bridges. Yes?
Student: Exactly.
Teacher: Do you think any of the teachers that have lived on earth have built this bridge and not shared it with others?
Student: No.
Teacher: Then where is this technique you speak of? Is it hidden so well that none of the world’s finest teachers can articulate it into a sensible methodology?
Student: Are you saying that none have built this bridge?
Teacher: No. I’m saying that none have wanted to build this bridge.
Student: Then why does it consume me so?
Teacher: Because you believe it can be built by answers, by experience, and by initiative.
Student: And it can’t?
Teacher: It cannot be built anymore than you can build something that is already built.
Student: What do you mean?
Teacher: Can you build this rock? (I was holding a rock I had gathered from the ground.)
Student: Do you mean can I build an exact duplicate?
Teacher: No, I mean this rock?
Student: No. It’s already built.
Teacher: So is your bridge.
Student: Okay… I understand this in concept, but if you’ve never experienced it, what good is it if it’s built?
Teacher: That depends on you.
Student: In what way exactly?
Teacher: Do you see what’s present more than you see what’s missing?
Student: I don’t know… I’m not sure what you mean.
Teacher: You have knowledge and discipline. You have intuition and insight. You have initiative and cunning. You have power of will and persistence. Are these more important to you than the missing conscious experience of the Wholeness Navigator?
Student: I believe that when I have the experience of the Wholeness Navigator, it will supersede these other things or it will put them in some kind of collective order and I will be a better person and therefore a better teacher because of it.
Teacher: But if you cannot build something, how do you teach its construction?
Student: But then you’re saying that I already have this experience and so does everyone else; it’s just that we don’t know it. And again, I realize this in concept, but it seems like some do have this experience.
Teacher: Even at this moment you are having this experience, as am I.
Student: Yes, but you’re probably conscious of it, I’m not.
Teacher: No, I’m conscious of us. I’m conscious of wherever and whatever I turn my attention to. I cannot turn my attention to the Wholeness Navigator because it is of an energetic frequency that is out of the range of the senses of this body and mind.
Student: So you’re saying that the Wholeness Navigator, or human soul is invisible to our human senses no matter what we do? There isn’t any technique that will allow us to attune to it, or it to us?
Teacher: Correct.
Student: So my desire is unfounded?
Teacher: Your desire is natural and well founded; it is just that it will not culminate in the experience you hope for.
Student: Then why do I feel like something vital is missing? Why do I have this nagging belief that my unanswered questions hold me back from my rightful path?
Teacher: As I said before, your attention shifts to what is missing because you have invited the impossible into your world and idealized what others before you achieved in the sharing of their knowledge. You believe that great knowledge can only come from the experience of the unknown, hidden worlds in which the human soul lives, and without this experience you are unable to fulfill your promise.
Student: But many of the greatest teachers shared their vision of these inner worlds and dimensions of which the Wholeness Navigator is a part. If I cannot explore these worlds as they, how can I hope to expand the consciousness of my time?
Teacher: I will share a secret with you. It is not something I do with satisfaction but rather a sense of duty. The accounts of the other worlds are clothed in the very same fabric as dreams. The mystics, saints, and even some of the greatest teachers of the human species lived in bodies with the same limited range of perception as you and I. Their sometimes-spectacular accounts of other dimensions and planes of existence were subjective, non-replicable lucid dreams that were retold as objective worlds of splendor.
Student: Are you saying that the accounts of mysticism are fabrications?
Teacher: Some are. Some are misinterpretations of lucid dreams. Some are encounters with the meta-dimensional worlds of the future multiverse. Some are encounters with off-planetary beings. Some are planned deceptions. The point I’m making is that those who speak loudest of their experiences of the human soul and the worlds in which it resides are often seeking to describe their own glory more than an objective reality.
Student: This will take me a moment to absorb. You seem to be impugning my own teachers, with whom I hold the greatest of respect.
Teacher: I told you that I take no satisfaction in this. Nor am I trying to discredit any teacher. Let me describe it this way. If I discovered a place upon earth that no one else had ever come upon, and I made a map with coordinates of this discovery, I would be able to explain to anyone who can read a map how to find this same place. I could also lead people to it based on my experience.
Why then are there no maps of the inner worlds? And before you answer, remember that while there are maps, they are not consistent in scale or measure, and thus, they do not describe the same inner geography.
Student: I agree there is incongruity about the structure of the multiverse, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that it doesn’t exist.
Teacher: I’m not suggesting that it doesn’t exist. There is no map! There are no cartographers of these worlds because these worlds are infinite in scope. How do you map the infinities of First Source? With paper and pen? How do you reduce the extraordinary vision of our collective Creator to words and methodologies?
Student: Are you saying it’s all impossible—this desire to experience the inner dimensions of my being?
Teacher: The best teachers allow for the possibility, and at the same time never consider it missing in their lives. The fascination of phenomenon is replaced with the consent of the real qualities of the human spirit to shine through their countenance, words, and deeds, and to do so with their unique personality intact.
Student: How then can the consciousness evolve if every generation teaches nothing new about the inner worlds? Or worse yet, only adds to the confusion of how these worlds operate within our consciousness?
Teacher: As I said before, the bridge, or consciousness, in this case, is built. It cannot be evolved, improved or enhanced. It is a multi-faceted consciousness that is as far beyond the human mind as the boundaries of the universe are beyond earth. The appreciation of this consciousness is what requires evolution; and its application as a source of guidance and inspiration is what requires instruction.
Student: Exactly what I wanted to get to. This is precisely what I want to teach, but if I myself have no experience of this super-consciousness, how can I help others to evolve their appreciation?
Teacher: You have been asking for help to experience something that cannot be experienced, instead of choosing to tell the universe what you want to appreciate.
Student: I don’t understand.
Teacher: The universe responds to your directives, not your questions, hopes, and prayers. If you choose to define your future by telling the universe what you desire to experience and appreciate, and you hold these thoughts in your mind with fierce persistence, the universe—by its own design—will respond accordingly. If, on the other hand, you ask questions and pray for answers, the universe will respond with a deafening silence because you have not given it direction.
Student: This is the co-creative process you speak of, and I understand the principles of this, but how does it relate to my desire to expand my understanding of consciousness and teach this understanding to others?
Teacher: Desire is not a directive. Simply desiring to achieve something does not engage the universe; it engages your personal power and applies your will to achieve a goal. Praying, as it was originally intended, held two complementary purposes: To demonstrate to the universe that an individual made choices regarding their destiny, and expressing gratitude to the universe for its unfailing support.
Student: Given what you’ve said, I assume it doesn’t make sense to make a directive to the universe that I want it to bring me the personal experience of the Wholeness Navigator?
Teacher: You can make any directive you select. The universe is not obligated to respond, it simply does. By your selection the universe knows you. You are revealed in this simple act, and through this intimacy, the universe will respond in kind and reveal itself.
If you direct the universe to bring you the experience of the Wholeness Navigator, it will bring you this experience, but you will not have consciousness recollection because, as I’ve said before, the signature vibration of the Wholeness Navigator is not perceptible to the human senses or mind. There is no method to capture the experience—the mind is like a camera, but the senses—the film—are not present.
Student: So the universe responds according to the directive, but I may think it wasn’t listening because I don’t recall the experience?
Teacher: Yes. It is a frequent occurrence with higher dimensional directives, something akin to a perceptual omission. The condition can create resentment and an uneasy sense that the universe is indifferent or even malfunctioning, despite the fact that most individuals consider the breakdown to be their own fault—at least consciously. However, in most students, lurking below the guilt of the conscious mind is the sense that the universe is indifferent, or even worse, purposely non-responsive.
Student: How do I direct the universe? Is it a forceful command?
Teacher: Each individual is a creator of his or her wisdom path. As such, they must create the priority and structure of their path on their own. They may tap resources like teachers or books, but the creation of the path is their own, regardless of the external circumstances such as religious conformity. Once this is understood and internalized, it becomes the foundation from which you operate. This is one’s spiritual duty, and it is the first step on the path of co-creation with the universe.
The second step upon this path is the informed assignment of priority. There is a sequence to all directions—an order in which they build to an end goal or achievement.
Student: Please explain how this applies to spiritual revelation?
Teacher: When you have a goal to comprehend your identity—not only as a human being but also as a spirit-fragment of First Source, you must break your goal into component building blocks, and see the order within the process. Underlying this order is the fluidity that provides for rapid transformation and adaptation. Once this is defined you direct the universe to respond to this plan by the simple and persistent act of defining and, most importantly, re-defining it. The thought uppermost in your mind is that the universe is “eavesdropping” on your plans, and shifting, or re-arranging your material, emotional, mental, and spiritual environments in direct response to its observations. It does this without regard to what you would call your worthiness. It does this because it is its nature.
Student: What if my plans are just plain wrong or ill conceived?
Teacher: You will most likely be frustrated or unsatisfied by the events that unfold.
Student: Can you give me an example?
Teacher: If someone plans to begin their teaching profession before they have adequately trained as a student, and the universe responds in kind by providing them students, they may perpetuate their own misunderstandings upon those they teach. This is a common example for would-be teachers of the spiritual arts.
Student: But what you said earlier, about defining your plan and its order, if you truly did this properly would you not avoid the ill-conceived plan?
Teacher: The universe watches faithfully your every movement and emotional connection to your goal. The ability to avoid the ill-conceived plan rests mostly in the discovery of your original voice—sorted out from the thousands of voices that have influenced you—and to allow this voice to define and direct your approach to your divinity. It is this voice and the judgment and insight behind it that places you and retains you in the security of the universe.
Student: But there are so many more insightful than I. Why would I listen to my own voice amid those of my teachers?
Teacher: Do you listen to your teachers, or do you compare their words with what resonates with what you sense is true?
Student: To be candid, I compare their words with my own sense of truth.
Teacher: So you already listen to your own voice?
Student: In a way, I suppose. But I use my voice as a ruler, measuring the words of my teachers with my intuition or… or some related faculty. I don’t originate the thought or idea—I simply evaluate it.
Teacher: And why do you do this? Why do you assign yourself the diminished role of measuring and analyzing instead of creating and invention?
Student: Because I am inexperienced and lack knowledge.
Teacher: But you just agreed that you have experience in evaluating the substance of your instruction—that you can perceive the truth and value of an instruction, principle or suggestion.
Student: Yes, but it is one thing to have the knowledge and skill of evaluation, and quite another to be able to invent or perceive the knowledge of truth within oneself.
Teacher: Why?
Student: I’m not sure that I know how to explain this.
Teacher: The knowledge that will transform you derives from your personal experience of two fundamental phenomena: the Light and Sound vibrations of First Source.
Student:Exactly, and how to achieve this experiential knowledge of the Light and Sound requires expert instruction—the kind that only the highest spiritual teacher can supply.
Teacher: Do you appreciate the transformation of consciousness? Is it something you have directed the Universe to supply, or are you waiting for a teacher to take you by the hand and lead you to the Light and Sound? In other words, are you waiting to evaluate the instruction of a human being, or are you directing the Universe to supply this experience?
Student: I came here, to this ashram, to learn how to experience the Light and Sound of First Source so I can bring this knowledge to others.
Teacher: So you are waiting for a human being.
Student: Perhaps this is the way the Universe would respond to my directive, to bring me a teacher who can show me the way.
Teacher: The Universe and you are the teacher. Together you are the active, unswerving, tireless, ceaseless, on-demand pathway that can provide the direct experience. Or, you can wait for the Universe to send you messengers clothed in human form who are less active, direct, energized, responsive, and enduring—if that is your choice… your directive.
Student: So you’re telling me to become more of an active partner with the Universe.
Teacher: Add responsibility and acceptance of your capacity to partner with the Universe, and you have properly evaluated my instruction.
Student: But I feel as if you’re suggesting that teachers do not serve a role in this process. Is this true?
Teacher: Everyone upon your life-path will serve a role in this—teachers included. The Universe will arrange the right words, the right sounds, the right light, the right meaning to enter your life-path, and these will come through nature, humans, animals, technology, and combinations thereof. The process, the Universe, and you are inseparable when properly directed.
Student: So the real knowledge is knowing how to direct the Universe?
Teacher: It is the one relationship you will have that is responsive to the impressions of your thoughts and the expressions of your heart. You can direct it and it will respond.
Student: What is the key to directing the Universe?
Teacher: To feel in union and harmony with the Universe. To truly feel that the Universe flows through you and in doing so creates the life-path upon which you walk. To trust this life-path, knowing it is a co-creation between you and the Universe, and to demonstrate this trust in matters small and large. Assuming all of these foundations are in place, then it is merely articulating the highest possible expression of your deepest heart.
Student: How do I come to know this?
Teacher: You listen to your original voice. You allow it to be expansive, mysterious, paradoxical, boundless, and joyful. When you give this part of you an opportunity to express itself, it will articulate the innermost yearning of your heart and soul, and it is to these yearnings that the Universe is most attuned to hear and respond to.
Student: But doesn’t the Universe also respond to our thoughts and prayers?
Teacher: There are those who will tell you that you can ask the Universe for abundance, health, good relations, new job, and anything else your mind desires, and it will respond to your wishes. The Universe is neutral to your material status within the worlds of form. How successful you are as a human being—measured by the system of men—is not the concern of the Universe, it is the concern of the socially trained mind and ego.
Student: But there are practical implications of this partnership with the Universe aren’t there?
Teacher: If your highest aspirations from the deepest part of you are being supported by the Universe, you are more likely to succeed in your material quest for prosperity and right relations—for the two are related, are they not?
Student: Yes.
Teacher: However, those of power devise the system within the worlds of form, and it is this power that dictates the definition of prosperity. The Universe is not involved in these matters, it is humans in power who define such things, and the Universe is not aligned to these definitions.
Student: So the two paths are not compatible?
Teacher: What two paths are you referring to?
Student: The petitions of human prosperity and practical survival, and the aspirations of my highest self.
Teacher: There is no inherent incompatibility. It is simply a matter of where you place your focus and how you define prosperity, right relations, success, and so forth. If you try to direct the Universe toward the field of human prosperity and material concerns, do so with the understanding that the Universe is indifferent about these concerns, and you are really petitioning the Genetic Mind, not the Universe. You may receive some support from the Genetic Mind and psychic influences therein, but generally it does not supplant the time-honored system of practice, persistence, creation, evolution, and patience.
Student: I think I understand your counsel. Thank you for your advice.
Teacher: You are most welcome.

Discourse 5 The Interface Zone

Discourse 5 The Interface Zone

Student: I was meditating this morning and found myself distracted by the sounds of my fellow students. Is there a technique to block these distractions so I can concentrate better on my meditation?
Teacher: What do you hope to accomplish with this improved concentration?
Student: I’ll perform my meditations with greater clarity, and this in turn will result in deeper insights.
Teacher: I see. Does any of this deeper insight include the perception that the outer world is not a distraction to the inner world, but rather a catalyst for learning?
Student: So you’re saying that I shouldn’t worry about distractions when I perform my meditations?
Teacher: Isn’t worry the source of your distraction?
Student: I suppose it is. But if these distractions—
Teacher: They are not distractions. They are phenomenon of the outer world—vibrations traveling in the ethers from sources you have no control over. That and nothing more.
Student: But these vibrations influence my mind and my ability to concentrate. Isn’t concentration a vital component of successful meditation?
Teacher: Again, what influences your mind are not external vibrations, but your reaction to them.
Student: So how do I change my reaction so I can be more successful in my meditations?
Teacher: Is this issue only relevant to your meditations?
Student: It’s during my mediations that I notice it the most.
Teacher: Do you notice the fear or stress that the external world brings you as well?
Student: Yes.
Teacher: Isn’t this fear akin to a distraction?
Student: I suppose.
Teacher: Yet without it, wouldn’t you have the tendency to lapse into complacency?
Student: I don’t think so.
Teacher: Fear, and all the so-called negative emotions, can represent distractions, but they are catalysts and instigators of action just as well. Are they not?
Student: I see your point, but these distractions and fears are leading me away from my spiritual studies and cause me to behave in a manner not consistent with a spiritual person.
Teacher: And how does a spiritual person behave?
Student: They are poised and benevolent. They are tranquil in the face of distractions and fears. They exude peace and exemplify compassion. They express divine love to all.
Teacher: You have adequately described a mythological saint, but you have not described a spiritual person. Even in total darkness, a spiritual person can discover light. They are truth seekers and they wear the countenance of a thousand different personalities. They are not truth tellers. They are not truth expressers. They are not saints. They are truth seekers.
Student: My definition is a little idealistic, I’ll admit to that, but why is this important to the discussion around fear and distractions?
Teacher: Isn’t your concern related to your view of what constitutes a spiritual person’s behavior and your perceived shortcomings relative to that image?
Student: You’re suggesting that all of this can be traced to this fundamental misperception?
Teacher: Yes. It is a significant part of what energizes your reaction to fear and distractions. It is a form of self-judgment that defines your response to the external world. As you cling to the image and behavior of what you believe defines a spiritual person, so do you adjudicate your comparative performance, and in this regard, you will dependably fall short.
Student: But if I’m frustrated as a result of my idealistic image of how I think I should behave, are you suggesting I only need to temper my expectations and my frustration will end?
Teacher: Why should your frustrations come to an end? For what purpose do you choose to experience contentment and calm? Did you incarnate into this world for the purpose of composure and regal repose?
Student: I’m only saying that I desire to demonstrate spiritual values—of which peace and contentment—
Teacher: Spiritual values are as much about turmoil and stress as they are about peace and contentment. Spiritual values are not monotonic nor are they benign.
Student: But you speak like spiritual values are undefined and encompass… anything.
Teacher: You started this dialogue with the opinion that you were frustrated with external noise that prevented your successful practice of meditation. I pointed out to you that the issue was not noise or distraction, but your narrow perception of what behavior constitutes spiritual conduct and what does not.
Student: Yes, and I agree, but still spiritual behavior is not about anger, hatred, and greed. You agree with this much don’t you?
Teacher: If you define too narrowly what actions and activities constitute spiritual behavior, you will become not only a judge of yourself, but all others as well. You unwittingly close down your Interface Zone.
Student: What is the Interface Zone?
Teacher: The Interface Zone is the aspect of your consciousness that interacts with the species with which you share a common biology. It is physically contained in your DNA, which acts as a node within a vast network that is ultimately connected to First Source.
Student: And what is this vast network?
Teacher: DNA is both a network within the individual body as well as a node within the species’ collective “body” or genetic mind. The human species is connected through this network, which is made possible through the DNA.
Student: So you’re saying that what happens inside me is transmitted to all other humans?
Teacher: The Interface Zone is like a computer on a network. You are not aware of the network unless you are interfacing with your computer. To access the network and retrieve and share information, you must be present at your computer. Similarly, the Interface Zone requires that you bring your attention to it in order to access this network that spans the entire species.
Student: You’re saying that I can communicate with everyone who is human?
Teacher: The Interface Zone is the originator of language—all languages. Language is encoded into this aspect of the DNA and it bubbles to the surface of human expression. This means that the human DNA brings language to the species and receives language from the species. It is a doorway that opens in both directions.
Student: Are you saying that I can communicate with my fellow species—at the level of DNA—through words?
Teacher: Yes.
Student: This is a little hard to believe.
Teacher: Isn’t this what mantras and affirmations do within your body? Don’t these words and frequencies alter you, even physiologically?
Student: Yes, I believe that based on my experience, but you’re saying that these same words communicate beyond my body into the species at large. This is a hard concept to understand let alone believe.
Teacher: It does not automatically communicate to the DNA network anymore than your thoughts are automatically communicated to the computer network. On the computer network you must convert your thoughts to words and enter them via a keyboard into your computer, and then select the path to send your thoughts to the network.
Student: I understand how this applies to the computer network, but how does this work on the DNA network?
Teacher: The Interface Zone is the equivalent of a computer node and it requires software and activation in order to access the network.
Student: And what is the software and how do I activate it?
Teacher: You desire to know this before you desire to understand why you would want to have access to the DNA network?
Student: My curiosity leapt ahead of my logic. Can you tell me why I would want to establish an Interface Zone?
Teacher: The Interface Zone is the meeting place of the physical and energetic levels. It is the transport of language between the two vibratory worlds. It is the gateway from the individual to the species. It is highly relevant in most biological species, but humans have sealed this gateway through the expression of their individuality and the pursuits of their ego.
Student: You’re speaking of group consciousness… like ants and bees?
Teacher: Yes, but there are countless species that have this capacity and exercise it.
Student: If humans have sealed this gateway, there must be a reason.
Teacher: It is the act of polluting the genetic mind that has kept this gateway sealed.
Student: Polluting the genetic mind?
Teacher: Thoughts are the only real form of pollution to the human species. Beyond purely instinctual expression, thoughts assemble language and language assembles behavior. This behavior can be destructive to the genetic mind of the species and can place severe limitations on its capacity to discern the soul from the soul carrier.
Student: So humans learn to identify with the soul carrier and not the soul?
Teacher: Yes.
Student: And who seals the gateway?
Teacher: Humans… subconsciously they know it is in their best interest to close this doorway in order to prevent irreversible damage to the genetic mind. Intuitively they know that a time will come when it will be reopened and the Interface Zone will once again be accessible to humanity.
Student: And how will it be unsealed?
Teacher: There are select individuals who will open this gateway for the purpose of transforming the genetic mind of the species. These individuals embody what is to come, relative to the human species. In a sense, they are time travelers who bring the future of human capacities to the present-day. They transmit the future vision first, and then the tools to activate others.
Student: I still don’t feel I understand the purpose of all this.
Teacher: It is largely through the activation of the DNA network that humankind will discover the Grand Portal because access to the genetic mind is essential to this discovery, as is the extra-sensory communication between those destined to assemble the discovery’s component parts and piece together the seven-fold puzzle.
Student: How does one gain access to the Interface Zone?
Teacher: Do you want to know how to access it before you understand the effect this access will have on you?
Student: Again my impatience gets the best of me. I am interested in understanding what this access will mean to me. Please explain.
Teacher: The Interface Zone is the access point to activating the group consciousness of humanity. If humanity can operate as a collective consciousness, while its members remain anchored in the fullness of their individuality, humanity will be able to rebalance the earth and operate as co-creators of a new earth with influence that would extend to galactic levels.
Student: How? How does this all happen?
Teacher: The Interface Zone is an important component of the Grand Portal discovery and it will become known as the connecting element of the human species that unifies its genetic mind, and in this unification, unleashes its power and capability to create solutions to the natural challenges of planetary life.
Student: How does this relate to an individual like me?
Teacher: In choosing to consciously access the Interface Zone, you tap into the genetic mind with greater clarity. This results in more vivid thought processes and enhanced intuition. It also improves extra-sensory perceptions that enable remote healing and remote communication.
Student: What about the communication into the genetic mind? You mentioned that the doorway opens in both directions.
Teacher: This is a far more sensitive disclosure and one that I will not make until you have advanced further in your training. I think we can begin with the receptive mode before we investigate the transmit mode.
Student: How do I move into the receptive mode?
Teacher: It is through natural language. As I said, the Interface Zone operates within the constructs of language since it contains all language archetypes.
Student: Then what words do I speak?
Teacher: First, language is not necessarily constructed of words. It can be visual and it can be musical as well, consisting of tempo, frequency, modulation, etc.
Student: Which is more effective?
Teacher: The most effective is to begin with a clear conceptual picture of the Interface Zone and how it can be activated to be more receptive as a carrier wave of the genetic mind.
Student: How do I do this?
Teacher: Remember how I said the DNA could spontaneously configure wormhole-like structures?
Student: Yes.
Teacher: These structures are extra-sensory, and do not conform to three-dimensional constructs of space-time. They rise and fall in their configurations in spontaneous reaction to a variety of stimuli.
Student: Like affirmations and mantras?
Teacher: Yes. They are like programming pods, in one sense, because the individual can reprogram their cellular DNA in such a way that it enhances their intuition or access to the genetic mind.
Student: How is this done precisely?
Teacher: The imagery of the wormhole structure, its impermanence and spontaneity, the manner in which this occurs outside of three-dimensional space-time structures, the way in which the energy exchange is reciprocal, the image of DNA as an inter-species network—all of these elements enhance your picture of the process.
Student: I have a conceptual picture of this, but it’s by no means clear.
Teacher: You cannot have a clear mental picture of something that operates outside of space-time structures. However, if you compare the picture you have now with the one you had ten minutes ago, it is infinitely more precise, wouldn’t you agree?
Student: I suppose, since I didn’t have any picture before.
Teacher: Exactly.
Student: This conceptual picture—vague as it is—is sufficient for me to begin?
Teacher: No. You need to picture it in your mind’s eye and contemplate the wondrous mechanics of this process. How the DNA is like tendrils of an enormously complex organism that energetically lives outside the human body, but also has three-dimensional counterparts that communicate, store, and process information that reside mostly in the intuitive structure of the body-heart-mind system.
Student: But is there some specific word or sound I need to make in order to activate or enhance my reception of the genetic mind?
Teacher: If you have a computer that is not connected to the network, what is required?
Student: A port, or connection.
Teacher: And software?
Student: Yes, an interface of some kind.
Teacher: And you need a password.
Student: Sometimes.
Teacher: And why is a password required in some instances?
Student: Because the information is confidential or only meant to be accessible to certain individuals.
Teacher: So you can have a computer, a connection, and a software interface, and if you want to get the information you might need a password.
What about the information that is available to everyone without a password. Is it useful?
Student: It could be.
Teacher: If everyone can get this information is it vital, potent, and catalytic?
Student: I suppose not.
Teacher: Why?
Student: Because it’s not protected.
Teacher: I see. So the most vital and potent information would be withheld from all people because it could not be protected from the unscrupulous individuals who would pervert and use this information improperly?
Student: Yes.
Teacher: Imagine that everyone within the human species, independent of age or social status, had a computer. Each person could access their computer, but only some had a connection to the network. Of these, some had a software interface. Of this group, a small percentage had developed content to place on this network, and of these, a very small fraction had created content that could be defined as inspiring to those who ventured onto the network.
Now, a higher authority—let’s call it God—inserts information onto this network, but protects it with a password. Who do you think God will provide the password to?
Student:The group that developed the inspiring content and have access to the network.
Teacher: There is truth to this analogy and there is a gentle deception as well. God is not interested in protecting the truth about the DNA network. Humans do this themselves.
All people have the “password” as surely as they each can breathe, but most believe they are in the group who lacks a computer connection to the network, so they don’t even try to access the network. The small fraction that knows of this network, believes it to be password protected.
Student: But if we have the password, we don’t use it?
Teacher: We don’t know how.
Student: Why?
Teacher: As I said before, humanity has forgotten this capability because it is more interested in the exploration of the individual ego than the formation and evolution of the group consciousness.
Student: Can you tell me what this password is?
Teacher: You must have the conceptual picture and you must hold the following affirmation clearly in your mind and heart:
I am forever connected to my brothers and sisters of all time and space. What is known by them I can know. What is found by them I can find. What is to come from them I can be. In all that I do may the mind of many hold sway over the mind of one.
Student: This is the password?
Teacher: It is an encoded affirmation. It activates the Interface Zone within you. It stimulates the connection between you and the genetic mind of humanity.
Student: But the password is something else?
Teacher: You are looking for the key to turn the lock when you haven’t yet found the door. Be patient. All matters of the spirit are a process of interchange between the world of the body-heart-mind system and the inner dimensions of the soul.
The Interface Zone is the connecting bridge between you and the species. What you desire is to connect, not isolate. To step forward into the group consciousness, not judge its imperfection. To offer your talents to this consolidated being, not the God of your image.
The password is only a metaphor for accepting this basic attitude and allowing it authority in your heart of hearts and mind of minds. This attitude must hold primacy in your being.
Student: But doesn’t it already?
Teacher: By the very nature of your first statements in this dialogue, it does not.
Student: Why? What did I say that makes this so evident?
Teacher: You looked upon your fellow students as distractions to your study. Do you not remember?
Student: I see your point.
Teacher: The password is not a magic word or mantra or affirmation. It is the construction, over time, of an attitude that becomes intrinsic to your character. When you can cite the affirmation I gave you and know in your heart and mind that you have truly lived this for a period of months, perhaps years, you will have the transparent access to the genetic mind that you seek.
Student: Thank you for your insight. I understand what I came to learn this day. I have only one remaining question.
Teacher: What is your question?
Student: The affirmation says that whatever I do may the mind of many hold sway over the mind of one. Isn’t the mind of one a metaphor for First Source? And if this is the case, why should I place my trust upon the genetic mind instead of the ultimate Creator of all life?
Teacher: The mind of one is you. First Source is neither the mind of one nor the mind of many. It is the Mind of All… to the degree that First Source can be referred to as a mind.
Student: So the mind of many is a metaphor for the genetic mind of humanity?
Teacher: Yes. It is an ancient term that is encoded. Your DNA actually “hears” this affirmation, and the “wormholes” of connection spontaneously form as a result.
First Source and those concerned about the evolutionary path of humanity are encoding an aspect of the genetic mind to be a tool useful in the discovery of the Grand Portal. This particular affirmation is useful in accessing this specific part of the genetic mind. It is not resonant with all aspects of the genetic mind.
Student: I understand. Thank you.
Teacher: You are most welcome.

Discourse 6 Techniques of the Intuitive Intelligence

Discourse 6 Techniques of the Intuitive Intelligence

Student: How does one discern their inner voice from the voice that has been learned from this world?
Teacher: The voice of this world can be traced to the ego-personality, while your original voice whispers and nudges from the depths of your heart.
Student: But the voice of my heart is not necessarily formed of words, but rather feelings. And these feelings are subtle and constantly changing. Hope can turn to despair, or love to hate in a mere flash of time.
Teacher: Like the universe, the heart is multi-leveled. The heart of which I speak is adept at expressing intuitive intelligence in the spirit of compassion and understanding. When you hear a voice within that strikes this balance, you have found your inner voice.
Student: Does everyone have this inner voice and the ability to express it?
Teacher: No.
Student: Why is this limitation bestowed on human nature?
Teacher: It is simply an outgrowth of the imperfections of the human instrument colliding with the imperfections of the three-dimensional environment.
Student: And these imperfections subdue the heart’s expression and diminish its voice?
Teacher: No more than the clouds control the sun and lessen its warmth.
Student: So the inner voice continues to express itself even though the imperfections make its voice inaudible?
Teacher: Yes.
Student: Using your analogy, how does one eliminate the clouds?
Teacher: You can’t eliminate imperfections, but you can achieve supremacy over them for periods of time. Imagine if the sky were always shrouded in clouds. The telescope would not exist, would it?

Student: I suppose not.
Teacher: Suppose that the clouds would disappear, but for only one day each year, and it was only on this day that you could see the vastness of the universe. Do you suppose the telescope would be invented?
Student: Perhaps…
Teacher: The answer is, yes. The moment the human spirit understands the depths and heights of its universe, the will to apprehend it—to study it—is engaged.
Student: But how does this relate to the heart’s inner voice?
Teacher: The imperfections of the human instrument and the three-dimensional world are like clouds that obscure the depths of the heart. If you can see beyond these clouds, if only for a short time, you will try to access and understand your inner voice and express it fully in your life despite the imperfections.
Student: Again, using your analogy, what is the “telescope” as it relates to the heart’s deepest expression?
Teacher: They are the techniques of the intuitive intelligence.
Student: Can you explain them to me?
Teacher: There is a component of the human instrument known poetically as the Heart’s Scribe. Your emotional history—every nuance—is recorded and inscribed within the circuits of your heart. This, in large measure, is the source of the “clouds” we spoke of earlier.
Student: And they need to be cleared. How do I do that?
Teacher: First and foremost, it is vital to understand the heart. The heart is so much more than a physical muscle pumping blood. This is only the surface manifestation of nothing less than the source of your intuitive intelligence. The energetic heart is the source template of the physical heart.
Student: The source template?
Teacher: As the physical heart distributes life-giving oxygen to the body, so does the energetic heart distribute intuitive intelligence to the mind. The energetic heart is the source template for the formation of the physical heart, and more than this, it is the point of connection to the highest form of consciousness from which your inner voice arises.
Student: My physical heart is based on an energetic heart, and this energetic heart is what I want to have access to?
Teacher: Think of it this way. The heart is dimensional and multi-faceted. It expresses emotional currents; regulates physiological functions; activates certain brain chemistry; communicates throughout the body and mind; receives precognitive impressions from your future environments; and connects you to all other states of being.
The heart is also the gateway to the compassion frequency of love—the purest force of the multiverse.
Student: I’ve never heard of this before. What do you mean by the compassion frequency of love?
Teacher: Love, like all things dimensional, can be separated into a spectrum of frequencies—each frequency a part of the wholeness, but each possessing a different intelligence.
Student: Intelligence?
Teacher: Are all forms of love the same?
Student: Of course not.
Teacher: Love imbued with compassion and understanding is different from love that is stubborn and selfish, is it not?
Student: Yes… but I don’t think of it as a difference in intelligence in the love itself, but rather the person expressing it.
Teacher: That is because you don’t understand that emotions have an embedded intelligence based on their frequency and how the frequency resonates with the higher circuits of the multiverse.
Student: I don’t understand.
Teacher: Think of the multiverse as eleven holographic spheres of consciousness, each interpenetrating the one that is more inward. Only the outer sphere contains all spheres, and this is the consciousness of First Source, while the innermost sphere is the consciousness of inanimate objects like a stone or seashell.
Love is separated into frequencies that resonate in harmony with each of these “spheres” or domains of consciousness. Similarly, the heart itself consists of different layers of consciousness, and each “layer” has an intelligence of perception and expression. This intelligence is linked to the brain and higher mind, so that the human instrument is capable of expressing from any dominant frequency or sphere of the multiverse.
Student: Including the level of First Source?
Teacher: Yes.
Student: So the heart is the multiverse inside each of us?
Teacher: It is the gateway to the multiverse because of its ability to decode emotional frequencies from the highest levels of the multiverse and express them into three-dimensional environments through a human instrument.
Student: I thought the brain was the supreme organ of the human instrument. The crown chakra, the third eye… aren’t these associated with the brain and the higher mind? Aren’t these more closely connected with the First Source vibration than the heart?
Teacher: The heart operates at the highest frequency within the human instrument. Emotions are even faster than the speed of thought. They operate outside of time/space when they are in resonance with the higher circuits of the multiverse.
Student: If the heart operates at the highest frequency, then emotions are more certain to be the catalysts that awaken us to our true selves?
Teacher: Yes, this is why the most profound spiritual experiences are woven from the textures of the heart’s emotions rather than the thoughts of the mind.
Student: Okay, so how does this all relate to clearing the emotional debris that’s been inscribed upon my heart?
Teacher: It is not the heart itself that it has been inscribed upon. The emotional debris is passed from the heart to the brain and the neural network that surrounds it. Thus the clearing takes the same route and is a process, not an event.
It begins with the compassion frequency of the emotion called forgiveness. This frequency can be evoked within your heart through this command:
As the light of my heart brightens, so does my capacity to forgive. As forgiveness flows into my heart it moves upwards, filling my entire head with the most delicate and refined light imaginable, and from this light, a compassion for my past settles in, and all that has occurred is rewritten in this light.
While this invocation is being said, you can listen carefully to the words and allow them to form visual pictures in your heart.
Student: That’s interesting. I’ve always been taught to form pictures in my mind, but never in my heart.
Teacher: Visualization is not confined to a specific position in the body or head. It can be placed anywhere by projection. Simply project the pictures to the area in the center of your chest. The one who views the projection can be outside of your body watching from a distance of a few meters.
Student: Who is watching outside my body?
Teacher: You are.
Student: Is this one of the techniques you referred to as techniques of the intuitive intelligence?
Teacher: Yes, but this technique has additional facets to it. When you have completed this first step, three remain.
Student: What are they?
Teacher: The second step is to allow this light to settle in. It requires that you perceive the light as a very, very refined mist of yellow-gold, suspended, yet moving at a level beneath perception. It is important to sense that this movement of the light inside your head possesses intelligence—capable of rewiring, rewriting, adapting your emotional history.
Student: And by performing this technique I can begin to clear the “clouds” of my emotional history?
Teacher: Yes, but visualization and imagination are vital elements of this process. Again, I want to stress that this is a process that requires a consistent practice for a period of time—typically thirty days or more.
Student: Why are visualization and imagination so important to this process?
Teacher: They engage the heart’s core intelligence and the brain’s receptivity is the result.
Student: You’re saying that the brain interprets the heart’s signals based on their… clarity?
Teacher: The higher brain is designed to “read” the heart’s signals based on how well defined they are in terms of their visual energy and emotional authenticity.
Student: Visual energy?
Teacher: Whatever images are projected upon the heart region, they are energized. To the degree you can visualize the image clearly, project it to your heart area and imbue it with your heart’s core emotions, you will send a more potent signal to your higher brain. It is this potency that the higher brain responds to.
Student: In what way?
Teacher: In the context of this dialogue, it facilitates the course of action to rewrite your emotional history in the frequency of compassion and understanding.
Student: So the heart and brain are partners, but ultimately the brain decides whether to act on the signal… or the directives from the heart?
Teacher: Just as the physical heart has an energetic or quantum counterpart, so does the brain. These two organs and their peripheral systems—at both the physical and quantum levels—are completely integrated, in a manner which science is only now beginning to understand.
It is not that the heart transmits an order to the brain, and the brain, detecting the potency of the directive elects to act on it or not. The heart and brain are a unified system that cycles and recycles energy, information, and intelligence within the human instrument. This system operates with greater effectiveness, in terms of expressing its innate intelligence in three-dimensional environments, when it is entrained to the core heart energy of compassion and understanding.
Student: You speak about compassion and understanding, but isn’t unconditional love the core heart frequency?
Teacher: I choose to refer to these core frequencies in terms that are not so misunderstood, as is the term unconditional love.
Student: You also mentioned emotional authenticity was a key element in how the brain responds to this technique. Can you expand on this?
Teacher: When you see a piece of cloth from a distance of twenty meters, what distinguishes it?
Student: Its color.
Teacher: And when you are able to hold this same cloth and examine it closely, what then?
Student: I suppose texture becomes more important… how it feels.
Teacher: And the subtly of the design?
Student: Yes, I suppose at twenty meters one would not be able to see any subtle designs that had been woven into the fabric.
Teacher: Emotions are imbued with texture and subtlety. The higher brain system is designed to scan the emotional data incoming from the heart system and determine if the textures and subtleties of the data are derived from the core heart frequencies or are derivatives of the three dimensional environment and/or emotional history.
Student: The higher brain makes this determination? How does it know?
Teacher: Have you noticed my use of the word “Designed”?
Student: Yes, but I’m not sure I interpreted it the way you meant it.
Teacher: The heart and brain systems were designed to enable those who were able to apply their imaginations from the core heart frequencies to access the higher frequency, higher intelligence of the genetic mind. This access made them the prophets and philosophers of humanity—the wisdom-bearers that elevated all of humanity.
Student: So only those who had this knowledge would be able to access this higher state?
Teacher: No. Everyone is able to.
Student: Everyone?
Teacher: Should anyone be excluded?
Student: What about those who knowingly practice evil?
Teacher: A lifetime of four thousand weeks to explore and understand the infinite cosmos is the explanation of evil.
Student: I don’t understand?
Teacher: We are good, spiritual beings, not by the expression of our behaviors, but by our intrinsic nature—our origin. We are each allowed access to this higher knowledge not by how we act, but by simply being what we are.
Student: Okay, I think I understand, and on some level, I’m relieved to hear this. However, all my life I’ve lived with the conviction that divinity is something earned. Those who were weak and easily led astray by the dark forces were not allowed access to the techniques that would empower their greed, hate or evil tendencies. What you’re now telling me is that the techniques of the intuitive intelligence are available to any and all.
Teacher: They are. This conviction you speak of is an artifact of the mystery schools and the esoteric practices that use techniques of liberation as rewards of loyalty.
Student: But won’t some people abuse these techniques, using them for selfish or even evil purposes?
Teacher: I just explained that the heart and brain are an integrated system designed to activate, access, and express the higher frequencies of compassion and understanding, and that the brain serves the role of assessing the emotional authenticity of the heart. This skill, intelligence, insight, whatever you choose to call it, is absolute and inborn within all higher life forms. No one can utilize the techniques of the intuitive intelligence if their heart is passing data to their brain that is derivative of emotional distortions common to three-dimensional environments.
Student: I still don’t understand how the brain knows how to do this, but let’s move on.
Can we review the technique you started to explain?
Teacher: There are four steps to this particular technique. Its purpose is to help the practitioner recast their emotional history into the compassion frequency, and by so doing, gain a deeper access and more fluent, on-demand expression, of their inner voice, or intuitive intelligence.
Student: Does this technique have a name?
Teacher: Only if you give it one.
Student: And you’ve disclosed only two of the four steps thus far?
Teacher: Yes, the first two we have covered: the invocation and imagination steps. The third step is to release.
Student: How is this accomplished?
Teacher: When you fine-tune your imagination and you see the refined light frequency within your head area and you allow this—in a sense—to take up residency, you must adopt the inner attitude of surrender and release.
Student: To what?
Teacher: To the results of the technique. To the fact that the emotional history that you have stored in your neural and quantum network called the human instrument, may undergo change or modification.
Student: But if I’m practicing the technique haven’t I already surrendered to the results? I mean, why would I be practicing it if I weren’t sincere?
Teacher: Your desire for the end benefit, in this case, a more profound connection to your intuitive intelligence, can overshadow your willingness to see the wisdom in the process and delay gratification for the thing you desire.
Student: You mean that I may become impatient?
Teacher: It is more likely that you will be less inclined to allow the first two steps in this process to unfold organically—in their own time—for the purpose of recasting your emotional history. This is why this third step is designed into the process.
Student: How do I perform this release as you call it? Is there a specific technique?
Teacher: It is simple, and yet difficult at the same time. To release is to trust. To trust is to believe in the intelligence of both your innermost self, as well as the origin from which it arises. This is the simple part. The difficult part is to understand that the judgment of the ego-personality is impaired, and in some measure antithetical to the intuitive intelligence.
This stage of the technique is to release judgment of your progress within the bounds of the process.
Student: How do you mean this? I’m not sure I understand.
Teacher: If by clearing the clouds of your emotional history you improve access to your intuitive intelligence, or inner voice, the ego will search for evidence of your progress in order to satisfy its innate hunger for achievement.
The ego is not something to be banished, ignored or faulted for this attitude, but rather it is to be refined.
Student: Is this part of the release technique?
Teacher: Yes.
Student: How?
Teacher: Release is a psychological imperative when an individual aspires to access and express their intuitive intelligence. Your ego is adept at operating within the lower, outer forces, in much the same way as your heart is adept at operating within the higher, inner forces.
As you seek to align to these inner forces, your ego will perceive the effort and the process therein as a trivial distraction to the real world problems that press upon you. The instinctual response of the ego-personality, in this case, is to perceive the focus on your core heart frequencies as misdirected.
Student: Why?
Teacher: Because the ego resides within the lower mind and its attachment to the physical body is mainly through the eye-brain’s perception of its dominant reality—the three-dimensional world. To the pure ego, the heart is simply a bothersome appendage of the physical body that displays weakness.
Student: Okay, I think I understand the reason that release is the third step, but how do I specifically perform this step in the process?
Teacher: Breathing through your heart region is the method to intermix the desires of the ego with the capacities of the heart, and this is the method of release.
Student: How do I do this?
Teacher: After you have completed the first two steps, center your attention on your breathing. Imagine that your in-breath brings the desires of your ego into an interior chamber of your quantum heart. Then, imagine this desire for achievement—in the form of an in-breath—is suspended within this interior chamber by holding your breath. As you do so, your breath is intermixing with the inflow of compassion that arises from your quantum, or energetic heart. Now, expel this newly energized breath back through your heart area, and each time, as you exhale, repeat the phrase: “Leave it in the mystery to shine of its own light.” Do this six to eight times.
Student: That’s all?
Teacher: Yes.
Student: I was expecting the release part to be more complicated and difficult.
Teacher: The difficult part is when you lack the technique for release or you practice the technique without emotional authenticity and visual energy.
Student: What is the fourth and final step of this process?
Teacher: It is sometimes referred to as light distribution, though I prefer to think of it as light connection.
Student: How does it work?
Teacher: Just as the physical heart distributes oxygen via the blood to the periphery of the physical body, the quantum heart distributes light via visual energy and emotional authenticity to the borders of the human instrument. The light distribution technique is to imagine light circulating—unimpeded—throughout the expansive you.
Student: I’m not sure what that means.
Teacher: The human instrument consists of the physical body, emotional system, and the facets of the mind. The grid that interconnects these elements and causes them to operate efficiently as a system is similar to the veins and arteries of the physical body. This grid conveys light that in turn unifies a quantum field and allows it to operate independently of the multiverse. We sometimes refer to this individuated grid as the expansive you.
Student: So I am this loose confederation of light particles that somehow manages to coalesce into a body and mind, and to this I need to visualize light being distributed without blockages or interruptions. Is this the idea?
Teacher: You simply need to place your attention on the reality of what you are. It only takes a few moments, but it is critical that you practice this technique frequently and in a specific manner.
Student: How frequently?
Teacher: That is up to you, but you cannot do it too much.
Student: Why do I even need to be conscious of this? It seems that the light flows just fine without my direction.
Teacher: It does, but you are not directing it, you are accessing it, touching into this holographic gridwork of light that is the fundamental structure of your existence in the three-dimensional environment.
Student: Maybe you should just explain the technique, and I’ll stop asking questions.
Teacher: If you could concentrate this grid of light—make it brighter, more intense; what do you think the result would be?
Student: More energy?
Teacher: No. It can actually have the opposite effect in the sense that the body is fatigued and weakened.
Student: So distributing light is not about concentrating it?
Teacher: No. It’s balancing the light quotient within the human instrument and ensuring it is coherent, rhythmic, and free flowing.
Student: It sounds like you’re describing the physical heart again.
Teacher: This is the natural state of the heart and the entire human instrument, but in the day-to-day interactions with the three-dimensional environment, the human instrument can lose this balance and slip into an incoherent, arrhythmic, and entangled state of existence.
The heart perceives this state and, without knowledge of the proper techniques, responds in kind, fueling the mental dysfunction and physiological inefficiency with its energy.
Student: More “cloud” cover?
Teacher: Precisely. This is why this step in the process is important because it helps the heart synchronize its energy with the deeper, sub-quantum structures upon which you depend.
Student: What do I do?
Teacher: Can you visualize your heart beating in your chest distributing oxygen to your body and brain system?
Student: Yes.
Teacher: Imagine this same function is occurring in your quantum, or energetic heart, and that instead of veins and arteries, there are filaments of light that diverge from your quantum heart and connect you to a broader grid. This grid is the source of your existence as a physical being.
Now, you can think of these filaments as both roots and wings. Roots in the sense that they anchor and ground your existence; and wings in the sense that they provide uplift and expansion to your life.
Throughout the day, simply feel the energy structure that surrounds you. When you do this, imagine that your heart is “plugging in” or connecting to this structure, even if you cannot visualize it, feel its presence like a primordial soil of life-giving energy. Feel this connection as a rhythmic pulsing of light, flowing from the grid into your heart system and then flowing out from your heart to the rest of your body.
Student: I felt this just listening to you.
Teacher: That is the technique for the fourth and final step.
Student: Should this fourth step be performed in concert with the other three techniques?
Teacher: It is not necessary to perform this when you act upon the other three steps. This fourth technique can be performed throughout the day and only takes a matter of seconds. It can be performed twenty times each day for the rest of your life. It is a technique to rebalance and replenish your core heart frequencies and to ensure they are being distributed throughout the human instrument. It activates the inner currents.
Student: What are those?
Teacher: When a river loses its current what happens?
Student: It slows down and becomes stagnant.
Teacher: Clarity and tempo are related, are they not?
Student: I think this is true as it relates to rivers, but I assume you’re talking about the human system as well.
Teacher: Correct.
Student: So the techniques of the intuitive intelligence are really multi-faceted in what they bring to the individual?
Teacher: If you can access your intuitive intelligence, in a sense, increase the bandwidth of your connection to the light energy grid that supports you, a single word can catapult you into understanding, when before a hundred books left you in ignorance.
Intuitive intelligence is the potency of the quantum heart trickling into the three dimensional world. It is the key to the knowledge that matters. For this knowledge changes everything in the dimensions of the past, present and future.
Student: I will faithfully practice it. Thank you for sharing this with me.
Teacher: It is my honor.

Conscious Media Interview


“The pivot of true power exists in the expression of behavioral intelligence flowing from the heart and supported by the mind.”


Note: The following Introduction is written by John Berges, and is included in the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. II.

In November 2009, James gave a text interview to the Conscious Media Network (CMN), a website devoted to video, audio, and text interviews with various authors, teachers, and researchers of non-traditional healing, psychology, and science. Interviews also include a diverse assortment of metaphysical and spiritual topics.

More than half of the interview with James pertains to the Masons and the Illuminati. This focus by the interviewer was largely driven by the release of Dan Brown’s book, The Lost Symbol. Part of the concern of these questions involves the fact that quite a number of America’s founders were, in fact, Freemasons, and that Brown’s book therefore might lead to the disclosure of the higher knowledge that many people suspect is in the possession of the Masons and other similar groups.

The remaining questions are mainly about the Sovereign Integral and the Grand Portal. Altogether, this interview is very informative as James goes into more detail about the Masons and the ill-defined Illuminati. The latter group is probably best identified as the Incunabula in the context of James’ body of writings, although he does not employ the name directly in this interview. More importantly, he reveals more details about the Grand Portal.

Interestingly, the Incunabula and the Grand Portal are two divergent poles that represent the field of conflict between the status quo of the hidden Elite and the forces of change that are bringing about the Era of Transparency and Expansion (see Project Camelot Interview). The former is symbolized by the lower materialistic mind, and the latter symbolizes the emergence of the Sovereign Integral consciousness driven by First Source. Hence, at their cores, these two opposites relate respectively to the ego-personality and the Sovereign Integral. James’ answers in this interview bring these differences into sharp resolution and we will place our attention on this dichotomy.

This interview sets a much different tone than the Project Camelot Interview (PCI) of the year before. First, this interview, although much shorter in length, provides deeper insights into the nature of the Incunabula Elite, but James does not link them with Anu and the Anunnaki Sovereign Integral suppression system as in the PCI. Instead, he identifies the Incunabula as the Animus, who play a prominent role in the WingMakers’ mythology.

Second, James’ selection of the word “soul” in this interview as opposed to his use of the term “Sovereign Integral” in the PCI may be due to the broader audience of CMN. (For example, in this interview James only mentions the Sovereign Integral one time, but he refers to the soul sixteen times. In the PCI interview he refers to the soul thirty-three times and to the Sovereign Integral 124 times.)

As just mentioned, the CMN audience is more general in its interests compared to the Project Camelot audience, which is very much focused on conspiracy theories. Because of this difference, in the CMN interview, James addresses the questions with less blunt language without sacrificing important details.

He opens the interview with a preliminary response to the nature of the questions, which as already mentioned, focus on the Elite. Our habits of judging others in general, and the Incunabula in particular (Masons, Illuminati, etc.), are addressed as follows:


If any of my answers appear biased or judgmental, I assure you they are merely caught up in the murkiness of words, and don’t reflect either personal bias or a judgment in polarity. I begin with the simple belief that all humans on this planet put forth their best efforts, however, despite their best intentions, they do fall prey to energies that are less than good expressions of their higher natures.


This opening statement thus defines the platform upon which he bases his answers. This attitude of understanding is evident in the fourth Neruda interview. There Dr. Neruda describes many employees of banks, investment companies, corporations, media companies, etc. who may be totally unaware that they are instruments of the manipulation and abuse of power orchestrated by the Incunabula.

These middle to upper level managers and CEOs are mostly described as people with families and loved ones they seek to protect and nurture just like billions of other people around the world. Now this does not preclude the presence of individuals devoted to power and control over the masses, who stand in the shadows and pull the strings of manipulation.

This is the reason why the Incunabula is so insidious—its machinations are powered by thousands of individuals who do not grasp the underlying complexities of the machinery that keeps humanity imprisoned in the suppression system created by Anu millions of years ago. Without the knowledge of any hidden global agenda, these individuals are simply carrying out the actions that ensure the survival and growth of their institutions.

Consequently, the hopes and fears of the human species are manipulated 24/7 by a hidden Elite, who employ millions of well-meaning people to keep the machine of power in good operating condition, without them realizing the larger purpose of their unknown supervisors.


The Mind and the Heart—The mind has been held in higher esteem by virtually all of the religious, spiritual, and scientific elite, and this is because the heart is perceived as soft, feminine, weak, and utterly reactive.


As briefly discussed earlier, this century is going to be dominated by a conflict between the materialistic forces of the ego-personality mind, and the spiritual forces of the Sovereign Integral heart. The former dominates our global civilization and the latter has been relegated to an inferior role by the combined forces of materialistic science, technology, and commercial interests. However, as many of you are probably aware, the heart and Sovereign Integral side of this dichotomy is in its ascendancy within the consciousness of many individuals around the world. This is a clear sign of a shift in consciousness.

At the beginning of the interview, James is quick to point out that the supposed “higher knowledge” possessed by the Masons and other secret societies will not lead humanity out of its present global crisis. On the contrary, the intelligence of the heart and the expression of the six virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor are the keys for neutralizing the negative emotions that keep humanity in fear—remembering that fear is a powerful tool used by the Elite. It’s not about gaining possession of secret higher knowledge, but about expressing the heart’s virtues, which only requires a minimal amount of knowledge that anyone can apply to negative emotions. In this view, the heart and its virtues set the stage and define the psychological environment that the ego-personality mind then inhabits and operates within.

It is also important to point out that there is a distinct difference between the more common emotions exhibited by the sentimental heart of the ego, and the higher emotions of the Sovereign Integral radiating through the spiritual heart.


The heart possesses an uncommon intelligence, resilience, and ability to flow and adapt. I’m not talking about the sentimental heart; the heart that is spoken of in our culture as being sensitive, sentimental, sympathetic, caring, and needful. The heart of empowerment is the point of consciousness within the individual where the vibration of equality is lit by the Creator—it is the original awareness. It is the place where the interface between individuality and Oneness occurs.

The heart of enlightenment is perfectly sober and clear-eyed. It is empowered, and it is capable of unending compassion and love. It cannot be depleted unless the individual turns it off. The sentimental heart, the heart of indulgence and over-caring is unrelated to the heart of empowerment, and it is critical to make this distinction.


The sentimental heart and the Sovereign Integral heart have their counterparts in the mind. The mind is differentiated as the lower mind of the personal ego and the higher mind of the Sovereign Integral. The former reflects the beliefs of the ego-personality born out of the Human Mind System of Anu, while the latter reflects the consciousness of the Sovereign Integral. The lower mind is the material mind and the higher mind is the spiritual mind. At the end of this interview, James refers to the higher mind as a key component of the Sovereign Integral’s expression in the physical world.

He compares the heart-mind system to a metaphorical journey. At this stage of our journey on earth, the heart is the most useful tool we can use for the critical passage through which we are now traversing. Once the practice of the heart is firmly established by a large segment of humanity, the higher mind can then be utilized for the next stage of our journey.


One final admission; I realize that someone could read my answers and feel that I have disregarded the mind as a second-rate organ to the heart. This is not the case. The mind is not a single entity, it has many different facets, some are subtle and highly spiritualized, and some are obsessively destructive or misguided (not unlike emotions). The higher, or spiritualized mind, if I may call it that, remains elusive at this time for humanity.

The higher mind will be the better tool later in the journey, but for now, the heart is what serves humanity best . . . .

There is no judgment that the heart is superior to the mind or vice versa. The truth is that they are “wired” in the same network of light, and one cannot invoke the heart wisdom without touching the higher mind . . . . It [the heart] is like an inductive force that attracts the vibration of equality to the planetary sphere. Once this vibration is ubiquitous and anchored on the planet, humanity can then employ its next tool on the journey, the higher mind.


Before we continue, another key factor in our quest for higher knowledge is that we don’t require an intermediary to provide us with this knowledge. No one has to place themselves under the guidance of priests, gurus or psychological systems in order to practice living from the heart and expressing the Sovereign Integral perspective of Oneness, Equality, and Truth—the heart practice is already within us waiting to be activated.

The Elite and the Animus—This partnership between humanity’s leadership (i.e., royal families) and the Animus was for mutual benefit. Royalty was given leadership not because the Gods (or Animus) favored them, but because it was understood that royalty would ensure the enslavement of humanity.

James paints a new perspective on the nature of the individuals who form the Elite. Originally they formed groups, secret organizations, and esoteric schools as alternatives to the influence of exoteric religions that depended on threats and faith to maintain control over their followers. James explains:


Historically, when the world’s three religions dominated the landscape of spirituality, these organizations (Freemasonry and the Illuminati) provided alternatives, or more esoteric augmentations, to what was being taught in churches, synagogues, and mosques around the world. These brighter renderings of the spiritual teachings resonated with those who were intellectually prepared to appreciate them.


So, these esoteric groups began with the best intentions and led those who entered their groups to deeper insights into spirituality. Problems arose in these groups over time, however, as their members became infected with a sense of elitism. As a result, over the years, these groups gradually became more interested in protecting their “higher” knowledge from the ignorant masses, the ordinary people, than in educating them to worldviews based on spiritual practices liberated from the priests who stood between the faithful and God.

Eventually, the elite of the elite withdrew into their own secret clique and created agendas of power, and this Elite group is termed the Incunabula by James. The ambitions of this super elite lead to the inculcation of “dark energies” in these individuals. Here the picture crosses the border into other dimensions from which the sources of these dark energies dwell. James explains this best:


[I]t is in the ambition frequency of a single individual that the dark energies can dull the heart’s wisdom and awaken the cunning of the darkened mind…

Any organization that wields significant power must deal with this reality… Power is the pivot of the dark energies, and they understand that leadership aspirations are the easiest to corrupt and bend to their subtle, but persistent vector into the darkened mind. This is the very nature of elitism.

These energies are not human-based, but rather are from a different dimensional realm. I won’t go into the subject here because it is a very complex topic, but suffice it to say that these energies are observing these organizations and the aspiring leaders therein, seeking influence from their dimension in the human one. They are not satisfied to allow human authority to reign unimpeded because they perceive the dimensional barriers as porous, unlike humanity.


Just as in James’ descriptions of the virtues as being conscious and intelligent, here James describes these dark energies as forms of consciousness that “understand” and “observe” in order to influence those who become infected with ambitions of power and control. As James remarks above, this is a complex topic, which he explains in the PCI as Anu and his Suppression System of the Sovereign Integral. In the CMN interview, James approaches this topic in the form of the Animus:


The Animus are the mythological expression of the interdimensional forces I am referring to in this answer… In the vernacular of the WingMakers, the Animus are those who felt they were demigods and did not want to don the human instrument, believing their creation (genetic suit, if you will) was superior. They saw humanity as weak and easily diverted from a path of illumination, but felt that this condition provided an opportunity to enslave humanity without humanity even being aware of this enslavement.

These forces, invisible to the human senses, were hidden in the veils of energy that surrounded us. The Animus operate in the paradigm that mental energy is superior to emotional energy… It is not so much that they continue to impress this view on our domain of consciousness; rather, it is that they did so many thousands of years ago and these paradigms became infused in our three-dimensional consciousness. You could think of it as an embedded artifact of the human genome, by which the five senses feed the mind and evolve survival skills. In the expression of these survival skills, humanity bifurcated into an elite class and a working class. The elite class contained encoded leaders, and these leaders developed systems of organization to magnify their influence.


This somewhat lengthy extract further clarifies the slippery slope that the original, well-intentioned esoteric groups and schools went down, some going back as far as ancient Egypt and Greece, and others that formed in Renaissance Europe.

James goes on to state that the Animus are no longer present on earth, but the power of their influence still remains in the form of the dark energies mentioned previously. These dark energies are based in a dimension beyond the physical plane, and their influence finds its outlet in those poisoned by ambition and power who incarnate as human beings in the physical world. In many cases, these individuals were past monarchs and leaders, as well as those who accumulated vast riches through their control over the mining of gold, silver, and gems. (See the fourth Neruda interview for details about the current operations of the Elite.)

There are many more details about this Animus/Elite partnership, but now let’s turn our attention to the other half of this dichotomy, the WingMakers.

The WingMakers, Lyricus, and the Grand Portal—While the dysfunction of ignorance is lifting like a fog to unveil a new light, it will be a process that will occur over the next seventy years. In the terminology of the WingMakers, this transformation is called the Grand Portal.

James describes the WingMakers in many places in his body of writings. Toward the end of this interview he adds additional remarks.


As I have said many times, the WingMakers are a time-shifted humanity operating on the other side of the Grand Portal, if you will. They incarnate as humans because they are human. They operate in this world with varying degrees of awareness as to their incarnational life and purpose, but the WingMakers, having been called a hundred different names by different cultures and historical periods, remain the architects of the passageway of humanity to the Grand Portal. That is their purpose. The Ouroboros, the symbol of the snake devouring its own tail, is the esoteric symbol of a species conditioning space-time fields to guide its earlier incarnations so it will evolve to know itself as One.


This passage contains information of which we may already be aware; information that is easy to grasp, but perhaps the most difficult concept to understand relates to time. As James states, the WingMakers, including himself, are shifted in time. This implies that they are from the future, and even stranger, that they are us from the future. This concept is far too complicated to investigate here. It can, however, yield deep insights by taking the time (excuse the pun) to contemplate its meaning and implications. This next quotation gives further food for thought:


As the species operates from soul consciousness, what the WingMakers call the Sovereign Integral, they are able to condition space-time so they can assist the earlier stages of humanity. It is somewhat analogous to an adult who is able to move backwards in space-time, and whisper ideas or insights from their adult perspective into the mind and heart of their body when it was only a child. The child part of them would think of these thoughts and ideas as original, as their very own, which, in a way, they are, though they originate from their future self.


In an indirect way, this extract connects the WingMakers to the discovery of the Grand Portal because this is the primary reason why the WingMakers are shifting back in time to offer us their guidance. The WingMakers themselves are not discussed very much in this interview, and the Lyricus Teaching Order is referred to even less (one time), but this is a good place to reiterate that the vast majority of Lyricus teachers are WingMakers. In this regard, Lyricus appears to be an operational arm of the WingMakers that has the responsibility of guiding humanity to the Grand Portal.

Part of the Grand Portal discovery, besides that of the Sovereign Integral’s existence, is that our Sovereign Integrals comprise a “mosaic of One Being.” Some people may be leery of the One Being concept because it seems to mean that our individuality will be lost as we are absorbed into an amorphous and Borg-like hive existence (as characterized in Star Trek). On the contrary—


[t]his oneness does not mean that individuality will no longer exist, quite the opposite. Individuality is heightened in the One Being paradigm, it is simply aligned to a collective purpose, and this purpose is to explore and share the accumulated wisdom of the One Being through creation. It does not mean that humanity is a hive mentality as depicted in science fiction. The soul of One Being is a connected entity that operates as a unified body of coherent creation aligned to the higher frequencies that issue from the dimensions of non-time, non-space, and non-matter.


Further into the interview, the Grand Portal is described more clearly.


The Grand Portal is not present on earth at this time. It is a technology, a new science, and a spiritual practice that will enable the collective human instrument (humanity) to irrefutably prove the human soul as an immortal consciousness that expresses itself through a multi-faceted, incarnational life. This awareness is a fundamental pivot of humanity, and it will change every aspect of life for the human family and earth. The spiritual guides of humanity are truly time-shifted humans who have experienced this Grand Portal, and have, through the orchestration of time, returned to historical periods and assisted specific people and organizations to move their technology, science, and spiritual practices in the direction of the Grand Portal.


Summing up, the WingMakers of Lyricus are time-shifted when they incarnate as human beings, which they are. In a manner difficult for us to understand, they are reaching back into the past (our present) in order to guide us to the Grand Portal.

This discovery will completely alter our civilization in all aspects, from scientific theories to religious theologies, from medicine to psychology, and from the hierarchical structures of corporations to governments. In effect, we will enter into an entirely new phase of evolution as a species that will extend our early exploration of the earth to the multi-dimensional exploration of the cosmos.

James is then asked to describe the most important lesson we can learn in this transition over the next seventy years.

The Priorities of Practice—In Lyricus there is a phrase called Priorities of Practice. We use it to describe how an individual places their focus on the practices that matter, not in the sense of achievement, but in the sense of wielding the energy of the heart to the needs of the human family.

The practice of living from the heart and the six virtues equates to the vibration of equality, sometimes called the tone of equality. In simple terms, this means that all human beings are equal in Oneness, Equality, and Truth, despite the frailties and weaknesses we all possess. By holding this, the attitude of the Sovereign Integral in all our daily encounters, we are being asked to work from the Love and Light of the heart.

In this age of high technology and immense information access via the Internet, the priority of heart practice may seem like an effete and naïve activity, but this practice is the most compatible energy system relative to the energy of the dimensional shift. This is not a shift to more knowledge, even to the hidden, so-called higher knowledge of the Incunabula, but instead, it is a shift to spiritual Love.

As pointed out in this interview, the world doesn’t need more knowledge at this critical period of history, but rather it needs more love in the form of understanding, forgiveness, and compassion. The world needs attitudes and expressions of humility, appreciation, and the valor to defend individuals from the injustices and prejudices running rampant through society—producing violence and untold misery and suffering.


The polarity of species is fear inducing. This only serves the purpose of those who feed off fear, and there is an entire industry of fear on earth. But this industry has an expiration date, and while the discovery of the Grand Portal will extinguish it, this industry is already diminishing.


The key tool that you, the reader, can consider using is the practice of the six virtues. By making this practice a priority over the seeking and accumulation of arcane and esoteric knowledge you can align yourself to the incoming frequency of the shift in consciousness that is underway. Then you will join with others who are serving humanity and our planet in the Era of Transparency and Expansion.


The heart virtues are accessible and simple. Their potency is an order of magnitude greater than the mind’s energies. They are a connected force, and there is nothing new about them. They have been the constant in the soul’s incarnational life.





Conscious Media Interview of James Mahu


Conscious Media Network (CMN)Question 1: Dan Brown’s newest work, The Lost Symbol, is coming into the collective minds of tens of millions of people at a time when the United States (and planet) is about to undergo a great upheaval. Can you tell us about the spiritual implications of having the more secret and enlightened ideals of some of America’s forefathers revealed at this time to the population at large?


James’ Introduction
I’d like to begin this interview with a brief statement. If any of my answers appear biased or judgmental, I assure you they are merely caught up in the murkiness of words, and don’t reflect either personal bias or a judgment in polarity. I begin with the simple belief that all humans on this planet put forth their best efforts, however, they do, despite their best intentions, fall prey to energies that are less than good expressions of their higher natures. This reality requires a constant dose of compassion, understanding, and forgiveness in order to maintain equilibrium. There is but one antidote to judging another person: bless them. If we bless people instead of judging them, we operate more genuinely from our hearts, and untether ourselves from fear.


James - Answer 1: Much of the knowledge that is being processed for mass consumption, whether it comes through facilitated films, books, artworks, websites, or scientific discoveries, is centered on the older paradigms of the esoteric knowledge, and tends to be about the mental powers, which are presumed to be more essential and practical than the powers of the heart, or emotional field.

It is the tenet of these “secret and enlightened ideals” that the mind, if properly activated, using certain principles, technologies, or rituals, will invoke the higher knowledge, attracting it to the aspirant and filling them with the comprehension of how to be God. Conspicuously missing from this equation of Godhood is behavioral intelligence.

Indeed, behavioral intelligence is the equation, and its parts are clothed in words like Appreciation, Compassion, Humility, Forgiveness, Understanding, and Valor. The ancient knowledge, or perennial wisdom as it is sometimes called, is not a set of secrets to guard, but rather an expression of emotions that anyone can apply in their everyday life.

To be sure, this simplicity seems too easy intellectually, and too hard to practice behaviorally, or so it is believed. The pivot of true power exists in the expression of behavioral intelligence flowing from the heart and supported by the mind. And it is from this base, settled in the physical center, or heart of the individual, where one’s connection to the vibration of equality lives, and it is this vibration that powers all things referred to as God (and a hundred other names) by the ancient knowledge.

With that said, the “secrets” of America’s forefathers, if they do not include as their foundation, behavioral intelligence, are merely secrets of the mind, and they hold no particular power in the fields of vibration that really matter. They may assist the ambitions of people. They may attract success and glamour as determined by a culture of greed. However, as secrets go, they live in the sphere of the mind and have little resonance with the heart or even the pivot points of human ascension.

What is often referred to as “the Path to Enlightenment,” is an arcane mashup of rituals, ceremony, mantras, and other external trappings that predispose the practitioner to receive the higher knowledge of enlightenment. But the higher knowledge isn’t contained in knowledge; it’s contained in the expressions of the higher virtues of the heart, and in order to express these virtues independently of external conditions, it requires practice, vigilance, forgiveness, and a heart that is open, vulnerable, simple, and aware of itself as the true “seat of consciousness.”

This is the anti-knowledge, which is the release of the arcane, and the unlearning of the learned. It is the expression of the simple heart virtues, instead of the mind’s penchant for seeking out the minutia of the esoteric.

The mind is the outgrowth of the ego-personality, and in the cultural context of modern life, it is magnetically attracted to the states of glamour, success, popularity, and power. The mind—as ingrained by our three-dimensional world—is phenomenalistic, which is to say it needs to see the rule of cause and effect. In other words, the mind looks at life and thinks: if I do this, my actions lead to that. So the elite have found methods to obtain certain effects from certain causes, which lead to a sense of creation, a sense of power, a sense of sovereignty. This knowledge is presumed to be withheld from man by the elite, as if it is too dangerous in the hands of the common person who might not have control of their actions.

This is not to say that America’s forefathers were exclusively centered in the realm of the mind, but it was, and is, the dominant paradigm of the esoteric knowledge. The mind has been held in higher esteem by virtually all the religious, spiritual, and scientific elite, and this is because the heart is perceived as soft, feminine, weak, and utterly reactive. The development of this perception was all part of the cloaking or diminishment of humanity’s true empowerment (a subject unto itself).

The heart possesses an uncommon intelligence, resilience, and ability to flow and adapt. I’m not talking about the sentimental heart; the heart that is spoken of in our culture as being sensitive, sentimental, sympathetic, caring, and needful. The heart of empowerment is the point of consciousness within the individual where the vibration of equality is lit by the Creator—it is the original awareness. It is the place where the interface between individuality and Oneness occurs.

The heart of enlightenment is perfectly sober and clear-eyed. It is empowered, and it is capable of unending compassion and love. It cannot be depleted unless the individual turns it off. The sentimental heart, the heart of indulgence and over-caring is unrelated to the heart of empowerment, and it is critical to make this distinction.

There are those who say if you understand all of the conspiratorial factors in the world; if you have knowledge of the ancient mysteries; if you fathom the depths of physics and the heights of cosmology, then you are a person of superior knowledge, perhaps even a person who is self-realized. But if this realization is not earned by deeds of the virtuous heart, then the realization will be hollow and short-lived. This condition is what fuels the search for the esoteric, and why the mystery schools, mysticism, arcane knowledge, and similar paths evolve into organizations like the Freemasons. The search is never-ending because the stratification of knowledge is tantalizingly always out of reach, or protected from the profane.


CMNQuestion 2: Within this work of popular fiction also comes the unveiling of the more sophomoric traditions and rituals of the modern Freemasons (blood-soaked ceremonies and allegiances on oaths of death), which will inevitably create confusion among the readers, some of whom are also familiar with the dark side of the Freemason/Illuminati agendas. Can you please shed some light on the origin and true intention of the Illuminati and Freemasons as you see it?

JamesAnswer 2: The elite class, those gifted with special blueprints, intellectual capacities, technical skills or leadership abilities are not too concerned with the spiritual implications of their work, and this includes the forefathers of America and virtually every state in history. Those who found a country that is liberated from royal blood, generally become bound to an elite circle—in virtually every aspect of society, including the arts, education, commerce, government, technology, and media. The Freemasons saw the importance of cutting across the social circles and integrating a more egalitarian approach to their membership. This would provide them with outreach, a wider funnel, if you will, in which to attract the talent pool from which they would wield power and influence.

The Illuminati took a different approach. They saw the elite circles of man—those with a more egalitarian orientation—as “party rooms for the masses.” Their focus was wealth and ownership of natural resources, knowing that a far more exclusive “club” would be the result and that this club’s members could infiltrate other elite circles, hijacking their agendas to serve the Illuminati. As with any global organization, Illuminati members, just as with Freemasons, have a wide range of characteristics, agendas, personal motives, and passions, but there is greater homogeneity within the Illuminati when compared to the Freemasons.

I realize that the Freemasons have been credited with very ingenious encoding and decoding and that they’ve been credited with great feats of insight into the arcane works of the mystics of history. And some would posit that they have already discovered the greatest of all knowledge and secreted it away in their private vaults for fear it would be misused.

However, true wisdom never comes to an individual until they are ready. And when they are ready, is not in the hands of any human or organization to decide. When a person is ready, truth will find them. They don’t require a search party or a mantra or a guru or a mountaintop cave. True wisdom is in the heart, sober and unencumbered, and ever waiting, and there is no power on earth that can create a barrier between this true wisdom and the individual who is properly prepared.

The only question is what is the best preparation? Is it membership in a collective organization like the Freemasons or a church or a spiritual organization? Is it reading the ancient books of knowledge? Is it going off to sweat lodges and vision quests? For every person, it is the same answer: when you reach out with authentic surrender, and you listen to your heart’s empowerment by expressing the virtues of your heart, your preparations are in process, and everything else simply provides texture, balance, challenge, and context.

So, the Freemasons and Illuminati began with different areas of focus. I realize that I’m simplifying the roots of these organizations to a very elementary degree, but it is impossible to paint these organizations with one color. They are multi-dimensional in every aspect. The key point of similarity is that the elite enjoy one another’s company, and they see advantage in it relative to personal success and accumulation of power. They also see their agendas as more coherent and visionary than the average man or woman, and therefore, more important to manifest.

In the manifestation of these agendas, they build bonds and relationships. And that is the key reason these groups endure. Over time they morph according to the dictates of changing mores and memes, many of which they created. So, the leadership calibrates their organization based on the perceptual shifts of the changing times.

The “true intention” of these two organizations, as you put it, is impossible to define, and it’s for this reason: these organizations are not formed of one mind. They are composites of hundreds of minds, each with their own preparedness. Historically, when the world’s three religions dominated the landscape of spirituality, these organizations (Freemasonry and the Illuminati) provided alternatives, or more esoteric augmentations, to what was being taught in churches, synagogues, and mosques around the world. These brighter renderings of the spiritual teachings resonated with those who were intellectually prepared to appreciate them.

Thus, one of their intentions was to provide an alternative to the more dogmatic approach of the world’s dominant religions. They were a harbor for some of the more esoteric teaching that had been encoded within the Perennial Wisdom, or Ancient Knowledge, and they didn’t want religious intermediaries. It was a form of disintermediation, or spiritual bypass, between man and what was perceived as Truth, or Godhood. The religions on earth did not want the idea to circulate that humans could aspire to Godhood, despite the fact that their founders spoke of this reality to their followers.

One of the unfortunate realities of these organizations, as they evolve and become influential, is that they attract new energies (inter-dimensionally), and from these new energies, new directions arise. So, while you could say that the initial trajectory of these organizations was centered on the esoteric and ancient knowledge, they increasingly became infected with the lower energies of psychic and lower mind phenomena. Over time these energies created new obsessions within the leadership to further segment their organizations so the elite of the elite were able to conduct different agendas undetected.


CMNQuestion 3: It would appear to be obvious that there has been a corruption of these intentions through time, where money and control entered the traditions. What forces were, and are, at work within these secret organizations attempting to corrupt the higher ideals of many who wish to become more whole and awake beings? I believe you refer to them as the Animus, so please feel free to use this terminology for the sake of consistency.

JamesAnswer 3: I hinted at this corruption in my last answer. Intentions are easy to change as one gets closer to human power, the result of ambition, greed, and the love of glamour. Within the highest levels of the Freemasons and Illuminati are humans, replete with human faults and the excesses of ambition. While they may lack compassion for the average person, they still have all of the same issues, notwithstanding their wealth. They remain immersed in a reality of ignorance; they simply fight against the reign of ignorance with greater intellectual fervor than the ordinary person.

The ordinary person has always been the slave of disunity, survival, and ambition leaving little time to contemplate the path of enlightenment. The paths that were given him and her to achieve this enlightenment were diluted by the competing interests of religious leaders who were more interested in the retention of their followers than their liberation and self-sufficiency as students of the spiritual works.

Every organization has an energetic spectrum, and within this spectrum there are zones of resonance that are activated by its leadership to “pull” others into their organization. Rituals and ceremony are examples of this zone of resonance, so, too, are the activities of giving back to the community. All these zones of resonance are like magnetic fields that attract followers and grow the organization. When an organization is in its infancy, it is generally trying to define these zones of resonance and establish their power of magnetism, which energetically recruit members.

Most of these “zones” are adopted from other traditions or earlier systems of belief, and are modified. The archetypal patterns are simply remixed, and as these organizations find the zones of resonance that attract the membership profiles they desire, a certain percentage of the new members will reach for leadership, and they will say or do nearly anything to achieve this, because the seduction of these resonance zones can be undeniable. This is the beginning of the end because it is in the ambition frequency of a single individual that the dark energies can dull the heart’s wisdom and awaken the cunning of the darkened mind.

Any organization that wields significant power must deal with this reality. It doesn’t matter if it is political, military, religious, spiritual, industrial, educational, scientific, or artistic. Power is the pivot of the dark energies, and they understand that leadership aspirations are the easiest to corrupt and bend to their subtle, but persistent vector into the darkened mind. This is the very nature of elitism.

These energies are not human-based, but rather are from a different dimensional realm. I won’t go into the subject here because it is a very complex topic, but suffice it to say that these energies are observing these organizations and the aspiring leaders therein, seeking influence from their dimension in the human one. They are not satisfied to allow human authority to reign unimpeded because they perceive the dimensional barriers as porous, unlike humanity.

The Animus are the mythological expression of the inter-dimensional forces I am referring to in this answer. The Animus are the legendary, mythical race—often referred to in religious texts, as the fallen angels. In the vernacular of the WingMakers, the Animus are those who felt they were demigods and did not want to don the human instrument, believing their creation (genetic suit, if you will) was superior. They saw humanity as weak and easily diverted from a path of illumination, but felt that this condition provided an opportunity to enslave humanity without humanity even being aware of this enslavement.

These forces, invisible to the human senses, were in the veils of energy that surrounded us. The Animus operate in the paradigm that mental energy is superior to emotional energy. The mind produces technology, technology produces power, power produces supremacy over other life forms, and supremacy produces ease. Thus, mind produces ease. This is the very simple flow that the Animus use to structure their worldview and how they applied it to our world. It is not so much that they continue to impress this view on our domain of consciousness; rather, it is that they did so many thousands of years ago and these paradigms became infused in our three-dimensional consciousness.

You could think of it as an embedded artifact of the human genome, by which the five senses feed the mind and evolve survival skills. In the expression of these survival skills, humanity bifurcated into an elite class and a working class. The elite class contained encoded leaders, and these leaders developed systems of organization to magnify their influence. Bifurcation is just life cell division, it continues to bifurcate and multiply classes of influence. At the highest class of influence sat royalty and its inner court. Religion became another class of elitism, as did military organizations.

These classes of influence were the easy targets of the Animus thousands of years ago. They imprinted their caste systems on the broader world view of humanity, and they managed to rule the world through the manipulations of a handful of humans as a result. The Animus are no longer here on earth, but their systems of manipulation endure in the hands of ambitious leaders—all quite human—and all echoing the darkened mind of their Gods of ancient times who remain hidden in an entirely unearthly dimension of existence.

The Animus didn’t seek to corrupt the ways of enlightenment, instead, in a very deliberate way, they invented enlightenment, but with one important plot twist added. A human must have an intermediary between them and God. God was not within the heart, God was outside in the abstraction of Heaven. God was different than humanity. Knowledge was of the mind. The mind was the catalyst of all enlightenment and the seat of consciousness. The heart was a mechanical pump. The mind was the path to Godhood, provided the right intermediary was helping you.

The Animus invented humanity’s image of God. They didn’t want humanity to see God, or a higher intelligence, or creator as something that was the wholeness of humanity. That particular concept was skillfully suppressed, and anyone who would extol this concept was a heretic and eliminated from the social order.

Thus, the orders of religion, spirituality, esotericism, and even the mystical practices of the secret orders unknown to today’s scholars, all viewed God as something separate from humanity, and that humanity was created from this God Force. Humanity was a weak life form that conducted itself as a selfish animal hardly fit to receive the graces of its creator. As humanity evolved and its culture began to express this evolution, there remained one constant: God and Humanity are polar opposites, and yet by the grace of God, humankind remained connected to its “father,” or creator.

None of the so-called secret fraternities can be blamed for corrupting the path to enlightenment. They only embellished the corruption that was the handiwork of the Animus. They functionalized it and created resonance zones to promulgate it. That is all one can say.


CMNQuestion 4: Was it an intention throughout modern history for the Animus to specifically infiltrate these organizations and to create confusion at this time in history when clarity is so desperately needed?

JamesAnswer 4: You have undoubtedly heard the phrase that children are so impressionable. Humanity, as a whole, shares this faculty. Humanity was in its infancy when the inter-dimensional forces of the Animus were clipping humanity’s wings. This partnership between humanity’s leadership (i.e., royal families) and the Animus was for mutual benefit. Royalty was given leadership not because the Gods (or Animus) favored them, but because it was understood that royalty would ensure the enslavement of humanity. Once this structure was in place, the Animus had built a “clock” that would continue to tick from century to century. In modern history, the Animus have been absent, and yet the impressions of ancient history endure both in the human genome and behaviorally.

Ignorance of what the human family truly is remains as pervasive as air. Science and religion stir the water and awaken the sediments of this ignorance like masterful conductors of obfuscation. Not intentionally, for the most part, but with the same result. The human family is a single organism that connects through the heart. This single organism is the savior we have sought; the intermediary we have been told was required. And yet, by burrowing into the mind and seeking the external visage of God, we have learned in the wrong direction.

Our impressionability attracts the mindsets and models that are increasingly outdated and ill-fitted to our needs of today. Our confusion is a result of this. One can choose to blame secret organizations, or religious zealots, or the Animus, but the heart’s wisdom remains our portal of new behaviors and our gateway to enlightenment, not only for us, but for humanity at large.

One of the fallacies of enlightenment is that it is personal. It is me learning the secret knowledge, and somehow, knowing that knowledge, I become a better person. Perhaps I become a better writer, a better parent, a better business person, a better human being. However, the heart wisdom of behavioral intelligence, what I refer to as the Six Heart Virtues, is done for everyone. It is not personal. It is seeking the connection to all. It is the rediscovery of the vibration of equality—that symphony of integration that defines humanity as One Being.

It is this discovery we are struggling to understand. And its discovery is assured.


CMNQuestion 5: It has been written about from every corner of the world that a time would come when humankind would begin to awaken/remember/transform into a more cohesive and cosmically aligned species. Alignment to the galactic center has been pointed to, as well as other astrological conditions that would make an energetic opening for this mass awakening. Was it ever in the best interests of the public at large that the higher knowledge be protected by a handful of monks, priests, scientists, and adepts until the arrival of this time or was this a function of the Animus?

JamesAnswer 5: The “higher knowledge” has never been protected, nor has it required protection. As I said, humanity simply learned in the wrong direction. It is not as if the higher knowledge is a nuclear bomb or that it could be used by someone to manipulate others, destroy someone, or create chaos from order. The higher knowledge cannot be subverted, modified or otherwise recombined to be anything but beneficent and supportive.

Imagine that you had a secret code, and every time this code was spoken, love filled the world. If you shared this code with others, and they spoke it, more love entered the world, and this grew and expanded until humanity began to see itself as One Being connected in the heart. All the practices, rituals, culture, and pomp and circumstance that divide us would dissolve amid this rising tide of love. So, this code would be considered by many as harmful to their old ways of doing business. They would try to make it illegal to speak this code and share it. They would try to put the genie back into its bottle. This would be protecting the higher knowledge.

However, as you know, there is no secret code or formula. What the elite have done is turned our attention in the wrong direction, and they have left the higher knowledge untouched, unprotected, and languishing in disuse. They model a different behavioral intelligence—one that is fueled by the lower mind and ego-personality. Yes, there is secret knowledge that is protected, but none of it has anything to do with how to raise the frequency of love within the human instrument so that the individual can find, share, and become a viral entity of the vibration of equality. And this, so far as I know, is the only higher knowledge worthy of contemplation and practice at this time in humanity’s evolution.

As for your comment about a “time would come when humankind would begin to awaken/remember/transform into a more cohesive and cosmically aligned species,” the world is abuzz with both hope and fear, in fairly equal portions from my viewpoint. The hope is that this long foretold prophecy is true, and the fear is that it will exact a turbulent manifestation.

The spoken code example I mentioned earlier is a metaphor of this transformation, and the code is a code of behavior. The behavior is the expression of the virtuous heart as it guides our individual and collective behavior. While the dysfunction of ignorance is lifting like a fog to unveil a new light, it will be a process that will occur over the next seventy years. In the terminology of the WingMakers, this transformation is called the Grand Portal, which is the irrefutable discovery of the human soul and how this soul is part of a mosaic of One Being.

This oneness does not mean that individuality will no longer exist, quite the opposite. Individuality is heightened in the One Being paradigm, it is simply aligned to a collective purpose, and this purpose is to explore and share the accumulated wisdom of the One Being through creation. It does not mean that humanity is a hive mentality as depicted in science fiction. The soul of One Being is a connected entity that operates as a unified body of coherent creation aligned to the higher frequencies that issue from the dimensions of non-time, non-space, and non-matter.

An individual can fight these frequencies or ignore them. A collective entity cannot. It must operate in alignment to these higher energies or they will bring chaos—an environment that will not support Oneness. In approximately seventy years the Grand Portal will be discovered by a new science, and it will catapult humanity into a new relationship with the universe. The face of humanity will change as it incorporates a massively expanded definition of itself, and in this era of redefining, humanity will become aligned and coherent. This change will appear to come as a result of this new science, but in truth, it will be the result of trillions upon trillions of behavioral shifts that precede it.


CMNQuestion 6: If we were to recover the intention of the pure ideals of the Enlightenment, or Illuminists, would it not lead us directly to the fusing of higher scientific understandings of quantum, or particle physics fused with higher cosmic consciousness based on ancient wisdoms?

JamesAnswer 6: You pose a good question, and I realize that many people have taught that the “ancient wisdom” is only being verified by today’s science, but what was considered knowledge a thousand, or two thousand years ago, was in many ways more incoherent than it is today. Knowledge of the spiritual realm was admixed with potions, morality, alchemy, and every manner of psychic phenomenon that you can imagine. Many of these aspects have been romanticized in contemporary literature, but the reality was that nearly everyone was lost in the maze of the lower mind. There were some exceptions to be sure, but their influence was limited by technology and literacy rates.

It is completely understandable how people can have an affectionate belief in the ancient knowledge and believe that it was more advanced—at a spiritual level—than our contemporary knowledge, but that isn’t true in my opinion. Alchemy and mysticism were strange bedfellows, but those who sought transformational experiences, not for phenomenon or local glamour, but due to a genuine interest in peeling the onion of Truth, they were more often anonymous, regular, simple people who were close to their heart’s wisdom and listened to it above all else.

I realize there’s been much made of astronomical advances in certain cultures and that technologies in ancient civilizations were more advanced in some ways than today, but again, it is not my view. There has never been a time on earth when technology, scientific, and spiritual awareness have all been higher than right now. The confluence of technology, science, and spirituality is intersecting, and they will eventually conjoin when the heart of humanity is prepared.


CMNQuestion 7: In 2005 you wrote a beautifully articulated paper on the energetic heart in which you speak of the Animus, or those who are controlling the earth and her inhabitants. You stated that these beings are not completely extraterrestrial in source, rather a combination of types of beings. Can you explain further? Five years have passed since you wrote this. What are you observing today of the energetic signature of those who are still attempting to control humankind?

JamesAnswer 7: There really are no beings “who are still attempting to control humankind.” As I mentioned earlier, the Animus leadership, the ones who were controlling humanity, have achieved what they desired from this planet and its people, and they are gone.

Those beings that were aligned with the Animus, that remain, are not extraterrestrial; they are extra-dimensional in the sense that they do not commonly manifest in our space-time, but they do have a partial awareness of our race and planet and in that awareness, there is an involvement. The human race is a generator of immense energy and there are entities in other space-times that desire to employ this energy. The energy I refer to is electromagnetic, and is a product of our emotions, and to a much lesser degree, our thoughts. These entities are not trying to control humanity so much as use humanity’s emotional energetics for their own purpose.

They are not the ones orchestrating wars or emotional calamities. Humans are quite capable of doing this on their own. In many ways, these entities are the equivalent of pilot fish who attach themselves to a shark, feeding off the scraps of food that the shark overlooks. In extreme cases, they can attach themselves to people and even organizations that live in the deep dramas of emotional turmoil and turbulence. But as I said, this is not the same as controlling humankind; it is more of a parasitic relationship.


CMNQuestion 8: I’d like to go back to the founding fathers of America. Is it fair to say that America was a significant development in the spiritual (I’m not speaking of religion) history of this planet?

JamesAnswer 8: Not to put too fine a point on it, I’m not sure that the spiritual history of earth has yet been written. One can say that the earth has supported an amazing array of life, but it is still a three-dimensional planet, preparing itself for an ascension path into the more rarified frequencies of the multiverse. That said, I understand the basis of your question. The spiritual energies that were nurtured in America at its formation, in the form of freedom of worship, were significant, and they helped to establish more openness to alternative pathways and more of a “we the people” in terms of religious practice.


CMNQuestion 9: We know that certain beings, such as the Wingmakers, incarnate at pivotal times throughout the history of our world and other worlds as well. Is it also fair to say that the beings who incarnated into the roles as the first leaders of America were also of a powerful nature, the kind of beings who have shown up throughout the planet’s historical shifting points—Lemuria, Atlanteah, Atlantis, Egypt, Renaissance Europe, and directly into the times in which we are living today? What is their role?

JamesAnswer 9: First, it is important to understand that an entity can incarnate in the role of George Washington, for example, and live life as a humble servant in another incarnation. The incarnational life—when evaluated over dozens or hundreds of lives—is a composite of many angles on the human experience. It is not that the soul of George Washington is more powerful or superior to the next.

The term “old soul” is an example of this fallacy in perspective. There is no such thing as an old or, for that matter, young soul. Soul is not an entity of space-time. It is not conditioned by time. Soul doesn’t improve with age any more than it degenerates with age. Soul is a constant unto itself, however, when soul dons the vessel of the mind, emotions, and physical body (i.e., human instrument), it does become a subject of space-time, but only in the view of a single lifetime.

Soul possesses an incarnational life, which is the composite of its incarnations in space-time, and this incarnational life is thought to be a “school” by some and a “prison” to others. From the WingMakers’ perspective, the human soul possesses an incarnational life to experience creation in a direct, cause-and-effect process. Space-time is the medium in which this creation can occur, and the incarnational life is the only way to submerge into the medium and create.

The soul’s native state is alignment to the Oversoul—the composite of all souls—and this alignment makes creation, at an individual level, impossible. Thus souls decided to separate from the Oversoul and live as sovereign expressions. Remember that the soul is energy, not a physical or ethereal substance. It is a form of energy unknown in this world, and thus I use the term “energy” in a new context. And though scientists are probing the outer edges of its existence with various theories, it will be several generations before this probing yields indisputable proof.

Thus, a sovereign soul has an incarnational life, and within this life is compartmentalized numerous incarnations within the human family across space-time, but always intersecting earth. Earth is the base camp for the incarnational life and from it the sovereign soul becomes a creator on a temporary canvas.

Let me give you another example. Many people have discussed the “indigo” children, (or others like them), who appear to be more psychically and spiritually advanced in their awareness than the majority of people. These children are thought to be old souls or off-planetary souls, who are coming to earth now to help anchor the new vibrations and assist in earth’s and humanity’s transformation. But, every generation since the advent of humanity on earth, has had “indigo” children. These are the incarnational lives of souls who are positioned to create a quickening of the space-time field, or medium, which all sovereign souls use as their creational platform.

You could think of the space-time field of earth as an incarnational repository for sovereign souls. If you could time-slice the history of humankind for the past one hundred thousand years, you would see accelerations occurring in different dimensions, for example, agriculture, science, leisure, technology, art, spirituality, etc. but often this quickening is provisional, as a cycle of hardship or confusion follows. These cycles are more telling than the spurts. And the cycles that have followed the human family have been dampened by a negligible growth in behavioral intelligence.

This is about to change because we are moving into a new quickening of our space-time medium, and it is centered in the field of the heart, and more people are awakening to this by simply observing what happens when they apply the wisdom of their hearts to their everyday lives.


CMNQuestion 10: What do you perceive as the most important single lesson for humanity at this moment in our transition?

JamesAnswer 10: In a word: practice. The practice of the art of living from the heart, and expressing the six heart virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor are key expressions of the highest frequency on this planet: the vibration of equality. When people are enamored by complex spiritual laws, the systems of manifestation, the exploration of cosmology or the observance of rituals and ceremony, they may fill their minds with information, but ask yourselves: “How is this information leading me to the expression of my heart’s virtues?”

Here’s a hypothetical [example] for your consideration. Imagine if there was an undisclosed text from a credible source that one hundred people read. The text was focused on one simple premise: water is a special medium that conforms to your emotional radiation. If you radiate and infuse water with gratitude and love, it will impart a potent dose of well-being and boost your immunity. Of the one hundred people reading this text, fifty will consider it a reasonable hypothesis assuming its sources are credible and scientific. Of these fifty people, twenty-five will try it once or twice. Of these twenty-five, ten will persist in the practice for a period of one to fourteen days. Of these ten, five will persist in the practice for a period more than fourteen days. Of these five, two will experiment and create practices that are a creation of their own.

In this hypothetical example, only two percent of the readers actually applied the information persistently, and created something with it, in this case, a technique for infusing water with healing properties. Why did the other ninety-eight readers ignore the information and elect not to put it into practice and create a technique based on the information? In many cases it is because they moved on to the next thing. They found new information to occupy their minds. They are like bumblebees pollinating a field of ideas, where the construct of New is king.

The heart virtues are accessible and simple. Their potency is an order of magnitude greater than the mind’s energies. They are a connected force, and there is nothing new about them. They have been the constant in the soul’s incarnational life.

In Lyricus, there is a phrase called Priorities of Practice. We use it to describe how individuals place their focus on the practices that matter, not in the sense of achievement, but in the sense of wielding the energy of the heart to the needs of the human family. We have been taught by the social order that what we cannot cure, we must endure. And the list of what is incurable seems to grow with every passing day, and I’m not speaking about medical conditions. I’m speaking about the missteps of our global leadership, the selfishness of business, and the falsehoods that are promulgated by the media, to name a just a few.

Anyone who is connected to the state of our world perceives the “incurable” everywhere they turn, and the resulting apathy or the self-indulgence of distraction has become our gesture of endurance. If one can set forth the Priorities of Practice, and make this shift to their heart’s wisdom; find the vibration of equality within them, and radiate this vibration through the heart virtues, they have shared a cure—they have done more than merely endure.

I’ve written extensively about how one can practice the heart virtues and these e-papers are free and available at

You may be asking yourself, what is the vibration of equality? How do I recognize it? Why is it so important? But discovering the answers is part of the practice; they are discovered as a result of your practice. Your initial resonance with the idea—the abstraction itself—is all that’s required to determine if you are attracted to the feel of the practice. Not everyone has gone through the search for arcane knowledge long enough, hard enough, to have found them unsatisfying. And this is generally a prerequisite of shifting to the heart’s wisdom and expressing it.


CMNQuestion 11: I encourage people to read your work and listen to your audio files. In them you speak of a Grand Portal that will be known to all in about seventy-five to eighty years. It is my understanding that the vast majority of the beings on earth, who are now people originally came through this same portal upon arrival to this dimension of earth. If there is a resonance with this, would you care to comment? If not, I will strike this question.

JamesAnswer 11: The Grand Portal is not present on earth at this time. It is a technology, a new science, and a spiritual practice that will enable the collective human instrument (humanity) to irrefutably prove the human soul as an immortal consciousness that expresses itself through a multi-faceted, incarnational life. This awareness is a fundamental pivot of humanity, and it will change every aspect of life for the human family and earth.

The spiritual guides of humanity are truly time-shifted humans who have experienced this Grand Portal, and have, through the orchestration of time, returned to historical periods and assisted specific people and organizations to move their technology, science, and spiritual practices in the direction of the Grand Portal. It is a long journey for a species to incarnate on a planet and evolve upon that planet to the degree that they are aware of the vibration of equality, not only in a handful of their spiritual leaders, but in the whole of the species. This process is what those who live from the heart are aligning to. They are manifesting this vision.

As the species operates from soul consciousness, what the WingMakers call the Sovereign Integral, they are able to condition space-time so they can assist the earlier stages of humanity. It is somewhat analogous to an adult who is able to move backwards in space-time, and whisper ideas or insights from their adult perspective into the mind and heart of their body when it was only a child. The child part of them would think of these thoughts and ideas as original, as their very own, which, in a way, they are, though they originate from their future self.

As I have said many times, the WingMakers are a time-shifted humanity operating on the other side of the Grand Portal, if you will. They incarnate as humans because they are human. They operate in this world with varying degrees of awareness as to their incarnational life and purpose, but the WingMakers, having been called a hundred different names by different cultures and historical periods, remain the architects of the passageway of humanity to the Grand Portal. That is their purpose. The Ouroboros, the symbol of the snake devouring its own tail, is the esoteric symbol of a species conditioning space-time fields to guide its earlier incarnations so it will evolve to know itself as One.

Humanity possesses self-sufficiency. It does not require a hundred different ET brothers to solve its problems created out of ignorance or ambition. It returns upon itself to course-correct and lead itself—as a collective—to the precipice of the Grand Portal, and then allows the confluence of technology, science, and spiritual practice to prove to one and all that what exists beneath the exterior of this world we call the human instrument is only a thin veneer of our total selfhood. And everyone is allowed the opportunity to experience this while incarnated within a human instrument.

Would humanity find the Grand Portal without its future selves pointing the way? No. Does this mean that humanity is frail and weak? No. The three-dimensional world has been carefully constructed to make this realization impossible for a species, without help from its future selves. This is a designed process. It does not mean that humanity does not receive “outside” help from other, non-human agencies. It simply means that the distinctions between human and “other” sources blurs in the light of the Grand Portal, and how one differentiates is a factor of how deeply one perceives what the definition of human means.

Virtually all people define human as the body-brain complex. Some include the emotional field in that definition and also include the consciousness. A few even extend its definition to the earth itself, or at least the interconnection. But, the human genome is so ancient and so far flung as to make the definition of human, as we know it today, analogous to how the universe was defined in the twelfth century.

The polarity of species is fear inducing. This only serves the purpose of those who feed off fear, and there is an entire industry of fear on earth. But this industry has an expiration date, and while the discovery of the Grand Portal will extinguish it, this industry is already diminishing.

Yes, there is evil in our world. Yes, there are those who are misguided by the darkened mind. And yes, the artifacts of the Animus are all around us in the form of enculturation and limitation. One can live in fear of these realities and seek rational explanations in the texts of scripture or science, or they can connect with their heart’s wisdom and express its virtues, and become a source of light in this world.

One final admission; I realize that someone could read my answers and feel that I have disregarded the mind as a second-rate organ to the heart. This is not the case. The mind is not a single entity, it has many different facets, some are subtle and highly spiritualized, and some are obsessively destructive or misguided (not unlike emotions). The higher, or spiritualized mind, if I may call it that, remains elusive to humanity at this time.

Imagine you are on a journey and you have packed a backpack of supplies. You use those supplies based on your position in the journey, for example, crampons when you’re climbing an icy mountain slope; snowshoes when you’re traversing a field of deep snow. Humanity is on a journey, and at certain periods of space-time, the heart is the better tool. That is the case now. The higher mind will be the better tool later in the journey, but for now, the heart is what serves humanity best.

There is no judgment that the heart is superior to the mind, or vice versa. The truth is that they are “wired” in the same network of light, and one cannot invoke the heart wisdom without touching the higher mind. Energetically, they are linked, but the heart, to use another analogy, is the better steering wheel for now because it is such a powerful expressionary force that it induces the vibration of equality into this world. It is like an inductive force that attracts the vibration of equality to the planetary sphere. Once this vibration is ubiquitous and anchored on the planet, humanity can then employ its next tool on the journey, the higher mind.

From my world to yours,



Project Camelot Interview


Introduction to Project Camelot Interview

For several years, Kerry Cassidy and her partner Bill Ryan of Project Camelot had expressed an interest to interview James, the creator of the WingMakers, Lyricus, and EventTemples websites and all of the content therein. James politely declined all interview requests until his first interview in April 2008 with his web manager, Mark Hempel. Then, in November 2008, James reached out to Kerry and Bill and offered to do an interview with them, which is included, in its entirety, in this document.


Project Camelot, Question 1: How much of the WingMakers story is true or based on fact?

James, Answer 1: The terrestrial storyline is based on a technique called Sensory Bi-Location (SBL), which is similar to remote viewing in concept. This storyline is based on my investigations using this technique as it pertains to the ACIO, Incunabula, Illuminati, ET cover-ups, etc. These elements were then modified in name, identity, and locations in order to integrate with the mythological storyline of the WingMakers and retain the cloak that surrounds these organizations. It was not my purpose to expose these organizations or their dubious agendas; however, I was aware that many of the conspiratorial minded were among those who cared the most about truth and uncovering it. The cosmological scope of the story is mythological, while the more terrestrial elements contained in the Neruda Interviews are based on my experiences with SBL.


Project Camelot, Question 2: Some people studying and commenting on current events seem preoccupied with what are perceived by some to be discouraging messages of gloom, or warnings of potential major problems. Others focus only on messages of hope and light, and refuse to dwell on bad news. Although we have no trouble incorporating both views and understand that how they manifest will depend on each of us, some of our audience tend toward one view or the other.

What is your own philosophy or that of those you represent about this dilemma, and what light can you shed on this ongoing debate between the two factions, both of whom care deeply about the future of our world?

James, Answer 2: The ominous situations of our world are very real. It is impossible to look at the policies of governments around the world and see coherence, benevolence, enlightened action, or, in general, behavioral intelligence as an outflow of equality and oneness.

The human family has been bound up over thousands of generations and each time returning to our home planet Earth for the sake of upgrading the previous generation’s dominion, creature comforts, lifestyle, and technology, while the emotional maturity remains burrowed in the substrate of rape, abuse, enslavement, war, dishonesty, greed, government fraud, and a hundred other vices of weak and disillusioned humans programmed to see only the out-picturing of the human mind and its systems of limitation.

The human family is building a pyramid of manifested life across thousands of generations and each new generation builds another layer – an upgrade of technology and lifestyle. We are nearing the apex of this pyramid where there is nothing left to add. The pyramid is completed and we – each of us – must look at the pyramid we have constructed and ask ourselves how it exemplifies our transcendence, our true Self.

The pyramid of humanity is manifest in the three-dimensional world, but it derives from a set of constructs that are flawed. What are these constructs? What makes them flawed? How did humanity get off course to build structures of civilization and society that are such poor reflections of who we really are?

There is a specific framework that has emerged over millions of years to induce humanity to the repetitive post of deficient civilization-builders. In the context of your questions, I must begin by defining this framework in order to answer all of your questions with sufficient detail and bring some new texture and dimension to the conversation. This framework is known within Lyricus as the Suppression of the Sovereign Integral. Its nine primary components are delineated below.

Before you, the reader, continue on, let me warn you that this is a sobering and direct analysis of the suppression framework and I would advise everyone who reads this to remain neutral as they examine my answers. If you find the information feeling too “heavy” or evoking fear, set it aside or return to it later. This story is not for everyone. Some will feel threatened by it and react with a sense of alarm, and others will feel like someone pulled the rug from underneath them. If you feel any of this, you may not be prepared to confront these realities.


The Secret Framework for the Suppression of the Sovereign Integral


Human Mind System (HMS) – The Human Mind System is separated into three primary functional mechanisms: The unconscious or genetic mind, the subconscious, and the conscious. These three components intermingle to form what most people term consciousness. The HMS is the most opaque and distorted veil that has stood between humanity and its true self, perverting its self-expression within the domains we call reality.

The unconscious, genetic mind is the repository of all humanity; the subconscious is the repository of the family bloodlines; and the conscious mind is the repository of the individual. However, and this is important to understand, the foundational patterns of thought are primarily from the subconscious and genetic mind structures of consciousness. Thus, while the individual believes themselves to be individual, unique, separate, and one-of-a-kind, in reality they are not. Not in the context of HMS.

You can conceptualize yourself as a copy of the human family folded inside a copy of your parents and bloodlines, placed into an individualized expression: you. The “You” is an HMS particularized into one expression, but its roots are entirely planted in the soil of humanity and parental lineage, all of which is downloaded into the developing fetus before birth.

This is precisely why, after ten thousand generations, we continue to operate in the same patterns of greed, separation, and self-destruction. The image in the mirror is upgraded with better “clothing” and more sophisticated masks, but underneath, the image remains the same feelings, the same thoughts, and the same behaviors.

Social and cultural engineering via the entertainment and educational systems conspire to entrain the individual during their developmental years (3-14 years old), activating the programs and subsystems of the HMS to ensure that the individual is properly prepared to conform to the reality matrix of their time and place. Even those who are non-conformists, who fancy themselves “outside the box”, are well within the perimeter of the HMS.


Money-Power Grid (MPG) – The reason for the Human Mind System to exist is for the Elite to exercise control over the Money-Power Grid. Money is the prime objective of the Elite because it imbues power to those who possess it. Money takes many forms, including assets of precious metals and petroleum, land or real estate, minerals, and products and services. Money is the “God” of the Elite and their banks are the religious institutions in which they can worship their God.

The corporate elite, government elite, underground elite, and banking elite constitute the MPG controllers. Those in positions of power, especially within the banking sector, are beholden to the MPG and will do everything possible to tighten their controls of the MPG and manipulate the human family to serve their agenda.


Interdimensional Universe Structure (IUS) – This is the structure of reality domains and how they interface with one another. IUS is a very, very complex subject to disclose in a format such as this, so I will only touch the surface.

Human beings are both dimensional and interdimensional. First Source is all of us. It is the Collective Us. It is not a God living in some distant pocket of the universe. First Source is the Human Collective unencumbered with the HMS. First Source divided itself into individualized expressions – us. In the beginning, we inhabited dimensions that were not material, but existed at quantum levels of time and space.

However, as the dimensions grew in density through the expansion of creation (our creation), we, as individualized, interdimensional beings, were seduced to enter the human body. This seduction was a co-conspiracy of forces led by Anu, the King of the Anunnaki, who required enslaved workers to mine the physical gold that was present on Earth in abundance. Those beings we now consider the Atlanteans were interdimensional living upon Earth, and Anu, with great cunning, convinced them to embody in human instruments.

This embodiment was a grand experiment in human engineering, and the Human Mind System (HMS) was at the core of this project. Anu realized that the only way to enslave the Atlanteans was to sheath them in a mind system that would reduce their capacity to express their true nature, and instead, express the programs embedded within the HMS. These programs were the creation of Anu and his scientists.


God-Spirit-Soul Complex (GSSC) – This is the central element of the HMS that anchors separation. The individualized human being, free of the HMS, is called the Sovereign Integral in the WingMakers mythology. This is the true identity of each and every human being. In this model of the Sovereign Integral, we are Gods of our local multiverse, and collectively, we are First Source in the multiverse.

Why is GSSC the anchor of separation? We have two paths: Religion and Spirituality – each being different sides of the same coin, and this “coin” is GSSC. Now, Anu, being the intelligent, clever entity that he is, knew that humans would evolve, and in this evolution they may begin to remember that they are Sovereign Integrals. Bear in mind that the Atlanteans were highly evolved beings before they donned the human instrument of Anu’s creation. Also remember that the human instrument is not simply the physical body but includes the emotions and HMS, and that this human instrument is componentized so that while the physical body dies, a higher dimensional body or sheath that is based on the physical body carries on.

Some refer to this as the soul, others refer to it as the astral body, but it is simply a sheath for the Sovereign Integral to operate within and it remains subject to the HMS and most of its programming. Thus, even upon death, the Sovereign Integral is not released from the influences of the HMS or the human instrument’s programs.

The Anunnaki created the HMS in order to consign the Sovereign Integral – the true Self that is infinite and eternal – into a prison of conjured illusions and deceptions. So the human instrument was fitted with HMS and the Sovereign Integral was placed within it as the life force, that which powered the human instrument. An aspect of GSSC was the program we call the fear of death, the fear of separation, the fear of non-existence.

It was this fear, so powerfully felt by humans, that gave rise to the construct of a separate God, from which a separate Spirit filled the universe, and from which we were all created in separation. Whether one arrives to God through religion or spirituality, does not matter, it is the same effect of appeasing the fear of death within the individual just as the program specified. In effect, Anu, the King of Anunnaki, positioned himself to be God of the human world.

The pathway to God, independent of the religious or spiritual path one walked, had the same program underlying it: You are a human with a soul, this soul must be redeemed or activated, upon which you will be saved. In this process of being saved, you are relinquished of self-responsibility to the world condition. You are rewarded with a life eternal in the kingdom of God (by whatever name you call God) where you can live in bliss and/or serve as a teacher of the light.

The savior/master construct is an integral part of the GSSC, and encourages human beings to yearn for a master to teach them how to ascend, how to be saved, how to achieve nirvana, how to live a moral life, and how to ensure eternal happiness. There are masters of great wisdom and light who remain within the domain of the HMS without knowing their involvement. The subtlety is so powerful that even when you feel you have achieved self-realization you remain trapped in the HMS. It is that vast, especially when compared to the material world.

Saviors can take on the form of many things, including the second coming of Christ, a wrathful God, the Earth, nature spirits, angelic hosts, prophecy, and extraterrestrial forces who will intercede on humanity’s behalf. Each of us is our own and only savior, our only master who can truly cause us to stand up within ourselves and shut down the suppression systems and awaken to our Sovereign Integral consciousness. This is the liberation path and this will be discussed in answers that follow.

In essence, GSSC is an aspect of HMS that perpetuates separation. Just as different languages separate, different religious and spiritual pathways separate the human family, and make possible a race that is more easily controlled and pacified through the GSSC.


Death Stress Implant Network Detour (DSIND) – As its long title suggests, DSIND is the descent into humanness and the tether of custody to the material world. Within the solar plexus region of the human instrument is the DSIND module of HMS. This gets a little complicated because you have to look at HMS as the master network, and then there are nodes or implants that plug into HMS. One of these is DSIND, and while it is anchored in the solar plexus, it is an intricate network that develops exponentially upward into the heart, neck, and head regions. This is an etheric structure that collects, absorbs, and distributes fear, anxiety, stress, and restlessness.

While the fear of the future dominates this module – from a programming perspective – Anu was careful to connect it to the primal fear of death and non-existence. DSIND creates much of the dysfunction in the human family in terms of its behavioral deficiencies. It also activates humans for service in religion and spirituality paths.


Polarity System (PS) – This is a sub-node of DSIND designed to create polarities in the HMS and thus create friction between the polarities, and from this friction manifest discord and disharmony. If you exist in HMS (and you do), then you exist in polarity. It is truly that simple. Polarity is what activates and feeds the HMS. It is the “food” of HMS because in polarity the human instrument is lost in separation, which is precisely the point of HMS as intended by its designers.


Genetic Manipulation System – This system was an outgrowth of various interdimensional races working to create a suitable instrument for accessing the physical world. It was Anu who specifically wanted not only to access the physical world in order to exploit its resources, but to do so by suppressing the infinite beings that would power the human instruments so he had the equivalent of willing slaves. Yes, infinite beings can be suppressed into finite beings when they are subjected to HMS.

In the course of engineering the human instrument, it was decided to create GMS as a means to modify the human instrument over time, as it evolved, to ensure it would never achieve self-realization or the Sovereign Integral state of awareness. The state of satori, nirvana, cosmic consciousness, enlightenment, and rapture were all different names for heightened states within the GSSC, which was still within the HMS domain, but these became checkpoints that triggered GMS interventions. The true state of the Sovereign Integral – even after death of the human instrument – was never realized by a member of the human family until very recently.


Wholeness Navigator – This is the element of HMS that activates the individual’s authentic search for God in the context of wholeness, oneness, unity, and equality. Some people undertake this search because they feel an obligation to do this as a means to appease the expectations of their parents, spouse, or their own sense of guilt. The authentic search, as decreed by the Wholeness Navigator, is a recent bypass that has been brought into the human instrument through GMS, which is an open system. While it is still an artifact of the HMS, it is a backdoor into the liberation path. More about this later.


Post-Death System (PDS) – This is the system where the individual, upon death of their physical body, is greeted by guides “on the other side” and review their life experience, confronting those areas of deficiency and returning to right the wrongs of their previous life, in other words, karma and reincarnation. The PDS is the means by which the Sovereign Integral remains in the grip of illusion even though the illusion is a heightened reality when compared to physical existence on the earth plane. It enables the recycling of the Sovereign Integral into physical dimensions over and over again.

This process was initially conceived of as the principal means through which the world would be prepared for Anu to be born into the Earth plane and reign upon Earth as the undisputed world leader. However, that eventuality has been removed as a scenario.



These nine components constitute the prison complex that every human being is subjected to when they are born, live, and die, no matter how many cycles of birth and death they may undergo.

With the Suppression of the Sovereign Integral, we are all living in a Matrix-like world of illusion and deception. While human beings are no longer in service to the Anunnaki for the production of gold, the genetic carry-over of the HMS and the other components of the suppression framework are nonetheless still in operation and the reins of these suppression systems have been turned over to, and greedily grabbed by, the Elite.

It is well past the hour that humans wake up to what they are participating in and learn how they can stop it – one individual at a time. We are the key to our dilemma and we must learn how to deactivate the suppression matrix so we can awaken to the Sovereign Integral consciousness, live within its behavioral intelligence, and release ourselves from the grip of the mind and human instrument.

Those who extol hope and light, I can only say that you will be disappointed if your hope is contingent on anyone, save yourself, to facilitate change in this world. It is truly as Gandhi explained: we must become the change we want to see in the world, but the key is to define what change.

Have you ever considered the definition of your Self? What is it that defines you? If you look in the mirror and peel away the masks, the pretensions, the deceptions, the fears, the thoughts, the feelings; what remains? For most they would answer their soul or spirit. And if I told you that the soul – as most define it – does not truly exist apart from the mind, what would you say?

The change I want to see in the world is that people begin to see themselves as multidimensional beings whose core is the Sovereign Integral that is the distillation of First Source in a singular, human expression. If people were only in tune with this frequency, they would understand that all is united in oneness, equality, and truth. This is the definition of the Grand Portal as it has been disclosed by the WingMakers mythology for the past ten years.

Each individual is a portal unto themselves, and this portal is the access point to the interdimensional worlds of the Sovereign Integral, where the human instrument, like a space suit, is finally removed and the individual realizes their true, infinite nature. And in this realization, understands that everyone – EVERYONE – is equal in this state, and in this equality we are ONE. The Grand Portal is when humanity stands up as ONE BEING to this all-encompassing realization and then we transcend the suppression framework and express as Sovereigns.

2012 is a single page in the “book” called the Era of Transparency and Expansion. The life of deception – the era of veils over veils over veils – is dissipating, provided enough people rise up within themselves and honor the Sovereign Integral within by expressing its truth. But to do this, people must become attuned to its consciousness apart from the HMS, and this is the course of action that people must engage in.

The seeking of information is over. The seeking of a master, guru, religion, spiritual path, or way-shower is over. The seeking of objects of blame is over. The seeking of hidden information behind the dark forces is over. It is the expression of the Sovereign Integral consciousness and the deactivation of the suppression framework that becomes the focus of each individual in this new era.


Project Camelot, Question 3: My own view is that our planet is a conscious being and the planet and humanity is moving from the 3rd density into the 4th to the 5th in the coming years. My understanding is that we have entered the 4th density at the present time. According to the RA Material, not all of humanity will move into the 5th Density, but will remain in a 3rd density earth out of choice and due to their emphasis on service to self vs. service to others.

• How do you view this?

• If your view is different, would you please go into some detail on what you see?


James, Answer 3: Earth, as a consciousness, is indefinable. The moment you bring in a description of Earth’s consciousness, you define it, and the moment you define it you frame it in separation, and the moment you separate it into elements you deceive its true essence. Earth is a Host Consciousness, and this is its essence, though even that creates separation and therefore a degree of deception.

Yes, the densities are shifting, but these are artifacts of the Human Mind System (HMS). Even the belief that the near-infinite dimensions of the astral and mental planes are real is a comparison to the physical plane. I would suggest to you that what is in the purview of the human instrument, which includes the physical, emotional (astral) and mental densities or dimensions are all caught up in the HMS and suppression framework. It is not of the Sovereign Integral and it is therefore impermanent, existing in polarity, separation, and deception. In other words, it is a creation designed to conceal what you truly are.

The Earth is not shifting to a new dimension in order to raise its consciousness and ascend to a higher state. Nor are the fortunate few going to be swept along because they did something better than others and therefore they are the chosen. We, as a human family, are being prepared to live as Sovereign Integrals upon Earth. Will this happen in 2012? No.

2012 will feel like any other year for most people. There is no year or specific time that will define the era of transparency and expansion, the rise of the Sovereign Integral. It is happening quietly in the most unexpected places. People are beginning to see that what has been encoded within their human instrument is a system of control, deception and manipulation. And at some deeper level, they glimpse a new clarity, as fleeting as it might be; they perceive themselves to be more than a system of feelings and thoughts packaged inside a body. This is what is to come… people awakening from a virtual reality inside a virtual reality.

Earth is part of this new transparency. Nature has already donned this new apparel and wears it proudly, but humans have not noticed, for our programs lack the perception. It will be, in part, through Nature that the human family will be awakened, and Earth is preparing for this eventuality. When it occurs, it is not because Earth is vengeful, or God, working through Earth, is delivering His wrath. It is Earth/Nature expressing its new transparency and expansion in its own way.

Consider the following story: Advanced humans, living on an interdimensional level were cleverly induced to embody human instruments designed by a foreign intelligence, the Anunnaki. As this “work force” was developed, the physically embodied humans became utterly accepting of their limitation because it was systematic in suppressing the Sovereign Integral consciousness – the infinite and eternal life force that powered their human vessels.

Early on, human bloodlines intermixed with their designers, and the human evolutionary pathway into diversity was accelerated. Part of this diversity was contained within the elite societies that helped to formulate the separation of the human family in the Money Power Grid. The designer “Gods”, the Anunnaki, were ultimately satisfied with their mining operations and left Earth and their human creation behind.

The human genome was adaptive within the matrix of the Human Mind System (HMS) and evolved into the present day human family we have in the early 21st Century. So now we have a race of beings that are trapped inside a suppression framework unknowing of their condition, worshipping Gods that do not exist, believing in heavens and hells that are part of the HMS landscape, praying to masters and saviors to absolve their sins and moral apathy, and continuing to fear death and non-existence as if they were absolutely unaware of their true nature.

Let’s say that you are the true God, First Source. What would you do to awaken people to their true nature? What process would you use to shift the human family to a perspective of realization that what they had believed in was of deception and suppression of their true natures, knowing that the components of the suppression framework could not be removed overnight or the individual would likely go crazy or, worse yet, perish. What would you do?

First Source has limited moves on the “chessboard” because humanity is sealed inside a prison where the guards and warden of the prison control the money system and hold and distribute the power among themselves. The spiritual and religious leaders are equally caught up in the prison, occupying the more righteous sections, but still within the same prison. The interdimensional beings like ascended masters and angels are also imprisoned though their freedoms seem near-infinite when compared to the human inmates.

There are a handful of humans, who have removed the HMS and its assorted systems of separation and broken out of the prison, but these are an infinitesimally small percentage, and generally their writings, stories, techniques are received as “crazy talk” by their fellow inmates. And even if a handful of humans escape the prison, the prison sends its guards to re-capture them or discredit them in such a way as to render their deeds as “supernatural” or, worse yet, demonic.

The real problem in this story is that the humans within the prison do not see the prison as a prison or the guards as guards. They are oblivious to their imprisonment. Thus, they are not trying to escape from the prison; rather, if they are seeking to escape from anything, it is from boredom, anxiety, poverty, pain, bad relationships, illness, depression, and hopelessness. The suppression of their identity as a Sovereign Integral that lives in eternal and unconditional oneness, equality, and truthfulness is not even a consideration in their search.

Earth, consisting of the animal, plant, and mineral kingdoms as well as the elements of air, water, and fire, combined with Nature as defined by the cosmos, is the “Queen” on the chessboard that First Source can use. These are strategic instruments through which specific walls of the prison will be destroyed and individuals who are properly prepared can reclaim their identities as Sovereign Integrals and establish a new transparency and expansion within their wholeness.

Now, just because some walls of the prison will be taken down, does not mean that everyone will run out and embody their new freedoms. The prison is constructed of many walls, and when one wall falls down, there is the initial rush of relative freedom, but there remains another wall and another wall after that. The prison is a labyrinth and until the individual is not relying on pictures, images, sounds, words, feelings, and thoughts to interpret their world, they remain inside a wall of the prison I have previously described as the suppression framework of the Sovereign Integral.

Many will not feel comfortable with the spatial qualities and long horizons of this new era. They will resist the transparency and expansion because they have come to identify so strongly with their HMS that anything that tears at that identity, threatens what they perceive as their hold on existence.

Others, who are prepared, will easily embody this new era and transition into it like a baby eagle taking its first flight – a little awkward at first, but quickly mastering the required skills. While Earth and Universe Nature play key roles in the liberation maneuver, the preparation of the individual is their own responsibility. It is a balanced equation: Earth/Nature + Individual Preparation = Sovereign Integral Realization.

The First Point of process is the key factor of preparation. If your First Point for the reclamation of the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness is anything less than unconditional oneness, equality and truthfulness in the expression of every moment, then you will hit many walls within the prison, and each time you do, you will be required to start over. Thus, the initial point of self-realization must be aligned to the realization itself. This is due to the mathematical equations that guide the process.


Project Camelot, Question 4: What is your understanding of coming events in the next few years up to and beyond 2012? We have many whistle blowers, experiencers and futurists, conveying visions of future events that may include:

A. A magnetic pole reversal

B. A physical pole shift

C. A CME (Coronal Mass Ejection)

D. All of the above, possibly exacerbated by the close approach of Nibiru to Earth.

Can you comment on the above scenarios? Do you have reason to believe that any of these may occur?

James, Answer 4: Let me be clear, the universe we are in, in its entire physical splendor and stature is part of the prison I defined in the previous question. I realize the term “Prison” carries a negative meaning, but if there is furniture within a prison do you say the furniture is evil or negative? No, it is just furniture that happens to be inside a prison. So it is with the planets and stars and the universe as a whole.

Therefore, each of the phenomena that our senses perceive, whether it is pole shift or a 9.0 earthquake, remain inside the Human Mind System (HMS). Phenomenon is deception. Everyone wants a vision, and struggles to see the other side, not realizing that these features – images and sounds – are more of the HMS, just a more subtle rendering of the prison walls in the outer reaches of the labyrinth.

I think in my previous answer (question 3) you can see that I believe Earth/Nature are the primary catalysts that First Source is orchestrating to support humanity’s realization of itself as Sovereign Integrals. Thus, it will feel as if Earth and the entire universe is compressing in upon the individual, tightening its grip around your very being. This compression is the very tool that is being deployed by First Source to help activate you.

Relative to Nibiru, it is not a factor. In a sense it has been removed from the equation of the Sovereign Integral for a complex set of reasons I won’t go into here.


Project Camelot, Question 5: We are getting various reports from whistle blowers about a dark agenda of the Illuminati that includes:

A. A crash (or end) of the dollar and 1930s-like conditions in the U.S.

B. Martial law and possible herding of people into prison camps

C. Spread of viruses around the world aimed at reducing 2/3rds of the population

D. Micro-chipped population and increased electronic surveillance, thereby curtailing freedom still further.

While we have conflicting testimony about all of the above, it seems clear that some of the above may already have begun. Can you comment on the above scenarios? Do you have reason to believe that any of these may occur?

James, Answer 5: The global systems of our planet can be thought of collectively as a Being composed of organs like the heart, brain, liver, etc. The global systems are banking, government, military, religious, educational, food production, energy, transportation, and commerce, and each of these is an organ in the body of the Collective Human Mind System Reality or, simplified, the Collective System (CS). Each of these nine global systems is an organ that depends on the “blood cells” to keep it alive, to circulate the nutritional ingredients within the larger body, and human beings are the blood cells, and money is the breath that brings the oxygen to the CS.

This is the body of the collective HMS existence, and it is precisely this that humans animate and make possible through their own survival programs and the exchange of money. The Collective System is the aggregate of the global systems, the human beings, and the money. This constitutes one system, though it may seem unwieldy and impossible to control, it is quite controllable to those whose hands hold the reins and control the vital organ – the brain.

The “brain” of the CS is the banking system. It operates on the First Point paradigm that life is money, and money is life. It is the origin of human existence that money is life, and in this single thought-form humanity has evolved, distilling its ancient memories in our present-day banking system.

The Collective System interacts with HMS and creates the primary “walls” within the HMS prison spoken of in question 4. The Collective System body is failing, and it is failing because the new era of transparency and expansion is underway. These forces of CS and the era of transparency and expansion are colliding in our time, and for the Sovereign Integral consciousness to manifest in this physical field, the Collective System must change to accommodate it, as they are like oil and water and can not mix.

Thus, those who hold the reins of the Collective System have great fear that something is amiss. Something is happening in the world that portends great change, and change is not something they embrace. In the face of change, which to them is a lessening of power, they will undertake nefarious plans to keep the population distracted, uneasy, nervous, uncertain, ignorant, overburdened with technology, attentive to fear, and disempowered.

All of the items and more that you list in your question are in various stages of planning. That is not to say they will be successful in launching them, but they are being planned, and even in the contemplation of these plans you can see the sinister nature that has overtaken elements of the human family.

The Collective System will fall. It must fall. The organs will shut down and the body will die. This will take time, it will be a process that will take many years which will thankfully provide a transition stage so humans can adapt to the new body that is being built to support and sustain the new Sovereign Integral consciousness as it – the origin of us – becomes known as us in this world.

As each of us de-program ourselves and deactivate our HMS, there is a corollary access to the Sovereign Integral, and in this access, we create the best opportunity we have of defeating the dark agendas that exist on Earth, as well as easing the transition between the deteriorating Collective System body of today and the new one that will replace it.


Project Camelot, Question 6: Please address how people can best prepare for the coming changes regardless of where they are on the spectrum of awareness at this time. Our view is that although there are preparations that can be made in the physical reality, a safe place is only a reflection of the consciousness of those who are gathered there and no one location may necessarily be better than anywhere else (depending on the path each has chosen for experiencing these times).

James, Answer 6: This is a complex question to answer because it truly depends on the individual, but the universal support system for each of us is our breath. It is the breath that connects us to our point of origin, and when I use that term I don’t mean birth in the physical – this life or any other. I am referring to the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness that is our pure state of being.

Breath is the way in which the human instrument connects to this origin point anywhere in spacetime. Breath is the portal between the physical dimension and the quantum or interdimensional domains, but it is not the normal, autonomic breathing, rather it is a very specific breathing pattern that we call Quantum Pause.

Quantum Pause is a simple, four-stage process beginning with an in-breath of anywhere between three and six counts, depending on your lung capacity, posture, and degree of privacy. After you have gathered in your breath, breathing through your nose, you hold it (pause) for an equal count, and then exhale through your mouth, again, for the same count, and then hold (pause) for the same count.

The breath pattern is described below using an example of a four count. The key is to maintain symmetry in each of the four segments of the process. If you are using a three count, apply it equally in each segment. It is not essential that you monitor this with precision, instead, apply a casual monitoring of your time for each segment and keep a consistency to the flow.



One cycle is described above, and it is recommended to do three to four cycles in a row and then return to normal breathing. This “normal” breathing period is called the Consolidation period. Keep your eyes closed throughout the process and sit with your back straight in a comfortable position, both feet on the ground. When you begin your consolidation period, it is a time for you to bring focus and all of your attention to those things that bubble to the surface of your consciousness, knowing that these arise for a reason. This is an excellent time to apply the Six Heart Virtues (appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, valor, and understanding) to any thought or feeling that manifests.

This consolidation period usually lasts about three to five minutes, but there are no set time limits. Use your intuition to guide this period of time. Generally, each repetition of the consolidation, and usually there are four or five, becomes less crowded with thoughts or feelings, and by the time you enter the final consolidation period you have emptied yourself of thoughts and feelings and entered the quantum domain.

The diagram below depicts a typical session of Quantum Pause. Notice there are three cycles of the breath and then a consolidation period in this particular example. This repeats four times. You can have as many as five cycles of breath interspersed with consolidation periods, again, symmetry is important.



The application of Quantum Pause may seem an unlikely way to de-activate the Suppression Framework of the Sovereign Integral and more effectively handle the transition stage we are in, but I would encourage you to try it for three weeks and see what results you achieve. Only through your own experience can you judge the merit of Quantum Pause. If, after three weeks of daily practice, you experience a new clarity and connection to your origin point, then you will be motivated to continue, and in this decision you have established your new First Point upon which unconditional oneness, equality and truthfulness can stand.

There are many nuances to the Quantum Pause technique, and I would encourage you to discover them on your own, in your own way. This is but a basic technique that I have shared with you, but there are subtleties to this technique that are powerful enhancements and these will occur to you while you’re in the process of using the technique, so remain open while you practice it.

Some quick suggestions to get you started. The quantum pause immediately after the out-breath can provide a subtle sense of panic for some people. If this occurs, shorten your count so you have less time elapse for each segment. For example, if you were using a four count cycle, shorten it to three. This feeling of panic will go away as you practice the technique. These “hitches” or quantum pauses have a purpose that you will come to understand.

I would also suggest that you focus your attention on your breath – its sound, its texture, how it feels inside your lungs, how your lips form in the out-breath, how it flows through your system, etc. This focus aligns you with First Point or the origin point of your Sovereign Integral because it is the breath that is the Portal of the infinite and eternal being that you truly are, and it is through this portal that it is manifesting in physicality.

When using Quantum Pause, there is a natural tendency to look for the experience of Light or to see new dimensions, speak with Beings or even God, or have a “wow” experience that really confirms that you’re on the right path. The practice of Quantum Pause will bring you new experiences and awareness, but leave your expectations behind. Again, human beings love visual stimuli. They love to see higher dimensions as if seeing is believing. But all that is in the quantum spacetime does not conform to the Human Mind System. Quantum is origin. It is meta-physical, which precedes visual, acoustic, and sensory data. It precedes feelings and thoughts. It exists before these stimuli and is indeed hidden behind them to some extent.

The “wow” experience may manifest in a form that your HMS cannot interpret or translate into images, words, feelings, and thoughts. Therefore, do your best to eliminate expectations of an experiential nature and simply follow your breath. The moment that the Sovereign Integral reaches into your HMS and announces its presence, you will never forget, nor will you mistake it for anything other than what it is. And when that time comes, you might be brushing your teeth, writing an email, or resting on the couch. It happens in its own time.

In addition to the practice of Quantum Pause, I would suggest that you consider new paradigms for your way of life. For example, I have disclosed the Six Heart Virtues (a free PDF download) in some detail on the website. This practical orientation helps you move through life with greater harmony. You might also find value in the practice of the Quantum Moment.

The Quantum Moment is dissecting your day into passages of time. In other words, “moments”, in this definition, are passages of time or events. For example, let’s say you get out of bed in the morning; you are now starting a new passage or quantum moment. Before you move into the new passage, you practice an abbreviated Quantum Pause – one or two breath cycles: in-breath, quantum pause, out-breath, quantum pause. This re-establishes your First Point, grounding your physical-based human instrument in the quantum domain. As you go through the passage of waking up, washing your face, brushing your teeth, etc. you are stepping through passages of time.

The Quantum Moment, as its First Point, perceives that the individual is sovereign and infinite and exists here. Right here. It is not flying about on the soul planes; it is not hidden in the robes of a God or Master; it is not separate from your human instrument; and it does not avoid the human condition. It is, and always will be, right here. As previously said, the quantum moment is a passage of time that feels like a portal is stepped through and you enter a portal of experience different than the previous passage. They can be simple like walking from your car to your workstation at the office – that’s a moment – and the next moment the phone rings and you transition to the new moment of talking with someone.

Your entire life is a series of moments or passages of time, and in each passage you are accompanied by your infinite Self that is seeking one thing on this Earth: Self-realization of itself within the human instrument.

In our world, information and knowledge is dispensed like fire hydrants uncapped, exploding in every direction. Everyone is telling you the way to truth is this way or that way, and the “way” leads into separation and therefore deception.

While you are in the Quantum Moment, you see the fork in the road is always one of two ways: truth or dishonesty. Truth is the breath of life issuing from the Sovereign Integral. Dishonesty is the Human Mind System parroting the knowledge and information that is ricocheting in every corner of our lives via cell phones, television, books, seminars, movies, podcasts, e-papers, websites, newspapers, and human relations.

To realize the Self as the Sovereign Integral here, and express this consciousness while in the human instrument, requires that you focus the six heart virtues within your local universe – the passages of your life in which you physically move – and apply them ceaselessly. The key to realization is a direct, sober, truthful assessment of your behaviors and applying the six heart virtues to those behaviors that have become expressions of your self-deception and dishonesty.

The Quantum Moment helps you to be present in the moment and to see your Self as the observer, not passing judgment on others or yourself, but retaining the sober assessment of the Sovereign Integral and applying forgiveness and understanding to the passage in which you most recently entered throughout your life. It becomes a way of life.


Project Camelot, Question 7: Please address the subject of Ascension from your point of view (or that of those you are speaking for). What exactly is Ascension? How would you recommend that people view it and accommodate it in their spiritual awareness?

James, Answer 7: To understand ascension it is necessary to understand its origins. The concept of ascension arose out of division and disconnection. Religion conceived that Source or God was outside the Self, living in some remote dimension of space, fully separated from the human condition. Human beings were not really worthy of God, but religion, in its self-enlightened state, gave humans the concept of faith. By having faith, God will come down and save you from the human condition, provided, of course, that you have faith and apply His commandments.

Ascension came along, not so much from religion, but rather spiritual-mystic sources, and posited that humans did not need to be passive in the application of faith, but rather they could ascend to the Source. In other words, instead of waiting for God to come to you, you could go to God. Humans, under the proper tutelage of masters could learn how to ascend and attain the Godhood, and become a master of their own, serving God and His universe as an emissary of the Light.

Religion and spirituality really had the same idea, the only difference was that religion used passive faith while spirituality used active practices. The First Point of ascension is the yearning for a Source outside the Self, hence division and disconnection. Any First Point that begins in separation is pulled into the Human Mind System’s gravitational field and is lost in the deceptions therein.

Thus, ascension is not an aspect of the Sovereign Integral state. As written in my previous answer, you are here and always have been and always will be. There is no where to go outside of yourself to find yourself or God or Light or enlightenment or ascension. Look at it this way, if you are self-contained, if the Sovereign Integral is indeed within you at all times, then where exactly do you need to ascend? It is realization, not ascension. And realization has, as its First Point, the unconditional oneness, equality and truthfulness of Self in all life expressions. While ascension’s First Point is: I am not equal to my Source, my Source is outside of me; therefore, I need to ascend to it in order to become a greater being more worthy of love and light.

Ascension is of the teacher-student ordering of the universe, residing within HMS. It defines the subtle aspects of self-deception that are caught-up in the spiritual belief systems of Earth and the interdimensional planes as well. If you believe you are in the process of ascending, ask yourself the questions: Where I am ascending to? How do I know that that endpoint is not of the Human Mind System? Are my mental pictures of ascension based on my own experience or have they been downloaded from the information and knowledge systems of humanity – in the other words, the unconscious domain?

All of the energy, efforts, attention and learning that are placed on the ascension process are a diversion from your own realization of the Sovereign Integral. It is as if you have pursued a shadow in favor of the substance. The ascension pathway is ensconced in the comforts of gurus and masters – both physical and interdimensional – that supposedly support your journey into the Light and Love of God. Along this journey you see how it absolves you of responsibility related to this world’s real conditions of hunger, inequality, rape, war, abuse, servitude, illness, racism and a hundred other maladies. The absolution comes in the form of your journey itself. The diversion.The separation.

Realization of the Sovereign Integral consciousness is realization of one’s True Self as present in everyone else. You see the condition of the human family as your own, and your condition as one with everyone else. You are in the moment, engaged in the dismantling of the HMS, knowing that as you do this, you are invoking the Sovereign Integral consciousness to manifest on Earth in a human instrument where there is complete and unconditional transparency and therefore expansion.


Project Camelot, Question 8: Regarding the race of beings you consider yourself to be speaking for and a representative of, and here I must admit I consider myself as a member of this group, but for the sake of our viewers, please answer briefly if you would, the following for those who may not know the Wingmakers material:

- What planet and/or time are they from?

- Do they have a physical presence here?

- What is your own current mission here on Earth?

- Have they contacted or communicated with other humans as they have done yourself?

James, Answer 8: It has been almost exactly ten years since the website was first launched on the web. The first materials were designed to activate certain people to the Sovereign Integral consciousness. This consciousness cannot be contained in the historical contexts of soul, atma, spirit, or anima, it needed to be redefined because the soul construct was part of the God, Spirit, Soul Complex (as defined in Question One), and therefore was part of the Human Mind System.

Very few people realized this consciously. In effect, for the past ten years the Sovereign Integral was introduced tepidly and allowed to simmer on the back burner of the WingMakers and Lyricus websites. In this new era of transparency the Sovereign Integral will be elevated to a new level of vividness and accessibility.

Those of us involved in the WingMakers and Lyricus are focused on introducing the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness and providing support to those interested in realizing this consciousness as their Self. We believe that the human family is programmed to believe what it is fed via the information and knowledge systems of the world and that these systems stimulate and excite the Human Mind System ensuring that the individual becomes lost in division and disconnection.

In terms of where the WingMakers derive from, it is not important. We are you and you are us. That is all. The manifested world of Earth and humanity and all of Nature, is one layer of the “Onion”. There is also an interdimensional domain that is composed of innumerable layers – and within these layers reside life forms within life forms within life forms. Its complexity and breadth is not translatable into human language.

The beings that exist in the manifested, three-dimensional universe are human and only human. The beings that exist within the other “layers” are interdimensional beings that are not manifested in the physical domain, but all of the beings, whether human/physical, or non-human/interdimensional are part of the Sovereign Integral consciousness.

Now, I’m well aware that this disclosure, for many people, stretches their HMS to the point of discomfort and apprehension. The HMS cannot grapple easily with these concepts as they are outside of its patterns of conception, but all you have to do is practice the Quantum Pause, apply the Six Heart Virtues in your local universe, and observe through the eyes of the Sovereign Integral – the quantum presence that is deep within you, that has no programming, no agenda, no deception, no purpose. It is simply itself: expressing oneness, equality and truthfulness unconditionally in every breath.


Project Camelot, Question 9: If you have any information regarding the various differing agendas of the main races of beings that are monitoring, assisting, interacting with, taking advantage of, or manipulating the situation here on Earth, please address this to the best of your ability.

James, Answer 9: As you may have surmised in my previous answer, the number of beings in existence is infinite, and yet, if you read carefully, I did say that humans are the only three-dimensionally manifested beings in the universe. Those beings that are non-human can operate within the three-dimensional manifest world, but generally their bodies are not well suited to our density, and they will perish if they don’t return to their native dimension.

The agenda of those who are the prison guards is focused on one thing: To conceal the view of the prison walls through directing the attention of the Human Mind System into entertainment venues that stimulate their senses. Those who are susceptible to this diversion go about their lives completely unaware that they are bumping into the prison walls in every moment of their life.

Those who have a different resonance, whose Wholeness Navigator has been awakened and they are led by it, they are all about deepening their perceptions of the prison walls. They are sensing the walls in their every waking moment. In doing this, they do not fear the walls, they do not fear the guards, and they do not fear those whom the guards serve. Their process of realization is sensing the prison walls in every breath so they can dismantle them brick by brick.

The beings inside the prison are both human and interdimensional; the prison is of the physical and interdimensional worlds. It encompasses both. It is not as if humans are in the prison and then upon death they break out and go directly to an enlightened state enjoying the fruits of heaven. No, the consciousness that you express in this world will accompany you into the next dimension. A human is equally capable of leaving the prison as an entity in the interdimensional domain; remember equality and oneness is not a condition of environment or vibratory domain.


Project Camelot, Question 10: Somewhat related to Question 9, we have some evidence of a conflict currently going on between two factions of the Anunnaki… as well as between the Nordics and Greys/Reptilians; which includes the Illuminati and various governments that may have become aligned through treaties with either one side or the other… and the sovereignty of the Earth. Can you comment?

James, Answer 10: Alignment is formed only within the Hidden Elite. The Hidden Elite is the Incunabula. The Elite operate in the following general alignment: Incunabula > Banking System > Illuminati > Secret Societies > World Government Leaders. The Incunabula control the banking system, and those that turn the “dials” are cleverly hidden. Down through time, the banking system is the force through which all other organizations and objectives are controlled, attenuated, destroyed, or allowed to thrive. It is the alpha power of the Collective System, and thus it was important, if not necessary, for the Incunabula to remain hidden.

The Incunabula was designed originally to prepare the human domain for the return of Anu, the Anunnaki King who originally designed and co-created the human species. Part of the myth surrounding the return of Christ was associated with this expectation as it was whispered into the religious doctrine by those who knew of the true extent of the Second Coming.

However, Anu is not coming because the game has been changed within the dimensions. The original plan was that Anu would enter our world several years prior to 2012, which would provide him time to prepare his staff – the Incunabula – for the end of time, or what has been referred to in the popular media as 2012. The end of time was construed to be the end of the human programmed existence; the demise of the Human Mind System – the crashing down of the prison walls that have deceived humankind from realizing its true nature as Sovereign Integrals.

The end of time will be very much like a strong wind that passes over a calm sea and only those boats who have their sails unfurled and are prepared will notice the effects of the wind. Others will be so distracted, so fearful, that they do not even notice the wind, or, if they do, it will not occur to them that it is unveiling a new direction, a new shore, a new way of expressing life.

Because the Elite are focused on the Money Power Grid, they see the end of time as the end of their power. Amid this perception, they are scrambling for position, seeking to form new relationships that may enable their era to continue unimpeded, or at least if the Money Power Grid will consolidate, they want to be among the survivors. Thus, there is great infighting and posturing among the Elite.

There are many interpretations about the end of time, and, as I alluded in my previous comments, it will be quite different for those who are prepared compared to those who are infused with the Human Mind System and are completely comfortable and identified with the prison it represents. For those, the end of time will feel like the program has a virus or bug. It will feel like the universe has glitched, and they are being sucked into the disorder. It will be very frightening for some.

The Elite, and this includes their interdimensional allies, realize the end result of the human program is an unknown. It is not understood. Its implication to the Money Power Grid, the lifeline that perpetuates their control, is uncertain, but they know change is afoot and that this change is of a magnitude that will surpass historical standards.


Project Camelot, Question 11: Please address the role of channeling vs. the information received by remote viewers and the role of prophecy in our movement into the future. Please also address the role of Mayan, Hopi and other First Nation (e.g. Aboriginal) prophecies and how accurate or pertinent they may be in revealing or informing the future.

James, Answer 11: Channeling is a sub-component of the God-Spirit-Soul Complex (GSSC), and therefore the Human Mind System. The origins of channeling arise from Anu’s attempt to automate his persona into the human domain because he realized that the access between the dimensions and the manifest environment of humanity would close. The GSSC was his automation system that embodied his presence within the world of man.

Channeling was originally the equivalent of demon possession where interdimensional entities would temporarily infuse themselves within the human instrument and read a script prepared for them, usually an operative of the GSSC who was intent on bringing hope, love, truth, wisdom, and cosmological indoctrinations to humanity through the spiritual and, to a lesser extent, religious systems of the human family.

In more recent times channeling has become more automated, using pre-programmed scripts, voice tonalities, gestures, and accents which are implanted in the HMS of the individual channeler, and quite literally “broadcast” for later publication and dissemination among those who have a resonance to GSSC and seek enlightenment therein.

The channeled materials, owning to their extensive crafting, were cosmological wunderkinds that generated awe and near-instant faith in their readers. Works like The Urantia Book, Conversations with God, Seth, Agartha, Alice Bailey, and countless others were all prepared texts for humanity, written by dimensional entities under the direction of the GSSC and distributed for human consumption to ensure that humans remained satiated with division and deception – though under the guise of spiritual and cosmological truth.

If you carefully examine channeling you will see that it does not mention the Sovereign Integral, the silence that is you. They discuss the heavens, God, angelic beings, extraterrestrial intelligences, the service orientation of ascended being, ascension process of soul, morality, practical living, alignment to God, life after death, and the complex teacher-student ordering of the universe. It is all designed to instill separation and satisfy the seeker that truth exists on the material plane, thus, they do not have to leave the prison to find it; they simply need to read or listen with their mind.

Remote viewing is tapping into the unconscious or unified field of the Human Mind System. Within this field of consciousness remote viewers can access the astral imprint of Earth or any other planet or system in which the HMS extends – which is the entire known physical universe. The astral imprint is like a reflection in a grainy mirror. It lacks the texture and details, but the general picture exists. It is time sensitive, so sometimes, unbeknownst to the remote viewer, the subject is time shifted and the time shift can be thousands of years.

Remote Viewers also can be influenced by more subtle dimensional fields that are not physically manifest. Thus, sometimes their imagery is not of this world, though it seems of the physical, three-dimensional world, it is really of the astral or mental.

As for prophecy, the Mayans in particular, were very advanced because they had specific priests that were offspring of human and Anunnaki genetic intermixing, and this allowed them to understand the higher order mathematics of the Human Mind System. The HMS is a mathematical composite equation at its foundation level. I realize that this may not seem possible, and your belief or disbelief is not important, all I will explain is that for prophecy to work, predestination must be existent, and if predestination exists, then mathematics would seem a likely reason, would it not?

In terms of prophecy there are only two themes of importance. One prophecy relates to the Grand Portal (as it is known within WingMakers) and the other to the End of Time. The End of Time prophecy is attributed to the Mayan, but as I suggested earlier, there was an Anunnaki influence to the prophecy that was due to the genetic intermixing of the two races, which is another story altogether.

The End of Time prophecy was actually initiated in Atlantean times. There was an individual among the Atlantean leadership that possessed a penetrating knowledge of prophecy, so much so, that even Anu was aware of this being. I will call this individual Cogniti, and it was he who was able to perceive, and, more importantly, recall and articulate the prophecy of the End of Time. This prophecy was described to Anu and it was the galvanizing vision that caused Anu to seal Heaven from Earth.

Cogniti’s prophecy was that there would be an individual in the far distant future that would open the Earth to the interdimensional planes. That Earth could not be sealed from the Heavens as it was this individual’s destiny to reclaim Heaven. Anu was not pleased with this prophecy and it inspired him to separate Humans from the interdimensional planes, and instead he created new worlds that were part of the HMS, residing as programs within the HMS (God-Spirit-Soul Complex) that included constructs of reincarnation, afterlife, and the astral, mental and soul planes.

The End of Time prophecy, as Cogniti described it, was a threat to Anu because if his creation – human beings – could access the dimensions, they would know they were programmed existences, veiled shadows of their true self. So it was this prophecy that begat the GSSC and it became one of the most complex labyrinths in Anu’s arsenal to enslave humanity.

The second prophecy was the Grand Portal, and this has to do with not only one individual discovering the portal into the dimensions of the Sovereign Integral, but all of humanity. This is the return of humanity to its stature as the Sovereign Integral liberated of the HMS, yet still manifest on Earth in a human instrument. In short, it is the transformation of the human instrument into a tool of expression for the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.

While the Hopis and many other indigenous cultures have prophetic visions, the majority of these are programs within the HMS, either well within the prison walls or are echoes of the two main prophetic themes that resonate with the unconscious domain of the HMS I just described.


Project Camelot, Question 12: Our understanding is that Looking Glass and other ET related time portal technology has a role in how the planet survives the movement into the galactic plane. Is the effort mentioned by Dan Burisch of Majestic to close the man-made stargates (in order to avoid a potential catastrophe) an authentic effort – and will it successfully assist the smooth transition of our planet through the galactic plane?

James, Answer 12: The transition of the Earth is not dependent whatsoever on any savior or technology. Bear in mind that the human family, dimensional beings, Earth, Nature, and Universe are all unified in the Tone of Equality (as described in the WingMakers philosophy). This equality is precisely why separation is not real. Anything that is of separation exists in deception or the HMS.

The Earth is conducting itself in this equality and that is all that is required. To comment on the stargates and other timespace manipulation technology only feeds the deception of separation. It is a drama of the HMS.


Project Camelot, Question 13: The WingMakers saga emphasizes the discovery of what could be viewed as a chakra system on the planet and the activation as creating the necessary link-up that would result in a kundalini type effect that would move the Earth from the 3rd dimension into the 5th dimension and therefore out of the path of Nibiru and any potential for an invasion of an unwanted robotic race of beings. Is this still an accurate depiction of what needs to happen in order to avoid cataclysm and/or invasion?

James, Answer 13: Your interpretation is an interesting one, but is not accurate to the intent. Firstly, one of the seven WingMakers sites is situated on each continent, not representative of a chakra system, but rather the realm of the symbolic that is hidden in every culture. The WingMakers mythology is a bridge from the Sovereign Integral to the Human Mind System, and it is designed to awaken this interest by releasing the masks of the HMS in favor of the identity of the Sovereign Integral. It is a preparation process that is different for every individual, but every individual in the human instrument is imprisoned within the HMS to varying degrees.

I have always said that the WingMakers Materials are encoded, and that these encodings are designed to prepare the individual to awaken to the deeper structures (outer prison walls) and help the individual ease their way into the new territory of the Sovereign Integral. The Sovereign Integral is not a realm of eternal ease, beauty, freedom, painlessness, and ultra creature comforts. Rather, it is an awareness of how we are all one and equal with First Source, and that this makes each of us responsible for the prison and the outflow of its dysfunctional events.

How can one leave the body upon death and circulate in a realm of heaven that is beautiful and inspiring while their fellow humans are left to suffer on Earth in the prison of their unsuspecting HMS? Some would say this is because of karma and that these poor beings incarnated to serve in this capacity. Even if this were true, does this relinquish you from a responsibility to support and help your fellow humans? Remember we are all one. We all exist in the Tone of Equality as sovereigns united as First Source.

What happens to one happens to all.

When I speak of those who are lost in the prison without knowing it, I am not referring only to the downtrodden – those starving in refugee camps, those with insurmountable health dilemmas or those in abusive relationships (to name a few). No, I am referring to virtually all of humanity incarnated on Earth and those who have moved on to the astral or mental planes and yet remain in the prison. If you are unrealized of Self as the Sovereign Integral, you are somewhere within the prison, and though it is obvious, it must be said – this includes the prison guards and warden.

Now, the robotic force you refer to (the Animus in the WingMakers mythology) is a symbolic representation of the dark force. They are not real, in the sense that they represent a threat to humanity now or in the future.

Those who have lifted their consciousness and deepened their perceptions to the point where they can sense the Sovereign Integral and experience it – no matter how fleetingly – they are the ones who must express this new state in truthfulness and directness. It is the time of the Nunti-Sunya, which is the messenger of stillness or emptiness. This is the ancient, encoded term for the End of Imprisonment. The “emptiness” is the quantum presence or state in which the Sovereign Integral exists.

As I mentioned in a previous answer, Nibiru is no longer a threat to Earth. Our threat is the Human Mind System and its self-perpetuating nature.


Project Camelot, Question 14: We have testimony that says that the Anunnaki are here, working with present-day governments and on our base on Mars. Do you agree? Is Nibiru a planetoid containing the negatively-oriented side of the Anunnaki and which is headed our way?

James, Answer 14: I agree that the Anunnaki are here, but they are not the threat. As I have previously stated, the real threat is people’s indifference to re-referencing their world from the HMS to the Sovereign Integral. The Elite, at all levels, direct the attention of humanity on those efforts that build the world according to their needs. The New World Order exists now, and the Anunnaki and their placements are well in control of it. Regardless of what name you give it, the world is indeed undergoing a new order, and there are those within the Elite who are assessing the masses’ awareness of these changes and their reactions to it.

In order to ensure that the rebellion within the masses of humanity is manageable, the Elite use the entertainment, media, religion, government, and education systems to de-sensitize humanity to the real issues, keeping their attentions on the trivial and unimportant, all the while monitoring their reactions to being monitored.

You can argue that this is paranoia, or you can argue that people are naïve and easily manipulated. If you choose either side you have activated your Polarity System. Congratulations. The issue is whether you resonate with the construct of the Human Mind System or the Sovereign Integral. If it is the latter, then allow your resonance to guide you, and, in an informal way, release your attention from those elements that reflect or constitute the HMS.


Project Camelot, Question 15: What do you know about the bases on the moon and Mars and the various races (including humans) with bases there?

James, Answer 15: I apologize for sounding like a broken record that repeats itself, however, while I can answer your question in the affirmative that there are bases on the moon (and other planets in our solar system), many of these bases are not manifest in our human dimension. In other words, a human could be standing in front of these bases and not sense them whatsoever. This phenomenon is similar to the orbs that people photograph but don’t see with their human eyes. Similarly, the UFOs that are witnessed on cameras but are not observed with human eyes.

The vast majority of extraterrestrial craft are only visible for short periods of time (if at all) because of the gravitational system on Earth “pulls” their crafts into our dimension, making them visible to our senses. On the moon, these gravitational fields are not a factor.

The bases were developed by other races, mostly the Anunnaki, as observation and storage sites.


Project Camelot, Question 16: What do you know about how successful the Powers-that-Be will be in surviving a pole shift or cataclysm in the underground bases that they have built for this purpose?

James, Answer 16: The underground bases that exist are not immune to the changes. If Earth/Nature wants all of humanity to feel this compression of the quantum worlds with the manifest worlds, there will be no place to avoid it. Earthquakes and floods, to take two examples, can damage underground installations as well if not better than they can damage above ground. Those who believe they can manipulate Earth/Nature without consequence will learn otherwise.

To be clear, I am not suggesting that terrible Earth/Nature changes are imminent or unavoidable, rather, I am saying that no one will be immune from their effects when they occur because we are one and equal to all in existence. There are those within the Elite that believe they have immunity, but they are so lost within their HMS programs that they are deluded and brainwashed into believing their actions will not rebound upon them, follow them into the next dimension, and encase them until they forgive and are forgiven.

This forgiveness is not a Biblical expression or religious platitude; it is the nature of the Sovereign Integral to remain inaccessible until the individual in the human expression (HMS) rises up within themselves and announces to their local universe: NO MORE! No more will I be part of this deception. No more will I contribute my energy to the works of deception. No more will I stand idle while others suffer. No more will I shake in my self doubt and allow those in power to decide my fate. No longer will I be sucked into the distractions of the Elite. No longer will I reserve my activism for a future time… the time is NOW.

If you do this – not only in words but deeds – you will see a space open up in your life; a sort of emptiness and stillness that lacks human embroidery or definition. This is the place in which you can stand up and radiate the oneness, equality and truthfulness of the Sovereign Integral. This is the activism that will change the world. It will not be the organizations, the sects, or the militias that bring change. They cannot stand up to the Elite. Only the Self, the Sovereign Integral, operating in harmony with Earth/Nature can stand up to the Elite and usher in the era of transparency and expansion.

When you voice the genuine and sober self-assessment in all of its textures and subtlety, you are inviting the new behaviors of the Sovereign Integral. These are all signs of authentic forgiveness; they are not the sanctimonious, over emotionalized capitulations of a guilt-ridden follower who intones the ritual of forgiveness like a machine. In apathy, blindness, or utter devotion to the Money Power Grid, it is all the same relative to accessing the Sovereign Integral state. You will be shut out. Forgiveness is the active formula of self-assessment of your present situation and the application of new behaviors that are in resonance with the Sovereign Integral.

Look upon your life every moment and see if you are operating in the HMS or are quietly going about the business of cutting the threads that bind you. If you feel your behaviors reflect a state of oneness, equality and truthfulness, then you are in resonance with the Sovereign Integral.


Project Camelot, Question 17: Would you consider yourself to be a time traveler, having returned in order to help guide the planet through this transition? Would you view any other great teachers or world figures from this perspective?

James, Answer 17: Like everyone else embodied in a human instrument, living in these times, I am both my sovereign Self and I am First Source. I am more aware of this state than some, but this is the only difference. I am one of those who has been exposed to life outside the prison, and I have returned not with descriptions of the “other side” but with encoded works, techniques, and behavioral systems that can help people form alignments with their preternatural Self, and move into the new era of transparency and expansion with greater ease.


Project Camelot, Question 18: Our philosophy is that hiding in plain sight is wisest… or, in other words, the best place to hide is out in the open. You have chosen to remain hidden and largely anonymous. Would you explain the philosophy that lies behind this, your experience with the PTB and their surveillance of you and your work and what circumstances or conditions might motivate you into coming forward in person in the future?

James, Answer 18: My anonymity is not an expression of hiding from the Powers that Be. I am an infinite being just as you and everyone else. My reason for anonymity is due to my desire to let the works stand on their own, without the handiwork of personality or image, as I am not an image or personality. Besides, the Powers that Be know who I am and how to find me if they are ever inclined to do so.

My role, as single-pointed as it may seem, is to re-introduce the Sovereign Integral to humanity. It is an encoded word concept that has many, many layers to it. Some people will immediately resonate with the concept it contains, not really knowing why or what the word means. While it was introduced ten years ago through the website, it was only disclosed at a certain level. Now, through this communication, and those that will follow, a new layer of its meaning has been revealed.

The Sovereign Integral is the transparent Being of expansion, uniquely fit for the era in which we have begun to enter. It is the portal through which the individual can experience First Source in unconditional oneness, equality and truthfulness. It is not the soul or spirit. It is not God. It is not affiliated with the God-Spirit-Soul Complex. It is outside of this construct of the Human Mind System. And this is precisely why it can be a challenge to understand what the Sovereign Integral is, and why it requires significant preparation to experience its incomparable qualities and dimensional expressions.

The Sovereign Integral is outside of the prison, and yet it does, due to its infinite nature, encompass the prison. As an encompassing element of the human body it is as near as your breath, circulating within your human instrument, yet it remains in its own quantum existence in emptiness and stillness. I know that the description of emptiness seems unfulfilling, and to some, a bit frightful, but the emptiness I speak of is simply that it is empty of illusion – the deceptions and separations of the Human Mind System.

In closing, since this was your last question, I want to add that I realize my answers to this set of questions may cause a sense of being lost in some people – perhaps not at first, but over the days and weeks ahead, you might come to this place in your process. I want to assure you that this is normal. This feeling of being lost is a consequence of letting go of the things that bind you to your Human Mind System, and anything that cuts these threads that bind you, that asserts that your extensive, multi-lifetime beliefs have been based on programs of deception, is a very hard thing to accept without a sense of loss or a feeling of being lost.

All I can tell you is that for some of you, when you feel you have gone astray – uneasy in your every thought and feeling – you are the closest to being found. Let this recognition comfort you. The realizations of the Sovereign Integral come in waves for most people, they are like layers being peeled, one at a time, that gradually allow the full realization, and when this realization may occur for each of you is a thing best left in the mystery. You will not know when it will arrive, but in the new era, the conditions are favorable and the process is quickening with preparations like Quantum Pause.

Please be patient with your process. Within Lyricus we call this process The Origin Point because when it occurs you experience yourself outside of the Human Mind System and you feel your Self has returned to its origin, but of course it has never left, it only feels like a return when you are transitioning from the Human Mind System to the Sovereign Integral, and this sense of return only lasts a split second until the truth is fully recovered.

For those of you who have followed the works of, and, you may be wondering why my answers are so direct and come from a different geometry than my previous works. There are several reasons, one is that we are in a new time, the era of transparency and expansion is underway and it is colliding with the Elite agenda. Another reason is that the questions that Kerry and Bill have asked have never been asked of me in a public forum before, so you are hearing about some of this material for the first time as a result. And finally, as part of my personal undertaking to reveal the next level of the Sovereign Integral, it is necessary to strip off some of the rounded edges of the bridging that was invested in the original version of the concept.

Each of you must ask yourself the questions: Who would I be if masters, or God, or Light, or an extraterrestrial savior did not exist? What would I do if I was all of these in my world? It is time to take responsibility for your self. To rise up and embody the oneness, equality and truthfulness of who you are, because you cannot stand behind a Supreme Being or Master and truly express the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.

The bottom line is that all of this empire of deception, what I have been referring to as a prison, had to be created in order to enslave humans without them knowing they were enslaved. And all of the work that has been done since Anu’s first enslavement of humanity has been deception because humans would never have gone along without it being this way, and Anu and the Elite knew this as a certainty. First Source is re-activating itself within the human family, you can have the condition of forgetfulness, but it is not forgetting. You have not forgotten.




The previous 18 answers were initially supplied by James to Project Camelot, but these answers catalyzed some new questions, and James was asked if he’d be willing to answer some follow-on questions for clarification purposes. Those additional eight questions follow:


Project Camelot, Question 19: Who was Anu, and what was his purpose, and why?

James, Answer 19: Anu ascended to kinghood of the Anunnaki as a result of his superior resourcefulness and manipulative mind, which launched him into “Savior” standing of his race, which he came to see as his natural birthright throughout the dimensions of his creation. By nearly all human definition, Anu is God.

Anu’s purpose is multi-faceted and problematic to pin down because it really depends on which timespace coordinates you make your assessments from. In one coordinate, you can say that his relative genius provided him a measure of Godhood, and yet, in a different coordinate, you could say he was Satan, and the truth is, he is both, again, by human definition.

Among the interdimensional planes of existence, where entities or beings exist as individual expressions of First Source, there are races of beings that exist in different vibrational densities. There are numerous different races and just as in Nature, there is a natural selection process that determines which species will attain a dominant position among the various races. The Anunnaki are the race of beings that rose to prominence within the interdimensional planes and it was their king, Anu, who foresaw the process that would catapult himself into Godhood. This story is told a hundred different ways in various mythologies, but Anu is worshipped as God upon this planet by those who are sincere, and yet unaware of the origin of the God concept.

Anu’s purpose, as it pertains to humanity, was to create a physically manifested race of beings that he could control. It was his creation impulse that led him to pursue Godhood and to be worshipped by his creation, but he knew that this could only transpire if he were able to enslave the true nature of humanity within a human instrument that was fitted with the Human Mind System and its various sub-systems.

The impulse to be a Creator-God was a facet of Anu’s supremely gifted mind, which was an outgrowth of his genetic encoding, as he was able to conceive of this out of the requirement to save his race and civilization. It was out of the cauldron of this necessity that he began to envision creating a race of laborers upon Earth. It was only tens of thousands of years after the Anunnaki’s initial experiments in human genetics, when the human race was well underway, that the human expression began to become one of the key obsessions of other interdimensional races.

This obsession created the various mythologies of extraterrestrials that lived on other planets just like humans and used spacecraft to visit Earth – some benevolent, some not so kindly. However, as I mentioned earlier, the human race is truly the only life form of its kind in the entire universe, in terms of its level of density and manifested physicality, and this is due to Anu’s experimentation in designing human instruments that could be enslaved by the Human Mind System.

Anu was a master of observation. He understood the essence of beings, and with this understanding, he used it to manipulate. He knew that all beings, at their core essence, were encoded to serve. There is this natural infusion within the Sovereign Integral to serve the oneness of all beings, however, as Anu realized, this inborn aspiration to serve, was also a weakness that could be exploited – exploited in the sense that beings can be manipulated into suppression without them knowing it.

The mythology of gold, being the purpose in which Anu manifested this entire system of creation, is only the surface motive. It was a much broader agenda that Anu aspired to: it was being God to all beings – interdimensional and dimensional (human) – and seizing the power to control the fate of a planet, race, group, or individual that is bestowed to the one who created the system. Anu believed, or perhaps, rationalized, that he merely provided human and interdimensional beings with a fulfillment to serve God.

In response to your question, why did Anu do this? It was simply power, but not power as we might think of it in relation to a corporate CEO or president of a country, no, this was a power that was far-reaching and included entire races and planets, but even that was not the reason. The motivation was more subtle: it was to enslave the Sovereign Integral consciousness, knowing that it was more powerful, more intelligent, and more aware than even Anu. This was the true motive of Anu – to control that which was greater than he. It is a power inconceivable in our human domain, and once this power was achieved, it created a desire for more power, and therefore, more sophisticated systems of control.

It is these systems of control, “stacked” one on top of another, that ultimately slowed down the perception of time, and, in a sense, enabled Anu to operate in an entirely different time. This difference in time enabled him to move ahead of other races and control the outflow of events like a cosmic puppet-master. Other races were then disadvantaged as they were the recipients of events and not the creators thereof. They were behind the creation-flow always struggling to keep up, to figure it out, while, in a sense, Anu was a thousand miles ahead, calculating his moves that other races would encounter in a completely different time.


Project Camelot, Question 20: If the Wingmakers are the Central Race and the Central Race are the creator gods or Elohim, then is the RA Material and subsequent channelings of, for example, Wynn Free and others who say they are channeling the Elohim, deluded as part of the GSSC or are they indeed channeling the Wingmakers or First Source?

James, Answer 20: Let me answer your question with an analogue. Let’s say I brought you into a room that was completely dark – not a single photon existed in this room, but I was aware that there was a dial inside the room and I knew, from experience, where it was. As I turned the dial, it emitted photons of light from a point source into the room focused with a precision I controlled. If I turned the dial up the number of photons increased to such an extent that you would begin to see objects in the room, very dimly at first, but nevertheless, you would see that the room was not a black void, but rather, consisted of objects that were present in the room, even though you didn’t yet know what the objects were.

Now, if I focused the photon emitter to a specific object, and turned up the dial high enough, you would see that it was the human soul. If I turned the dial up even further and diffused the photons in a wider pattern, you would see the God-Spirit complex infusing the human soul like a circulatory system. If I continued to turn the dial up, releasing more photons into the room, you would see that there were objects, far in the distant background, behind the God-Spirit-Soul Complex, and yet these objects were even more dimly illuminated and mysterious in their expressions.

The objects that stand behind, so dimly lit as to remain unknown, are the Sovereign Integral and its collective expression: First Source. The God-Spirit-Soul Complex (GSSC) exists in this room, and is the first object to be illuminated by the light. In the faint light of a few thousand photons, the GSSC becomes subject to interpretation by thousands, if not millions, of spiritual explorers. No one sees it clearly enough to define it definitively, and therefore the interpretations persist from one era to the next.

If I turned the photon emitter to the objects in the distance, and turned up the dial, the viewer would now perceive that the Sovereign Integral is unconnected to the God-Spirit-Soul Complex, and that the GSSC is something that actually suppresses or obscures the view of the Sovereign Integral. It is impossible to turn the light on the Sovereign Integral without also illuminating its suppression by the GSSC, but this does not mean that those who transmit the GSSC are deluded or insincere. It only means that in the deeper reality of the Sovereign Integral, the GSSC is revealed to be a form of suppression and it is not connected in any substantive way to either the Sovereign Integral or First Source.

Bridges are being built from the GSSC to the Sovereign Integral because there are individuals that are aware of the Sovereign Integral state at an unconscious level, and they are constructing bridges from the GSSC to this deeper reality unaware as to the ultimate destination of their bridge.

Now, to your specific question. Those who are channeling are not conscious of the specific source from which their information arises. Channeling is a Human Mind System insert and its original source may be unknown, undisclosed, or falsely attributed. It is not from the Sovereign Integral state nor that of First Source, as this information would not be transmittable in words or images. Whenever you see words and images, you must know that they arise from within the HMS, and, yes, that includes these words.

Those who try to build bridges from the HMS to the Sovereign Integral state have no choice but to use words, sounds, techniques, technologies, and images to inspire human beings to embrace this new era of transparency and expansion. Because these “bridges” express with the tools of the HMS, even when they try to reveal the “deeper objects in the room,” they are only able to reveal the general shape and outline. This is all part of the transition process, but as I have always said, be prepared to jettison your beliefs – see them as disposable – for they are not appendages of the Sovereign Integral, because beliefs are from the mind and only of the mind.


Project Camelot, Question 21: Although you say that there is no ascension in the traditionally understood sense of the term, however, you do say we are moving into an era of transparency and expansion where the forces of the Collective System are failing… and where Sovereign Integral consciousness is more accessible.

What is causing this change in the era… where we have, as you say, reached the top of the pyramid of manifested life? In a sense, if the HMS is a labyrinth or matrix of deception that extends throughout the known Universe or multiverse…, which might also be called a Game, then in essence self-realization of our true nature as a Sovereign Integral or First Source, is stepping outside the game/matrix results in game over or oneness?

James, Answer 21: Ascension is not an individual process because the individual is not separate from its core essence, nor does it require an intermediary to reacquaint it with this essence, what I’ve been referring to throughout this interview as the Sovereign Integral. What the individual truly requires is to become disentangled from the artifice of the Human Mind System, and all this requires is the evolving awareness that is born and sustained during the Quantum Pause, or its equivalent.

The cause behind the era of transparency and expansion is multi-faceted, but let me speak to its purpose before I suggest its cause, as they are always related. The purpose of this new era is the transfer of knowledge, relative to the Sovereign Integral, so that humanity can begin living – through authentic self-expression – the behaviors of the Sovereign Integral here on Earth. In other words, the deceptions that have persisted in this world, the systems of cover-up, will be gradually dissolved, and as this macro-process unfolds in parallel with the individual knowledge transfer, First Source may inhabit the dimensional worlds for the First Time.

This has been referred to in various spiritual textsas, “Heaven on Earth.” In Lyricus we refer to this as the Grand Portal, but while the precise meaning may be different, the general event is the same.

Now, as to its cause, the era of transparency and expansion is an outgrowth of the Sovereign Integral’s natural presence; benevolent interdimensional Beings; the transformation of Earth/Nature in terms of timespace; and the portal into the interdimensional realms which has been opening up in the past ten years. Let me take these one at a time.

The Sovereign Integral exists here and now, an infinite Being hidden in what some would call the finite human body-mind system or human instrument. Within this presence, the Quantum Presence, there is a quantum-level connection between all life expressions, and it is through this connection that transformation – of the whole – is possible. As more individual expressions align to First Source, and dedicate their self-expression as an outflow from the Sovereign Integral, this new awareness and capability transfers to all life. In other words, the Quantum Presence transmits, and as it transmits, it transforms the whole. To be sure, this is a process and takes eons of time, but it is now reaching a critical mass within Earth, Nature and humanity.

Analogous to this is the use of the Genetic Manipulation System (GMS) by other interdimensional entities who, unlike Anu, have a benevolent purpose. Remember, I stated earlier in the interview that the GMS is an open system, and it was for this reason that other interdimensional beings were so interested in humanity. Those beings referred to as the Greys are, but one example. Within the known multiverse, the human instrument is unique, and it is for this reason that other races have such an obsession with its qualities and capabilities.

These interdimensional races use spaceships as the means through which they cross vibrational domains. In other words, it is not space they are traversing, as we think of space; rather, it is negotiating vibrational densities for which they use their spaceships. If they stay for extended periods in our vibrational domain, they will manifest and become visible to our senses, and if they are manifested for extended periods of time, they will be unable to return to their dimension. This is due to our gravitational fields and the subtle differences between the two domains of existence.

Some of these interdimensional beings, those who have become materialized, have moved into underground bases, or, in some instances, have transformed their physical bodies to allow them to integrate reasonably well into human society.

Curiosity in the human condition is the principal reason that UFOs and extraterrestrial influence and interaction exist. Humanity has been examined and investigated like no other species, and while Anu was very clear that other races could investigate, they were not to influence. However, there were certain beings that were not beholden to Anu, and operated independently of the Anunnaki and their allies, and here I am referring directly to the WingMakers.

The GMS is connected to the unconscious region of the Human Mind System. Thus, if a modification vis-à-vis the GMS is made in a fractional percentage of humans, it is transferred to the human family through the unconscious or Genetic Mind. The story of how the WingMakers utilized the GMS to open portals between the human domain and the interdimensional domains would require more time to explain than I have in the context of this interview, but let me just say that the WingMakers attuned some of the implants within the GMS to enable certain individuals of the human family to re-conceptualize, and in some instances, experience, the human soul liberated of the GSSC imprints.

Earth/Nature is undergoing its own transformation, stimulated by its resonance with new spatial energies and its own awakening as a result of the human condition. Earth/Nature is well aware of the human influence upon its domains, and this influence has stimulated its defenses or strategies of continued existence. It is perhaps hard to comprehend that Earth/Nature is aware of the Human Mind System when we ourselves remain largely ignorant of our condition, but it is true. Earth/Nature realizes that humanity must awaken to its true essence, or Earth/Nature will be destined to live enslaved to those who are themselves enslaved.

Relative to the portals that were opened between the human dimension and that of the interdimensional realms, this occurred, for the first time, in 1998. These portals were revelatory examples of how Anu had deceived virtually all beings through the creation of intermediary domains that were designed programs, within programs, within programs, for the purpose of positioning Anu as God of all.

There are all of these accounts in the historical record of individuals traveling into the Heavens and meeting with the angels and masters. These accounts are so numerous as to make it seem as if it were almost common. It is not. Before the portals were opened in 1998, those who were traveling into the Heavens were interacting with realms of the mind and/or astral domains. The era of transparency and expansion began in 1998 and it will continue indefinitely into the vast future that awaits humanity and its interdimensional allies.


Project Camelot, Question 22: In a sense, is not this concept nothing more than enlightenment as it is more traditionally called? Direct realization of our godhead or divinity is a concept well known within Eastern philosophy… as is recognition that we are, always have been and always will be…God or First Source.

James, Answer 22: Anu encoded within the human being a desire to search for enlightenment, and at the same time, he created the God-Spirit-Soul Complex to partially satisfy the search. I say “partially” because for most people the search begins down one path, but then moves to another, and another, and another. Over the course of a lifetime, the average person has searched through dozens of religious, scientific, occult, and spiritual paths, and yet their search continues. This is because the program that is encoded into human beings and reinforced by the HMS, stimulates the search for God-Spirit-Soul outside of the individual, even when the teaching represented declares that the “Kingdom of Heaven is within.”

If you were the creator of humanity, and you wanted to keep secret the one thing that would answer all questions pertaining to the Self, making any search for truth obsolete, where would you hide this amazing secret? If you were wise, you would place it right in front of everyone, but also place within your creation the insatiable desire to search for truth in books, lectures, spiritual savants, saints, prophets, sages, spiritual techniques, shamans, witches, ancient texts, churches, synagogues, mosques, ashrams, websites, and a hundred other places. That is how to hide the answer to everything from everyone, and this is precisely what Anu did.

The Eastern concept of Direct-Realization or Self-Realization or God-Realization is part of the bridgework I mentioned earlier in question 20, but it is, with few exceptions, still connected into the realization of the God-Spirit-Soul Complex through the mind. There are some, who have glimpsed the Sovereign Integral state, but it is a very small percentage, and to some degree, this meager percentage is due to the monetization of the spiritual hierarchy of the Eastern paths and their propensity for separation via their teacher-student ordering.

Those who have access to the Sovereign Integral state can repeat their accessibility at will. They have access to the interdimensional realms outside of the HMS and its tributary systems of suppression, they understand how to fuel this access to the Sovereign Integral state, and, conversely, how to starve the suppression framework. These are an exceedingly small number of human beings.

If you read Cosmic Consciousness by Richard Maurice Bucke, he provides an accounting of some of our greatest spiritual explorers throughout history, detailing how they were imbued with a mysterious, non-physical light and a clear sense of union with all life. In virtually every case, the experience of cosmic consciousness was a sudden, inexplicable and profound feeling of oneness with the universe, a feeling that lasted for many days and positively affected them the remainder of their life. Most of those who experienced this cosmic consciousness felt that they had become a “channel” of this energy through their writing, art, and life’s work.

But these events are not repeatable, the experiencer is not able to slip into the heavenly domain at will, nor do they have clear knowledge of what is real and what remains a deception. This is no fault of these forerunners of humanity, but I am merely making the point that it is a different experience, and from my perspective, it is an experience within the HMS.

First Source is not God, not as human beings understand what God is. God, as an entity, independent of you or me, does not exist – though there have been those (i.e., Anu) who believed themselves to be God and masqueraded as one. First Source is the collective of Sovereign Integrals throughout the multiverse, and that which binds them is Source Intelligence. The entire GSSC, as conceived by Anu, was modeled on this reality:

• God = First Source

• Spirit = Source Intelligence

• Soul = Sovereign Integral

But these concepts are not the same. If one says,“I am self-realized and therefore enlightened,” are they enlightened of the GSSC? Or, are they an experiencer of the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness beyond the HMS? If it is the latter, you will not find them on book tours, giving lectures, establishing schools or ashrams, speaking in the lecture circuits, creating a spiritual path, healing for money, profiteering from their experience, or claiming they have special powers that others lack.

Anu wanted to ensure that spiritual and religious seekers would be caught up in the heavens of his creation. This is why the search outside oneself is so powerfully encoded, why we feel this separation of body and soul, and soul and God; why we cling so tenaciously to the diluted and disempowered versions of First Source, Source Intelligence, and Sovereign Integral found in the God-Spirit-Soul Complex; why our thoughts and prayers, so filled with hope, speak to a mask of First Source that is not one and equal with ourselves.

The fuel of our HMS is anger, greed, disappointment, irritability, blame, fear, resentment, and other so-called negative emotions, caused in large measure because of our lack of understanding that we are all one and equal, and that that truth is the basis of life. Those who have ventured into the clear waters of the Sovereign Integral have a responsibility to share the process of stripping away the masks and deceptions, living in the world, but not being of it, and this means that they do not participate in the deceptions of the HMS.

This process is as simple as practicing the Quantum Pause, the Six Heart Virtues and persisting until your last breath. There is no one to pay for this. There is no master or teacher. There is no school or rank of proficiency. There is no book to read or lecture to listen to. It is simple and easy. If you resonate with this approach, you can try it and see if it feels natural to you. There will be no one judging you if you decide not to pursue it to your last breath… other than yourself.


Project Camelot, Question 23: In what way, is awareness of oneself as a Sovereign Integral any different from the self-realization attained through meditation and awakening of kundalini? And, considering the breathing technique you are referencing in your material, is this not the same as any other technique which stimulates the rise of kundalini, linking of the chakras and eventually, enlightenment?

James, Answer 23: As you may have already surmised from my previous answers, the Sovereign Integral is the re-conceptualized expression of the human soul during the era of transparency and expansion. This era will be anchored in the experience of the Grand Portal, which is the consciousness of First Source – Sovereign Integrals unified and self aware – living upon Earth. This is the era whose shoreline we have just touched, and those tools, techniques, mental models, and methods of the previous age, well, they are not relevant, just as the abacus is not relevant in the age of computers.

Yes, I’m aware that I’m being very direct here, but it is time to be direct and truthful without over care to consequences and how people may respond. Look at it this way, and I am not picking on Eastern spirituality, but you asked the question about kundalini and so I’ll respond accordingly, but what I am saying applies to all of the traditional methods and mental models regardless of their cultural roots.

Kundalini is a complex system of energy manipulation within the human instrument culminating in enlightenment of the mind. It is a system of ascension where a teacher who knows how to activate the kundalini helps the student orchestrate their chakra or energy system. Well, what is energy? In the dimensions of the Sovereign Integral there is no energy. There is no fluctuation of energy. There is no yin-yang of energy. Energy is a concept of the mind. So those who spend endless hours working with energy, where has it taken you?

Energy exists in the HMS. It is real in the physical world. It is indisputably a part of the human instrument, and yet, the Sovereign Integral is constant, aware, awake, observant, alive, infinite, and, as odd as it may seem, it is not energy. It is not of energy. It does not require energy. It is not existent because of energy. Before there was energy there was the Sovereign Integral. Before there was a Human Mind System, there was the Sovereign Integral.

You might say, “Okay, but doesn’t the practice of kundalini (or any other legitimate ascension practice) accelerate my ability to understand the Sovereign Integral?” And my answer would be a qualified, “yes,” but only to the degree you are willing to release what you have learned and establish a new First Point that doesn’t include separation or complexity. Once you have invested yourself in a proficiency rank, accrued your expertise, are proceeding to become a teacher, you are in danger of being attached to the irrelevant and obsolete, and these can become like vines that cling to you and constrict your flexibility of movement to the new era in which we now move and have Our Being.

Let me be clear, for those who believe that a master can pronounce special words to them, as in the case of Deeksha (related to kundalini), and by these very words, cause them to be magnetically drawn to enlightenment, they are deluded. If someone believes they are enlightened by reading any book, they are deluded. If someone believes they can repeat a mantra and they are enlightened, they are deluded.

I am not trying to be confrontational here, but the simple facts are that billions of people on this planet are deluded in their practice of spirituality, the occult, religion, and yes, even science. They practice what they believe will move them closer to truth, when they themselves are truth, and their practice only creates thicker walls between awareness and truth. The era of transparency and expansion is all about bringing walls down. It is not about the absorption of more knowledge and information.

Quantum Pause is not related to kundalini or the belief system that surrounds it. In homage to Gertrude Stein, one could say that a breath technique, is a breath technique, is a breath technique, but that has not been my experience. While Quantum Pause is indeed a breath technique at its core, it is also a method to leave the human instrument and experience the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness. This is because breath is the highway or portal out of the human instrument, if done with the appropriate First Point.

Remember that the astral and mind domains are within the human instrument, so we are not interested in journeying there since they remain inside the Human Mind System, and are thus illusory and misleading. Quantum Pause is a method or process of disentangling from the Human Mind System, realizing that your self-definitions and identifications with culture, family, religion, spirituality, material possessions, money, and purpose, have been programmed and are not really who you are.

This is a difficult path for many people to accept, but this is what Quantum Pause is designed to achieve. It is the breath, enabled through Nature, that is life-giving to the human instrument, and it is the human instrument that is life-giving to the Sovereign Integral within the manifested physical reality of Earth. Thus, breath is the link, and Quantum Pause enables this link to be nurtured, expanded, strengthened, and made stable.

It is also important to understand that everything I bring forward for an individual’s consideration should be treated as a framework, not a prescriptive technique that should be followed rigidly. Individuals need to take responsibility for establishing their own exploratory techniques, methods of expansion, and new behaviors of disentangling from the HMS. Quantum Pause is a framework, not a specific system. With the web (an analogue of the Genetic Mind), there are ways to share your adjustments, add-ons, alterations, and new techniques, and I would encourage people to do this.

One last comment on the application of Quantum Pause, the big “wow” experience is not the fish you are trying to catch. You are not trying to attract anything to you; you are not trying to learn new information or become more knowledgeable; you are not trying to move energy around in your body; you are not trying to leave your body; and you are not trying to commune with your higher self or God. Your purpose, in applying Quantum Pause, is to pull down the walls that separate you from that state of consciousness that you are, and will always be, and have always been.

Quantum Pause is designed to align you with the transparency and expansion of this era of which we are all a part.


Project Camelot, Question 24: You say that the enlightenment of the past, embodied in experiences of Samadhi and such by great teachers such as Christ, Buddha and others did not actually take them into true contact with their true nature, outside the HMS, and therefore they did not escape the prison of the HMS, and they did not experience this state of direct knowing of one’s true nature as a god or First Source…

Therefore, who was the member of the human family who did attain this realization?

James, Answer 24: The spiritual masters who have become the symbolic leaders of religious institutions like Christianity and Buddhism, to name two, are among the forerunners of humanity. They were the spiritual explorers and activists of their time and culture, and were, and are, deeply committed to the spiritual life, infusing humanity with their hard-earned wisdom. In their era, they came to the outer walls of the prison (the Human Mind System) by breaking through many of the previous fortifications and distractions that held their fellow man.

They had the conviction of their destiny, their blueprint, and they were exemplars of their time. Their motives were pure and they brought new perspective to the human condition that enabled a quickening in the direction of the Sovereign Integral. But the distance between human beings in the era of Jesus and Buddha and the experience of the Sovereign Integral were insurmountable. The human instrument was not prepared for this interaction and experience. However, the direction could be established, the head trail could be set forth, and a crude map developed for later generations of spiritual explorers.

Remember, we are all facets of the human experience, and return lifetime after lifetime, renewing our indoctrination in the Human Mind System, but simultaneously, one or more of our kind, penetrates a deeper region of our collective prison, and returns to write or speak about it. Their observations and experiences become part of our Genetic Mind or unconscious, and these can have profound meaning to our species overall because the human family – every one of us – has access to this field of consciousness.

But the steps we take, in the direction of the Sovereign Integral, are small, sometimes indistinguishable, in the context of a single lifetime. The eras in which we live determine our self-expressions, our definitions, and our beliefs. We are always in the process of the next evolution, as determined by the Genetic Mind, the Earth/Nature element, and the interdimensional beings that interact with humanity. Behind all of this is First Source, who masterfully draws humanity to itself, one individual at a time.

With that context, I hope it is clear that Jesus or Buddha or Lao Tzu or Mohammed or Saint Germaine or any other master of their era, was on the spiritual frontier, deep in the territory of the higher Mind, which unto itself is so vast as to make the physical universe seem like a grain of sand. The entrance to the non-polarity realms was not nearly as accessible as it is in this era. There were no bridges to cross over, no portals open and operating; it was literally a wilderness without trails or paths.

And so, these spiritual explorers, as great as they were, as deep as they journeyed into the Heavenly realms, few of them touched the true essence of our highest nature – in that lifetime in which they became identified with a religion or spiritual path. The parallel for this exists in science as well. Look at Newton, the greatest scientific explorer of his era, and yet today, we know that his framework was deeply flawed. Was he deluded? No, he was operating in his era at the highest level based on the Genetic Mind. Even now, in our era, Einstein’s contributions are being called into question by 21st century physicists and cosmologists.

Just as science is constantly redefining the Universe, spiritual explorers are constantly redefining the God-Spirit-Soul Complex. The layers of knowledge are near infinite in both cases, and, at their core, have mathematical counterparts at an octave that humanity has yet to even imagine, let alone discover. Thus, any suggestion that I perceive the achievements and contributions of humanity’s spiritual or scientific explorers as lacking or deceptive is only a result of not understanding the larger context of time and the depth of the “onion” we are collectively “peeling” – in both the scientific and spiritual dimensions.


Project Camelot, Question 25: And how is this realization different from that attained by Buddha, Jesus or other ‘masters’ commonly recognized within the human family? Is not saying one is a Sovereign Integral and therefore First Source identical to saying one is God and enlightened or ‘at one’?

James, Answer 25: While I have answered this question from a more traditional geometry in previous responses, I will, this time, take a new angle to your question.

In the stillness, purposelessness, and emptiness of you, everything exists. And yet, isn’t this precisely what human beings fear most? In the absolute center of who you are, where the void is, do you not fear this? Perhaps it would be accurate to say that this is the origin of fear itself. An irony, wouldn’t you say, that the Sovereign Integral, that which most clearly defines you, is feared by you. Why do you suppose this is? Why would you fear the void and emptiness that is you? Why would you refuse to look through the portal of your human instrument and perceive without the mind in attendance?

This is precisely why human beings are addicted to spiritual propaganda. They fear the still-point in which they exist because they have been programmed by their HMS, and accepted it as truth: what is the void – is but death and non-existence. Thus, they search for the beautiful, the harmonious, the spiritual vistas of higher worlds, the descriptions of peace and love, angelic presences, the experience of oneness and beauty, but they do not want to go through the gateway of emptiness to get there because emptiness is death and non-existence of the mind. And the mind is what they have come to believe is them.

I am not suggesting that Jesus or Buddha did not possess this insight. They most certainly did and do. In a way, each of us possess this insight through the Genetic Mind, but very few who have walked this planet in a human form have achieved this insight based upon experience and not simply abstractions of words or symbols from the Genetic Mind. Jesus manifested on Earth to teach humans of his era that death was not real. That God was not out there, but within the individual – every individual was equal in their standing; that the human race was a victim of enslavement to the Money Power Grid, and until humanity would rise up in the self-expression of its spiritual nature, it would remain a puppet of the powerful. And so it has.

From the very beginning, the insight of the Sovereign Integral is a reflection of the era in which we live. As First Beings, the Sovereigns created a mind – a vessel in which separation could occur – and from that moment, individuality was born. Over billions upon billions of years, the Sovereigns of the Mind created the universe as we know it. They created the dimensions of the higher mind, and this mind creation gradually manifested creations of a lower mind. It was within the vibratory field of the lower mind that the Sovereigns began to lose their memory of their existence as First Beings.

They would look at the worlds of creation and wonder, “Who created this universe? Who was behind this magnificent and magical world?” And yet it never occurred to the Sovereigns that it was they who created the universe, and whose very reflection is Nature itself. And so the Sovereigns began to create a God – or the concept of a Supreme Being – as the one behind creation. God was the creator of all in Nature throughout the multiverse, and Sovereigns became diminished of power, and their sense of responsibility to Nature was also reduced.

This concept of God, separate from us, was thus born. As Sovereigns divided into races of interdimensional beings, they developed a near-infinite diversity of creations, only the tiniest fraction of which is known to humanity through symbols and fragments of stories, and most of these, if they are even remembered, are not believed anymore, as the rational mind has emptied these stories into the wastebasket of mythology. Then, Anu’s forefathers appeared, and with them, the creation of the human instrument began. Though it was crude, when compared to modern-day humans, the human instrument of this era was nonetheless brilliantly conceived.

When Anu began to create the next evolution of the human instrument, he realized how Sovereigns were forgetful of their origins and had consigned creation to a Supreme Being. The Sovereigns that had become the interdimensional beings known as the Atlanteans, were perfect choices to power the human instruments that Anu was creating, for the Atlanteans, despite their spiritual prowess, were inexperienced with deception. And this, I might add, is a theme worth noting: the spiritually focused are often the most easily manipulated because of their innate sense of trust.

The Atlanteans, through the trickery of Anu, were seduced into inhabiting the human instrument, and the Sovereigns became humans. However, not every Atlantean was captured and subjected to the process of human enslavement, there were some, who predicted the outcome of the human project that Anu was executing and they fled within a dimensional “pocket” upon Earth, deep within what is now called the Atlantic ocean.

It was these Atlanteans that became known in mythological terms as the Elohim or Shining Ones, and these are the same as we know today as the WingMakers. These beings have been watching the human family since its initial footsteps on a densifying planet called Earth, millions of years ago. They have been the benevolent resource to humanity because they are human in every sense except they do not have the HMS programs and systems or the human instrument that distract and divert the Sovereigns within the human instrument from realizing they are present.

And how are the Sovereigns present? In every breath that brings life to the human instrument. It is the breath in which the Sovereign’s presence dwells. There is a saying within Lyricus that “If you’re not in your breath, you’re in your mind.” It’s well understood that this is an abstract concept to the Human Mind System, but the Sovereigns live in the intersection of life and Nature, which is the breath.

The WingMakers are not the guides, angels, ascended masters, or gods that exist within the dimensions of the Human Mind System. They live within the interdimensional fields of the higher mind, and like wise elders to the human family they provide the paradigms of the Sovereign Integral and Grand Portal. They focus exclusively on these two paradigms because from these come the First Point that enables the individual to dissolve the programs that conceal the one, the equal, and the truthful from itself.

The WingMakers coined the term, Sovereign Integral to encode the meaning that what exists within the pathways of one’s breath is more than a physical body composed of a circuitry of feelings and thoughts. The greatest of the spiritual explorers realized this and have understood that the human soul would be redefined in every era, and while it would appear to change, it always remains the constant awareness of both the infinite and the finite, and the real and the unreal.

One can read this interview and walk away feeling that an existential aura has been placed around them. That their concepts of God, Spirit, Soul, and everything affiliated, which they have been taught or elected to believe, has been challenged. Even those who have followed the WingMakers materials with dedication will find that I have changed the footing of those materials somewhat in this disclosure.

If you have ever ventured to an exotic destination, one that is culturally unlike your own, you’re well aware that when you are in the airplane, flying over your destination, you really have not experienced the culture yet, no matter how much you have studied it in advance. When you arrive at your hotel, you remain outside of the culture, though you can see the differences in the plants and animals, the architecture and buildings, and the people on the streets, but still, you remain outside of the culture as an observer, and not a participant.

Only when you learn the language of the people, when you meet the people in their own dwellings – homes, shops, cafes, sports arenas, schools, churches – do you really begin to understand the culture. This is analogous to the bridgework between the GSSC and the Sovereign Integral. There is nothing more exotic or out of the ordinary than the language and dwellings of the Sovereign Integral, and the deeper you travel into this land, the stranger it will seem.

If I disclosed all of what is there in 1998, or even today, ten years later, the bridge would only carry a handful of people. It would seem a rickety and dangerous bridge to cross over, and many who would be curious or tempted would be talked out of crossing because it was just too strange. And so the bridge was constructed to meet certain people where they lived and how they believed. Those who resonated with the key terms and definitions, or an element of poetry, or music, or art, they found a texture, or structure that gave them a sense of connection, a sense of curiosity, and it was enough to bring them onto the bridge.

To use my previous metaphor, they are now landing at the “airport.” They are seeing the exotic land of the Sovereign Integral from their airplane seat, looking out of a small, glass window into a vast, new world. Remember, the First Point, as you step from the plane, is your breath, your heart and the virtues of its wisdom, as this is not a destination where the language is anything more than breath and virtuous self-expression. It is this simple.

I realize there will be those who will read this interview and a hundred more questions will flutter about them, perhaps only two or three will really matter in the moment, but the desire for more information and knowledge is a powerful addiction of the HMS. I would advise that you turn your attention from the acquisition of information and knowledge, and apportion it to the application of the heart virtues to yourself and all others within your local multiverse, and then simply listen to your breath, and each time you turn your attention to your breath, lean a little closer to the Being inside you, in the centermost point of your existence. Feel this bond strengthening and have the conviction that any walls that have been placed between you, or will be placed between you, will be torn down.

If your focus is there, you will find access to everything, including the language of the Sovereign Integral and how to reawaken its culture within you, and live among its dwelling places.

It is the era of transparency and expansion.


From my heart to yours,



Enthusiast’s Questions


Introduction to Original WingMakers Website by James, the Creator of the WingMakers Materials

Over the past two years, the WingMakers’ website has elicited a variety of reactions, perhaps none so persistent as to the enigma of its creator, and why I seek anonymity. I invite you to examine the materials contained within this website, less concerned with who created the materials and why, and more focused on how to apply them in your personal life, provided they resonate with your inmost self.

If you read my responses to the questions posed by members of the WingMakers’ discussion forum and various students, you will gain insight into my purpose, and if you read carefully, you will understand why these materials exist as they do. In this short introduction, I will try to provide additional insight into these materials and their purpose.

Within the last century, contemporary belief systems have rightly placed their focus on love, and more specifically, love that is divine, unconditional and freely shared among all people regardless of their place in the social order. The greatest teachers of humanity have professed this same sentiment, but love remains one of the most misunderstood concepts of humanity.

Love is a fundamental action that, in itself, is not sufficient to bring a species into alignment with the purpose and objectives of First Source or God. While love serves a vital function in coalescing humanity and healing its self-inflicted wounds, it is the knowledge and rightful application of new sciences that will reveal the human soul to the mind of humanity. And it is this revelation that will bring humanity—as a collective species—into conscious alignment with the purpose of First Source.

The WingMakers incarnate as humans from time-to-time in order to bring its teachings directly to humanity. The WingMakers have been known by many different names throughout the history of humankind, but always they have been involved in bringing spiritual culture and science to the developing mind of humanity. The purpose of this endeavor is to spark or catalyze the discovery of the human soul—not through the subjective lens of metaphysics or religion, but through the irrefutable application of scientific principle.

These collected works are aspects of this process. I am a translator of these works that originate from a different spatial or dimensional level known as a Tributary Zone. These works are catalytic and intended to help individuals shift their consciousness in order to more effectively access their own spiritual purpose, particularly as it relates to the discovery of the Grand Portal.

The Grand Portal is a term we use to describe the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul. It is an event that humanity is steadily nearing, and its arrival is estimated to be near the time 2080. These materials, and others like them, will be catalysts for those incarnating souls who are part of the Grand Portal discovery.

I can appreciate that this may seem like science fiction to many of you, but it is nonetheless an impending reality, and marks a profound shift in the fundamental social structures of humanity. The discovery of the Grand Portal is literally a portal into a new multidimensional universe that demonstrates that humanity is not an isolated “patch” of life, but rather part of an amazingly diverse assemblage of life forms that span multiple universes and dimensions.

It is not unlike when oceanographers first began to survey the ocean’s depths and discovered new species of life where it was thought impossible for life to exist. According to our estimates, a similar phenomenon—but at a much more profound level—will occur in about eighty years as science and soul collide, and the reality of a near-infinite variety of life forms beyond the physical dimension is discovered and shared with all of humanity.

The belief systems upon earth will undergo calamitous change following the discovery of the Grand Portal as the new sciences—above all, particle physics and molecular biology—begin to dramatically restructure the social institutions of religion, government, education, and culture. This is the discovery that humanity has been evolving towards for the past eleven thousand years.

I am here to help in this discovery. If you apply these materials in your own life, you are as well.


From my world to yours,



Creating the WingMakers’ Website

A member of the original WingMakers’ public forum submitted the following questions to James. Although they are not part of the three Q and A sessions, I have included them because James’ answers provide helpful information about the “nuts and bolts” aspect of getting the WingMakers’ material into the public domain.

Member posted June 01, 2001 01:27 PM

I just got this from James. I have cut and pasted it as I received it in pdf format. Here it is, a Q & A session I sent him a few weeks back:
Dear _____,

Thank you for your interest in these materials. I’ll be brief in response to your questions, but not to be evasive or incomplete, I’m just extremely short on time. I hope you understand. Now, on to your questions.

Question: Why did you decide to publish your work through Mark Hempel at the South Bay Group, as you have not met him personally?

Answer: My associate, Sarah, knew of Mark through a mutual contact. He was recommended as someone who was discrete and trustworthy, and possessed the technical skill necessary to launch and maintain the website, as well as the other technical projects that will be introduced in the future. I also wanted to publish through an individual like Mark, instead of a company, in order to ensure total control over the project.

Question: How can you entrust such a large piece of work to a total stranger—someone whose integrity is unknown to you?

Answer: I think I mostly answered this question in my previous response, but I’ll add that I have trust in people who perform consistently over time. I watched how Mark handled everything from the very start, and it wasn’t until six months into the relationship that I began to entrust him with significant responsibility. He earned my trust, it wasn’t instantly granted.

Question: What is the purpose of introducing Sarah de Rosnay as a ‘middle man’ between yourself and Mark?

Answer: Sarah enables me to concentrate on content creation and teaching. She also answers much of the mail I receive and supports Mark in his work on the front-lines.

Question: Is the story factually correct, apart from places, names and dates?

Answer: The story I assume you’re referring to is the ACIO and Ancient Arrow site. This part of the story is based on fact. I won’t divulge how I know these things, but it certainly isn’t difficult to ascertain if you’ve studied the story in any detail. There are techniques that can be applied to secure the information.

Question: All we get from governments is half-truths about ufos, aliens, cover-ups etc. Isn’t this just more of the same?

Answer: The WingMakers’ information set isn’t intended to be a revelation about the government suppression of UFOs and extraterrestrials. There’s ample information about this already, and there are more focused and competent organizations researching this arena than I. The WingMakers’ material is concerned with the human discovery of the human soul in irrefutable, scientific terms. This is its exclusive focal point. All the other elements, be they of the story or art or mathematics are designed to be catalytic to those who will come in the future to make this discovery manifest and enduring. It is to these that this material is dedicated, and it will draw them as assuredly as a magnificent tree draws the eagle to nest.

[Here James is referring to The Grand Portal discovery and those who will contribute to that discovery. Ed.]

(All Ed. remarks are written by John Berges.)





Question 13-S2: You said, “The WingMakers have been communicating with humans for approximately eleven thousand years.” Why is this material being released now? Is it related to the freedom of speech given to the individual via the Internet—at last mankind can speak in freedom to all on the globe and totally bypass the lies, propaganda and deception fed to us by corrupt governments?

Answer: The Tributary Zones are being released now because within the next three generations of SECUs (Sovereign Entity of the Central Universe) being born upon earth are the representatives that will discover the Grand Portal, and the WingMakers’ mythology will be among the primary sensory data streams that catalyze their awakening.

The WingMakers observe a life-bearing planet via the same SBL technology I referred to earlier in your first two questions. [See Sensory Bi-location. Ed.] Using this insight, we can determine with a high degree of accuracy when a species is prepared to receive its acceleration, and when this time occurs, Lyricus deploys a team of teachers to the planet.

Approximately eleven thousand years ago, this team incarnated in physical, human bodies, and became earth’s first teachers of the higher sciences, arts, and metaphysics. I will not go into any further detail at this time, but these initial members of Lyricus placed in the Genetic Mind of the human race the purpose of discovering the Grand Portal. This purpose is dimly understood by the human species at this time, but it will become clear in approximately fifty years.


Target Audience

Question 1-S3: I don’t think the WingMakers’ materials (WMM) is necessarily directed at “esoteric students.” A much broader net is apparently being cast. Is this correct?

Answer: The WingMakers’ materials are not being aimed at any one group. It is more the reverse that there are certain groups and individuals that are being directed to the catalytic materials you refer to as WMM. Events strings are like mathematical algorithms that possess a resonance point that, when affected by a certain frequency, can induce a select individual or, to a lesser extent, an entire group, to unconsciously seek out the WMM. This inducement is like a subtle fragrance that draws you to a destination of a flower-covered field without your conscious desire to experience a flower.

It is true to say that the “broader net”, as you put it, is designed for those outside of the esoteric practices. This is simply because those steeped in the esoteric will often be instilled with a subtle, but nonetheless compelling, motive to protect the esoteric teachings that they hold true or at least most probable. Thus, the esoteric works of text left behind by former teachers activates their inspiration. When they are exposed to music, poetry, and art that are not directly connected to these esoteric texts, their protective reflex is invoked, and the material is not absorbed—it tends to be analyzed and compared.

The WMM is to be absorbed like one would absorb the sunshine when they are outside. No one requires measuring devices or lenses to absorb the sun’s rays; they simply need to be in the path of these rays. They need to position themselves to receive the sun. This is how it is with WMM. The broader net is really about the new souls incarnating who will, as a result of their encoded event strings, unconsciously position themselves to receive these materials.

Question: Despite benefit to some, how can you in good conscience allow’s continued catalyzing of people into New-Age-automatons?
Answer: The content of the WingMakers is not catalyzing automatons. It is quite the opposite; it is disconnecting people from the established fabric of the “New Age” and acquainting them to new energies that are present within themselves, not the “New Age.”


Comparisons to Other Teachings

Question How are the WingMakers’ materials connected to the present-day belief systems on earth? Did they come first, last, or are they somehow inspirational to the other religions of humanity?

Answer: One of the most common features of the human mind is to compare one experience to another. It is reasoned—and rightly so by the mind—that by comparison of an object, experience, event or person, one can better understand it. However, in the case of the seven Tributary Zones this reasoning does not hold up.

The seven Tributary Zones, which we will call collectively, the WingMakers’ material, are not philosophical texts. There will be the temptation by some to compare these writings to the Bible, Qur’an, The Urantia Book, Ascended Master instructions, and on and on. There will be others who will compare the information contained in the interviews and book to the nonfiction works of investigative journalists. Comparison of the WingMakers’ materials will not necessarily result in understanding, but more likely, confusion.

The WingMakers’ materials are designed in a different way from anything that has ever been manifested on earth. It is a collection of encoded sensory data streams destined for a consumer technology platform that is just beginning to be incubated within development labs. However, even when experienced without this technology platform, the individual is aware that there is a deep transformation occurring. Something is “reshuffling” their mental “deck”.

I would encourage anyone who is immersing his or her consciousness in these materials to go without comparison for a period of time as they absorb these materials. The Tributary Zones have more information encoded in them than the human mind can access and comprehend. If an individual is engaged in comparison, they may not be engaged in the deeper meaning of the Tributary Zone, at the level where the encoded information is revealed.

Incidentally, what I’ve just said is not to imply that the encoded information must be wrested from the Tributary Zone by conscious will and effort. It is a delicate thing to detect the encoded information. It requires a supple intelligence, open mind, contemplative perspective, and the curiosity of calculated observation. It is not a battle of wills or mind over matter. And it is seldom revealed in the clutter of comparison.

As to the connection of the WingMakers’ material to the present-day belief systems of earth, there is little connection because these materials are not created by earth teachers, nor are they only the words of teachers. They are encoded sensory data stream from an extraterrestrial teaching order that have a very specific purpose. The present-day belief systems of earth serve a different and more general purpose of moral conditioning, community-building, and spiritual preparedness. Only in this last element is there any connection.


Brain Function

Question: 1 In the third interview with Dr. Neruda, there is a statement that there exists a Corteum technology to increase fluid intelligence to “super” human levels by inducing a functional cluster within the thalamocortical system. What is this functional cluster (electrical, biological), and could the WingMakers’ material (i.e. music, art, poetry) be used in such a fashion?

Answer: You have successfully touched on a subtle component of the WingMakers’ material. The story contains scenarios that are fictional accounts of factual occurrences. For example, as you point out, the third interview makes this disclosure about functional clusters, but the Corteum technology is a fictional account for the factual occurrence of how the WingMakers’ materials can—as depicted in the philosophy papers—stimulate functional clusters in certain regions of the brain.

The brain itself is divided into regions, and within the regions they are divided into subsets. Some subsets interact among themselves more than others, and these are called functional clusters. The brain is designed to have various circuits, of which contemporary brain researchers have identified three, which they call convergent, divergent, and reverberating circuits.

A functional cluster can have a divergent circuit that conducts neural activity to outlying regions of the brain or CNS. Sensory information (e.g., sounds, symbols, and images) can be produced that stimulates the temporal formation of just such a functional cluster within the thalamocortical system that catalyzes a pre-designated shift in consciousness.

Whether you can equate this shift in consciousness as inducing an increase in fluid intelligence is dependent on other factors. This is not a singular dynamic core, but rather an integral part of a larger dynamic system that connects the individual not only to their human soul consciousness, but that also of the Genetic Mind.

Within the thalamic complex is a subset known as the Intra-Laminar Nuclei (ILN). ILN neurons venture extensively throughout the cortex, enervating every cortical section. They’re distributed within the central region of each thalamus in a toroidal (doughnut-shaped) mode, enabling widespread influence on the thalamic system. The ILN activation is a significant key to the discovery of the Grand Portal.

The WingMakers’ music, art, and word symbols are designed to stimulate the ILN region to act as a synchronizing mechanism for human consciousness and the Genetic Mind. I realize this is difficult to comprehend, but as research into this brain function ensues over the next twenty years, it will be proven that the ILN is a key “engine” in synchronizing the human-soul consciousness to the fine-grain consciousness of the Genetic Mind, making the Genetic Mind accessible for short bursts at will.

There is within the thalamocortical system what scientists refer to as the reticular thalamic nucleus (nRt). It’s widely accepted by neuroscience that nRt plays a vital role in the judicious regulation of the flow of neural information between the thalamus and cortex. What is not understood is how specific sensory information (light frequencies, sound frequencies, rhythmic synchronization, ULF, symbolic images) can influence how the ILN and nRt systems interoperate to form a hybrid functional cluster that enhances fluid intelligence and accessibility to the Genetic Mind. This discovery is yet twenty years in the making, but it will occur, and the WingMakers will play a critical role in this discovery.

Question Where DO all our thoughts come from?

Answer: Sensory data triggers thoughts. Comparison of actions and thoughts trigger new thoughts. New thoughts trigger new actions. This cycle repeats endlessly in an ascending spiral, lateral spiral, or descending spiral. This is why sensory data quality is so critical.


Question: Just as we have a physical mother and father who seed our physical DNA do we also have a spiritual Mother and Father that seed our spiritual DNA? If not, how are they—the spiritual DNA—created and acquired? If so, what ways are there to contact or connect with this spiritual Mother and Father? “What ways” does not necessarily mean meditative techniques? Do the sensory data streams assist with this?

Answer: DNA is no different than any other organic compound in the sense that it is composed of sub-atomic structures that extend out of our three-dimensional range of observation and analysis. The platform or “skeletal” structure for human DNA is composed from the archetype of First Source relative to our superuniverse. I would not refer to this archetype as a spiritual mother or father any more than a blueprint for a house is imbued with such qualities. The WingMakers’ materials produce vibrations (light and sound) that “mingle” at the subatomic levels and are capable of shifting predispositions held within the DNA clusters that govern spiritual will. In this case, the determination to sculpt time into spiritual experience—not simply physical or material experience.


Genetic Mind

Question: Does the Genetic Mind (GM) use symbology and imagery that exist within the library of All That Is (ATI); and is this imagery echoed within the paintings, imagery and glyphs at least to some extent? I sometimes see glyphs on a gold and silver-white background as in the paintings and I suspect these are related to, or coming from ATI and the GM. Using an analogy, if All That Is is the universal library then the Genetic Mind seems like its most frequent and patronizing customer from the perspective of the Human Instrument; and it uses imagery of a universal nature to communicate to humanity in a language that humanity has given it over the eons. Is this basically correct or a fitting analogy? Could you elucidate on the relationship, connection and communication systems between the Genetic Mind and All That Is and their respective imagery? WMM seems virtually unique in bringing humanity visual imagery from ATI and the GM. Is this a first?

Answer: The Genetic Mind is a repository; it is not an active “user” of its own resources. It is more akin to a library and its patrons are the individual human minds that, to varying degrees, have access to its books. The imagery used in the Chamber Paintings is not specifically inspired by, nor taken from, the Genetic Mind. There are common symbols, but this is due to the universality and pre-existent state of geometry.

All That Is [See WingMakers’ glossary.] represents a library on a much grander scale than the Genetic Mind. In principle, the two are similar except for scale. All That Is pertains to the multiverse and the cosmic spirits therein, while the Genetic Mind pertains to the humanoid species within Superuniverse Seven. The imagery of All That Is is codified into a higher dimensional language, which in turn is encoded into the original works within the Tributary Zones. These are then stepped down in frequency to the materials contained on the WingMakers’ website and in the music CDs.

What is unique about the WingMakers’ materials is the subtlety of their encoding and the way in which the materials interleave. It is this interleaving of the materials (imagery, symbols, music, frequencies, poetry, meta-language, philosophy, cosmology, etc.) and the manner in which they activate deeper perceptions of First Source and the Wholeness Navigator that distinguishes these materials from previous dispensations.

All That Is, by its nature, is multi-faceted (wheels within wheels) and in order to distribute this multidimensional complexity, the dispensation must include both sound and light orchestrated into words, music, and pictures. These elements must then be orchestrated to trigger specific resonances within the human genome that lay dormant because—for the most part—present-day culture does not activate or touch these receptors of the human DNA.

Question: Does the genetic mind have structure? If so, what is its shape?

Answer: All physical structures are composed of geometric shapes. However, the Genetic Mind is not a physical structure or place. When you move into the higher mind, where the Genetic Mind is situated, geometry is no longer confined to a three-dimensional static paradigm. To explain its non-physical structure is impossible using a three-dimensional language because the Genetic Mind is organic, dynamic, and always changing. In other words, there is no representative “snapshot.”

Question: Is mass consciousness the same as the genetic mind?

Answer: No. Mass consciousness is a collective subset of the waking mind of humanity at a specific time. The Genetic Mind (humanoid version), for comparison sake, is the collective repository of the humanoid species’ experience across all time/space.



Question: My question is, if there is one painting per chamber, and twenty-three (twenty-four) chambers, where did the extra artwork, etc., come from?

Answer: There are seven Tributary Zones of which I am translating from a dimension of time and space that originates—speaking symbolically—from a nonhuman section of the time/space continuum. The Ancient Arrow site is one of these seven “interdimensional” sites, which has been translated into human terms (sensory information that can be received and processed by the thalamocortical system) and distributed in various forms (CD, web, etc.). In the case of the Ancient Arrow site, there are twenty-four chambers because this site is concerned with the genetic architecture of the neuroanatomical human structure.

This site is encoded with information specific to genetics, thus its structure takes on the form of a single helix with the chambers symbolic of the dormant, yet-to-be-activated protein clusters that will shift consciousness to a six-sensory human existence.

In the second section of the book, which will be released next year, the twenty-fourth chamber will be better understood. [The second section of The Ancient Arrow Project has not been released at the time of this writing. No explanation has been given for this delay. Ed.] There is also a philosophy paper that will help clarify the genetic symbolism of the Ancient Arrow site. Furthermore, the twenty-fourth Chamber Painting will be released before the end of July 2001; it is a significant piece of this puzzle.

The remaining six sites are of a different symbolic structure than the Ancient Arrow site, and yet there are certain similarities. All of them have a synthesis of art, music, poetry, language, science, and philosophy because this is the nature of the Tributary Zones. Some sites have a greater emphasis on music than poetry, or art rather than science. It varies depending on the symbolic focus of the Tributary Zone. Collectively the seven Tributary Zones, when strung like pearls, reveal the essential innovations that will be required in order to discover the Grand Portal.

I would recommend that anyone interested in knowing more about the structure of these sites should read the third chapter of the Ancient Arrow book and Chamber four philosophy papers.

Question: Once the seven tributary zones are discovered, mankind will awaken to the Grand Portal. Does this mean that the WingMakers’ material will awaken seven areas of the human spirit/mind, which will lead to mankind’s shift to the fourth dimension in 2012?

Answer: At the risk of appearing a bit fastidious, the seven Tributary Zones aren’t discovered so much as they are revealed. This revelation is a gradual dispensation of a new sensory data stream that is encoded with numerous “triggers” that will touch deeply into the next three generations of select humans incarnating upon earth. These sensory data streams will—in effect—crystallize the supernal purpose of the individual and make it accessible to the human mind of the individual. This access may be as innocent as causing the individual to select a career of scientific inquiry into the human genome, or as powerful as awakening the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.

While the seven Tributary Zones are revealed, the Grand Portal is discovered. Each of the seven disciplines of Lyricus is connected to a Tributary Zone. In other words, one of the Tributary Zones, known as the Ancient Arrow site, is focused on the human genome. The next site that will be revealed is focused on cosmological sciences, and so forth. Each of these areas of emphasis is subtly manifest (encoded) in the sensory data streams of their respective sites, and trigger an awakening in the mind of the recipient.

[The seven disciplines of Lyricus are Genetics, Neo-Sciences (Cosmology), Metaphysics, Sensory Data Streams, Psycho-coherence, Cultural Evolution, Sovereign Integral. Ed.]

Question 10-S1: Is the WingMakers’ site in Arizona real and has the poetry, music & paintings really come from here? Have any of the other sites been activated? If so, are the recent discoveries at Lake Vostok another WingMakers site? How about Egypt—is the Hall of Records a WingMakers’ site? Is Uluru another site?

Answer: I believe the site you’re referring to is the Ancient Arrow site located in northern New Mexico. It is true that there are physical sites on each of the continents (as above, so below).

However, the sites are different than those that I am describing in this story. In part, I’m doing this in honor of these sacred sites, but mostly I’m less interested in depicting the actual physical sites than I am in relaying an accurate portrayal of the seven Tributary Zones.


Question: Are the tributary zones purely spiritual, or do physical events play a part in opening these up?

Answer: The seven Tributary Zones exist as places of inquiry and knowledge dissemination. They are the creation of the Central Race and, more specifically, Lyricus. While it is true to say that they exist within the innermost section of each of the seven Superuniverses, they have been exported to each galaxy, somewhat like exporting a library. Thus, each galaxy possesses seven Tributary Zones cast from the archetypal versions existing in the innermost section of the universe that pertains to that particular galaxy. Each Tributary Zone is tuned to the unique characteristics of the humanoid species of a particular Superuniverse, and to some extent, galaxy.

While physical events upon earth and the evolutionary status of humanity impact on the timing of the physical revelation of these seven Tributary Zones, they do not dictate the revelation of these mysterious destinations insofar as the individual is concerned.


Translation Methods
Question: How do you translate the Tributary Zones from one dimension to ours? Do you produce all of the material as a translator, or a creator, or both? What does it mean that the WingMakers’ material is encoded? How does this get done?

Answer: The seven galactic Tributary Zones exist near the centermost point of the Milky Way galaxy, making them inaccessible to humanity. This is the primary reason that a translator is required. The other reason is that the vibratory rate of the Tributary Zones is purposely accelerated in order to ensure that only those entities of a compatible vibration may enter. There are members of the humanoid species, throughout the galaxy, that attend these sites in their dream state or meditation sessions.

It is impossible to translate these sites from their original dimension to earth, or any other three-dimensional planet, without changing the content. This is because the vibratory rate of the original materials must be decelerated, and in this deceleration process, change occurs. Technically, the process is less akin to translation from one language to another, and more similar to transposing from a higher key, or vibratory rate, to a lower. You can think of these seven sites as knowledge repositories, in multiple mediums (sound, light, knowledge, language, mathematics, etc.) focused on each of the seven disciplines of Lyricus. These seven disciplines are expressed differently, but each contains multiple mediums that heighten and emphasize how integrated knowledge is a spectrum that includes art, metaphysics, and science, and that unified properly, this spectrum is the key to unveiling the Grand Portal.

The equivalent of the Ancient Arrow site, within the galactic core, contains three-dimensional art forms that are always in a state of movement. They respond to sound wave pressure, as well as the thoughts of those who are present at the site. There is no method to presently replicate this on earth. Thus, the paintings must be fixed in time and space. I decide this fixed state, so, in this case, I am a “creator.” However, I have extensive experience in making these interpretations based on research of color vibrations, human perceptual systems, sophistication of the visual cortex, associative values of form, and methods of catalyzing new receptive fields.

In many respects, the sound requires a comparable process. The major themes are transposed to audible frequencies, but the instrumentation cannot be replicated. The sound generation of the galactic Tributary Zones is not from instruments, but rather particles set in motion by thought forms. Even in this oblique description, I have only hinted at the real process. It would take too long to describe. The important element to know is that I am allowed artistic autonomy to transpose the themes into new structures using human instrumentation, human compositional techniques, and human vocals. These elements provide an anchoring point to the music, making them more accessible to the human ear. From these descriptions, I think you have a glimmer of understanding for the process I use.

As for the encoding and how this is accomplished, I can only tell you that there is subtle information encoded within the WingMakers’ materials that operate as a navigational system, leading deeper into the purpose of each site or Tributary Zone. This is part of a selection process, and relates exclusively to the Wholeness Navigator consciousness. More on this aspect I cannot disclose.

There is another form of encoding, which is not esoteric, and this element relates to the interaction of the human instrument to the materials. The music, art, glyphs, and texts are encoded with mathematical and metaphysical embellishments that are accessible through interaction techniques, some of which have been disclosed in the fourth philosophy paper. Through these interactions, the human instrument decodes the information that helps it transition to the exploratory energy system where deeper insights can be achieved.


Access by Individuals
Question: Could you please describe in more detail what the Tributary Zones are and what their purpose is?

Answer: The Galactic Tributary Zones are the knowledge repositories of Lyricus. They house the local Lyricus staff, research centers, teaching facilities, and various tools that we believe—in this particular case—will help humanity focus its technology and efforts in the pursuit of the Grand Portal. As I have reported previously, there are seven Tributary Zones within the galactic core. These Tributary Zones relate to the seven primary disciplines that comprise the Lyricus “library of catalytic tools.”

[The following answer by James contains the acronym “SECU.” For the sake of clarity I have brought James’ definition of a SECU forward. The definition appears later in this document under, Extraterrestrials. Ed.]

“What you call humans, we call Sovereign Entities of the Central Universe (SECU—pronounced SeeQue). SECUs are the alpha and omega. They are not time-bound nor restrained by the adornments of bodies. They are the primal form finished and honed to the perfection of their creator, and in this, we are all the same.”

Lyricus is able to track and monitor SECUs (Sovereign Integral [sic.] of the Central Universe) [Sovereign Entity. Ed.] no matter what physical structures they inhabit. When we judge that a particular SECU is properly prepared, they (their Wholeness Navigator) are transported to one of our training centers, which is unlike any you can conceive of on earth. I use the words “Training Center” only because I can think of nothing else to describe them. Candidates are not necessarily spiritually minded, nor are they exemplars of humanity in terms of their personality, physical body, or temperament. They are, however, advanced SECUs operating in human form, typically unconscious of their mission and purpose.

These fortunate entities are escorted from their human instrument and guided to the Tributary Zone that is best suited for their purpose and mission. They are generally taught in the form of a dialogue—not unlike the Lyricus discourses depict. They are allowed to query masters, and the masters are allowed to elucidate on relevant topics.

It will come as no surprise that Einstein was one such SECU that was attended by Lyricus masters. He was allowed to formulate “his” theories through a dialogue with a single master. When he returned to his human instrument the experience and knowledge was lodged in his higher mind and a trigger was then required to draw it into consciousness.

These triggers are carefully orchestrated event strings that the master in charge of the SECU coordinates through a process we call—again, I’m translating as best I can—lucid re-orientation. This process requires that the information gained while at the Tributary Zone filters into the consciousness in a re-collectible state. In order for this to occur, Dr. Einstein would experience an event or EDSS (Encoded Data Sensory Stream) that induces, or triggers a recollection of a seed memory. The seed memory is the most critical part of the lucid re-orientation process because it alone carries sufficient power to draw the new knowledge into the conscious state of the human mind. I have grossly simplified this process, and words are very vexing limitations to describe this. I had better stop here before I completely confuse you.

The reason that the physically translated Tributary Zones are critical to earth-bound SECUs is that they are the most certain catalysts of the seed memory. It is very hard to transpose super-conscious knowledge and decelerate it for conscious recall by a human instrument. And this will be required in much higher frequency over the next one hundred years, so the Tributary Zones are being raised to a new level—an EDSS—that will trigger seed memories.



Truth or Fiction
Question: If the WingMakers story is both truth and fiction, how are we to discern which is which? If the identity of the WingMakers is quite authentic (i.e. true), how can it also be myth (i.e. fiction)?

Answer: Buddha stated: “All reality is a myth. Myth becomes ever nearer to reality.” The quality of one’s discernment is proportional to their ability to accelerate their movement to the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness. A system of philosophy like the WingMakers requires a high-level of discernment, and it is therefore teaching on multiple levels simultaneously by intermixing truth and fiction.

This material is not meant for the weak of mind or lazy of heart. It is extremely challenging on many different levels, discernment being one of them. There is a significant amount of information encoded into the art and music that bypasses the conscious mind. In this way, discernment is not required. However, The Ancient Arrow Project story is indeed fiction based on acquired insight of factual scenarios.

Question: 1 Answer: You are correct on both accounts.

Question: 1 Interview three with Dr. Neruda mentions technologies from real U.S. and Russian corporations. The technologies originate from ACIO research. I have checked this out, and the info on the Mig-29 and the Internet compression technologies stand up to scrutiny. Is there a risk of legal action against yourself, Mark and the South Bay Group for making these allegations?

Answer: Yes, but it is an acceptable risk.

Question: Why has the storyline changed from Dr. Anderson to Dr. Neruda and why the time changes in the story line?

Answer: The story was modified to track misappropriations of the Ancient Arrow story within the marketplace. There are more subtle changes than the ones you mentioned in your question. None of the primary (encoded) content has been altered since it was first published.

Question: Why did the WingMakers allow the ACIO to discover the AA site, if the ACIO was going to keep the public out?

Answer: The ACIO was the only earth-based organization that could decode the content. Because Dr. Neruda worked at the ACIO and was known to be the key architect of the discovery’s public release, it was essential that the discovery occur at the ACIO.

Question 45-S3: Why did the WingMakers not use their time travel abilities to insure that the planting of the map artifact did not result in loss of the students’ lives, therefore effectively nullifying any chance of this event having a ‘dark cloud’ over its happening, and subsequent WingMakers’ information. Would you consider changing the story line and erasing the needless deaths of the students who found the artifact?

Answer: Every discovery of import has a “dark cloud” over it. It is intrinsic to the drama of life that important discoveries are dimensional and esoteric—that is, they include the exoteric and esoteric life rules, which number among them the sacrifice of human life. The students represent the metaphor of the innocent discoverers that must be sacrificed in order to underscore the importance of their discovery.

Question: Did the WingMakers leave material at all the Seven Tributary sites at the same time to be found in sequence? Or did they leave it over a period of time?

Answer: The WingMakers’ sites—each of the seven—will be translated in a specific order. Remember that each site carries a central theme that is connected to the seven disciplines of Lyricus. These seven disciplines—collectively—are the triggers for those incarnating in approximately thirty-five to forty years who will be the scientists, scholars, psychologists, and artists that will uncover and disseminate the Grand Portal.

Sensory Bi-location (SBL)
Question: In answer to a previous question, you said that the Ancient Arrow story was factual because there were ‘techniques that could be applied to secure the information. Do you mean remote viewing, and its associated Re-Play technology?

Answer: The information is based on factual data secured through a form of remote viewing, referred to by my teaching organization as sensory bi-location. SBL is different from classic RV because it is associated with the higher mind rather than the psychic channels of astral vision. Because of this distinction, SBL permits one to analyze motive and intent, in addition to the sensory/action environment that RV technology acknowledges. SBL is also more focused on active sensory channel selection, rather than reactive selection as in the case of RV.


Ear-Brain System
Question: Of the physical WingMakers’ materials (poems, music, philosophy, art, etc.) what is the most potent catalyst for our consciousness? Is this also the case with the etheric versions or the originals that reside in the Galactic Tributary Zones?

Answer: This is dependent on the individual and how they respond to different vibrations as well as their innate learning preference of eye-brain versus ear-brain. However, independent of this assessment, the ear-brain is more powerful as a catalyst for consciousness and transformation than is the eye-brain. The reason is that the harmonics and overtones of music can embody significantly more encoded information than that of a painting or word symbol.

This is also true when contrasted with the primal Light and Sound of First Source. The Sound vibrations are considered more deeply connective and catalytic to the consciousness than the cosmic Light if for no other reason than that they are easier to absorb and assimilate than the structure of Light, which is often too intense to absorb and integrate.


Senzar Glyphs
Question: I am interested in the paintings and especially the symbols in them. Can these be translated into English? Are they the Senzar symbols, which DK mentions in his writings?

Answer: Senzar, besides being an alphabet of its own, can be rendered in cipher characters, which correspond to the nature of ideographs rather than of syllables. Senzar, as a language, was brought by the Central Race to earth. The reason is quite simple. Ideographic language can convey a tremendously complex concept in a single character. It’s very efficient and can be effectively encoded for highly targeted transmission. Cosmological and mathematical concepts of significant importance could be reduced to a symbolic rendering, but the contextual meaning of color and secondary matrix brought the full meaning of the symbol to light, thus its encoding was complete.

In other words, you can look at a specific symbol of the twenty-fourth Chamber Painting (e.g., the second, primary character in the vertical matrix in the upper left section of the painting).

If taken out of its framework, this particular character means one thing, which would transpose to Sanskrit, but when viewed in its contextual matrix, it is elevated to Senzar, where its meaning is encoded as representing the Wholeness Navigator within the human instrument.

Senzar is a language that flows between alphabetic characters, mathematical symbols, and musical notes. It is an integrated language, sometimes referred to as the Universal Language of Light or the Insignias of First Source.


Chamber Paintings
Question: Al Bielek said the paintings we see and buy are not the real ones, “…the real ones are classified.” Is this so? Are there parts of the paintings that have been changed, or are they all 100 percent authentic as transposed from Lyricus?

Answer: The Chamber Paintings, as they’re represented on the WingMakers’ website, are translations of the real paintings. The original works reside within the Tributary Zone near the galactic center of the Milky Way galaxy. The original “paintings” are photonically animated by an advanced technology that permits the art to morph intelligently as dictated by the music. In other words, music is the engine that animates the painting. The original environment in which the art is stored requires that I, the translator, take a “snapshot” of the painting that best represents the dynamic image statically.

These original works are not “classified” by any government organization I assure you. They simply exist in a different dimension and are visible to a different range of senses. The DVD “Meditations in Timespace” is an attempt to capture some sense of how the paintings are actually presented in their native environment.


Question: “Octavio Fifteen” is 85 65 which corresponds to “The Earth Kumara.” You warned me about esoteric numerology earlier, but the Corteum does relate to Sirius and according to DK, Sanat Kumara (with a value of 120) does have a special relationship to the Sirian Logos. Something is going on here. Either this means something significant to your story’s esoteric meaning or it is a mere coincidence of language structure combined with my overactive imagination. Can you tell me which it is? The thing that bothers me about this correspondence is that (at least up to chapter eight) Fifteen appears to be a pretty ruthless character.

[In the framework of DK’s teachings (Hindu religion and Theosophy), Sanat Kumara is an advanced cosmic Entity, who for all intents and purposes, is the God of our planet. He ensouls this world in which we live. I will leave it to the reader to research this topic further, for there are various views available. Ed.]

Answer: You are correct that the works developed by the Lyricus order are encoded (as we’ve discussed before); however, they’re not necessarily encoded in the numerological equivalents that you apply. We do not presume that this equates as effective instruction for the aspiring student. It is more the case that we are in the habit of encoding information for the purposes of discretion. When the habit is so well formed and the work is so important, as is the case with the Tributary Zones, we naturally encode information in numerological, symbolic, language undertones, mantristic rhythms, color frequencies, and musical frequencies. All of these aspects are woven into a deeper meaning that reflects the cosmological and multiverse structures that bind human consciousness to the Wholeness Navigator.


Time Travel (Blank Slate Technology—BST)
Question: Do the dates August 12, 2003, August 12, 1983, August 12, 1963, August 12, 1943, August 12, 1923, ad infinitum, have any significance as far as time travel and earth biorhythms are concerned? These dates are mentioned in the Montauk Project series of books as being significant dates for time travel e.g. the Philadelphia Experiment.

Answer: No. BST does not require a fix on earthly or human biorhythms. BST, or even lower forms of time travel, is not a function-relationship of portals, gateways, or dimensional alignments. It is a function of technology appropriately married—in this case—to a human operator.


Hakomi Site
Question 51-S3: How many chambers does the Hakomi site have? Does the Hakomi site have chamber paintings? And if so, when can we see them?

Answer: The Hakomi site consists of seventeen chambers. [Note that there are twenty-one Hakomi music tracks at the WingMakers’ website. Ed.] Music is the one consistency across all of the seven sites. Art is also used in all the sites, but it is slightly different in its use of symbols and even style. As to when you can see them, you may already be seeing them as Mark has posted some of the Hakomi art on the WingMakers site, though I can’t say for certain where it is in terms of the page URL. Others will follow with the release of subsequent music CDs.


JAMES MAHU—Lyricus Teacher and Translator of the WingMakers’ Materials

Mahu Nahi
Question: Who/what are you James? Where do you get your information?

Answer: In my dominant reality, I am known as Mahu Nahi. I am a member of a teaching organization whose roots are very ancient, but paradoxically, very connected with humanity’s future. This teaching organization is concerned with transporting a sensory data stream to earth in order to catalyze select individuals of the next three generations to bring innovations to the fields of science, art, and philosophy. These innovations will enable the discovery and establishment of the Grand Portal on earth.

I can be likened to a translator who “transports” already existing Tributary Zones to earth in the form of a comprehensible sensory data stream. This data stream will have both explicit and implicit content that incarnating souls will be tuned to recognize. This material will awaken them to the blueprints of discovery that were encoded into their DNA at conception.

My information—as it pertains to the WingMakers’ material—derives from the seven Tributary Zones that were created by this very same teaching organization. I was involved in the design of these Tributary Zones, and consequently commissioned to translate them into data streams appropriate for the human neuroanatomical system, which required my incarnation into a human body.

Question: 1 You are known as Mahu Nahi. Is Mahu Nahi another incarnation of your spirit that has commissioned James (your current incarnation) to translate this material for the people of earth?

Answer: No. My name within Lyricus is Mahu Nahi. This is how I am known among my students and associates. In effect, Mahu Nahi is the name of my SECU personality, while James is the name of my human personality of this time.


A Master?
Question: Are you a ‘Master’ as some proclaim?

Answer: There are so many definitions of the term “master” that I am not willing to say I am this, or I am not this, unless a definition accompanies the word. Since you did not provide a definition with your question, I will not provide an answer. I will, however, acknowledge the spirit of your question, which is: what am I?

In this regard, I am as you are. I am a multidimensional being who lives simultaneously in a spectrum of realities. My dominant reality is different from yours. Because of this difference, I am able to process this human reality at a different frequency rate, which enables me to perceive behind and beyond the three-dimensional “surface” of this reality.

As a result of this ability, I am able to translate art, music, poetry, philosophy, and scientific insights that are from my dominant reality into yours. In so doing, I have translated sensory data that will catalyze future discoveries that will redefine the human soul.

Now, does this mean I am a master? I am simply performing the exact function I was created to perform. The output of personal behavior is always compared to the goal of your internal expectation and the output of your fellow man. This is typically how we are measured, are we not? There is no measure or comparison for the crystallized and absolutely individualized purpose of one who is operating in faultless accord to his or her purpose.

“Masters” abound in the human arena. Some are excellent teachers, but very, very few teach how to transition from the human-mind dominant reality to that of the human-soul. Even fewer teach how to transition to the awareness and functionality of the Sovereign Integral state. One thing I can tell you, trust no one’s proclamation, instead, examine in-depth the fruits of the supposed master and determine how they empower you to become your own self-sufficient teacher. If you can find this, then you have found a master worthy of your time and energy.

Question: I am going to be specific with my wording here. I am aware that you are a multidimensional entity that exists simultaneously in eternity, within the physical body, throughout incarnations in time. This question is specific to the physical entity answering this question in the here and now. Are you a standard human being, genetically identical to all categories of human on the earth in this time period, born physically from a human woman? Alternatively, are you a clone, hybrid, alien, etc. placed on earth by “others”?

Answer: I was born as a human with very human parents. If you examined my DNA at birth you would find very little difference from your own. The element of distinction is that my consciousness was free of the survival-based energy system that conditions humans to a very nominal realization of their inherent purpose. Within my consciousness was a connection to my purpose and lineage that outshone the indoctrination process that virtually all humans are subject to. It was this identification to my purpose that caused me, at an early age, to recollect my purpose in incarnating as a human being.


State of Consciousness
Question: Are the Beings in Shamballa WingMakers? Is Sanat Kumara a WingMaker?

[Note that James only addresses part of this question. See Mantustia. He prefaced his answer, however, with the following comments, which belong in this section on James himself. Ed.]

Answer: It is only with conscious effort that I am able to differentiate the WingMakers from all sentient life forms in the seventh superuniverse. In the reality in which I serve, all sentient, individuated life forms are a family of Sovereign Integrals known as Central Race Seven, or WingMakers. Time—as a referential element—reduces unity of consciousness to separate and distinct classes of consciousness. In my natural state, I do not see time in this manner, and therefore, I perceive you as a WingMaker here and now, not in some distant or imagined future. Of course, I can also see how the Wholeness Navigator within the human instrument struggles clumsily to exert this reality in three-dimensional space. But it is the condition of separation and more specifically, the inexperience of separation that creates this clumsy presentation of the Wholeness Navigator.


Question: 1 Why the secrecy regarding your whereabouts and identity? I know that you want the material to take precedence over a possible “messiah” figure. Are you concerned about the CIA, FBI, NSA, MJ12, MI6, Illuminati, Bilderberg’s whoever etc. tracking you down?

Answer: There are several groups who are presently aware of my existence on earth. For the most part, my work will only appear to them as adding to the misinformation programs that they’ve already erected. To most secret organizations, the more that is written about them that is divergent from previously held notions, the better. It is this very divergence that creates and perpetuates the uncertainty and stirs the murkiness in which they remain suitably concealed from the public’s eye.

This was purposeful on my part because it would be relatively easy for certain groups to find me, and if they chose, compromise my mission. Thus, I have shared many truths about these organizations, knowing that these very truths are divergent from the established speculation and, ironically as it may seem, by this divergence, I am protected because WingMakers is perceived as a mythology and does not disclose hard evidence.

Because of my alliances, it is unlikely that anyone would choose to knowingly hinder this mission because these groups have a high regard for my lineage, which in some respects, is the only thing that restrains them. There is very little known about Lyricus. It is truly the most enigmatic teaching organization within the broader universe. Its capabilities are unknown, but it is rightly assumed to be respectful of this organization.

As for my personal anonymity, this is a choice I made in order to curtail my teaching mode to individuals of this time in favor of directing my life’s work to a select population of incarnating SECUs. This requires me to focus on transposing the sensory data streams of the Tributary Zones to a digital media platform for future generations.


Mission and Work
Question: Why did you think it necessary to make yourself known as the creator of the WM materials, rather than leave the materials first presented as being a creation of humans from the future, called “WingMakers”?

Answer: I have always been consistent on this issue. I am not the creator of the WingMakers’ materials; I am the translator. The materials existed before I incarnated on earth. I have taken the original content and transduced it (for lack of a better term) into a form (music, art, words, symbols) that would resonate to the human senses and mind. The original materials, of which only a small fraction has been translated and published on the Internet, are created by a subset of the WingMakers called Lyricus (my term). Lyricus teachers assembled the materials and have exported them to the various life-bearing planets like Earth. At the appropriate time, a lineage of teachers incarnate and begin the rigorous process of translating the materials into “human form.” I am merely the first of this lineage to begin the process of translation. As to your question, the lineage of teachers I speak of do—in a real sense—represent humanity’s future.

Question: Do you think that something akin to “The WingMakers” inspired you to create this myth, or are you just lonely and a little bored?

Answer: I was not inspired to create the WingMakers’ mythology; I was commissioned to perform this specific task. No one requires inspiration to carry out a task required of them by the very nature of their purpose as a life form. Further, I did not create a myth; I translated a Tributary Zone into a sensory data stream that can catalyze the human thalamocortical system to awaken its innate connection to the Genetic Mind. I refer to it as a mythology only because I must convey—in good conscience—that the material is not completely factual.

Question 66-S3: “Each individual must know them self to be free of all forms of external reliance. This is not to imply that one should not trust others or band together in alliances of friendship and community. It is simply a warning that relative truth is constantly shifting in the hands of those who desire to control, and even though their motives may be of good will, it is still a form of control. When the hierarchy withholds information, the interpretive centers for relative truth are positioned to acquire and maintain power rather than dispensing the empowerment of Source equality.”

Reading the above paragraph if we replace “hierarchy” with “James”, don’t you think that you’re actually performing a form of control (even though you may be good-willed) by withholding information instead of dispensing the empowerment of Source equality right now?

Also, from time to time we see the material take a “turn” which can easily be equated to the teaching’s reference to hierarchy: “relative truth is constantly shifting in the hands of those who desire control.” Have you also considered the effects of slowly feeding information in terms of a built-up interdependence between the WM audience and yourself?

[Note that this is the one instance in which the term “hierarchy” is being used according to the meaning ascribed to it by the Lyricus and WingMakers material. It is NOT being used in the Theosophical sense as described in the Preface. The extract being referenced by the questioner is from the Chamber Two philosophy “The Shifting Models of Existence. P. 1” Ed.]

Answer: As a member of Lyricus, I am focused on translating Lyricus content to human standards—both in terms of material and technology. This requires a significant effort and time. If I had the time to explain the translation process, I think you would understand. The material is encoded and this is the primary distinction. Translating this content is dissimilar in every way to translating Spanish into English. So time is an issue. More to your point, the materials are released not according to my timetable, but according to the mesh of incarnating souls, the collective signature vibration of the species, and the timetable of the Grand Portal’s discovery. The desire to have all the material available to peruse won’t be fulfilled for thirty to forty years. This is not a result of control or manipulation, but is in response to a plan that is well engineered and proven to be effective.

Question: I have noticed in some responses to questing news-list participants you seem to be very time limited but will answer the questions in-between other pressing engagements and I wondered what these other pressing engagements might be?

Answer: My work requires that I interact with others, as this mission is much larger than one person. Sometimes this means that I travel, sometimes it requires that I host travelers. Also, the translation process is very time consuming owing to the intricacy and complexity of the original material. It is not like channeling where I open my mouth and the words drop out. Especially in the case of the music and art, it requires a tremendous amount of time to orchestrate the translations and try and keep them true to their original form while converting them to three-dimensional art forms. In the case of the music, it requires that I locate and work with the right kind of talents, as this is a more collaborative translation when compared to the other material.

Question: I was wondering if you participate in the WingMakers’ forum in anyway? If not why do you not participate in it? Do you perhaps distance yourself from this news-list so as not to become a savior for those who might be looking for one?

Answer: I do not participate in any forum or earth-bound organization—including WingMakers LLC. [This was a previous forum that was discontinued. Ed.] I am here to translate and make available the higher circuits of experiential learning, to help catalyze the discovery of the Grand Portal. The only organization that I can say I am affiliated with is Lyricus. I am not present on earth to validate anyone’s belief system or pronounce him or her an initiate of the “True Way.” I prefer to focus on my mission, knowing that modern life has its methods of distraction.

Question: Do you have other outlets for your teachings that you might spend more time with rather than the forum?

Answer: I want to remind you that these are not “my teachings.” I am not teaching anything. I am translating materials that go underneath the human “radar” of censorship and egotistic control and strike resonance with that part of you that is termed the Wholeness Navigator.

Question: You have Sarah de Rosnay and at least one other helper (lady in the photo). How have these people become disciples/students/helpers to you? Do you intend to take on more followers in the future?

Answer: Sarah and Mark are the only ones who directly assist me in the operations of my work. I have a group of students that I work with on many dimensions of consciousness, and I work with these students through the Tributary Zones known to you as the WingMakers’ materials.

Yes, I will take on new students using the WingMakers’ material as the medium of my teaching. I intend to remain unknown as a human personality, allowing the sensory data streams of the Tributary Zones to perform the majority of my teaching.

[The photo of the lady can be found through one of the various hidden links contained on the First Source CD-ROM, which can be ordered at the WingMakers’ website. Ed.]

Question: You have a studio in New York. How do you finance yourself, as all of your time is taken up with WingMakers translation work? I am assuming you have a hidden life in paid employment?

Answer: I live a very simple life, and support myself through means that I will not disclose.



Question: How did the WingMakers reveal themselves to you and place a profound calling upon your life?

Answer: I am a member of a teaching order that has existed before the creation of the planet Earth. I realize this may seem like an impossible reality, but it is my reality nonetheless. This teaching order is allied with the esoteric teaching orders of earth. The teaching order which I represent is not known in your world because it has chosen to remain hidden until the Grand Portal discovery process is made public.

You may refer to my teaching order as Lyricus. It is the closest name that resembles the vibration of its true name in your native language. Lyricus is aligned with the Central Race, or WingMakers, and the great majority of its members are from the Central Race.

Within Lyricus, expertise is centered on seven disciplines. These include the fields of genetics, cosmological sciences, metaphysics, sensory data streams, psycho-coherence, and cultural evolution. [Sovereign Integral is the seventh. Ed.] We are not, as you can see, focused exclusively on philosophy or spiritual teachings. Our central purpose is the irrefutable discovery of the humanoid soul upon three-dimensional, life-bearing planets.

Lyricus could be likened to the Jesuits or Tibetan monks of the Central Race, except that they place a much more significant emphasis on the nexus of the integrated sciences and arts. Nonetheless, they are a faction of the Central Race and bear responsibility for shepherding the humanoid populations within the universe to the Grand Portal, and thereby indoctrinating the species, as a whole, into the broader network of the intelligent, interconnected universe.

This task requires a very broad agenda, encompassing genetics at its core, and the other six disciplines mentioned above as integral, but peripheral forces that propel a humanoid species to discover its own animating life force—the Wholeness Navigator. Lyricus employs a variety of sensory data streams to awaken a species, ranging from music, books, art, science, culture, and mythology. Generally, these are isolated expressions, but as the species draws closer to the Grand Portal, the sensory data streams are increasingly integrated, encoded, and represent potent forces for expansion of consciousness.

Upon earth there is an order of non-physical teachers with whom we coordinate our agenda and essential objectives. [The Hierarchy of Theosophy. Ed.] These teachers are experienced in the human condition, and thus possess the critical elements of compassion and empathy of which we—of Lyricus—are sometimes less replete. They provide stewardship of our objectives in the context of the human condition and advise us in the matters of the emotional and mental conflicts that confound and confuse humanity.

Now, back to your question. I am a teacher of encoded sensory data streams and was trained, at my request, to embody as the human translator of the galactic Tributary Zones, making them intelligible to the human race of the twenty-first century. The WingMakers did not reveal themselves to me any more than fellow human beings “reveal” themselves to you.

Perhaps one of the greatest secrets in the universe—as it pertains to organizations—is the Lyricus Teaching Order. It is a bedrock SOA that is invisible and likes to remain so until the Grand Portal is discovered.

If its identity were disclosed sooner, it would fall under swift and persistent attack by every quarter of power. (Within Lyricus, we refer to the Quarters of Power as consisting of government, science, religion, and culture.) We know this from experience. Thus, we work through existing structures and place our influence within every quarter. I am not, by any means, the only one representing Lyricus who is embodied at this time on earth. While I may be the nucleus of the cultural power quarter, I have counterparts in each of the other three quarters who are equally absent of notoriety and visible presence, but nonetheless are quietly going about developing their missions to promote the changes required to discover the Grand Portal.

Even as we introduce ourselves to earth, it is done under the guise of mythology and story. We do not assert ourselves in the context of fact because we would then certainly be feared by the alignment of power within each quarter. In this fear lies the natural tension of a species as it nears the Grand Portal. The quarters of power will resist if they know the goal is to establish the Grand Portal as a node on the Sovereign Integral Network [see glossary. Ed.]. This resistance would make impossible the necessary funding and lawmaking to achieve this breakthrough discovery. Thus, Lyricus sends catalysts to each quarter for the purpose of establishing a “null zone” that can act as an incubator and catalyst of these required changes.

Lyricus is an unimaginably large SOA [Source Organizational Alignment] with substantial influence and authority. Its “director” is the seventh Archetype of First Source. You can think of Lyricus as the preservationists of truth, and the only “truth” we seek to preserve is the accessibility granted a humanoid species to discover—through its own initiative—the Grand Portal. We work at the level of a species, not an individual, although we do work with individuals as a means to test our knowledge of the species. Earth-based organizations in the religious quarter are more inclined to work with individuals, so it is understandable that when someone hears about Lyricus or the WingMakers, they would naturally assert that DK [see Djwhal Khul. Ed.] didn’t disclose our existence, which is odd, especially if we were aligned in our objectives.


Question: If, “Lyricus is aligned with the Central Race, or WingMakers, and the great majority of its members are from the Central Race,” does that emanate from within this solar system, and if so what scheme and globe? If outside the system, are we talking in the region of the Pleiades? (The teachings do have a strong Ray Three, third aspect about them.) If this is so, then does the ‘Central Race’ have any relationship to the Central Spiritual Sun?

[This particular questioner is seeking a correspondence between the third ray of Active Intelligence which relates to the “region of the Pleiades” (according to the esoteric cosmology of the Alice A. Bailey books), and Lyricus. Note: there are many websites available with information about the seven rays. Ed.]

Answer: Lyricus is foremost a teaching brotherhood organized around seven knowledge categories—each a component of the process that enables a species to position their apex technology and knowledge in pursuit of the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul (known as the Grand Portal). This discovery, unlike the more personal, introspective process of the individual, is engineered for a species at large, and therefore, implies a much more significant effort and coordination.

It is in service to this goal, that the Central Spiritual Sun is indeed aligned and serves as an amplification system to the goals of Lyricus. The primary relationship between Lyricus and the Central Spiritual Sun is comparable to a sailboat and its relationship to the wind. Since Lyricus is an outbound mission, the Central Sun acts as an energizing force in the distribution of the teachings of Lyricus—not so much as a creator of content and principle, but rather as a readiness or preparatory factor in the target species for the Lyricus teachings.

While Lyricus is aligned intellectually to the Hierarchy and its goals and objectives, it also carries a separate teaching through encoded sound and light, of which WingMakers is a part.

[In his answer, James is using the term “Hierarchy” according to the Theosophical model, as explained in the Preface. James is using the vocabulary most familiar to the questioner. In this context, Hierarchy is earth’s SOA. See the section, Source Organizational Alignment (SOA). Ed.]

Question: Did the WingMakers have dealings with any others in our neck of the woods, galaxy, etc.? Is that why there are other teachings, like the Urantia Book, and other channeled materials that are very similar to WM Philosophy?

Answer: The exportation of the teachings called WingMakers is in fact the work assembled by Lyricus. The name WingMakers is simply an encoded word that has been used to represent a portion of these teachings for humanity. In terms of Lyricus’ mandate and reach, it is as far-reaching as any organization within the universe, and it is certainly an influence in other life-bearing planets within the Milky Way galaxy. Other teachings like Urantia or channeled teaching stem from different sources. In some cases there is similarity and to the degree this occurs, it is because the universe is not entirely subjective.


Lyricus Teachers
Question: Did they (the WingMakers) actually incarnate here to leave the artifacts or did they just manifest it and leave?

Answer: Representatives from Lyricus incarnate among humanity instead of physically traveling to life-bearing planets in spaceships or other types of vehicles. This is done for efficiencies, stealth, and deepening the understanding of how to integrate the Lyricus teachings into the indigenous culture. These personalities are mostly invisible among the human population. As they near their eleventh birthday they typically become activated by another Lyricus member who has come before them that triggers their consciousness. These catalysts from Lyricus may be physically present or spiritually connected at the dream subconscious levels. Whatever the case, this activation is what “downloads” the mission objectives and triggers the sense of inviolate duty that accompanies these embedded workers of Lyricus.


Question 28B-S3: When I first read Vision of Mantustia I thought that this Being might be Sanat Kumara. Is Mantustia Sanat Kumara and, if not, who is Mantustia?

Answer: Mantustia is an ascended master who is a remarkable entity of planetary significance to earth; however, it is not Sanat Kumara. Within the Lyricus Teaching Order there are distinctions between personalities based on the teaching method employed by the personality.

There is a wide range of methodologies that can be employed, and there are certain teachers who have found methods to synthesize these methods in such a way that they can cause revelatory experience in their students through a simple exchange of language. Mantustia has developed many of the most famous discourses of Lyricus. He is a master’s master of the most esoteric order within Lyricus that develops discourses, instructional methodologies, and experiential learning environments within the human genome. You will be able to recognize his voice as it is has an uncanny ability to integrate paradox with truth in an authoritative undertone. If heard in its pure, native language, Mantustia’s voice and wisdom borders on the incomparable.


Form Builders of Lyricus
Question: Are the WingMakers similar to the Manasaputras or the Greater Builders as referred to in some literature?

[The name “Manasaputras” is Sanskrit and generally means “Sons of Mind.” These are an advanced order of cosmic lives who are the builders of worlds. Ed.]

Answer: The Form Builders (as I refer to them) are not the WingMakers. Think of the WingMakers as a collective identity, similar to the term we would use for “humanity”, except that the WingMakers represent the seventh universe central race. They are the “child” of the seventh Archetype of First Source, while humanity is the “child” of the WingMakers.

Within the WingMakers, just as within humanity, there is tremendous diversity. In other words, not everyone who is a member of the seventh universe central race is concerned with the spiritual welfare of humanity. Thus, a teaching resource was developed in very, very ancient times (as humanity thinks of these things), called Lyricus (its real name cannot be disclosed in the spoken languages of earth).

Lyricus, in itself, is a mythical wisp of smoke in the arcane/occult/mystery schools of earth. I am not permitted to disclose much about this organization, so it forces me to “dance” around questions a bit. The Form Builders are emissaries of Lyricus, but they are decidedly different from WingMakers in that their function for existence is to be exported to developing, life-bearing planets, and act as the genetic forbearers of humanoid life forms.

Within Lyricus are seven primary disciplines of knowledge. The centermost and unifying discipline is genetics. The Form Builders are part of this discipline, but they are more concerned with the species at its formative stages of development, and less so when it nears its apex opportunities for discovering the Grand Portal. The Form Builders are creations of Lyricus.

You’ve heard the expression “cycles within cycles” or wheels within wheels. Here it is expressed in the fact that each life-bearing galaxy has a humanoid archetype just as each of the seven universes has one, and within each sector of a galaxy (usually divided into approximately one thousand sectors) there resides a sub-archetype based on the galactic model. This sub-archetype is what is referred to in the arcane school as the Form Builders.

It is one of the beautiful ironies of First Source that Form Builders, for all their mysterious and cloaked identity, are actually present in every living human in the form of their body, mind, and spirit integration. The Form Builders are part of a very extensive organization within Lyricus that you can think of as a vast scientific body of geneticists, but not of the kind of earth. Form Builders do not study genetics, they create them; and they do not reveal their creations, they are their creations.

The strongest bridge between the AAB materials and the WMM is the Lyricus Teaching Order, but it will take some time before the teachings of Lyricus are brought to earth. Nonetheless, when these teachings are released, they will support the weight of many, many students as they migrate from the old worldview of spirituality to the new.

[The following diagram is taken directly from James’ answer to this question concerning the Manasaputras or what James calls, “Form Builders.”]


Multi-location Ability
Question: Is it fair to state that you are part of a Lyricus Teaching Order that is based in the Sirian system despite the fact that you hail from a distant galaxy?

Answer: This is a difficult question to answer, at least with words. It requires that you reorganize your definition of an entity. Your question implies that I cannot operate in multiple systems simultaneously. I know you are aware that there are those within the Brotherhood [earth’s Hierarchy of teachers. Ed.] who practice bi-location. While this is typically considered in the context of a physical body, multi-location in the higher bodies is not only possible, but also necessary for members of Lyricus. Time will not permit me to list the reasons for this, though the most important reason is quite intuitive: multi-location enables us to “spread” the presence of our vibratory knowledge to a wider audience.


Release of New Material
Question: What process is undertaken to decide upon a public release date for each piece of material? For example, do you have a list that says e.g., 20th of February, 2008 philosophy twenty-three is released?

Answer: The assessment is based on factors I cannot—at this time—disclose. There is a general schedule for release, but it is not specified to the day or even week and month. It is triggered, in part, by external events.

Question: By what means are “they” keeping track of our progress in assimilating the material? Where are they now?

Answer: There is no one who “tracks” an individual’s progress in assimilating the teachings of Lyricus. Everyone emits or broadcasts a signature vibration. This vibration is collectively woven into a species. It is this vibration that is “read” by Lyricus and it is understood in general terms what the progress of the species is, based on this collective signature.

Question: What changes can we expect to feel before we are ready for more categories to be revealed?

Answer: I’m not sure what you meant by “categories.” I will assume you mean the seven disciplines of Lyricus. The signature vibration of the species determines the timing of this dispensation—exoterically speaking.



Question: Is there another word besides “Hierarchy” which I can use which is more akin to its true nature?

Answer: I like the concept of “Source Organizational Alignment” or SOA. It means that the source of an organization is rightfully empowered to establish a vision for the group energy to achieve. All who invest their time and energy in the organization have a responsibility to align to this vision. SOA is an alternative definition of Hierarchy that suggests its true nature.

That said, however, the difficulty emerges as Hierarchies protect the vision of their source when three things occur:

• The source vision was time-bound for a period of one generation, and the organization outlasts the source vision.

• The source was not truly visionary or adept at forecasting human behavioral shifts based on environmental changes.

• Substantial threats or opportunities emerge that impinge on the vision and necessitate its modification.

Bear in mind that the Grand Universe, while being near infinite in its spatial dimension, is infinitesimally sparse in terms of humanoid populations. Because of this condition, human populations learn how to interact across the spatial dimensions of space through the use of SIN [see glossary, Sovereign Integral Network]. Trading is the most common reason that humanoid populations interact; the second most common is to form alliances of safety.

Trade Alliance Organizations (TAO) [This sub-heading continues the above description of SOAs. Ed.]

These are the two most sweeping forms of SOAs within the physical, Grand Universe. There are very sophisticated and far-reaching trading networks, or what are sometimes called (this is a loose translation) Trade Alliance Organizations (TAO). These particular examples of SOAs form the very basis of the Hierarchy as it extends into the life-bearing planets that have become activated on the Sovereign Integral Network.

There are also planets whose populations have achieved a certain level of spiritual depth and awareness that causes them to abstain from the use of humanoid SOAs and participation within the TAOs. These are the most evolutionary advanced humanoid populations, and generally they prefer to remain outside of the conflicts that naturally arise from humanoid SOAs and TAOs. These populations invest their time and energy into manifesting a SOA of First Source and helping other planets in their evolutionary trajectory.

It is within these planets that Lyricus establishes an outpost. This outpost carries the seed vision of a SOA, but one that is aligned to the vision of First Source. Among these planets is a form of communication and organization, which could be referred to as a SOA or Hierarchy, but this is not the Hierarchy of which you have formed a mental picture.


SOA of Earth
Question 31-S3: Are you saying that earth’s Hierarchy is not an SOA, which is “aligned to the vision of First Source”? Or are you saying that my mental picture is not accurate enough to realize the true nature of earth’s SOA which is indeed aligned with First Source?

Answer: Earth’s SOA was established before the great flood by members of Lyricus that became known as the Elohim, or Shining Ones. These beings established seven centers of learning upon earth. These were instructional environments that accelerated the connection of the human instrument to the Wholeness Navigator, and enabled human initiates to ascend in consciousness such that it was possible to create the great philosophical systems that to some extent endure to this day.

The Hierarchy (as you define it) was the seed that was planted by the Lyricus team that worked with the human tribes of earth. In the span of one thousand years the human mind evolved dramatically, and with it, technologies emerged that were amazingly sophisticated. Most of these technologies were employed for the purpose of spiritual evolution of the species, however, as is always the case in a free will universe, not all of the human tribes could resist the psychic and mental manipulations of political leaders who saw the conquest of land resources more desirable than the development of spiritually evolved societies.

The Hierarchy’s SOA began to shift as a result with a higher priority placed on self-preservation. Its spiritual values and goals came under attack, and it was forced to recede underground. In part, because of this schism, the great flood exercised a new calculus on the human genome, and effectively began a new species. The Hierarchy took this learning to heart, and patience became a more desirable expression of its macro-personality. Its teachers became more visionary about the long pathway that stood before humankind.


Teachings of Djwhal Khul (DK) and Alice A. Bailey
[Alice A. Bailey was in telepathic communication with a Tibetan monk named Djwhal Khul (DK or the Tibetan) between the years 1919 and 1949. With AAB’s help, the Tibetan master wrote eighteen books on spiritual psychology, cosmology, healing, astrology, and metaphysics in general. Ed.]

Question: [A critic] believes WingMakers is an elaborate hoax. He cannot accept the idea that a being [James] can work on earth within the spiritual Hierarchy, yet claim to come from another galaxy. He pointed out that DK (Djwhal Khul) only taught an order of Lives within our own galaxy, implying that extra-galactic contact was way out of proportion to the chain of hierarchical contacts possible to Earth humans.

Answer: One of the interesting observations I have made about the human mind is how someone who is revered as an authority can unintentionally define the borders of belief so resolutely for their followers. DK never reported that there was not an extension of the Hierarchy beyond the borders of the Milky Way galaxy, and that this grander order did not impact on, or influence, a local system.

It may surprise you to learn that DK (during the time of his transmissions to AAB) was not aware of these extra-galactic contacts of the Lyricus and seventh universe central race other than by myth. So, by his omission, it is assumed that he was of the opinion they did not exist. He simply didn’t know about Lyricus because it was outside of his mission objectives. His work required more focus, and when you open up this “can of worms” (Grand Multiverse Hierarchy) you need to assemble a team to disclose this information because it is too broad and deep for one personality to attempt to disclose (hence the nature of authorship of The Urantia Book).

Limitations of Metaphysical Writings [This sub-heading is a continuation of the above question and answer. Ed.]

The object in the lower right-hand section of the diagram that bears a resemblance to an antenna represents the knowledge base of humanity in its current view of the Grand Multiverse. Lamentably, it is overstated because it is impossible for me to depict a thin enough line and still make it visible. Suffice to say that The Urantia Book comes closer to depicting the horizontal view of the Grand Physical Universe, and the AAB materials comes closer to depicting the vertical view of the multiverse. Nonetheless, you can see that the “antenna” is only scratching the surface of the Grand Multiverse.

How can one person depict this breadth and depth of the infinite and expanding multiverse? They cannot, and if it is tried, they will do it a terrible injustice and their results will be misleading. Now, the universe and multiverse that DK depicted was contained well within the “antenna”. It wasn’t his objective to depict the grandest vision of the multiverse. It was his interest to depict the local system’s energy fields and its hierarchy, as he understood it.

[In order to maintain the continuity of the topical arrangement I have removed three paragraphs of this answer and placed them within the “Lyricus Teaching Order” section. Ed.]

But as I said before, DK was not aware of Lyricus at the time of his transmissions to AAB. Yes, he knew that the Hierarchy extended beyond his (and the Great White Lodge’s) mental construct, but he didn’t know how far, or for what purpose. The discovery of the Grand Portal has never been disclosed in any of the materials of the earth-based religious quarter. Given that this is the singular focus of Lyricus and humanity, doesn’t it strike you as peculiar?

This glaring omission from the religious quarter of humanity is a reflection of how the religions of earth object to, and/or misunderstand, the advance of science and technology. For example, DK never transmitted science in the context of genetics, and yet, within Lyricus, this is the nucleus knowledge. For DK, science was the consort of Antahkarana, triangles, or invocation (to name a few examples). It was not the science of the double helix. His conscious mind did not possess this vocabulary or knowledge, and therefore there was no way for him to speak directly to these topics.

[Antahkarana is a Sanskrit term that means the building of a bridge in consciousness between the everyday concrete thinking mind and the abstract spiritual mind, or what James refers to as higher mind. Ed.]


Externalization of the Hierarchy and Soul Carrier DNA in the Superuniverse
Question 14-S3: What is the progress of the externalisation of the Hierarchy? Who and what Masters are working “amongst Humanity” at this point?

Answer: The vision of the Hierarchy, as transmitted by Alice Bailey, was incomplete, as it did not include Lyricus and the Tribe of Light that encircles the Great Central Sun (to name two exclusions). This was an intentional oversight designed to simplify and localize the Hierarchical mission.

In terms of the externalization of the Hierarchy, it varies by planet/species. There are approximately thirty trillion potential life-bearing planets in superuniverse seven. Soul Carrier DNA is distributed on approximately .0015 percent of these planets, or about 4.5 billion planets. Can you imagine the scale of such an enterprise? Of these, the Hierarchy is externalized in a very small percentage—less than 1 percent, or about forty million planets, comprising some 840,000 different species.

As you can see, externalization, from the view of the Hierarchy is a process that encompasses a much larger scale than terra-earth. As it pertains to your question, all earth representatives from the White Lodge are working among humanity. I assume what you really mean is which known masters are physically incarnate at this time.

[The externalization of the Hierarchy is a major factor in the AAB/DK teachings. To date, James never directly links the Lyricus/WingMakers’ materials with the externalization process described by Djwhal Khul. In fact, James never referred to this event as the “externalization of the Hierarchy” until asked by individuals oriented to the AAB/DK teachings. However, there are hints within the material indicating that the Lyricus mission initiated by James in the form of the WingMakers’ website (1998) and later by the Lyricus website (2004) do, in fact, represent the initial stage of the externalization of the Hierarchy.

[In WingMakers' Philosophy, Chamber Four “Beliefs and Their Energy Systems,” James appears to describe the “externalization” as the “Return of the Masters.” As can be seen here, James freely discusses this topic as a natural extension of the work and mission of Lyricus to earth. Also see the section, Christ’s Return to Earth. Ed.]

Number of Masters in the World [This sub-heading is a continuation of the above answer. Ed.]

I am not at liberty to disclose this list. I will tell you that there are approximately 165 masters (sixth [degree] initiates and above) who are physically present on terra-earth, and who operate as the vanguard of the spiritual corps, mostly through ashramic activities. There are some masters who have ventured outside of the relative anonymity and protection of the ashram, but these number less than a dozen, and apart from one name, you would not recognize them in the literature of Alice Bailey or others associated with the White Lodge.

Avatar of Synthesis [This sub-heading is a continuation of the above answer. Ed.]
The Avatar of Synthesis is instructed through Lyricus and, as you know, operates in conjunction and coordination with Christ. The Avatar of Synthesis is intimately involved in the Lyricus objectives, knowing that the Grand Portal and the return of Christ Consciousness galvanize and make durable the One Humanity and One World consciousness.

[The fact that James specifically mentions the Avatar of Synthesis is significant because it indicates his detailed knowledge of a specific term originally published in the Alice A. Bailey books of esoteric philosophy.

The AAB works mention various orders of avatars. The term “avatar” is Sanskrit and generally means a messenger from a higher world who visits a “lower” world in order to give spiritual guidance. The Avatar of Synthesis is identified as a cosmic avatar and therefore comes from somewhere outside our solar system. Ed.]


Question: Is the Hierarchy concerned about the imminent use of nuclear weapons? Would they allow them to be used in some circumstances?

Answer: There is not a singular opinion on this matter inside the Hierarchy. Regardless of the intervention strategies of the Hierarchy, this universe is founded on the principle of free will. Interventions are weighed very, very carefully—both in and out of time sequence, and are rarely exercised unless they significantly countermand a major objective of the Hierarchy like the discovery of the Grand Portal.


Christ’s Mission and Work
Question: Who was Jesus Christ in relation to the WingMakers?

Answer: For those of you who will read these words, and are steeped in Christianity, forgive the manner of my response. I am not a man who communicates delicately when speaking my truth.

Jesus incarnated not for the purpose of begetting a religion. He simply expressed his vision of the spiritual dimensions, making First Source accessible and singular. His fellow humans were so eager for the fulfillment of prophecy that they imposed upon him the mantle of Messiah, which he hesitantly agreed to shoulder.

Jesus presently serves a leadership role in the teaching organization of which I spok earlier, which is made up of authentic spiritual leaders of earth. [James is referring to the Hierarchy. Ed.]

He is very much aware of both the WingMakers and Lyricus. An interesting footnote: While the religious organizations compete for human membership, those teachers who are responsible for the religions’ origin, operate in collaboration and cooperation beneath the same, bold banner—human evolution.

Those teachers who have translated from the physical to the interdimensional realms remain powerful teachers of humanity. They shift their focus from individualistic missions to collaborative missions, and in this spirit of collaboration, become increasingly powerful as change agents for the human condition. Jesus, in particular, operates as a managing director of the teaching organization [the Hierarchy], and in this role, interfaces with Lyricus on planning and analysis of the Grand Portal.

There is a common understanding among the teaching core that the confluence of science, art, and religion is inevitable, and it will culminate in the scientific discovery of the human soul, and more specifically, how the human soul is designed. Much like the physical body has a human genome, the spiritual body, or Wholeness Navigator, has a spiritual genome. And this genome is far more important to understand than the human because it is the causal element, while the human genome is the receptor.

There are six components to this effort that are coordinated:

1. Lyricus designs, transposes, and installs galactic Tributary Zones to a planetary system.

2. Earth teachers (non-physical) prepare the species for acceptance of the Grand Portal.

3. Earth teachers (physical) discover the way to the Grand Portal via the Tributary Zones.

4. Earth teachers (physical) disseminate and preserve the knowledge of the Grand Portal.

5. Earth teachers (physical and non-physical) unite humanity to the Sovereign Integral Network.

6. Source Intelligence and Lyricus facilitate the process throughout the Grand Universe.

Jesus’ role is of high importance in stage two, and in approximately eighty years, in stage five. He essentially leads this process with the collaborative assistance of the entire teaching organization of ascended (non-physical) teachers. [First published July 9, 2001. Ed.]


Christ’s Return to Earth

[Although the return of Jesus Christ is commonly associated with many Christian denominations, this religious belief also plays a central part in the spiritual philosophy of the Alice Bailey/DK books. This belief is quite different from the standard Christian viewpoint. In the Bailey/DK scenario, the Christ returns to the world more in line with Eastern belief of an avatar, or messenger from the spiritual world, rather than as a savior, or messiah. Such a return does not endorse any specific religion. Additionally, no specific date is given for such an event, because, according to the scenario, it is determined by the spiritual growth and maturity of the humanity. Ed.]

Question 15-S3: The return of the Christ was originally slated as around 2025. Has that date been brought forward some, and if so, what is the approximate timing now?

Answer: The timing for the return of the Christ is related to the timing of the emergence of the Church Invisible. The two are inseparable. In the Lyricus vocabulary, the Church Invisible is the emergence of the Grand Portal and its preeminence as the unification platform of legacy religions and faith-based belief systems. The Christ Consciousness will only prepare the Church Invisible to reign within the human heart and higher mind, and Christ will, in effect, ascend in evolutionary service thereafter.

In regard to your question about timing, it is impossible to place specific time measures to events that involve complex human decisions. It is truly, in the end, a human decision, not one imposed by the Hierarchy.

Question: How is the WingMakers’ project and the other five or six projects related to the reappearance of the Christ or World Teacher?

Answer: The Hierarchy—not the Christed One—will emerge first, and they will concentrate on bringing the new psychology and metaphysics to the twenty-first century.

The WingMakers’ teachings are one of the first stages of this externalization process, which consists of transmitting the catalytic forces of the Tributary Zones to the communication networks of the world population.

The Christed One is an energy field that accompanies these teachings and those individuals that immerse within the Tributary Zones with the intention of accelerating their consciousness for the purpose of discovering the Grand Portal.

The Christed One will not return, so much as become acknowledged in the post-discovery period of the Grand Portal. This is the consciousness-shift of the planet and the human species. A specific set of technologies will make possible the acknowledgment of Christ, which has been referred to as the Return of the Masters. In reality, the world teacher will be the Grand Portal.


Question: 1 From your knowledge of cosmogony/cosmology, are we to expect an “Antichrist” in the near future? If so, what will be the nature of the Anti-Christ? Do we mean a person, a thought pattern, an attitude, an alien, Animus, a country etc.?

Answer: The concept of an antichrist is deeply penetrating as a mythology and prophecy. It is a very complex subject, and one that I lack sufficient time to properly address. In order to understand the Antichrist, you must first understand the Christ, and this is where most definitions or predictions of the antichrist fail.

Christ, non-personalized, is human salvation from the grips of a repressive energy system that places human beings in a survival mode of consciousness. Christ is the Grand Portal.


he Antichrist, therefore, is represented as a collection of forces that resist the discovery of the Grand Portal for fear of the changes it will bring. Ironically, these forces will be largely generated from religious centers, and consequently, governments, in many instances, will be forced to follow.

If I were to say that the Antichrist is organized religion, it would be too general a statement. I can only tell you that the powers behind humanity’s major religious organizations will eventually unite and resist this discovery with all their strength. This has been foreshadowed in many prophecies, but the religious authorities have been loath to share it. It is not commonly understood in religious circles, but the major power centers of religious activity on earth each possess an inner circle of authority, and these individuals are at least dimly aware of these prophecies, and in one instance, are crystal clear about what the future holds in the twenty-first century.


The Seven Universes
Question: It is my understanding that each universe was created one at a time, drawing on the knowledge gained from the previous universes. If this is so, then does our future hold an eighth (or more) universe?

Answer: It is certainly a possibility, but I cannot say with any certainty that this will occur or is part of the divine plan. I have to answer, “I do not know”.

Question: In the myths of our culture, are there references to the other six universes?

Answer: No. The singularity of the physical universe is one of the most pervasive and persistent myths affecting all cultures throughout time. The seven universes are sometimes confused with the inner dimensions of consciousness, but these inner dimensions correspond to the physical universe—hence, each universe consists of outer and inner dimensions, and these multiple dimensions are most potent where the greatest concentrations of life forms exist.

For example, the inner dimensions of Earth are far more developed and multi-faceted than those that exist around Jupiter, despite the fact that Jupiter is precisely 10.7 times larger than Earth. The concentration of life forms and the accessibility of these life forms to the Genetic Mind, Source Intelligence, and Entity Consciousness create this interwoven, multidimensional matrix of worlds. When multiplicity, or “worlds,” “planes,” or “realms” is depicted in myth or even modern day descriptions, they are referencing these inner dimensions, and not the seven universes of the physical Grand Universe.

Question 75-S3: Do the myths of our culture also reference the beings from other universes or just our own? For instance are angels from another universe?

Answer: The physical instruments of sentient life forms of the other six universes do not cross over into our universe, or vice versa. The seven universes are isolated vibrationally (spatially) and genetically (bio-structurally). This helps to ensure that the evolutionary pathways of a species in one universe do not collide or conflict with another. It enables diversity. It enables near-infinite evolutionary extension. While the physical instrument cannot cross over, the individuated consciousness can. And to this degree there are some beings that “migrate” from one universe to another. This is not analogous to the ascension process.

Regarding your question about angels, angelic beings are not from outside universe seven (our universe). Indeed, neither are they from outside our galaxy.


Question: Are you anti-Zeta Reticuli and The Galactic Federation, should they exist?

Answer: I am not. And they do exist. That’s the short answer.

As for the Zeta Reticuli, they are like all complex, humanoid species; they have multiplicity in their behaviors. There is no single personality that defines the species. Some factions or sub-cultures of the Zeta Reticuli are unpleasant by human standards, and yet they have their reasons for their behaviors, which I understand. Because I understand them, I can faithfully report that while I don’t support or honor their behavior, I am not against them as an enemy. I simply withdraw my support and openly acknowledge this among those I associate with.

Regarding the Galactic Federation, this is a form of hierarchical command and control, and while I honor its mission and support its purpose, I personally am not bound to its rule nor am I subject to its hierarchical structure. I do, however, respect the opinions of the Galactic Federation and would carefully weigh their suggestions to the extent they impacted on my personal mission.

[Note that the section on Source Organizational Alignment (SOA) states that hierarchical orders such as the Galactic Federation exist. Hierarchical pantheons of gods recorded by ancient civilizations such as the Sumerian, Egyptian, and Hindu, to name a few, may be earthly reflections of cosmic SOAs such as the Galactic Federation. This is indicated further by James’ comments in the SOA section in regard to earth’s Hierarchy of master teachers. Ed.]

Question: When will we see ET’s openly walking around on the earth and mixing with earth humans? Assuming of course that official ET government disclosure occurs first? What role will the WingMakers play in these events?

Answer: Forgive me if I engage in recreation with your question just a bit. Everywhere you are there are extraterrestrials. It’s a well-known fact of your scientists that the atomic structure of the human form is derived from particles of stars. Thus, the human instrument is essentially extraterrestrial.

Set this aside for a moment. What animates the human instrument? What is ensouled within the body? Isn’t it a consciousness of understanding, borne of the archetype of souls known as First Source? Is this not of extraterrestrial origin? Both the animating force and the bodies within which this force expresses are not of this earth. What you call humans, we call Sovereign Entities of the Central Universe (SECU—pronounced SeeQue).

SECUs are the alpha and omega. They are not time-bound nor restrained by the adornments of bodies. They are the primal form finished and honed to the perfection of their creator, and in this, we are all the same.

Now, to your point, extraterrestrials are walking around on earth, you just don’t recognize them as extraterrestrials because the human genome and the genome of many extraterrestrial races are essentially the same. There will be ETs of a different cast that will make their presence known in the next decade, but they will not interfere with the social order.

When the Grand Portal is unveiled by human hands you will invoke the attention of the Galactic Federation, and humanity will be invited to interact in the affairs of the galactic family. It is then that the diversity of the humanoid species will be appreciated, and it is precisely for this reason that humanity must come to understand itself as a SECU first, and human second.

Question: What about ETs and ufo phenomena? I think that lots of this involves the devas of the ethers, but not all of it. And why would such a massive topic be obscured in esoteric teachings. If DK has mentioned it, then it is very well veiled. Most esoteric students are not integrating this ET phenomenon with the ageless wisdom and it seems to me that something of major importance is being missed here. I am interested in integrating these two areas and am giving a presentation to a ufo group in the Philadelphia area on May 4. I want to synthesize and bridge these areas if possible.

[Devas (Sanskrit) are what the Christian world call angels. Devas play an important, but mysterious role in the expression of life in our galaxy. Angels are referred to in the third Neruda interview and very briefly in the fourth interview. Ed.]

Answer: The ET phenomenon is too complex for most people to address or digest. If you bring up one end of this conundrum, you are forced to admit that you don’t know the other. This applies equally to the media, science, politicians, military, military industrial complex, and religion. There is ample proof of extraterrestrial interaction on earth, but this proof is hard to guide into a single, comprehensible “corral” so that the public can understand the phenomenon without feeling hoodwinked or threatened. There are some who’re trying to do this (Dr. Greer), but they will be largely unsuccessful because the evidence is focused on the conspiratorial cover-up, and not on the ET agendas or long-range purpose.

To your point about devas, they are not confused with the ET and UFO phenomenon. Only on rare occasions do people make this error of identity. There is, however, a very sophisticated program of indoctrination being played out by both ETs and factions of our intelligence communities. These are responsible for the frequency of ET/UFO reports, as in the case of abductions. Bear in mind, that I am an ET by definition. In the broader view, we all are. We all stem from extraterrestrial origins. Some of us simply remember them better than others.



Question 11-S2: What is your relationship with other extraterrestrial races involved with the earth? Are the Animus real or fictional?

Answer: My relationships are with humans at the present. I do not have interactions with what I believe you are calling extraterrestrial races, other than my ancient bonds with Lyricus. As for the Animus, they are very real.

Question: Is there an Animus influence in the hierarchy? If yes are their intentions designed to minimize the emergence of the SECUs?

Answer: There are tremendous variations of personality in the Animus as there is within humanity at large. There are factions within the Animus that desire nothing more than to become a soul carrier and live harmoniously with humanoids; and there are factions that would like to supplant the humanoid genome and rule over their worlds. With this backdrop, the answer to your question is a qualified “yes”. The emergence of the SECU functionality is a prime concern within certain Animus factions, as is the related discovery of the Grand Portal, for the simple reason that it connects humanity with the broader humanoid family present throughout universe seven. [The acronym “SECU” stands for “Sovereign Entity of the Central Universe.” Ed.]


Dark Lodge

[The dark lodge is a name given to a collective group of entities who seek to keep humanity imprisoned in the confines of pure materialism. Through their influence, humanity is kept in fear, separation, and spiritual darkness. Again, this term is used in the Bailey/Djwhal Khul philosophical texts, but appears as the “black lodge” or “dark brotherhood.” The White Lodge is a term equivalent to the Hierarchy of earth teachers. Ed.]

Question: How does the Hierarchy regard the present post-Iraq situation in terms of the ‘sealing of the door where evil dwells’? Has the Dark Brotherhood regained the power it had pre World War II, when it worked through the axis nations? Is the situation in terms of the balance of power between the White and Black Lodges regarded as precarious at the moment? Who currently has the upper hand?

Answer:The Dark Lodge continues to consume and project power within the physical and emotional planes of terra-earth, irrespective of the external events of war. In other words, wars and political unrest are not barometers of the Dark Lodge. Rather, the signs of the Dark Lodge are found in the ethics of adults and children, and how, on a collective basis, these situational ethics re-direct the global culture away from the divine will-to-good. [Note that James’ employment of the term “will-to-good” is part of the Alice Bailey/DK lexicon. Here, James is indicating his knowledge of this lexicon. Ed.]

Until the Wholeness Navigator (a component of the human soul) is discovered and its practical applications are employed by a critical mass of humans, the Dark Lodge will dominate in this physical realm. Their domination is enabled by the human species that lack identification with the unification force that the Wholeness Navigator anchors within the higher mind. This feeling of separation from the brotherhood of souls is the singular weapon exploited by the Dark Lodge to recruit, retain, and motivate its followers.


Terrorist Attacks of 9-11-01
Question: Is the conspiracy theory correct that the U.S. government and/or the Israeli secret service engineered the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11? What was the degree of complicity in the operation by Osama Bin Laden?

Answer: No one engineered the 9/11 tragedies, other than those who carried it out. The Dark Lodge did not orchestrate it. It is a natural, organic event arising out of the disconnected, disenfranchised populations of the world as they strive to strike back at what they deem cultural genocide.

Cultural genocide (I’m making a distinction between racial genocide) is one of the more subtle ways to displace indigenous control of the resources in the Middle East. One could argue that the Dark Lodge or the U.S. government knew that something like 9/11 could occur, but they did not prescribe the method of destruction, nor did they enable it specifically. Rather, they project their power and the cultural autocracy associated with it, knowing a reaction is inevitable.

To every unchecked power, there is a resistance movement. It is a law of the universe, and the Dark Lodge is very well aware of it. However, the resistance movement can be manipulated to invoke fear, and it is this fear that further degrades situational ethics, opening the door to involution.

Question: Are Osama Bin Laden or George Bush disciples, and if so what is their evolutionary status, First to Second degree (1.3, 1.5 etc.)?

[This questioner is using the Theosophical lexicon when referring to disciples and degrees of initiation. In this context, disciples are students following an accelerated path of training in spiritual development. This process can be conscious or unconscious. During the “unconscious” phase of this developmental path, an individual may be experiencing a particular lifetime in which he or she is engaged in an accelerated learning and testing period. In the context of Theosophy, initiation degrees are developmental levels of spiritual growth and achievement based on life experience gained in the framework of one’s chosen spiritual path. Ed.]

Answer: Regarding levels of discipleship or evolutionary status, this is a very personal matter and is never disclosed by Lyricus teachers. Furthermore, any undue emphasis on initiation status, particularly unrelated to your own, is misdirected energy.

Question: In light of the recent tragedy (September 11) how do we recover some perception into the big picture and place these events of terrorism in perspective?

Answer: The world is fragmented into religious and political perspectives that land on various points of an expanding continuum. This fragmentation is the expression of humanity’s collective ignorance of the Wholeness Navigator, or immortal essence. It is this ignorance, and this ignorance alone, that perceptually separates you not only from First Source, or God, but also those of your human family and the broader community of life forms that extend throughout the Grand Universe.

This specific condition of ignorance creates the duality of good and evil and its reliable shadow of sin. As depicted so admirably in the media, the enemy of the United States, and indeed the free world at large, has been sculpted into an unrevealed network of terrorists who personify evil, while we, the free world, stand erect as the embodiment of good. I invite you to contemplate the vulnerability of this paradigm.

The conceptual structure of humanity’s success does not lie in the simplistic notion of the triumph of good over evil. Instead, it lies in the investment of scientific and technical resources, coupled to the self-reliant ingenuity of the human race to discover the Wholeness Navigator and share this discovery with the world’s population. This will not be done with the full cooperation of the human race. Indeed, it never is. There is always the dampening effect of those who fear the changes that will follow in the wake of this vital discovery.

The terrorist network is a facet of this dampening effect that will assail all efforts to unify humanity, and it will not be the only form of resistance. As humanity enters into the unfolding of its next three generations, this network will test it repeatedly, and at times, as witnessed this week, with brutal effectiveness. Ironically, terrorism fulfills the very role it eschews inasmuch as the common enemy unifies.

Those elements of the population, whether they are countries like North Korea and Iraq, or radical religious factions, have one thing in common: they dread unification of the world’s people because they fear that their unique ethnicity, culture, and religious customs will be extinguished, while those populations who strive for unification believe their cultures will be a foundation stone in the new, global society. This is a fundamental anxiety of our time.

Once a world’s population reaches a stage of global communication, those nations who can apply the global communications platform naturally seek a conceptual structure that unifies the population, first economically, and then, militarily. Earth is well underway in both arenas, but the dampening effect of the terrorist network is what will help to temper the will of the population to unify. Once this unification is established, the population will be better able to collaborate and share, and this is precisely what the scientific discovery of the Wholeness Navigator requires.

It is completely rational to be outraged by the brutality of these recent attacks; it is also sensible to understand them in the broader context. Our political, military, and media leaders do not share this perspective, not because they lack sensibility, but because their systems of reference are designed to protect what has been established by previous generations as our self-interest, rather than to understand the broader context as it relates to the vital discoveries that lie ahead.

I know in the minds of each of you lies the gnawing question: Where will this invasive terrorism lead and how far will it go? Will it lead to a world war? Will the world economy weaken as a result? I can answer yes to the last two questions, but it will not overtake the world’s progression to unify, but rather hasten its realization. While sacrifices will be required, it will generate a new sense of collective purpose and connection among the nations and tribes of earth.

If you remain absorbed in the media-defined expression of this dramatic story as it ensues, you may be entrained to think and act as our leaders do, which is centered on the protection of the self-interests of the free world. You may instead choose to rely more on the leadership of your inmost self during the times that will come, and place the events in the broader context of the journey that lies ahead—both for you as an individual and humanity as a whole.

Each of you must feel as though you have walked unwittingly through a gate, and, having seen what’s on the other side, you want to return from whence you came, but the gate locked behind you. We have entered a new world where your vulnerability has been drawn in sharp relief. What lies ahead is not of our conscious designs, but rather it is an expression of our accumulated self-interests and general ignorance of the Wholeness Navigator, and subconsciously, there are few on earth who do not realize this.

There is no one to blame for this condition. It is an evolutionary element of the long process for a humanoid species to achieve the scientific discovery of the higher dimensions from which humanity is woven. Upon this journey humankind has struggled before, but it has always found its way forward to its ultimate goal, and it is this goal—subtle as it may be—that seeks to articulate itself in the hearts and minds of all of you who are incarnate at this time.

There will be new tests that will assail humanity throughout the twenty-first century; some will be more profoundly shattering than those witnessed this week. Invariably, your leaders will draw a line between good and evil and seek to eradicate the evil, and in every instance the target will only extend further into the deep recesses of obscurity and de-centralization.

There is a strategic plan for all life-bearing planets, and this plan is not established at the outset and then cast aside. It is constantly undergoing refinement and adjustment. The only stability in this plan is the ultimate goal; the journey itself weaves, stalls, accelerates, and sometimes even reverses in direction. There is, however, the guiding hand of First Source that never releases, nor turns away in indifference, and this same hand touches into the deepest part of you—especially in times such as these, and it proffers insight.

My message to each of you is to listen to this insight in the quiet of the night or morning, in the natural ways of the sky, the ocean, the woods, or fields, and invite it to reveal the emotional intelligence that survives the physical body. Allow this to prevail in your heart and mind even amid the unsettling times of today and the future. When you capture this insight, anchor it in your life by expressing it through your senses of touch, sight, hearing, and sound. You can think of this as the Reassurance Vibration. It is the vibration you will want to carry inside of you and share.


Israel and Palestine
Question: The Zionists were a tool of the Dark Brotherhood pre and post WWII: “The “sealing” of that door had not been successfully accomplished, and it is the part of wisdom to discover this in time. These Forces of Evil work through a triangle of evil, one point of which is to be found in the Zionist Movement in the United States, another in central Europe, and the third in Palestine. Palestine is no longer a Holy Land and should not be so regarded.” Is this triangle still activated through the ‘Neocons’ in the American administration? If so, how dangerous is their agenda in terms of Middle East domination by America in Israel?

Answer: Your question has underlying assumptions that are not entirely accurate, and therefore if I were to answer it directly, my answer would, by necessity, be obtuse.
Let me just say that Palestine and Israel are minor elements in the grand scheme of the Dark Lodge. They are like misdirection tools in the hands of a magician. Where you have concentration of control of earth’s vital resources (i.e., oil, natural gas, water, food commodities, gold, diamonds, etc.) that is where you will find the Dark Lodge operating. Using this line of reasoning, neither Israel nor Palestine possesses these vital resources.

These resources are the lifeblood of the Dark Lodge as well as the powerbase upon which they rise to prominence and exercise their greed. It has been this way for hundreds upon hundreds of generations. This is as true for terra-earth as it is any life-bearing planet with soul carrier DNA pre-Grand Portal time.

A planet’s vital and valuable resources attract those who identify with power instead of brotherhood; exploitation instead of collaboration. This is the very basis of the Dark Lodge.

Question: How imminent does the Hierarchy regard the resolution of the Israeli/Palestinian crisis? Is the Manu considering drastic measures be taken if the situation is not resolved soon?

Answer: The resolution of the crisis in the Middle East is all interconnected. The Israeli/Palestinian conflict is fueled by a near-inexhaustible supply of mutual resentment, and it all goes to the issue of cultural genocide and the shifting of control of vital resources.

When the Native Americans underwent this process they initially had resistance movements, but eventually succumbed to the interminable force of the white expansionist movement. This will not be the case in this conflict. It will continue for many decades in cycles of ceasefires and hostile resumptions.

The Manu of the Fifth Race is not concerned with matters of this kind. If it were, it would not prepare for the next evolutionary standard of the soul carrier DNA. This is the vital task that consumes the Manu at present. [See fn. 2. Ed.]


Economic Recession
Question: Is there a worldwide economic recession imminent? Does the Hierarchy regard this as essential in order for there to be a new monetary system developed?

Answer: There is a Zen proverb: The last thing a fish notices is water. The recession is well underway, and it is global. It is a result of the Dark Lodge’s control of the money/asset/vital resources supply. The Hierarchy doesn’t concern itself about the monetary system as long as the technology required for the Grand Portal continues to receive investment (and it will).


Resolving World Crisis
Question: “There’s a persistent memory in the psyche of humans—particularly the weaker cultures that have been trampled on by nations bent on colonization. These grievous indignations to the weaker nations of the world have left a deep mark on their collective memory. It’s vital that this memory be erased or purged in order for humankind to become unified in its governance and fundamental systems.

“This event can be orchestrated or it may occur through natural means, but it’s generally agreed that an event must arise that galvanizes the world’s people to unite, and in this process, purge the memory of all peoples, but especially those who have been dealt with as victims of colonization.” [This quotation is taken from Neruda Interview Four. Ed.]

By “purge” and “erase” what exactly do you mean? Kill off these cultures or find ways to heal their collective memory or something else?

Answer: Purge, in this context, means to release the memory of victimhood in favor of a vision to unite for a common cause and/or purpose, and to construct together rather than participate in the destructive cycles of revenge-sabotage. Again, the discovery of the Grand Portal is a galvanizing event/process of sufficient magnitude to shift these collective memories into release and create a new pattern of behavior, which is the only way that these changes can be sustained.


Mind Control
Question: What is the relationship between the Montauk Project and the WingMakers (if there is any)?

Answer: I will give you a peek into what occurred that led to the Montauk Project.

A very bright man by the name of Vannevar Bush (no relation to GWB) headed up a small group of brilliant physicists who were working with the ACIO when it was newly formed.

Bush was the ostensible leader of this scientific force who was tasked to perform some reengineering feats of UFO technologies. These initial extraterrestrial technologies were purposely left for discovery as a means to accelerate the time of the networks (Internet being the first stage—SIN being the culmination stage). [See Sovereign Integral Network in glossary. Ed.]

The walls of secrecy are always permeable within the government and military, and Bush became known as a superior investigator of these technologies. This project was held in higher security than the Manhattan Project. However, because Bush was too visible and potentially a risk, this re-engineering project was funneled into the ACIO where Bush was given the opportunity to join.

He declined because of the need to essentially leave society and become anonymous. Bush, even at that time, was being groomed by the Central Race to help invent the stage one Network infrastructure, and he had a semi-conscious realization that his real mission was involved in this endeavor, and not the ACIO.

Fifteen was also being groomed for the position, but was considered less trustworthy as a person with whom the military and Incunabula could rely on to follow their own agenda. Nonetheless, Fifteen was considered a far brighter and more capable mind to initiate the sort of discoveries and fathom the potentials that these extraterrestrial technologies held.

During the time when Bush was leading the re-engineering efforts, he was asked to participate in the earliest experiments in time travel. Even Einstein was consulted for a short time on these experiments, which were conducted in absolute secrecy. The outcome, while unsuccessful, did generate an enthusiasm within the Incunabula (for all the obvious reasons); however, it was not given any additional funding by the military so the project was closed.

The project file ended up in Fifteen’s hands, and there were some elements that were found useful (dealing with transitory states of degaussing). A copy of the project file also ended up at Brookhaven. This copy later turned into the Montauk Project, but was quickly diverted into mind control experiments that went awry. The military really controlled Montauk, while the Incunabula controlled the ACIO (in the early years of its development).

Now, as for the credibility of these men and their association with the WingMakers, I will leave this to you. I will only add that the Central Race works through individuals in such a way that they do not know they are being worked with. Those who claim this communication do not generally have it.

If they have alignment to the Grand Portal it will be obvious in their deeds and words, even if they don’t know about the WingMakers or the intrinsic nature of the universe. I understand your lament that people miss the spiritual undercurrents and sometimes rush to the superficial eddies of conspiracy and cover-up. The two dramas are very different in nature, but they are not incompatible.


Chip Implants
Question: What are your views on chip implants for purposes of identification and law enforcement? Would you avoid or accept such an implant into your human instrument?

Answer: I would resist it with every ounce of my ability and legal recourse, but if the day arrived when it became a law and I was required to accept such an implant, I would begrudgingly accept it because it is a law, and it would only arrive as a law if there were some value in its proposition. An implant would not influence any of my behaviors, conduct, attitude or any other expression.



Expansion Beyond the Third Dimension
Question: Do global events, such as warfare, famine, environmental issues etc. play any part in mankind’s discovery of the Grand Portal, or its move from the third to the fourth dimension?

Answer: It’s important to understand that humanity is achieving this discovery as a natural extension of its evolutionary course. Along this pathway are strewn the follies of an immature race, and these follies can prevent or restrain safe passage to the Grand Portal. But fortunately, evolution is not a single track of physical or mental capabilities arranged in an ever-increasing structure of competence and adaptive skills. Evolution is operating on thousands of micro-paths, and many of the most profound are invisible to the human senses.

The orientation that humanity is emerging from the relative darkness of the third dimension to the fourth dimension is a misconception of the modern-day New Age movement.

Humanity evolves to embrace the multiverse, and as it evolves it discovers that its superuniverse is accessible to the human mind in ways that defy logic. This is the stage upon which humanity is entering, and it is not to ascend in a vibratory epiphany to a higher dimension, but rather, it is to interact with a broader multiverse of intelligence that heretofore has only been imagined by a handful of humanity’s finest representatives.

Humanity will remain in the third dimension, but will increasingly become aware of the higher dimensions while living in the third dimension, even as First Source, its creator, does. First Source lives in the third dimension, but is simultaneously aware of itself throughout the spectrum of the multiverse, and through Source Intelligence, is aware of all life forms in all dimensions. Humanity will ultimately access this same perspective by applying the Grand Portal as a “lens” through which it can gain admission to First Source consciousness. First Source—in this specific example—is less God than the archetype of the Wholeness Navigator.

Advanced Incoming Souls [This answer was originally part of question 17-S3. For the first part see Initiates 17-S3A. Ed.]

Within the next three generations, an influx of advanced souls will be incarnating within terra-earth. We call this influx: Symmetry of Spheres. These advanced souls (most from outside this solar system) will be encoded with predispositions of transformation. By the year 2080, they will be over two hundred million strong. These are the transformers who will bring symmetry to the asymmetrical physical and emotional realms. It will be the leaders of this movement that will be responsible for the discovery and irrefutable proof of the human soul.

This is the climax of human achievement in this evolutionary cycle, and it is the undeniable goal of all within the White Lodge because this discovery is not personal. It is not sheltered in the sanctity of the individual’s realm of experience. It is the externalization of the Hierarchy, and it will touch every consciousness with its indelible mark.

The Christ Consciousness will anchor it and the Church Invisible will protect it from all who try to malign, suppress, or prevent this discovery.

In the Lyricus vocabulary, the Church Invisible is the emergence of the Grand Portal and its preeminence as the unification platform of legacy religions and belief systems.”


Significance of the Grand Portal Discovery
Question: The Plan that the Hierarchy seeks to implement is subject to modifications continually. What are its five top major priorities today?

Answer: Priorities are not assessed numerically. In other words, there is a fundamental purpose within the Hierarchy and hundreds of related tactics. Some tactics may have more near term importance than others, and to this extent, there is a sense of priority, but everything is part of a single, evolutionary system that positions the human species and proof of soul on a collision course.

Every evolutionary system is designed to ultimately transform into an innovative system with a new, but related purpose. Evolutionary systems have a distinctive culmination that is the catalyst that enables the transformation to occur. In the case of humanity’s present evolutionary system, the discovery of the Grand Portal is the distinctive culmination, and when it occurs, it will shift the evolutionary system from a human species/planetary focus to an interdimensional species/intergalactic focus based on humanity’s ability to use the Grand Portal as an interface to the Sovereign Integral Network.

The responsible application of the Grand Portal will fall to the disciples of the Sacred Path to faithfully execute. All of the training, preparation, and sacrifice of today is designed to enable the disciples of the future to responsibly manage and protect the findings of the Grand Portal. This is the focal point of the Hierarchy, though not all within the Hierarchy are aware of this overarching goal and its culmination, which is anticipated in the latter quarter of the twenty-first century.


Changes in the Human Instrument

Question: It is my understanding that humanity as a whole, as well as the very planet itself and all forms of life upon it, are undergoing vast biological changes at the most fundamental levels. There are those of us who are aware of this consciously, i.e. having made the decision to embody the energy of our Soul, Wholeness Navigator, etc. Many of us began this process over a decade ago and continue to experience excruciating pain and discomfort in the physical body, as well as fits of depression and mental and emotional challenges. Some refer to this as transformation, ascension, clearing ancestral karma, etc. This is of concern to so many; could you please comment on this? For instance, what is really happening, and what can we expect as the awakening process continues and/or concludes?

Answer: Thank you for your question and interest in this topic.

It is true that the human instrument, in some cases, is undergoing changes, and that these changes can be experienced, sometimes with intensity, and sometimes with remarkable subtlety. However, the more profound changes—those dealing with the fundamental structure of the human instrument—do not necessarily manifest as physical discomforts or emotional depression.

Very often physical discomforts and emotional turbulence are attributable to a myriad of unrelated causes, which, I’m sure you’ll agree, are unconnected to this fundamental evolution of the human instrument. Each must use their discernment and self-knowledge to differentiate the effects of the weather, diet, conditions of stress, etc. from those more fundamental changes that are occurring at the atomic or sub-atomic levels.

The human instrument is a composite structure. It is not merely physical. It includes the pathways of the mind and emotional intellect that are intertwined more intimately with the Wholeness Navigator than is the physical body. It is the Wholeness Navigator that is expressing its form of consciousness through the human instrument more vividly, and this expression energizes the pathways that connect, or “bridge” the mind and emotional consciousness with the Wholeness Navigator.

You can think of these pathways as a root system. The mind and emotions are like the roots of the physical body, drawing nutrients from the Wholeness Navigator. If the Wholeness Navigator is activated to express itself more vividly in the physical, three-dimensional world, its nutritional supply is intensified and the mind and emotions will undoubtedly absorb this intensification and pass it along to the physical body.

The presence of the Wholeness Navigator is invisible to the human instrument, and, for the most part, is not felt directly. The higher pathways of the mind imagine it, and these images are translated to the emotions and body through music as vividly as any art form. Every person reacts a little differently to these translations; there is no standard reaction.

The important thing to understand is that the presence of the Wholeness Navigator is pressing into the physical dimension and leaving its indelible effect. There are many reasons why this is occurring, but the most notable is that the individuals incarnating at this time are consciously, and in some cases, subconsciously, calling forth the Wholeness Navigator consciousness to radiate its unification energy to the human instrument.

I realize that this may not be the conscious plea or prayer, but it is the hidden form of the communiqué, and when this is done, the Wholeness Navigator intensifies its vibrational resonance. The human instrument begins to activate, or change, as a result. This change is very fundamental and is generally felt as a growing sensitivity to stress, which, in the physical body, can manifest as headaches and body aches, numbness in the limbs, and rapid energy surges and depletions.

The physical reasons for this have to do with the tenth chromosome and how it regulates the stress-coping capabilities of the body, mind, and emotions. The Wholeness Navigator is called forth by the human instrument, and the human instrument is activated by the intensification of the Wholeness Navigator. The activation of the human instrument causes profound changes to the DNA structure, brain chemistry, and the central nervous system.

This activation is a natural evolution of the human instrument. It arises from the desire to feel unified and whole, which is precisely what the human instrument was designed to obstruct. Remember that the human instrument is what enables the Wholeness Navigator to experience separation and individuated experience within the realm of time and space. Thus, if it is to embody the unification vibration, it must transform.

This transformation is not occurring as broadly as your question implies. It is limited to the human instrument of a small percentage of the overall human population. I am aware that there are reports alleging that the earth, as a whole, is undergoing nothing short of a global transmutation, but it is not the case. Transformation occurs one individual at a time, at the request of the individual. It is not orchestrated for all life forms simultaneously because this would require a cessation of free will.

As more and more individuals call forth the Wholeness Navigator, and subsequently alter the function of their human instrument, it becomes easier for new generations of humans to embody the unification vibration within their human instrument. This is all part of the divine blueprint for the evolution of the human species as a soul carrier capable of cosmological exploration.

I hope this explanation, while brief and admittedly abstract, is helpful to your understanding. As with any subject of this magnitude, I could write a hundred pages and only scratch the surface of the topic. Having written only a few pages, you can imagine how inadequate this rendering is. However, time doesn’t permit me to provide you with all the details.


Synthesis Model of Existence
Question: It gives me relief to hear that you explain two forms of dominant models of existence that shape the interaction and destiny of the human race—the Evolution/Saviorship model and the Transformation/Mastership model. You say it is a challenge of the individual to recognize these two dominant models of existence and integrate them in order to design the synthesis model. Can you describe this synthesis model and how it might look like to humankind in general?

Answer: The synthesis model is anchored first in the knowledge of who you are at a fundamental level. This requires you to understand and, to the degree possible, experience the individuated consciousness as your multi-faceted identity. When the Grand Portal is discovered, the individuated consciousness will be—in effect—dissected and made visible for the first time; similar in some ways to when the human body was first dissected and its internal organs were named and their purpose identified.

This is the dawning of the synthesis model of existence for humanity in general. Its chief feature, in terms of being visible to the general public, is the sense of validation it brings to the belief systems of immortality and human interconnectedness. On most planets undergoing this process, the synthesis model of existence dawns at the discovery and propagation phases of the Grand Portal. It has a radical and desirable effect on institutional integrity—that is to say, any institution that has been based on the previous models of existence, atrophies and either adjusts its organizational rules, or it self-terminates. [See Models of Existence in glossary. Ed.]



Accelerating Spiritual Growth
Question: What is the best and most accessible way to obtain and experience higher powers, or the ‘super’ human state of mind. By this I refer to anything like majick, excelled intelligence and the likes—I think you get my gist.

Answer: I’m asked this question (or variations of it) more often than any other, and my answer is inevitably the same: align your personal objectives with the universal objectives. In other words, if you focus your efforts on finding the sensory data streams that resonate with your consciousness and lead to your self-mastery, these same data streams will illuminate the universal objectives as they pertain to the species of which you are a part and the planet upon which your species exists. Once this is realized—even dimly—you can align your personal path with the universal. When this is done, you accelerate at the rate that is optimal for your consciousness, while remaining in balance.

Focus on alignment to that which resonates with your core instinctual sense of the universal objectives. I have made the bold assertion that the discovery of the human soul in the irrefutable laboratories of human science is the next phase of the universal objective as it pertains to the human species and planet earth. If this resonates with your core sense of purpose, then align to it. This will accelerate, amplify, and catalyze the blueprint of your Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.

Anxiety of Ignorance [This answer relates to the circumstances of many spiritual students who feel that they are no longer fully engaged with the everyday world, and yet, at the same time, feel that they are not fully present in the world of spirit. Psychologically, they feel that they are between two worlds. See 32-S3. Ed.]

As for your question, the human instrument is a complex and intricate vessel of which you, like all humans of this era, have a small degree of understanding (despite modern science).

The human instrument is operating on multiple levels, multiple dimensions of time-space, and is extremely sensitive to psychic energy. It is not a function of being between worlds; it is the anxiety of ignorance. It is entirely natural to be anxious about one’s ignorance. All humans to varying degree have this anxiety. It is not reserved for those on the path of self-enlightenment; despite that fact it is articulated in the vocabulary of “dark night of soul,” “the perceptual lag of spiritualization” or “self-initiatory defeatism” that have become—what my associates refer to as—the complaining vocabulary of initiates.

You relate your experience in a humorous way (in your letter). I commend your sense of humor. It certainly brought a smile to my face. Humor is an excellent weapon against the anxiety of ignorance. Just remember, in the hopes it makes you feel better, you are in very good company.

Anxiety of ignorance is as omnipresent as the human instrument itself, and its prevalence is due to the reality of the human instrument’s inability to “know itself” through the mind. It can only know itself through the Wholeness Navigator, but paradoxically, this knowing is not in the format that is acceptable to the human instrument.


Communication with the WingMakers
Question: Is it possible in your next release to give plans, diagrams, circuits, and components that will facilitate a direct link to the WingMakers after the manner of an RV set that the ACIO uses.

Answer: I’m afraid not. If you want to communicate with the WingMakers, you simply need to apply the techniques in the Chamber Four philosophy paper and apply the principles outlined in the Chamber One philosophy. These two papers are very powerful elements for attuning to the frequency of the WingMakers. It is not that you will communicate with words, but rather you will enjoy the unmistakable presence of their consciousness. This alone is a key approach to aligning yourself to the universal objectives.

The WingMakers do the majority of their communication during the dream state because the gates of the thalamocortical system are relatively closed, and there is complete focus on the inner communication at hand. If you have willingly immersed yourself in the WingMakers’ materials, you can safely assume that you are already in rapport with members of this teaching organization. You are very likely experiencing the Tributary Zones during your dream state, under the tutelage of one or more of these teachers. Open yourself to this possibility and dream it alive to your senses.


Future Workers for the Grand Portal Discovery and Dissemination
Question: Since so much of the WingMakers’ material seems destined for future generations, is there much reason for present-day generations (e.g., the elderly) to read or study the material?

Answer: If any material resonates as truth in your innermost mind and heart, allow it entry. Once internalized, allow it to exit freely. If it stays around, you have found a valuable asset to your evolving belief system. If it leaves or goes into hibernation, it simply means you have reason to continue your search.

This applies equally to the WingMakers’ material. It is not intended to be an exclusive collection of sensory data streams—quite the opposite. There are entities incarnated now who will be returning in human embodiment in the next one hundred years who will play a significant role in the unveiling and dissemination of the Grand Portal. Their involvement with these materials now will help them navigate to these roles because it will recalibrate their internal value system, and in some instances, literally recast their destinies.

Moreover, while the actual discovery of the Grand Portal may ultimately be credited to a handful of individuals, it will be the achievement of millions of entities that grafted their intellects, actions, and inspirational ideas together to build the ultimate mosaic of the human spirit. Anyone involved in these works will be a part of this mosaic. [See also: Significance of the Grand Portal Discovery. Ed.]


Question: What percentage of humanity does the Hierarchy regard as a) Currently undergoing the first initiation. b) Have already taken it?

Answer: The “roof” of desire, in any divinely oriented initiate on the Sacred Path, does not consist of degrees or even the hard-earned achievements they represent. It consists of the contribution of their soul to the expansion of the evolutionary conditions of their respective species. It is for this reason that initiations are not particularly important in the eyes of the hierarchy, nor are they seen as badges of honor or credentials of higher purpose.

That said, I understand the nature of your question, and I will give you some general guidelines. There are slightly fewer than one hundred thousand initiates who are presently incarnated upon earth who are following the Wisdom Path loosely established by the Hierarchy. That is to say, they are following the principles as set forth by the masters and practicing these principles in their day-to-day life. Not impeccably, but with the human qualities of inconsistency.


Question: Is there an initiation required for students to learn the esoteric ways of the ascended masters?

Answer: I am one of the teachers who have some degree of intolerance towards concepts like light quotient, ascension schedules, initiations, ascension seats, etc. These concepts are of the old Tributary Zones, and they are continued by those who are prisms of these Tributary Zones who have become indoctrinated by the teacher-student ordering of the old hierarchy. This particular student was one who was impregnated by these concepts at an early age and couldn’t quite let go of them.

When a student of this mindset meets a teacher like myself, it can often be unsettling for them because I will rip apart the indoctrination like someone who unwraps a mummy, exposing its frail skin to the sunlight. If the student survives this, they will look upon their role differently. They will walk a sovereign path built on their own inner wisdom, and it may not have a thing to do with the Hierarchy or ashramic work or this ray or that ray. [James is referring to the seven rays, as found in the Theosophical and Alice Bailey/Djwhal Khul (DK) philosophies. Ed.] It will be about the entity’s expression in real-time, and how that expression is resonating with those whom its life is intricately connected. It is about living the Life Principles of the Sovereign Integral.

Returning to this individual, he came to me one day and announced his plans to leave. He had felt a need for some time to return to his indoctrination (my words, not his), and like the prodigal son, return to his master. He felt that I was not carrying on the tradition of being a master who teaches knowledge by words and deeds, that I was too enamored by teaching through art, music, psychology, etc. To him, he needed a teacher who could tell him what to do, where to go, how to get there, and who to be once he arrived.

Question: I realize that you are not much into initiation levels, but simply as a point of reference, the above description reminds me of that point between the second and third initiations, which DK refers to as probably the most difficult stage of human evolution, (on earth at least). The disciple/student is in a kind of psychological no man’s land, walking between two worlds. Do you see it that way?

Answer: There are reasons that I am not an advocate of initiation levels. It presumes a process can be imposed on or applied to the human instrument that is predictive of a prescribed outcome. However, the initiate who is asked to faithfully experience this process is not adequately developed in their awareness to know who is doing the “prescribing” or what is the outcome as it pertains to them as an individual. They are therefore practicing blind faith to an invisible “prescriber”—a condition that entrains the human instrument to a course of gradual awakening and over-reliance to uniform process.


Liabilities of Spiritual Students
Question: What are the major liabilities of disciples today, as regarded by the Hierarchy? Are they the same as they used to be, for example, liabilities such as lack of sensitivity to impression, inertia, fear, materialistic etc.?

Answer: Here again, the Hierarchy is not unanimous. From the point of view of Lyricus, whose perspective I know best, there are three major liabilities in the disciples of today:

1. They operate in CoD (Caves of Disconnection), which undermines the spirit of collaboration and sharing that is required to refresh and revitalize the teachings. The cave metaphor is also relevant to this issue because the natural tendency of the disciple is to keep the esoteric teachings esoteric. This applies not only to the Wisdom Path of the White Lodge, but also to the related fields of genetics, particle physics, sound and light theory, cosmology, the new psychology, and so on. Disciples need to educate themselves in all these areas because they are all related to what beckons humanity.

2. The teachings of the Sacred Path are neither rigid nor complete. Disciples must retain their flexibility and willingness not only to evolve the contemporary teachings into new territories of expression, but also to look for how the teachings can be synthesized or hybridized with new teachings that are arising. Disciples have the liability of being locked into the traditional paradigms and protecting their intellectual appeal for the sake of ego and the familiarity of comfort.

3. The esoteric is very hard to make exoteric unless it clearly demonstrates an ethical nature that is manifest in the disciple’s life. In other words, the consistency of right relations and the will-to-good is expressed faithfully across the life stream of the individual. This requires an exceptionally disciplined approach to one’s communication, and I use the term communication in its broadest meaning.

Question: What are the major areas that world disciples could be concentrating their focus on, to expedite the work of the Hierarchy?

Answer: There is nothing to concentrate on, other than to overcome the liabilities briefly mentioned above. I understand the nature of your question, but the Hierarchy does not require the conscious and deliberate group focus of disciples to carry out or expedite its mission.


MOTE—Minutia of the Esoteric
Question: Is there an initiation required for students to learn the esoteric ways of the ascended masters? [Continued from Initiation 39-S3A. Ed.]

Answer: …I bid him farewell, explaining my resolution to create tools and not to instruct in what I refer to as the Minutiae of the Esoteric (MOTE). But for this student, this was what he needed. The minutiae of the esoteric was the scaffolding that supported his need for that elixir of elitism called arcane knowledge.

Experience of the Wholeness Navigator is not in any way related to MOTE, and this experience is what I teach. The problem with experiencing the Wholeness Navigator is that for some students they find themselves unable to become teachers themselves, and this is why most students or initiatives arrive to my door. They desire to be teachers of MOTE, though they masquerade as students of spirit.

Why? Because as a teacher of MOTE they suddenly belong to the Hierarchy, hoping to launch themselves like an ascending rocket to the heavens where all things are possible. The lurking, subconscious equation: Mastery of MOTE + Ascended Master + Initiation Process = Control. Thus, when a student comes to me, I scrutinize their intentions, filtering the authentic desire for experience of the Wholeness Navigator from the indoctrination artifacts that create a leaning towards MOTE.

Control is the indoctrination artifact that leads many a student to my door, though they generally are not aware of it. I would ask you to ponder this. Examine your intentions, and see if you desire experience or knowledge. They are not mutually exclusive, if experience of the Wholeness Navigator is prized above control; and if the expression of the Wholeness Navigator is honored above the acquisition of MOTE.

I will return momentarily to the scenario I mentioned earlier in this letter. If you are a prism of a contemporary Tributary Zone of resonance to your heart and mind, and that part of you, referred to as the Wholeness Navigator, arises as your teacher, you will see that you are not a concretized prism of a particular shape, but that you can shape-shift to any geometric shape desired.

This is the beauty of experiencing the Wholeness Navigator and expressing its innate abilities. You are not protecting or professing MOTE; you are not an initiate desirous of teaching and control; you are not parroting the words of your master; rather, you are transparently transforming contemporary Tributary Zones to the dispersed masses of humankind who are seeking a new direction that is illumined by the tools of art and personal experience that have been decelerated to their particular needs.

In closing, I want you to know that I am not impugning the value of the ashramic missions as I know them, but rather, as you know them. You know them through the words of prisms not yet aware of their Wholeness Navigator. You know them through the MOTE that other initiatives have expressed from obsolete Tributary Zones. There is much less division and specialization within the Hierarchy than is acknowledged. The masters are not interested in MOTE… the initiates are.

Question: The Tibetan tells us that our Sun is the heart centre of our local OAWNMBS (One About Whom Naught May Be Said). Is this the heart centre of the Sirian system?

Answer: I’m aware there is significant speculation about this matter within a group of disciples. Please understand that from the perspective of Lyricus, it seems odd that it would be a matter of speculation by any disciple, unless of course they are complete in their understanding of the anatomy of their individuated consciousness. And this, in my experience, is very seldom, if ever, the case.

Know thy self before the world, is an ancient edict, and the vagaries of the external cosmos, while interesting to know from a curiosity perspective, are not particularly relevant when compared to understanding one’s personal universe.

The simple answer to your question is: no. However, instead of elaborating on your question, I choose to focus on the issue of the Minutia of the Esoteric (MOTE). MOTE creates a telescoping complexity, and as long as the foundation of one’s personal universe is clear and well understood, this complexity can be integrated and useful. On the other hand, if the personal universe is faintly understood, then MOTE will serve another purpose altogether.

It is not a coincidence that Lyricus refers to this condition of external inquiry and speculation as MOTE. A moat [MOTE] around a castle is a form of protection and fortification. Think of your personal universe as a metaphor for a castle, MOTE as the moat, and the cosmos, or external universe as the potential enemy for whom your moat [MOTE] is designed to repel. If you construct a moat [MOTE] you only do so if you believe the external will invade the internal and somehow weaken, diminish or even destroy it.

In the sequencing of creation, the internal begets the external and thus, no mote is required, unless of course, the creator is unsure of their creation. This is the key element to ponder.

I know there are those who will tell you that the universe is composed of an absolute and objective reality. After all, it is accurate that the sun is the center of the solar system for all who dwell upon earth. And while there are fixed rules about geography and spatial relationships, little else can be “nailed down” quite so definitely, even in the physical world the densest of the assembled fields of vibration we call the multiverse.

However, as one casts their view beyond the MEST dimension (MEST—matter, energy, space, and time), they awaken to the realization that these super dimensions offer a subjective component that is acutely personal, malleable, and responsive. These fields of vibration support the primal impulse of the individuated and immortal consciousness that defines its reality in all worlds of its expression, including the MEST dimension. If not for the perceptual lag that MEST density necessitates, this creative flow would be clearly visible.

There is, as you know, a psychological condition sometimes referred to as consensus reality. If five thousand disciples of the Sacred Path said that Sirius’ heart center was our sun, and only five said it was not, consensus reality dictates the five contrarians are wrong or misguided.

I ask you a simple question: why would any teacher care to dictate or even weigh in on the consensus realities of MEST when MEST is simply a distant echo or artifact of the more vibrant worlds within the individual?

It is an observation of mine that the condition of MOTE is partly an outcome of the Hierarchy’s sequencing and emphasis of its dispensation of knowledge, and partly a product of how integral the personal and cosmic realms truly are.

These two realms are like conjoined twins with different personalities, minds, and temperaments, yet forced to walk as a single body. The body becomes the fixture of compromise, the garment of disorder. There is certain chaos, or disorder in the conjoined worlds because like competing gravitational fields, they pull you in different directions.

Within Lyricus we have a phrase: What is within is without equal, and it arises from the smallest space where the First Vibration of the Unmanifest surges in the splendor of One World’s Grace. Here you are the Creator-Perceiver as well as the Perceiver-Creator, the one who determines fate and destiny. This you can control. This you can embody for all ages.

What is within the MEST worlds, you can only give your energy and time to the transitory realities of the many or the few.

I am aware that I am being abstruse, and somewhat indifferent to your original question, but if you look carefully, you’ll see your answer—not so much in the literal text, but in the consciousness behind the words.

Question: Is the Sirian system the solar plexus centre of the being who has the Great Bear as his head centre?

Answer: Again, I understand and appreciate your desire to comprehend these matters, but at the risk of redundancy, how will anything I say—relevant to your question—assist you in your deeper understanding of the One Whom Ought Be Inwardly Known (you). If you allow yourself to be pulled in these directions then prepare yourself to be disappointed by the deorbiting forces that pull you into MOTE in defense of your ignorance of OWOBIK.

The desire for the knowledge of MOTE is largely a function of ego. There are many highly developed spiritual teachers with initiations in excess of the seventh level that cannot tell you fundamental answers to questions of MOTE. This is because consensus realities—the realities of the many in MEST—do not have relevance in their teachings. I know a teacher who is gifted in the matters of the heart chakra at its most esoteric levels, but if you asked him a question like what is the relationship of S3 (sacred sound symbols) to the 268 cellular meridian lines in the palette and the hypothalamus, he would shrug his shoulders. He would desire to know the answer, but only because it is potentially related to his area of specialization, since the energy system of the individuated consciousness is holistic and unified.

However, if the question posed was of a cosmic order, as in your first question, he may know the answer, but would likely turn your attention to the personal level, reminding you—as I have—that before your field of inquiry expands to the cosmos, understand first what you are composed of, what you are, what your relationships are to First Source, what your service/dharma is, what you project into your personal universe and why.

“text-indent:2.3em;”>From my experience, the finest teachers turn the inquiry of cosmic MOTE to the fundamental understanding of OWOBIK first, the esoteric understanding of OWOBIK second, the relationship of OWOBIK to its origins and destiny [third], the relationship of OWOBIK to the cosmic plan [fourth], and finally the specialization path upon which the individual will bring forward their gifts of spirit [fifth]. Each stage of this sequence is not hermetically sealed from the others. The walls between them are porous, but nonetheless the teacher maintains the area of focus in the various stages.

Please understand that if I were in your presence I could ask you ten questions about the human ear-brain complex and you would fail me ten times; not because this information isn’t available at your local library or bookstore, but because you have not studied it. This, I assure you, is more important to understand than the cosmological order of distant solar systems.

Does my answer mean that the disciple should never make inquiries of cosmic MOTE? No. There is nothing wrong with this line of inquiry so long as you understand that it has implications and that you approach it aware of its innate shortcomings. Are there exceptions to this rule? Yes, there always are.

I have seen students who have an inborn gift for cosmic MOTE and it is an essential component of their dharma’s specialization. These individuals tend to be enamored of cosmic MOTE, trying their best to articulate and validate what they intuitively sense, which are typically artifacts of other lives or portals of consciousness that are subliminal to their conscious perception. These students are like detectives in search of hidden light switches in a darkened room.

The belief—subliminal as it may be—is that if they can throw the light switches to the “on” position, their enlightenment is assured; their karma is cleared and they are suitably in control of their destiny. The reality is that the darkened room is not cosmic, it is personal, and the darkness is the motive force that awakens the “Detective” to know thy self. The cosmic MOTE is a primary distraction along the way.

What is exciting and worthy of your energy—as it pertains to the cosmic—is the pre-form and pre-cognitive aspect: the unity behind the polarity. The multiverse is the ultimate open system, always self-correcting and seeking the dynamic equilibrium of its seed vibration. The individual is a particle of this macro-system, vibrating in resonance. In the individual’s deepest core it already understands what is necessary to know about the cosmos, and it is in a developmental, evolutionary state of mimicking the pre-formative aspect of the multiverse.


Need for Instruction
Question: As we read previously, the Wholeness Navigator is the fragment of First Source with all its inherent capabilities. As such it has the potential to all knowledge on demand. Why should there be any need for the W.N. to “educate” itself in the non-physical tributary zone chambers and also be dependent on them? Hasn’t it been said that everything one needs is already contained within the Self? “Sovereignty allows that the source of liberating information is contained within the Self, and all that is needed to create new realities is also contained within the Self. Each individual must know them self to be free of all forms of external reliance.”

Answer: You have given voice to a question that lurks subconsciously in almost every student of the esoteric. If all knowledge is within the self, why does the student require instruction?

The key word in your question is “potential.” Yes, the human instrument is inherently connected to First Source through Source Intelligence. And yes, this connection provides access to infinite and dynamic knowledge, however, this point of access, or portal is not a simple thing to consciously attune to, nor is it “on-demand” at the discretion of the individual. Contact with Source Intelligence is a transformative experience and can have the unintended consequence of unbalancing an individual who is not properly prepared for the transmission.

Stepping down the vibration of sound and light, and making it more accessible to students is what Lyricus is primarily concerned with. Lyricus does not recommend that anyone become dependent on any external teacher or material. To do so implies stagnancy and devolution relative to one’s potential learning path. The WingMakers’ Materials are designed to catalyze specific receptors within the individuated consciousness and create a resonance. Through this resonance, the individual will “click into” their own awakening—revelation—transformation, and through this process they can more effectively wean themselves from external instruction and dependence.


Public Forums and Discussions
Question: Are the people on the discussion forum in any danger from any organisations because of our involvement with these materials?

Answer: No.

Question: Does the discussion forum play a part in the event strings that will lead to the unveiling of the WingMakers?

Answer: Not in a direct manner at present, but there will be a time when the discussion forums will become more of a factor in enabling the incoming SECUs to coordinate their ideologies and vision.


Sovereign Integral Consciousness
Question: Why do some individuals become unattached to spiritual organizations? I feel like I should be part of a church or religious institution and establish my true place, but there’s a part of me that feels my existential approach is necessary for my growth.

Answer: Informed entities are non-aligned for a good reason. They desire to be facile and fluent in their evolution of thought and in their absorption of new energies. This is noble. It is not something to be restless of, or disrespectful to. Rather, it is a sign that you honor the mobility of your consciousness more than its indoctrination.

Your “true place” is not a place, position, port, or location at all, but rather a projection of the attitude, or outlook of the Sovereign Integral consciousness. Let me explain it this way. Imagine the following scenario: a light beam, a prism, and seven individual rays from out of this spectrum cast upon a wall. Imagine yourself looking down on this scenario. There are four recognizable components, are there not?

1. The beam of light

2. The prism

3. The spectrum of seven rays

4. The wall

Now, let’s examine the scenario more in-depth. The wall is constructed of materials, thus the wall can be reduced to its component parts (stone, concrete, mortar, bricks, etc.). The spectrum, as we all know, represents millions of colors, though there are only seven that our eye-brain may immediately recognize. The beam of light has an origin, a wavelength, and a destination. Thus, everything has a multiplicity, but the prism.

The prism remains singular and sovereign. It is the catalytic force, in part, because of this singularity. Informed entities in this time, are transforming into catalysts or “prisms,” and the Tributary Zones can be likened to the beam of light. You may begin to see yourself as this prism that projects the beam of light from a Tributary Zone against the wall of your choosing. As a prism, you are no longer concerned about what ray you are affiliated with, nor the location of where that ray lands upon the wall. [Here, James is referring to the theory of the seven rays found in Theosophy and the Alice Bailey/DK philosophy. Ed.]

Let’s move to a new point of inquiry in this scenario. What is a prism? A prism is a transparent optic that is shaped to bend (transform) light. Since the refractive index of a material varies with wavelength, prisms are useful for dispersing different wavelengths of light. When light enters a solid material from air, the speed at which the light travels decreases. The light is decelerated, or stepped-down. If the light enters at an off-normal angle, the direction of the light changes. The light is refracted to a new path and can illumine therein.

Consider this scenario as it applies to your “place.” Note the italicized words and how they transfer to your own definitions of mission and purpose. Note also that prisms can be fashioned into a wide variety of geometric shapes, and that there can be anti-prisms as well. A triangular, equilateral (60° angle) prism disperses and decelerates light differently than a hexahedral prism.

If informed entities can be likened to prisms, then the only questions left remaining are the following:

• What light beam do I disperse and decelerate (make intelligible)?

• Upon what wall do I disperse the spectrum?

• Where do I position myself to optimally process the light beam?

• What kind and shape of prism do I choose to be?

Do you see how your question has been shifted or restructured? In effect, I have been a prism for your question. Now that your question has been dispersed to a new wall, it can be seen in a new light. In this new light, it is no longer about affiliations or alignment or ports of call. It is about four answers that are akin to choice.

I have been purposely vague in order to furnish you with broad interpretative latitude, but then, what are catalysts for, if not to be incomplete?

There is one additional suggestion I would like to share with you. We are entering a time when the ability to destroy the old and create the new is a skill set of unparalleled value. It takes great insight to detect the weakness of one’s own work and destroy it, while creating a new work in its place. Light, as it passes through prisms, becomes degraded over time and matter. In other words, informed entities will disperse a brighter, bolder, more visible spectrum of light if the light source is of their time, space, and matter.

I am of the opinion that the power is self-contained in the new. There is only the effect of dilution by constructing bridges and hybrid models. This work is about the destruction of the old as much as it is about the construction of the new. This is yet another trait of the non-aligned—the willingness, even eagerness, to flush the mind of the old in order to attract into oneself the new.


Stress Created by World Events
Question: How can personal growth and global politics find common ground when there are such tremendous differences? Can you offer any advice for some of the fierce emotional battles that this material is stimulating, something to help us keep perspective? You addressed this somewhat after the 9-11 tragedy when you wrote the Reassurance Vibration [See question Terrorist Attacks of 9-11-01. Ed.], but can you offer any further insights into the present world situation?

Answer: In order to keep perspective amid the seeming chaos of global politics and their offspring, you need nothing more than to listen to music that resonates with your sense of beauty. Music is the therapy of the mind and spirit, which in turn influence the body. The entire physical body is an “ear” just as the entire mind is also an “ear.” These two “ears” regulate—in large measure—the levels of stress that impact on each individual.

I would also add that there is nothing to reconcile between the global and personal realms. What occurs on the global stage is part of a larger drama that provides individuals with a platform for discourse and interaction. Modern media simply makes these dramas more accessible in real-time, thus raising the level of stress because in real-time there is limited factual context. The facts emerge in the future—sometimes measured in days, sometimes in decades. Speculation is the fuel of dramas as well as human interactions. It is not necessary, or even desirable, that the personal realm be reconciled with global politics. What occurs in the personal realm is infinitely more transformational than what can occur in the global—particularly where politics is concerned.


Verifying Spiritual Truths
Question: My frustration has always been that these technicalities [MOTE—minutia of the esoteric. See Question 39-S3B. Ed.] are wonderful, but with no way of verifying their reality in my own consciousness what real value do they have?

Answer: Remember that concepts and thoughts have both form and energy, even if they are not clearly evident to the human senses. Concepts, as vague as they may seem, possess an energy system that radiates from their deepest core. In other words, a person might have a vague concept of First Source, but no matter how vague the concept is it is linked to the deepest experience of First Source.

You can imagine that a concept has multiple levels of reality. One person can, for the first time, read a word like Spirit and gain a vague understanding, and, over the course of their lifetime, continually deepen their understanding. In some rare instances, they may even experience a state of connection to Spirit (or Source Intelligence). At the point of experience, they realize that the word Spirit is a hollow symbol, but one filled with a trace of the radiance or energy from the experience.

Think of it like this: a radiant ball of energy (like the sun) burns underneath all concepts related to First Source. Around this energy are thousands of layers of interpretation—some of these are words, some symbols, some emotions, some mental constructs, some are pictures, some are dreams, some are hopes, etc. However, every level contains some of the light and energy of that radiant ball of energy, and because of this, it magnetically pulls the consciousness of the individual deeper into awareness.

This is true of the technicalities you refer to. Verification is only accessible in personal experience, and even this is temporary within the three-dimensional world. I have known students, who have been granted wonderful exposure to these “radiant balls of energy”, and they often fall into doubt and even depression after the experience because they cannot sustain their belief that the experience was authentic.

In other words, even verification or personal experience is overrated. It only matters how you transfer your level of experience and knowledge into works that are aligned to the objectives of First Source and live your life according to the principles of the Sovereign Integral.

If you have a very basic knowledge of these concepts, but you live according to the principles of the Sovereign Integral and you produce expressions aligned to First Source, you have your verification in your words and deeds, and you add to the radiant energy system of these concepts.

The keyword is add to the radiant energy system, not experience them for purposes of verification. I know you might think that by verification or personal experience you would be better able to add to the radiant energy system, but only in rare instances is this true. For most, they become unbalanced and seek more experiences. Their desire to experience overpowers their desire to practice the simple, but powerful principles of the Sovereign Integral.

Working with the Lyricus and WingMakers’ Materials
Question 11-S1: In using the WingMakers’ CD’s, will each of us notice any physical/ spiritual changes taking place within our bodies? Or will only some people?

Answer: No one who immerses within the WingMakers’ data stream will be unaffected. This is because of how the frequencies of the light and sound (from the art and music) will affect the thalamocortical system, and how this system, in turn, affects consciousness. How far the individual immerses in the data stream will define how well they are able to establish these new frequencies in their consciousness. [See the WingMakers’ fourth philosophy paper “Beliefs and their Energy Systems” for specific examples. Ed.]

Initially, an individual may encounter difficulties as a “clearing” of the old is made to accommodate the new frequencies, but if the individual proceeds and pushes beyond the clearing, they will be rewarded with a new sense of balance, expansion of consciousness, and most importantly, the new thought stream that proceeds from the WingMakers’ sensory data stream. These new thoughts produce new, creative actions and event-strings that lead to an entity’s purpose becoming manifest.


Question: “There is encoded in each of the time capsules, a system of languages that can lead the individual to their core expression. It is hidden because it is so powerful. And we will only lead the worthy to this power.” [See “Shifting Models of Existence” p. 10. Ed.] Why is the word “worthy” used here? For me it evokes feelings of doubt and distrust as to the purpose of the whole WingMakers’ myth because I was taught in my religious upbringing that “only the worthy could enter the kingdom of heaven and only Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross could make us worthy.” What do you mean by worthy?

Answer: Worthiness, in this context, simply means that the individual has obtained a state of harmlessness where the power of the higher languages is not abused or applied for personal gain.

The emotional body is a renegade within the human instrument. It possesses great powers of will and determination, but it is also capricious and undisciplined. It is this volatile combination unmanaged that prevents the embodiment of the higher powers, which the human body was designed to contain and control. Those who are worthy have learned how to manage this element of their human instrument.



Question: Will the next material give reference to the “Harmonic Concordance” that is being talked about now? This relates to a special astrological geometric pattern, which will be formed on November 8, 2003, at 8:12 a.m. EST. The primary feature is a Grand Sextile and at the time of total lunar eclipse. Does astrology play any part in the WingMakers philosophy or cosmology?

Answer: The teachings of Lyricus do not involve astrology. The reason is simple: astrology is subjective to time and place, and because of this subjectivity it is impossible to embed fundamental truth that is sustainable and relevant across multiple places and times. This does not suggest that heavenly bodies do not impact on humans. They most certainly do, in more ways than astrology recognizes.

The Harmonic Concordance—like all astronomical events that seem orderly (non-random)—is indicative of how the grander scale of the universe can imprint on the consciousness of a species and an individual. The universe is a powerful catalyst of the inborn instinct to ascend in consciousness, but our species has fallen to the gaze of a ten-foot experience called television, and seldom, if ever, searches the night sky.


Question: Given that bio-technology is booming and that there are many ethical concerns about harvesting stem cells from fetuses, cloning etc., does the Hierarchy regard any of it as being useful? Or is it just humanity creating monsters on a higher turn of the evolutionary spiral as they did in Lemuria—but this time with more intelligence? Is the karma of that period working itself out now?

Answer: The research into cloning will uncover an important component of the Grand Portal. It is seen as vital research and is nearly always a necessary step on the path to discovery in a developing species. The human genome research does not, in and of itself, concern itself with the replicable nature of recombinant DNA, and it is this distinction that makes research into cloning valuable. There is within this study an emerging knowledge of how Primal DNA can be scientifically activated by interacting with the gatekeepers of a specific gene’s potential: histones.

The concept of cloning is decisively absent in any of the esoteric works, and yet I can tell you quite candidly that the investigation into cloning will yield a very critical component to the discovery of the Grand Portal. Again, when scientific vocabulary and constructs are absent from a religious body of work, the text will tend to gravitate to the etheric or the moral. The former being highly subjective and therefore relatively immaterial, and the latter expressing the bias of control and therefore is limiting. The masters of the Great White Lodge [Earth’s spiritual Hierarchy. Ed.] did not intend this; they simply lacked vocabulary and understanding.


Disease and Medical Research
Question 19-S3: In light of the above, and given that much karma works itself out generically through the human body, how does the Hierarchy regard science trying to cure cancer and other karmically engendered diseases, in utero or otherwise? In other words, how would the karma work itself out—through other physical means (i.e. the body might break down anyway, just like ‘Dolly’ the cloned sheep) or at another level?

Answer: The answer to this question lies in the law of natural selection. There are some conditions in life (and this is one of them) that are not caused by a higher spiritual law (karmic in nature), but rather are a result of fundamental physical principles like gravity. The law of natural selection is one of these. When you tamper with genetics via medical interventions, you are tampering with this law and you can expect repercussions.

Also, it is a false assumption that disease is “karmically engendered.” Disease is an outgrowth of many things, sometime it’s karmically related, but more times than not, it is an outgrowth of a deeper purpose: in this case, the discovery of soul. Without the medical technology that disease demands, the human soul would remain a fixture of faith and therefore, it would find its way into a subset of a species, but not carry the powerful import as when it is proven to exist by science.

Disease serves a purpose for the broader species even though it seems absurd in the context of the individual. The medical technology that a species develops to combat its own mortality is precisely the technical footing required for science to prove the existence of soul. [The Grand Portal. Ed.]

Question: Is SARS a bio-weapon, and if so, who developed and employed it? Or is it a result of mass fear, as other flus are esoterically regarded?

Answer: SARS is a natural outgrowth of biodiversity and the fusion of organic species. There is nothing insidious about its outbreak that could not have been prevented by better hygiene.


One World Religion [This answer is from a portion of question Q5-S3. Ed.]

If you examine the construct of the One World Religion, as defined by many different earth-based masters, including DK, you will see that this is not a description of the Grand Portal, or the post-Grand Portal convergence. It is instead an “echo” of the Grand Portal that travels through the deceleration of vocabulary and language, and, as a result, is dressed in the cliché of oneness, unity, heaven on earth, return of the masters, the reign of justice, etc. These descriptions lack the integrated vision of the seven-fold forces, or disciplines that will unite to bring about this discovery, and the resulting acceleration of humanity as it achieves entry onto the Sovereign Integral Network [See glossary. Ed.] This is worthy of your contemplation. Vocabulary inhibits revelation more than any other device. This is why encoding and extra-sensory instruction is so vital.

Future Teachings
Question: DK said that in this century a disciple would come forth to carry on a third installment of the teachings that Blavatsky and Bailey started. Has that disciple come forth yet, and are those teachings in process of dissemination by a Master to a disciple? What form are these teachings in, or do they vary radically from that given forth previously? If so, which Master is doing this (DK?) and who is the disciple, or in what part of the world do they reside?
Answer: I’m unable to comment on this particular question at this time.


Question: Was Patanjali a WingMaker and a member of Lyricus? With all due respect does the letter P in Master P refer to P(atanjali)?

Answer: Patanjali is not specifically concerned with Lyricus. He is associated with the planetary teaching order of this sector of the Milky Way galaxy. The sutras of Patanjali are designed to align an entity with the unification vibration instilled within the Wholeness Navigator.

Unfortunately, they were applied for other purposes by most initiates (e.g., mind control), and in this misapplication, their innate power was diminished.

Patanjali’s presence on earth is well obscured because of his extraterrestrial origins. He was an advanced thinker and academician of his time, and very few could understand his real teachings in regard to synchronizing the vibration of the Wholeness Navigator to the human instrument. [Patanjali was a Hindu philosopher who created a series of sutras describing a form of yoga related to the mind. This is often referred to as Raja Yoga. Ed.]

I am unable, at this time, to answer your question regarding Master P. [The Master P is referenced in the books by Alice Bailey and Djwhal Khul (DK). Ed.]


The Urantia Book
Question: There are several references within The Urantia Book that seem to be corroborated by the WingMakers’ material. An example is the planetary reference number of earth. [This number is found on the First Source Disc CD-ROM. Ed.] Also, the cosmological structure as depicted in The Urantia Book seems similar in some respects to the WingMakers. How does The Urantia Book factor into the WingMakers’ materials?

Answer: The Urantia Book is a Tributary Zone. It is not associated with one of the seven Tributary Zones because these are encoded sensory data streams, and The Urantia Book is pure text without encoding. Nonetheless, it’s part of the collection of Tributary Zones for stage two as talked about in question seventeen. [See Christ: Mission and Work. Ed.]

The Urantia Book is most closely aligned with Lyricus’ cosmological sciences discipline, but it was not written or composed by Lyricus. It derives mostly from interdimensional sources—the equivalent of an earth-based teaching organization, only from a different planetary system. Sometimes planetary systems will exchange important writings or revelatory works for the purpose of circulating philosophical ideas or important revelations. This work is such an example.

Question: After this someone asked why there was so much Urantia material in the WingMakers material. I answered that some of the cosmology fit in, but that, to paraphrase myself, “James mixes in material from various sources. For instance, Chakobsa is found in Frank Herbert’s book Dune.”

I am curious about this myself and admit that The Urantia Book does not resonate well with me. Parts of it are quite fascinating and other parts are narrow minded and simplistic. For instance, with all due respect, although I generally understand the concept of the seven Superuniverses and the Grand Universe, etc., the diagram and explanations seem almost childish. As depicted on The First Source disc CD-ROM. Ed.] For instance, most who have studied A Treatise on Cosmic Fire will consider the WM cosmology as expressed in terms of the Urantia model to be inferior by comparison. I am not saying that others or I fully understand TCF, but that the vision that it communicates is far more sophisticated than the simple presentation, to date, of the WM concept based at least partially on Urantia. [A Treatise on Cosmic Fire was published in 1925. The Tibetan teacher, Djwhal Khul, telepathically transmitted it to Alice A. Bailey. It is a deeply esoteric book on cosmology and other metaphysical subjects. Ed.]

Answer: This is an interesting topic. First, your assumption that the WingMakers’ materials are based on The Urantia Book is not accurate. Within this galaxy, the cosmology presented in The Urantia Book is considered one of the two best depictions of the structure of the Grand Universe. (The book referred to in the Ancient Arrow Project, Liminal Cosmogony, is considered the other.) It so happens that the WingMakers’ material is not based on this depiction, but rather it is based on the reality of the physical Grand Universe, which happens to coincide with the view held by The Urantia Book. I hold to the opinion that the works of AAB do not compare to The Urantia Book or Liminal Cosmogony in terms of its presentation of the cosmological structure of the physical universe.

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire is more concerned with the macrocosm and microcosm definitions as they pertain to a narrow field of view of the multiverse. Its insight and resulting presentation of the cosmological structure of the Grand Universe is unsubstantial, and its prolific use of the Eastern esoteric terminology provides a barrier to the Western mind, something that The Urantia Book does not. This is not a criticism of Cosmic Fire, but it is one of the reasons that the readership of The Urantia Book is more widespread than A Treatise on Cosmic Fire.

With regard to the simplistic approach to cosmology as contained in the current WingMakers’ material, this is done for several reasons. First it is not the purpose of these materials to teach the cosmology of the physical Grand Universe or the subtle fields of vibration known as the multiverse or multi-dimensional reality. There are books yet to come that will do this. The WingMakers’ material is designed to inspire newly incarnated personalities to their earthly purpose—the discovery of the Grand Portal. It is one of many works that will have this impact. It is a signpost, not an encyclopedia of knowledge. It is a catalyst, not an expository of spiritual or cosmological information.


Year 2012
Question: Many talk of the significance of 2012 to mankind. What is the truth behind 2012?

Answer: Understand one thing, significance is a relative term. To me, for example, significance is measured by the degree in which humankind edges closer to the discovery of the Grand Portal. Thus, using my criteria, the year 2012 is not a particularly significant year. However, if someone is more attuned to the physical environment, the year 2012 may indeed hold some significant events. [See “The Energetic Heart: Its Purpose in Human Destiny.” Ed.]

End of questions and answers

The Compiled Transmissions


First Source Transmissions

“First Source is all of us. It is the Collective Us. It is not a God living in some distant pocket of the universe.”

Project Camelot Interview with James


Introduction to the First Source Transmissions
The First Source Transmissions are captivating, inspiring, and potentially consciousness expanding. There are three transmissions:

1. My Central Message

2. My Central Purpose

3. My Central Revelation

Each of these transmissions offers a brief glimpse into the Mind and Heart of First Source. Their messages offer a renewed vision of the nature of God, the multiverse, its ultimate purpose, and our place in this grand scheme.

Excerpt from the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1 (Commentary by John Berges)



I convey this message to you whom I have stirred with the sound of my voice. These words are my signature. You may bring your doubt, your fear, your faith, or your courage; it matters not, for you will be touched by the rhythm of my voice. It moves through you like a beam of light that sweeps—if only for a moment—the darkness aside.

I dwell in a frequency of light in which finite beings cannot uncover me. If you search for me, you will fail. I am not found or discovered. I am only realized in oneness, unity, and wholeness. It is the very same oneness that you feel when you are interconnected with all of life, for I am this and this alone. I am all of life. If you must search for me, then practice the feeling of wholeness and unity.

In my deepest light I created you from my desire to understand my universe. You are my emissaries. You are free to journey the universe of universes as particles from my infinite womb with destinies that you alone will write. I do not prescribe your journey or your journey’s aim. I only accompany you. I do not pull you this way or that, nor do I punish you when you stray from my heart. This I do as an outcome of my belief in you.

You are the heirs of my light, which gave you form. It is my voice that awakened you to individuality, but it will be your will that awakens you to our unity. It is your desire to know me as your self that brings you to my presence so perfectly hidden from your world. I am behind everything that you see, hear, touch, taste, smell, feel, and believe.

I live for your discovery of me. It is the highest expression of my love for you, and while you search for my shadows in the stories of your world, I, the indelible, invisible light, grow increasingly visible. Imagine the furthest point in space—beneath a black portal, cast in some distant galaxy, and then multiply this distance by the highest numeric value you know. Congratulations, you have measured an atom of my body.

Do you realize how I am unfathomable? I am not what you can know, or see, or understand. I am outside comprehension. My vastness makes me invisible and unavoidable. There is nowhere you can be without me. My absence does not exist. It is this very nature that makes me unique. I am First Cause and Last Effect connected in an undivided chain.

There is no supplication that stirs me. No prayer that invites me further into your world unless it is attended with the feeling of unity and wholeness. There is no temple or sacred object that touches me. They do not, nor have they ever brought you closer to my outstretched hand. My presence in your world is unalterable for I am the sanctuary of both the cosmos and the one soul inside you.

I could awaken each of you in this very moment to our unity, but there is a larger design—a more comprehensive vision—that places you in the boundaries of time and the spatial dimensions of separateness. This design requires a progression into my wholeness that reacquaints you with our unity through the experience of separation. Your awakening, while slow and sometimes painful, is assured, and this you must trust above all else.

I am the ancestral father of all creation. I am a personality that lives inside each of you as a vibration that emanates from all parts of your existence. I reside in this dimension as your beacon. If you follow this vibration, if you place it at the core of your journey, you will contact my personality that lives beneath the particles of your existence.

I am not to be feared or held in indifference. My presence is immediate, tangible, and real. You are now in my presence. Hear my words. You are in my presence. You are within me more than I am within you. You are the veneer of my mind and heart, and yet you think yourself the product of an ape. You are so much more than you realize.

Our union was, is, and will be forevermore. You are my blessed offspring with whom I am intricately connected in means that you cannot understand and therefore appreciate. You must suspend your belief and disbelief in what you cannot sense, in exchange for your knowing that I am real and live within you. This is my central message to all my offspring. Hear it well, for in it you may find the place in which I dwell.


Excerpt from Chamber 23—One of three written elements from the body of work known as the WingMakers, ascribed to First Source.



The blueprint of exploration has an overarching intention; you are not the recipients of divine labor and meticulous training only to ensure that you may enjoy endless bliss and eternal ease. There is a purpose of transcendent service concealed beyond the horizon of the present universe age. If I designed you to take you on an eternal excursion into nirvana, I certainly would not construct your entire universe into one vast and intricate training school, requisition a substantial branch of my creation as teachers and instructors, and then spend ages upon ages piloting you, one by one, through this enormous universe school of experiential learning. The furtherance of the system of human progression is cultivated by my will for the explicit purpose to merge the human species with other species from different universes.

As it is my nature to be seven-fold, there are seven universes that comprise my body. Within each of these, a species of a particular DNA template is cast forth and is nurtured by Source Intelligence to explore its material universe. Each of these species is sent forth from the Central Race into the universe that was created to unveil its potential and seed vision. Your species will converge with six other species in a distant future that will reunite my body as the living extension of known creation. While this may seem so distant as to have no relevance to your time, it is vital for you to understand the scope of your purpose. You can think of these seven species as the limbs of my body rejoined to enable me/us total functionality within the grand universe. This is my purpose and therefore your own as well.

Your free will is not taken from you; it is merely united with my/our own. In the deepest chamber of my existence issues the will to expand, explore, unite, synthesize, and in so doing, reveal yet another layer of my/our purpose. What is this purpose you ask? It is not expressible in a language that you can now understand, but it is related to the concepts of universe discovery and self-evolution. It is the expansion and synthesis of cosmic experience.

The ascendant beings of time are converging to my central abode. All are drawn to me for the purpose of my/our will to be expressed throughout the grand universe in order to cast another grand universe, and to deepen the skin of my/our personality. This is the hidden purpose of my/our will: to create new worlds of experience that stimulate our continuing evolution.

Without you I am unable to evolve. Without me, you are unable to exist. This is our eternal bond. It was and is my desire to evolve that gave you existence. We, collectively, are the conjoint vessel of creation and exploration. We are the boldness of the uncharted journey and the imaginative energy of the out-picturing of new realities. We are the image of an ascending, infinite, expanding spiral that is created segment by segment by itself. We are inseparable—each the window of the other. My blessings to you who find these words and listen in the clearness of your personality.


Excerpt from Chamber 22—One of three written elements from the body of work known as the WingMakers, ascribed to First Source.



You evolve inwards, ever in the direction of my creator soul. This is the province of myself that does not indwell you, but indeed is separate from you as the stars are isolated from a deep cave. This place is the source and destiny of your existence, and from it, you descend into the cave of your animal-origins where my voice falls silent to your choices.

My plan for your ascendance embraces every creature in all dimensions of all worlds. I do this by divesting myself of every function that is possible for another of my creation to carry out. That which I create is given the power to perform my role, thus I am hidden from your view because you have come to believe that I am that which I have created.

I am First Source, and your knowing of me is a thousand times removed. I dwell in the Central Universe so distant from you as to make space an unfathomable abstraction, and yet, a fragment of my self is set within your personality like a diamond upon a ring, and it will endure as certainly as I will endure. While there are those who believe I am a myth, I express to you that my world is the beacon of all personalities in all times, and whether you believe in me or not, you are unerringly drawn to the source from whence you were created.

I would prefer to be known to you at all times and places, but if I did this then the evolutionary journey of my creation would break down, and the teacher-student ordering of my system of ascendancy would falter. I have cast myself into numberless orders of beings that collectively constitute the evolutionary bridge of your ascendancy into my realm. There is no step of your journey that another has not already taken on behalf of those who follow.

I have formed these words with the help of my inmost creation, known to you, through these teachings, as the Central Race. Their record is placed upon your planet to catalyze—within those of your kind who are ready—an awakening of me as I truly am. This record will last for many generations, sometimes hidden from view, sometimes abstracted into symbols, sometimes collected into doubt, but always it will be my voice revealed upon your planet.

While it is not the first time I have spoken to your planet’s people, it is the first time I have spoken through my inmost creation and left an indelible, multi-dimensional record. On the surface of this record is a mythology of the Central Race, but if you find my voice within this mythology, you will see another facet to this record, of a personal inflection, that speaks directly to you, my child. It is this intimacy that I have encoded into this record that is symbolic of my hand reaching for yours, and it is this intimacy that will persist within your mind and heart when all else fails you.

My voice will help you reconnect with me. It will enlarge your vision of my domain, purpose, and my unyielding love for each of my creation, no matter where or how you live. When I have spoken before to your planet, it was through a prism of personalities that bent my voice and colored its tone. My mind’s voice will not travel to your world unless it is transmitted through my creation and translated into word-symbols your mind can grasp. My heart’s voice penetrates all worlds without translation as a sub-photonic light and inter-dimensional vibration that produces sound.

I am revealed to you in hopes that you will reveal to others what you have found in me. Not by sanctimonious words, but rather, by redefining our relationship and living in accordance with this new clarity. In so doing you will release what I have long ago stored within you—a fragment of myself, a dagger of light that renders your self-importance a decisive death.

Truly, this is my central revelation. I am here, beneath this mythology, to awaken your animal self to our relationship so you may slay your vanity. This is the distortion between us. It is not space or time that separates us and diminishes our conscious relationship. It is your desire to excel within the cave of your existence and derive gratification from this and this alone.

I will leave to others to define the psychological wisdom and common sense behaviors of success. My words penetrate elsewhere; to a place within you that is susceptible, innocent, faithful, and ever listening for a tonal hint of my presence. When it is found, this part of you—like an instrument entrained by a powerful resonance—will vibrate in accordance to my voice.

All of your religions teach the worship of a deity and a doctrine of human salvation. It is the underlying kinship of your planet’s religions. However, I am not the deity that your worship falls upon, nor am I the creator of your doctrines of human salvation. Worship of me in coin or moral consideration is unnecessary. Simply express your authentic feelings of appreciation to my inmost presence within you and others, and you broadcast your worship unfailingly into my realm.

This is the feeling that you should seek to preserve in the face of life’s distractions. This is the revelation of my heart to your heart. Live in clarity. Live in purpose. Live in the knowledge that you are in me and I am in you, and that there is no place separate from our heart.


Excerpt from Chamber 23—One of three written elements from the body of work known as the WingMakers, ascribed to First Source.

My Central Purpose

Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral

• There is no space more sacred or powerful than another.

• There is no being more spiritual than another.

• There is no thing more divine than another.

• There is no tool or technique that accelerates the unfoldment of consciousness.

• There is no truth that can be written, spoken, or thought unless it is conceived and expressed through the Language of Unity.

• First Source transcends Wholeness.

• All the fragments of philosophy, science, and religion, even when unified, represent but a fractional picture of reality.

• The mysteries of your world will never be understood through inquiries that are based in the language of the mind.

• Perfection is a concept of wholeness misunderstood.

• The conditions of peace, beauty, love, and security are merely signposts to wholeness, as are their counterparts.

• To live in the Wholeness Perspective is to value all things as they are and to bear witness to the unity of their expression.

• No being requires knowledge other than their unique Wholeness Perspective.

• There is no hierarchy. There is only One That Is All.

• There is no model of existence outside of the model of self-creation.

• True Freedom is access to First Source.

• A being cannot get closer to First Source than in the existence of a moment.

• The sovereign being and First Source are reality.

• Having a physical body does not limit you, anymore than having legs on an eagle prevents it from flying.

• All conditions of existence are facets of the one condition of the reality of unlimited self-creation.

• There is no pathway to First Source.

• Unfoldment, evolution, growth/decay cycles and transformation are all bound to the same premise of separation in linear time.

• The hidden harmony is found with joy, while the obvious brings indifference.

• The farther you enter into the Truth the deeper your conviction for truth must be.

• There is understanding of the world precisely to the degree that there is understanding of the Self.

Commentary on the Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral

The Sovereign Integral is the transparent Being of expansion,
uniquely fit for the era in which we have begun to enter.


Instead of commenting on the twenty-four bulleted items in their order within the manifesto, we are going to examine them according to the themes they present.

The groupings I have created are only one example of how the statements of the manifesto can be interpreted. You may see these arrangements differently, which is fine because each of us can only seek the truth from the standpoint of our own experiences and views of the world. Nevertheless, the more we attempt to live according to the manifesto and the other characteristics of the Sovereign Integral, the clearer our understanding of the statements will be because they are inherent to the Sovereign Integral itself.
With this in mind, I encourage you to study them and formulate your own understanding of their meanings and how they may apply to your everyday life. After all, the downpouring of insights that we all experience from our exposure to the teachings of Lyricus contribute to the collective understanding of these materials for others, and thereby contribute to the Genetic Mind— the collective consciousness of humankind.
If we are going to work toward establishing ourselves in the awareness and behaviors of the Sovereign Integral, then we will be well served by reflecting on their meanings. Guidance and facilitation have their place in psycho-spiritual study and practice, but in the end, each individual is left with their own actions, feelings, and ideas. The contents of consciousness, stored in the mind and accessed through the brain, represent our experiences in the world around us. Consequently, these emotional reactions and stored memories manifest and form our individual personalities. This being so, the Human Instrument becomes the vehicle for a persona largely constructed from our relationships with our parents, extended families, friends, teachers, and co-workers. In most cases, until we turn within to examine our egoic tendencies, beliefs, prejudices, and stances relative to the world around us, we will have difficulty comprehending the nature of the Sovereign Integral, not to mention the other five components, including the Spirit Intelligence of First Source, the Remnant Imprint, the Wholeness Navigator, the Phantom Core, and the Human Instrument.
As we turn within, reflecting on our subjective lives, we will likely encounter a vivid contrast between the inner world of the Sovereign Integral and the inner world of the ego with its well-established thoughtforms, beliefs, and attitudes generated from contact with the objective, outer world. Therefore, an examination of the twenty-four points of the Manifesto offers another opportunity (in addition to the other WingMakers/Lyricus resources) to expand our awareness to incorporate the Sovereign Integral’s wider and deeper awareness into our everyday consciousness. The outcome of our efforts ultimately shifts from taking on the qualities of the Sovereign Integral to actually becoming the Sovereign Integral.
At this point, after reading the Manifesto, you may be wondering how mere words on a page can put you in touch with such an abstract concept as the Sovereign Integral. This is a good question, especially when we realize that words and language are double-edged swords in that they can clarify as well as mask the many abstractions of psychology and spirituality. For some insight into this point is the following quotation:

“The substance of your design is awakened with the words that form the concepts of your enlarged self-image. And these words are not merely spoken, but they are seen, felt, and heard as well. They lead you to the tone of equality and the perception of wholeness. Allow these words to wash over you like a gentle wave that brings you buoyancy and movement. It will sweep you to a new shore, and it is there that you will begin to uncover your true nature and purpose.”

The Blueprint of Exploration, p. 7.

This passage strongly suggests that words can fulfill a purpose beyond that of the clarifying or masking comprehension and understanding. The extract implies that words can be encoded in such a way as to direct the influences of the higher frequencies, vibrations, or tones emanating from the level of the Sovereign Integral. In other words, the statements in the Manifesto may very well be coded in a fashion similar to the paintings, poetry, music, and philosophy being brought forth by James.

The above commentary by John Berges excerpted from the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.

My Central Revelation

Introduction to the Vision of Mantustia

“Vision of Mantustia” is a document contained on the First Source CD-ROM. It is written in the style of the First Source Transmissions, but the author is Mantustia, a Divine Counselor. No information is given about Divine Counselors and their place in the multiverse scheme of things. But, the document does inform us that he or she (assuming gender even applies in this case) resides “within the abode of the WingMakers.” What we know about the WingMakers, or Central Race, is that they exist in proximity to the central universe.

Although there is little room for speculation regarding the details of this being’s existence, I have extracted some points of interest.

“I am an entity of wholeness, consisting of white light that is blended in the radiance of eternity and divested like fragments of brilliance throughout the multiverse in various forms and bodies. I am the perfection of my Creator, individuated as a single point of pure energy, yet living in many places on many dimensions simultaneously.

“I embody all that is beautiful and true, and my vision is the navigator of my sovereignty, casting its incarnation in all places and times where my form exists as an extension of my being.”

One item we can take from the above passages is that Mantustia incarnates in forms existing in many places and dimensions at once. Adding to this point is that Mantustia is “encoded upon terra-earth now.” His purpose is to “create new instruments of expression,” which will be used for “the evolution of the human species and the planets upon which they live.”

The out-worn, non-functioning, and corrupted hierarchies of our world (and others) will be “restructured” in alignment with the “tone-vibration of equality,” which is the frequency emitted by Mantustia. The truth of the tone of equality is woven into the planetary human populations of the universe. It should be noted here that the tone vibration of equality emanating from Mantustia originates in First Source. Accordingly, this vibration of equality is built into the Entity consciousness and is expressed in space-time by the Sovereign Integral working through the Human Instrument. (More about this tone vibration of equality, sometime shortened to tone of equality, can be found within the First Source entry of the WingMakers glossary and in the Chamber One and Two philosophy papers.)

In addition, the vision of Mantustia involves rearrangement, reformation, and expanding clarity. This may have to do with the Era of Transparency and Expansion that James says our planet entered in 1998. This era not only encompasses the physical world, but includes other dimensions as well.

There is one more interesting bit of information regarding Mantustia, however. It comes in the form of an answer from a question about Mantustia’s identity.

Question:When I first read Vision of Mantustia I thought that this Being might be Sanat Kumara. Is Mantustia Sanat Kumara, and if not, who is Mantustia?

Answer:Mantustia is an ascended master who is a remarkable entity of planetary significance to earth, however, it is not Sanat Kumara. Within the Lyricus teaching order there are distinctions between personalities based on the teaching method employed by the personality.

There is a wide range of methodologies that can be employed, and there are certain teachers who have found methods to synthesize these methods in such a way that they can cause revelatory experience in their students through a simple exchange of language. Mantustia has developed many of the most famous discourses of Lyricus. He is a master’s master of the most esoteric order within Lyricus that develops discourses, instructional methodologies, and experiential learning environments within the human genome. You will be able to recognize his voice as it has an uncanny ability to integrate paradox with truth in an authoritative undertone. If heard in its pure, native language, Mantustia’s voice and wisdom borders on the incomparable.

The reference to Sanat Kumara is based in Theosophical literature, which posits that Sanat Kumara is a cosmic being who ensouls our planet. Such a being is called a Planetary Logos. More to the answer itself, we learn that Mantustia is a master of masters within Lyricus. This strongly suggests that the Lyricus Teaching Order is a vast and complex organization spanning the multiverse and filled with teachers of many grades of consciousness. In fact, James states as much in the Lyricus category in the Topical Arrangement of Qs and As. And now, on to the “Vision of Mantustia.”

John Berges commentary excerpted from the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.

Vision of Mantustia

I am known as Mantustia of the Divine Counselors, dwelling within the abode of the WingMakers. I reveal my vision willingly and with the full knowledge that it will touch the minds and hearts of those for whom it is intended. As the words are formed they are bearing on you—their reader—even as you stir in worlds unimaginably distant.

I am manifesting and living my sovereign vision. It is a reality guided solely by Source Intelligence as a form of structural harmony that creates the highest possibilities of life’s expression through my forms. In collaboration with Source Intelligence I create my own reality, and my full attention is centered on my reality and its expression as a divine force of Light and Love.

I am an entity of wholeness, consisting of white light that is blended in the radiance of eternity and divested like fragments of brilliance throughout the multiverse in various forms and bodies. I live beyond the reach of limitation and I am thus able to transcend all elements that confine, constrict, diminish, limit, or attempt to hold in bondage the powerful light of my purpose. I am an unstoppable divine force that generates all that is needed in all my life forms of expression.

I am the perfection of my Creator, individuated as a single point of pure energy, yet living in many places on many dimensions simultaneously—fully aware of all aspects of my wholeness. Like a loving father I shepherd the fragments of my wholeness to the glory of our common origin and destiny.

My primary purpose while encoded upon terra-earth is to create new instruments of expression and utilize them for the evolution of the human species and the planets upon which they live. I am here to reveal my wholeness and vastness in its fullest expression and engage my vision in all that I do.

I have woven my light with the planets to demonstrate and teach the truth of equality. That individuated spirits are equal to First Source. That everything that stands between the individual and the Source is a part of a hierarchy of interdependence whose purpose shall be restructured. I am guided by the tone-vibration of equality in its purest meaning. This is the frequency I emit.

The fundamental choice of my vision is to honor and reveal my total selfhood, and to transform any limitations that interfere with this choice into the limitlessness of Divine Light. I am completely dedicated to the fulfillment of my purpose and fundamental choice and openly acknowledge that there is no force that can prevent my vision or the purpose of my spirit from manifesting and having its intended impact upon the multiverse of the One Light-Source.

I am Mantustia, living beyond the beyond of your knowing, demonstrating that there are no imperfections. My vision is the breath of my wholeness, and with each new breath I take in, I exhale a new vision of myself that flows through my wholeness like a powerful wave that engulfs a shoreline of sand. This is the wave of rearrangement.
Of reformation.

Of expanding clarity.

It creates the ark of transformation that my formless Self can enter and commune with my various outposts of form. The vision I breathe is saturating my wholeness. It is the victory of Spirit’s persistence to honor itself in joyful living where ever it may be.

I am the vision of totality and the union of all that I am. I am the center point at which all of my expressions converge, re-conceptualize, and re-emerge as emissaries of my highest purpose. I am Mantustia, the communicator of Source Intelligence’s yearning to express itself in the optimal form. I am the prism of Spirit’s Light that channels a specific frequency to specific entities for specific reasons at specific times.

These frequencies flow through my bodies into the dimensions of form and duality, always for the purpose of uplifting, and always in harmony to the leading impulse of Source Intelligence. That which issues through me is trailed by a swell of gratitude that is unending and beyond recall. It follows in the wake of beauty and the impressions of truth with a loyalty that is found only in those who have discovered their total selfhood through the eyes of the universe, and have embraced it in fearless triumph, and then relinquished it for the service of First Source.

I am Mantustia, my vision is destined to manifest in all places that I am, for it is sovereign perfection forever linked to the spiral of infinite ascension. It has not been conceived by my outer garments, but rather by my flesh and blood—that vitality of Source Intelligence that is perfect in every way. Every cell in every body is fully attuned to the song of my vision as it weaves its melody through the structure of atoms, and beyond, through the intricate systems of light that connect my fragments to the whole of me.

My vision is alive and lives outside the reach of death, dysfunction, or disease. It is my perception of who I am when I have stripped all the layers of disguise and stand naked in my brilliance. It is the heartbeat of my purest essence calling me home with the unmistakable innocence of Divine Love. It is the elixir of my soul. The magnet of my heart.

I am the sovereign master of my reality and shepherd of my wholeness. I embody all that is beautiful and true, and my vision is the navigator of my sovereignty, casting its incarnation in all places and times where my form exists as an extension of my being. I am the entity that is whole. I am the entity that created itself through the eternal vision that I AM. This is the vision that descends into form and enfolds time, space, matter, and energy like an eagle enfolds its nestlings with wings of assurance.

The expansion of my vision is unending. Its destination formed not by my words or desires, but by its core structure. This structure I give to you. It will carry you in its design of simple, fundamental choice and openness.

Manifesto of the Sovereign…


Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral
• There is no space more sacred or powerful than another.

• There is no being more spiritual than another.

• There is no thing more divine than another.

• There is no tool or technique that accelerates the unfoldment of consciousness.

• There is no truth that can be written, spoken, or thought unless it is conceived and expressed through the Language of Unity.

• First Source transcends Wholeness.

• All the fragments of philosophy, science, and religion, even when unified, represent but a fractional picture of reality.

• The mysteries of your world will never be understood through inquiries that are based in the language of the mind.

• Perfection is a concept of wholeness misunderstood.

• The conditions of peace, beauty, love, and security are merely signposts to wholeness, as are their counterparts.

• To live in the Wholeness Perspective is to value all things as they are and to bear witness to the unity of their expression.

• No being requires knowledge other than their unique Wholeness Perspective.

• There is no hierarchy. There is only One That Is All.

• There is no model of existence outside of the model of self-creation.

• True freedom is access to First Source.

• A being cannot get closer to First Source than in the existence of a moment.

• The sovereign being and First Source are reality.

• Having a physical body does not limit you, anymore than having legs on an eagle prevents it from flying.

• All conditions of existence are facets of the one condition of the reality of unlimited self-creation.

• There is no pathway to First Source.

• Unfoldment, evolution, growth/decay cycles and transformation are all bound to the same premise of separation in linear time.

• The hidden harmony is found with joy, while the obvious brings indifference.

• The farther you enter into the Truth the deeper your conviction for truth must be.

• There is understanding of the world precisely to the degree that there is understanding of the Self.





Commentary on the Manifesto of the Sovereign Integral
The Sovereign Integral is the transparent Being of Expansion,
uniquely fit for the era in which we have begun to enter.

- James




Instead of commenting on the twenty-four bulleted items in their order within the manifesto, we are going to examine them according to the themes they present.

The groupings I have created are only one example of how the statements of the manifesto can be interpreted. You may see these arrangements differently, which is fine because each of us can only seek the truth from the standpoint of our own experiences and views of the world. Nevertheless, the more we attempt to live according to the manifesto and the other characteristics of the Sovereign Integral, the clearer our understanding of the statements will be because they are inherent to the Sovereign Integral itself.

With this in mind, I encourage you to study them and formulate your own understanding of their meanings and how they may apply to your everyday life. After all, the downpouring of insights that we all experience from our exposure to the teachings of Lyricus contribute to the collective understanding of these materials for others, and thereby contribute to the Genetic Mind— the collective consciousness of humankind.

If we are going to work toward establishing ourselves in the awareness and behaviors of the Sovereign Integral, then we will be well served by reflecting on their meanings. Guidance and facilitation have their place in psycho-spiritual study and practice, but in the end, each individual is left with their own actions, feelings, and ideas. The contents of consciousness, stored in the mind and accessed through the brain, represent our experiences in the world around us.

Consequently, these emotional reactions and stored memories manifest and form our individual personalities. This being so, the Human Instrument becomes the vehicle for a persona largely constructed from our relationships with our parents, extended families, friends, teachers, and co-workers. In most cases, until we turn within to examine our egoic tendencies, beliefs, prejudices, and stances relative to the world around us, we will have difficulty comprehending the nature of the Sovereign Integral, not to mention the other five components, including the Spirit Intelligence of First Source, the Remnant Imprint, the Wholeness Navigator, the Phantom Core, and the Human Instrument.

As we turn within, reflecting on our subjective lives, we will likely encounter a vivid contrast between the inner world of the Sovereign Integral and the inner world of the ego with its well-established thoughtforms, beliefs, and attitudes generated from contact with the objective, outer world. Therefore, an examination of the twenty-four points of the Manifesto offers another opportunity (in addition to the other WingMakers/Lyricus resources) to expand our awareness to incorporate the Sovereign Integral’s wider and deeper awareness into our everyday consciousness. The outcome of our efforts ultimately shifts from taking on the qualities of the Sovereign Integral to actually becoming the Sovereign Integral.

At this point, after reading the Manifesto, you may be wondering how mere words on a page can put you in touch with such an abstract concept as the Sovereign Integral. This is a good question, especially when we realize that words and language are double-edged swords in that they can clarify as well as mask the many abstractions of psychology and spirituality. For some insight into this point, I present the following quotation:


“The substance of your design is awakened with the words that form the concepts of your enlarged self-image. And these words are not merely spoken, but they are seen, felt, and heard as well. They lead you to the tone of equality and the perception of wholeness. Allow these words to wash over you like a gentle wave that brings you buoyancy and movement. It will sweep you to a new shore, and it is there that you will begin to uncover your true nature and purpose.”

The Blueprint of Exploration


This passage strongly suggests that words can fulfill a purpose beyond that of the clarifying or masking comprehension and understanding. The extract implies that words can be encoded in such a way as to direct the influences of the higher frequencies, vibrations, or tones emanating from the level of the Sovereign Integral. In other words, the statements in the Manifesto may very well be coded in a fashion similar to the paintings, poetry, music, and philosophy being brought forth by James.



Vision of Mantusia


The “Vision of Mantustia” is a document contained on the First Source CD-ROM. It is written in the style of the First Source Transmissions, but the author is Mantustia, a Divine Counselor. No information is given about Divine Counselors and their place in the multiverse scheme of things. But, the document does inform us that he or she (assuming gender even applies in this case) resides “within the abode of the WingMakers.” What we know about the WingMakers, or Central Race, is that they exist in proximity to the central universe.

Although there is little room for speculation regarding the details of this being’s existence, I have extracted some points of interest.


“I am an entity of wholeness, consisting of white light that is blended in the radiance of eternity and divested like fragments of brilliance throughout the multiverse in various forms and bodies.

“I am the perfection of my Creator, individuated as a single point of pure energy, yet living in many places on many dimensions simultaneously.

“I embody all that is beautiful and true, and my vision is the navigator of my sovereignty, casting its incarnation in all places and times where my form exists as an extension of my being.”


One item we can take from the above passages is that Mantustia incarnates in forms existing in many places and dimensions at once. Adding to this point is that Mantustia is “encoded upon terra-earth now.” His purpose is to “create new instruments of expression,” which will be used for “the evolution of the human species and the planets upon which they live.”

The out-worn, non-functioning, and corrupted hierarchies of our world (and others) will be “restructured” in alignment with the “tone-vibration of equality,” which is the frequency emitted by Mantustia. The truth of the tone of equality is woven into the planetary human populations of the universe. It should be noted here that the tone vibration of equality emanating from Mantustia originates in First Source. Accordingly, this vibration of equality is built into the Entity consciousness and is expressed in space-time by the Sovereign Integral working through the Human Instrument. (More about this tone vibration of equality, sometime shortened to tone of equality, can be found within the First Source entry of the WingMakers glossary and in the Chamber One and Two philosophy papers. Also see supplementary glossary in the appendices.)

In addition, the vision of Mantustia involves rearrangement, reformation, and expanding clarity. This may have to do with the Era of Transparency and Expansion that James says our planet entered in 1998. This era not only encompasses the physical world, but includes other dimensions as well.

There is one more interesting bit of information regarding Mantustia, however. It comes in the form of an answer from a question about Mantustia’s identity.


Question: When I first read Vision of Mantustia I thought that this Being might be Sanat Kumara. Is MantustiaSanat Kumara, and if not, who is Mantustia?

Answer: Mantustia is an ascended master who is a remarkable entity of planetary significance to earth, however, it is not Sanat Kumara. Within the Lyricus teaching order there are distinctions between personalities based on the teaching method employed by the personality.


There is a wide range of methodologies that can be employed, and there are certain teachers who have found methods to synthesize these methods in such a way that they can cause revelatory experience in their students through a simple exchange of language. Mantustia has developed many of the most famous discourses of Lyricus. He is a master’s master of the most esoteric order within Lyricus that develops discourses, instructional methodologies, and experiential learning environments within the human genome. You will be able to recognize his voice as it has an uncanny ability to integrate paradox with truth in an authoritative undertone. If heard in its pure, native language, Mantustia’s voice and wisdom borders on the incomparable.

The reference to Sanat Kumara is based in Theosophical literature, which posits that Sanat Kumara is a cosmic being who ensouls our planet. Such a being is called a Planetary Logos. More to the answer itself, we learn that Mantustia is a master of masters within Lyricus. This strongly suggests that the Lyricus Teaching Order is a vast and complex organization spanning the multiverse and filled with teachers of many grades of consciousness. In fact, James states as much in the Lyricus category in the Topical Arrangement of Qs and As. And now, on to the “Vision of Mantustia.”


John Berges commentary excerpted from the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.



Vision of Mantustia

I am known as Mantustia of the Divine Counselors, dwelling within the abode of the WingMakers. I reveal my vision willingly and with the full knowledge that it will touch the minds and hearts of those it is intended. As the words are formed they are bearing on you—their reader—even as you stir in worlds unimaginably distant.

I am manifesting and living my sovereign vision. It is a reality guided solely by Source Intelligence as a form of structural harmony that creates the highest possibilities of life’s expression through my forms. In collaboration with Source Intelligence I create my own reality, and my full attention is centered on my reality and its expression as a divine force of Light and Love.

I am an entity of wholeness, consisting of white light that is blended in the radiance of eternity and divested like fragments of brilliance throughout the multiverse in various forms and bodies. I live beyond the reach of limitation and I am thus able to transcend all elements that confine, constrict, diminish, limit, or attempt to hold in bondage the powerful light of my purpose. I am an unstoppable divine force that generates all that is needed in all my life forms of expression.

I am the perfection of my Creator, individuated as a single point of pure energy, yet living in many places on many dimensions simultaneously—fully aware of all aspects of my wholeness. Like a loving father I shepherd the fragments of my wholeness to the glory of our common origin and destiny.

My primary purpose while encoded upon terra-earth is to create new instruments of expression and utilize them for the evolution of the human species and the planets upon which they live. I am here to reveal my wholeness and vastness in its fullest expression and engage my vision in all that I do.

I have woven my light with the planets to demonstrate and teach the truth of equality. That individuated spirits are equal to First Source. That everything that stands between the individual and the Source is a part of a hierarchy of inter-dependence whose purpose shall be restructured. I am guided by the tone-vibration of equality in its purest meaning. This is the frequency I emit.

The fundamental choice of my vision is to honor and reveal my total selfhood, and to transform any limitations that interfere with this choice into the limitlessness of Divine Light. I am completely dedicated to the fulfillment of my purpose and fundamental choice and openly acknowledge that there is no force that can prevent my vision or the purpose of my spirit from manifesting and having its intended impact upon the multiverse of the One Light-Source.

I am Mantustia, living beyond the beyond of your knowing, demonstrating that there are no imperfections. My vision is the breath of my wholeness, and with each new breath I take in, I exhale a new vision of myself that flows through my wholeness like a powerful wave that engulfs a shoreline of sand. This is the wave of rearrangement.
Of reformation.

Of expanding clarity.

It creates the ark of transformation that my formless Self can enter and commune with my various outposts of form. The vision I breathe is saturating my wholeness. It is the victory of Spirit’s persistence to honor itself in joyful living where ever it may be.

I am the vision of totality and the union of all that I am. I am the center point at which all of my expressions converge, re-conceptualize, and re-emerge as emissaries of my highest purpose. I am Mantustia, the communicator of Source Intelligence’s yearning to express itself in the optimal form. I am the prism of Spirit’s Light that channels a specific frequency to specific entities for specific reasons at specific times.

These frequencies flow through my bodies into the dimensions of form and duality, always for the purpose of uplifting, and always in harmony to the leading impulse of Source Intelligence. That which issues through me is trailed by a swell of gratitude that is unending and beyond recall. It follows in the wake of beauty and the impressions of truth with a loyalty that is found only in those who have discovered their total selfhood through the eyes of the universe, and have embraced it in fearless triumph, and then relinquished it for the service of First Source.

I am Mantustia, my vision is destined to manifest in all places that I am, for it is sovereign perfection forever linked to the spiral of infinite ascension. It has not been conceived by my outer garments, but rather by my flesh and blood—that vitality of Source Intelligence that is perfect in every way. Every cell in every body is fully attuned to the song of my vision as it weaves its melody through the structure of atoms, and beyond, through the intricate systems of light that connect my fragments to the whole of me.

My vision is alive and lives outside the reach of death, dysfunction, or disease. It is my perception of who I am when I have stripped all the layers of disguise and stand naked in my brilliance. It is the heartbeat of my purest essence calling me home with the unmistakable innocence of Divine Love. It is the elixir of my soul. The magnet of my heart.

I am the sovereign master of my reality and shepherd of my wholeness. I embody all that is beautiful and true, and my vision is the navigator of my sovereignty, castings its incarnation in all places and times where my form exists as an extension of my being. I am the entity that is whole. I am the entity that created itself through the eternal vision that I AM. This is the vision that descends into form and enfolds time, space, matter, and energy like an eagle enfolds its nestlings with wings of assurance.

The expansion of my vision is unending. Its destination formed not by my words or desires, but by its core structure. This structure I give to you. It will carry you in its design of simple, fundamental choice and openness.

Music/Audio Versions of First Source Transmissions

There are two of the First Source Transmissions that have been produced as audio/music tracks: My Central Message and
My Central Purpose. These are available below.

“In reality, if you are within a human instrument, you are an immortal light consciousness
gathered from the same substance as First Source.”