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The Grand Portal (Lyricus)

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The Music of WingMakers

Released 2001-2011, by James Mahu

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The Grand Portal (Lyricus)

Lyricus 2005


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The Grand Portal, is an engaging journey into the Heart of All Things. It is an inspiring blend of orchestral movements and vocal chants supported by the rich and diverse textures of masterful percussion, hypnotic bass lines, and subtle, mysterious counter-melodies. The exuberant sense of adventure that accompanies its flowing compositional structure is both undeniable and inspiring.

While the CD consists of two compositions, Solotonic Transformations 1 (24:20) and Solotionic Transformations 2 (32:20), they are long songs. The CD is over 56 minutes, and as is typical of James’ compositions, it is a musical adventure, or as James puts it: “Music for Discovery.”

Melodically, there is great potency in this CD, with sweeping, pastoral orchestral movements that draw your attention internally—to the region of the innermost heart. It seems as if the compositions are movements of the spirit, designed to entrain the heart to a new level of expression and buoyancy.

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track_image [16]

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