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Hakomi Chambers 7-12

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The Music of WingMakers

Released 2001-2011, by James Mahu

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Hakomi Chambers 7-12

Approaching the Divine


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Hakomi Project: Chambers 7-12, incorporates the energetics of higher dimensions through the use of exotic rhythms, intricate melodies, meditative passages, layered harmonies, spoken poetry, and
ancient mantras in their original languages. This soundscape inspires and resonates with our deepest longing to approach the divine within us.

These are deeply moving compositions with subtle, multifaceted textures and luminous melodies that flow seamlessly like one composition (CD is over 76 minutes). Featured prominently are
Charlottemarie’s soaring, emotive vocals, performing intricate chants and harmonies that originate from ancient cultures thousands of years old. Vocally this CD is more complex than any of the
WingMakers’ collection of nine CDs, and these soaring vocals play a wonderful counterpoint to the complex rhythms, the layered percussion and fluid, dexterous guitar work that make this CD so

track_image [16]
track_image [16]

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