Hakomi Chambers 4-6

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The Music of WingMakers

Released 2001-2011, by James Mahu

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Hakomi Chambers 4-6

Hakomi Project


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Hakomi Chambers 4-6, is an 80-minute journey into the subtle regions of the human spirit. It combines an intricate tapestry of acoustic and electronic instrumentation interspersed with the soaring and inspiring vocal chants of Charlottemarie, Gregorian monks, and nearly a dozen other vocalists.

This CD is a meaningful fusion of the human voice, subtle melodies, spatial depth, and spiritual content formed in, and orchestrated by, the mantras and chant lines embedded within each chamber song. Compositionally, it incorporates exotic rhythms, rich melodic lines, and an intriguing array of instrumentation that blends western and eastern traditions – both ancient and modern.

The music from Chambers 4-6 is very stimulating to the mind and consciousness as a whole. It is challenging and complex, dark and mysterious, with striking melodies and superb vocals singing sacred mantras and chants that resonate with our deepest longing to feel connected to First Source.

What is within is without equal,

it arises from the smallest space

where the First Vibration of the Unmanifest

surges in the splendor of One World’s Grace.

- Hakomi Translation Chamber Four