Hakomi Chambers 3

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The Music of WingMakers

Released 2001-2011, by James Mahu

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Hakomi Chambers 3

Hakomi Project


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The music of Hakomi Chamber 3 is a mystical journey into a melodic soundscape that fuses an amazing array of vocals and chants with acoustic instrumentation and electronic sounds that are both ethereal and mesmerizing. The CD consists of a single composition that flows uninterruptedly for 75 minutes, making it amongst the longest compositions ever produced.

For all its length, Chamber 3 flows effortlessly like a great river, inviting the listener to experience a musical adventure that expands and deepens consciousness as if the music itself were a teacher. The composition is a sophisticated melding of styles, voices, and instrumentation that summons the mind and heart to listen.

The music from Chamber 3 is an aural adventure that is very stimulating to the mind and consciousness as a whole. It is challenging and complex, dark and mysterious, and light dances throughout its
expansive soundscape.

In the generosity of stars we live. By the freedom of our will we love. Through the enchantment of the unexplored we learn.

- Hakomi Translation Chamber Three