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The Music of WingMakers

Released 2001-2011, by James Mahu

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First Source

Ancient: Chambers 1-9


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First Source is one of the most popular of the music collections. Its music is both accessible with
strong melody lines and vibrant instrumentation, and it is set with complex and soaring vocals and
chants. It is the original music that was first released and it incorporates multimedia elements that
can be downloaded to your computer.

The content ranges from 60 minutes of original music from Chambers 1-9 that can be played on
any CD player; dozens of complex and engaging graphics and paintings (most are not found on
the website); three philosophical essays; an electronic book (The Ancient Arrow Project – complete
edition); glossary of terms; new music samples from chambers not yet released; three interviews
of Dr. Neruda; a complete paintings gallery with very high resolution images suitable for printing;
a poetry book; and quite a bit of additional content that is secreted away behind hidden passages
and passwords.


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