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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

About WingMakers

Introduction to FAQs

The Sovereign Integral is the transparent Being of Expansion,
uniquely fit for the era in which we have begun to enter.

- James

Since its launch, the WingMakers’ website has elicited a variety of reactions, perhaps none so persistent as to the enigma of its creator, and why I seek anonymity. I invite you to examine the materials contained within this website, less concerned with who created the materials and why, and more focused on how to apply them in your personal life, provided they resonate with your inmost self.

If you read my responses to the questions posed by members of the WingMakers’ discussion forum and various students, you will gain insight into my purpose, and if you read carefully, you will understand why these materials exist as they do. In this short introduction, I will try to provide additional insight into these materials and their purpose.

Within the last century, contemporary belief systems have rightly placed their focus on love, and more specifically, love that is divine, unconditional and freely shared among all people regardless of their place in the social order. The greatest teachers of humanity have professed this same sentiment, but love remains one of the most misunderstood concepts of humanity.

Love is a fundamental action that, in itself, is not sufficient to bring a species into alignment with the purpose and objectives of First Source or God. While love serves a vital function in coalescing humanity and healing its self-inflicted wounds, it is the knowledge and rightful application of new sciences that will reveal the human soul to the mind of humanity. And it is this revelation that will bring humanity – as a collective species – into conscious alignment with the purpose of First Source.

The WingMakers incarnate as humans from time-to-time in order to bring its teachings directly to humanity. The WingMakers have been known by many different names throughout the history of humankind, but always they have been involved in bringing spiritual culture and science to the developing mind of humanity. The purpose of this endeavor is to spark or catalyze the discovery of the human soul – not through the subjective lens of metaphysics or religion, but through the irrefutable application of scientific principle.

These collected works are aspects of this process. I am a translator of these works that originate from a different spatial or dimensional level known as a Tributary Zone. These works are catalytic and intended to help individuals shift their consciousness in order to more effectively access their own spiritual purpose, particularly as it relates to the discovery of the Grand Portal.

The Grand Portal is a term we use to describe the irrefutable scientific discovery of the human soul. It is an event that humanity is steadily nearing, and its arrival is estimated to be near the time 2080. These materials, and others like them, will be catalysts for those incarnating souls who are part of the Grand Portal discovery.

I can appreciate that this may seem like science fiction to many of you, but it is nonetheless an impending reality, and marks a profound shift in the fundamental social structures of humanity. The discovery of the Grand Portal is literally a portal into a new multi-dimensional universe that demonstrates that humanity is not an isolated “patch” of life, but rather part of an amazingly diverse assemblage of life forms that span multiple universes and dimensions.

It is not unlike when oceanographers first began to survey the ocean’s depths and discovered new species of life where it was thought impossible for life to exist. According to our estimates, a similar phenomenon – but at a much more profound level – will occur in about 80 years as science and soul collide, and the reality of a near-infinite variety of life forms beyond the physical dimension is discovered and shared with all of humanity.

The belief systems upon earth will undergo calamitous change following the discovery of the Grand Portal as the new sciences – above all, particle physics and molecular biology – begin to dramatically restructure the social institutions of religion, government, education, and culture. This is the discovery that humanity has been evolving towards for the past 11,000 years.

I am here to help in this discovery. If you apply these materials in your own life, you are as well.

From my world to yours,





Questions answered by Mark Hempel (WingMakers.com web manager since 1998)


Question 1 – Where, or from whom, does the material for the WingMakers’ materials originate?

The exact source of the material remains a mystery. However, an individual by the name of “James Mahu” has, as of February of 2001, stepped forward as the sole creator of all the content contained on this site. More can be learned about James’ identity and purpose by reading or listening to the audio of his interviews within the Creator section of the website. The History page of the Introduction section on the WingMakers.com website is another good place to learn the back story of how these materials came to be. Perhaps the best insight is in the book called the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.

Question 2 – When did the WingMakers website launch?

November 23, 1998, 11:00 pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

Question 3 – Is WingMakers a cult?

No. There are no memberships, no organization, no requirements, no inner circle, no central doctrine, no leadership, no buildings, no meetings, no board of directors, and no personality that lends its charisma to generate tithing members. James Mahu has been very specific about keeping WingMakers low key, underground, sober, agnostic and personal. There is no fanfare. WingMakers.com sends out updates 2-3 times a year about new content, and that’s it.

Question 4 – Why did James decide to write novels, instead of writing everything in a nonfiction orientation like other gurus or experts in the metaphysical space?

James creates mythological environments where deep spiritual content can be assimilated by the reader through the activation of their imagination, and fictional settings provide the best way to achieve this. Fiction allows the reader to consider the possibilities, but not see the writings as being absolute or authoritative. It provides exploration without the feelings of indoctrination.

The WingMakers Materials are ancient. They are not owned by any organization and certainly not any individual. In James’ view, they should be represented as pure as they are—without embellishments or personality or organizational imprints of any kind. They are agnostic in terms of their orientation towards any existing religion or spiritual belief. They are not self-help or personal development materials. They are catalysts for the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness.

Question 5 – Is there an organization behind the WingMakers Materials?

No. James has been determined not to create any kind of organization that would promote his works, or try to organize followers into some kind of church or membership, or position him as some kind of spiritual leader that other should follow. The materials he has shared are for the individual. The frequencies and nuance of his writings, art, music, poetry, videos, etc. are part of a larger initiative he has called “The Grand Portal.”

The Grand Portal is the irrefutable, scientific discovery of the human soul. James has written extensively about this discovery and references can be found throughout his materials. His recent novel, Quantusum, paints a very clear picture of this incredible discovery and its implications. Many of the Lyricus materials also define The Grand Portal in some detail.

Question 6 – Why does the WingMakers website sell products?

There is a significant cost to produce music CDs, books, art prints, etc. and there is global demand for James’ works. People from all over the globe (89 countries at last count) sense the special nature of these materials, and have ordered products. As it has been said so many times, “Content is king.” Content is one of the primary things that people consume to help them find meaning in their lives. James has imbued his content with a specific kind of frequency that many people—even subconsciously—identify as catalytic and transformative. They want the high resolution files of this content, and this carries a cost.

No one is making large sums of money. WingMakers is not designed or scaled to be a big business; it’s designed to be a service to the enlightenment community, and hopefully break even. That’s the extent of it. The web manager (Mark Hempel) and his wife handle all of the email, packaging of orders, inventory management, working with vendors, accounting, etc. And they do this out of their house.

For what it’s worth, there are no companies involved in these materials. No publisher is in the middle of these materials directing them this way or that, trying to make them more “marketable” to the general public. This is very common for materials of this kind and quality. Publishers, studios, producers, distributors, retailers, agents, etc. insert themselves into the creative process and try to make the materials more commercially successful.

It is a simple process: James provides the materials; his web manager posts them on the website and handles the fulfillment to the end-customer. That’s it—the sum total. Many companies, large and small, have approached WingMakers, seeking to commercialize these materials, and James has rejected every proposal. James is not motivated by money. If he were, he would have pursued some of these commercial proposals.

Question 7 – Where should I start with these materials? They are so vast. What’s the best place to start?

It might be a good idea to scan the materials and sample various elements and see what resonates to your heart and mind. The Ancient Arrow Project book is considered by most WingMakers aficionados to be the centerpiece of the work, and a great starting point. It provides the best foundation for the other materials, but there’s no right or wrong way.

Question 8 – How many people have been to the website?

Approximately 7.9 million visits since its launch, but it’s impossible to say how many repeat visits there were. A better estimate would be about 1,450,000 unique visitors (from all across the globe) have come to the website since it launched, and this interest has been generated without a single dime spent on marketing or promotion.

Question 9 – Can the text be printed and distributed?

Yes, the text and paintings can be printed for individual use, but not for commercial purposes. The materials are all protected under copyright. Thus, it’s okay for individuals to print out the text for their own enjoyment, but you cannot legally distribute these materials for commercial purposes.

Question 10 – I ran across a philosophy paper attributed to the WingMakers. Are there more of the chamber philosophies in the public domain than are on the website?

Within the WingMakers.com site is the full, original content that has been released. Everything you will find on this site is from James and represents the content he has made public. This content is the only authentic WingMakers’ Material, and it is copyright protected by the Library of Congress. Any information attributed to the WingMakers that does not have the copyright notification should be deemed potentially inauthentic, and if it is not found within WingMakers.com, Lyricus.org, EventTemples.com, SovereignIntegral.org, or SpiritState.com (all official sites of James Mahu), then it is possibly inauthentic or has been modified. Many people have purported to be officials of Lyricus or representatives of James, but James is not represented by anyone.

The closest relationship James has—with regard to a company—is Planetwork Press, his publisher. He also has several of his novels published digitally on Sumbola.com.

Question 11 – There are emails attributed to Mark Hempel that claim he wrote the materials for the purpose of creating a movie or an Immersive Multimedia Art Form (IMAF). Is this true?

There were at least 10 emails that were attributed to me (Mark Hempel) that I’m aware of. All of these postings and emails appeared shortly after the WingMakers website was launched in November 1998. One claimed that the site was a hoax. Another claimed I was taking credit for creating all of the content. A third made the claim that I had developed the material to launch a movie. A fourth advanced the notion that I had developed an experimental art form called an IMAF. The rest were of a similar nature. In any case, I didn’t write these emails, nor do I know who did, or for what purpose someone was impersonating me. In 1998 (even today) it was a very simple task to impersonate someone using email.

When the WingMakers site was launched, it caused a flurry of activity because James had launched a powerful event string in terms of his content. It was like throwing a large boulder into a calm lake. The content was anonymous. It was integrated in an unusual way. It had insights into the secret government that many experts have corroborated. Even many of its predictions proved to be true. There were many evidences that elements of our government didn’t want certain features of these materials released… like the Neruda Interviews.

Question 12 – Are there any study groups for the WingMakers Materials?

If you go to the WingMakers Study Group website you can learn about the study groups that exist, and even access the materials to start your own. This site is not affiliated with James or his materials, but the people involved are enthusiasts of the WingMakers Materials and have chosen to share their experience in creating study groups.

Question 13 – It seems that now that James Mahu has announced his name and has done interviews, he can’t be considered “anonymous” anymore. I guess my question is: is this really James’ identity and is it true that only one person put this massive amount of content together by themselves?

James remains anonymous. It is his choice to do so. While he has provided a name, no one should assume it is his real name. As to your other question, yes, James has said that all of the WingMakers content is generated by him, but he is “translating” this from other dimensions. That is to say, he’s tuning into frequencies that he can see and hear, and then bringing these into physical manifestation using current tools, technologies and techniques. It isn’t an artistic expression. It is a mission. That mission, on a personal level, is to create catalytic tools for people to begin to lift their behavioral intelligence and journey a little closer to the next evolution of awareness that James refers to as the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness. On the social level, they are signposts and memes to lead humanity to The Grand Portal.

The end.