The Weather Composer: Rise of the Mahdi

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The Literature of WingMakers

Released 2001-2013, by James Mahu

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The Weather Composer: Rise of the Mahdi

Written by James Mahu

Book Summary

The Weather Composer is a fictional novel that is about a time in earth’s future when a global
event occurs that is called Sunrot. Sunrot is an incident that describes when an overactive sun
creates devastating effects on earth’s populations. The story takes place twelve years after the
event of Sunrot happened, and shows how a young boy in a Baluchian tribe in eastern Iran
becomes identified as being in possession of a very special intelligence.

The leadership of earth wants to rebuild the technologies that it had before Sunrot, and they
have special schools where they send the brightest students. They test students for entry into
these special schools, and this Baluchian boy, whose name is Terran Kahn, is identified by their
system as having an IQ that is literally off the charts. The leadership wants him, and they send
a team to extract him from Mashhad, Iran. The problem is that the tribe, from which this boy
is from, believes that he is the Mahdi.

The Mahdi is prophesied to be the one who unifies all religions into Islam. There is a great
conflict between the Baluchian tribe and the new world leadership as they fight over possession
of this boy. Meanwhile, Terran has his own vision, and that is to prevent another Sunrot. He
wants to be able to compose weather to control its effects so if another Sunrot were to occur, the food supplies could still be managed.

The conflict of the story is about who controls the
incredible one-in-a-trillion intelligence that Terran possesses, and for what purpose this
intelligence is used. Terran knows he needs to have access to the best teachers on the planet,
and so he wants to leave his tribe, and be taught. He does not want to be the Mahdi, however,
the question is, does he have a choice?