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Collected Works of the WingMakers Volume I

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English [4]

The Literature of WingMakers

Released 2001-2013, by James Mahu


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Collected Works of the WingMakers Volume I

Written by James Mahu, Edited by John Berges


Book Summary

The purpose of bringing all the written materials together in one document is to provide a
single source for reading, studying, and cross-referencing the enormous amount of information
contained in the separate documents. These Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. I can thus be
read at whatever level of depth desired.

There is no specific order in which the material should be read. The idea is to allow your inner
voice to guide you and when questions arise you may want to search through the collection for
related topics that can increase your understanding. For instance, if you are reading about the
Grand Portal and you want to review what else James has written about it, you can perform a
search and explore other documents containing references to the Grand Portal.

The mature and wise “voice” of John Berges provides commentary and linkages to all of the
WingMakers Materials, and really helps the reader understand how all of the pieces of the
WingMakers story come together in a meaningful and powerful way.

As is often the case with materials such as these that provide a large cosmological worldview,
readers can get stuck on minute details that don’t make sense to the left-brain, logical aspect
of the mind. In such cases, it is helpful to release what doesn’t seem to make sense at the time
and simply proceed to absorb the overall concept. Often the details fit into the larger scheme
as our understanding matures.


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