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The Literature of WingMakers

Released 2001-2013, by James Mahu

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Written by James Mahu


Book Summary

What if you awaken on a deserted island, and don’t know how you got there, don’t know your
name, don’t have a single memory… Your efforts to find answers to your perilous predicament
lead you off in confusing directions… and yet, your destiny beckons you to humankind’s most
vital event: the irrefutable, scientific discovery of the human soul—The Grand Portal.

Quantusum is the story of an ancient plan and a modern man who collide in the mystery of life’s
highest purpose. And those beings who watch, wait and lay their traps, because they desire this
plan to fail.

Quantusum is a mythos-based novel as powerful and engaging in its storytelling as in its
philosophical underpinnings. The novel blends a love story, rich psychological drama, results of
recent medical research, and deep, probing philosophical discovery into a page-turning masterwork.
Challenging and rewarding at the same time, Quantusum is sure to draw you into a fantastic
many-layered magical realm you can experience as if it were your own.

Using first-person narrative, James pulls the reader into a world of many dimensions, and we learn,
for the first time, the mysterious nature of how The Grand Portal is discovered and how it operates.
We see how the forces of established power resist the most important discovery of humankind.

This is magical-realism at its very best!