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The Literature of WingMakers

Released 2001-2013, by James Mahu

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The Ancient Arrow Project

Written by James Mahu


Digital Book

Book Summary

The Ancient Arrow Project involves shadowy global powers, top-secret government agencies,
extraterrestrials, time travel, secret advanced technologies, and a higher form of remote
viewing referred to as sensory bi-location. If all of these fact-based elements were not enough,
the author introduces a highly advanced, enigmatic group of beings called the WingMakers.

The WingMakers are the catalytic force of The Ancient Arrow Project, and a potential threat
to the secret agenda of Fifteen, the head of the ACIO (Advanced Contact Intelligence
Organization), and its clandestine research team, the Labyrinth Group. When students discover
a strange artifact buried in the desert of the Southwest, little do they suspect that it will lead
the Labyrinth Group to an amazing underground vault of interactive cultural antiquities—and
a host of puzzling questions about how they got there, who placed them there, and what they

The author, James Mahu, creates a wondrous tapestry in The Ancient Arrow Project. He weaves
together fact with fictionalized mythology as the warp and woof of a story that is essential for
the next three generations of humanity. He threads mythological elements of the ACIO and
Ancient Arrow mystery together with multimedia expressions of philosophy, metaphysics,
glyph language, poetry, music, and art.

James stimulates our imaginations and opens our minds to a human existence that surpasses
the material world, culminating in the discovery of the Grand Portal and the science of
multidimensional reality in the latter part of the 21st Century.