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Neruda Interviews


The interviews contained in this section of the WingMakers' website are transcripts taken from a series of interviews between Dr. Neruda (the defected ACIO scientist) and Sarah the journalist he contacted shortly after his defection. These interviews provide provocative insights into the Advance Contact Intelligence Organization (ACIO) - the secret government organization responsible for reverse-engineering acquired extraterrestrial technologies.

The Neruda Interviews also provide remarkable insight into a wide variety of topics, including the human genome, secret societies, new physics, cosmology, extraterrestrial influence on earth, and the spiritual nature and purpose of humankind. The interviews are recorded and then transcribed by Sarah exactly as they occurred. These are the original files. It is recommended to read them in the order they were recorded.

There are .PDF file versions of the Neruda Interviews in both standard format and large font format available for free in the download section.

The Neruda Interviews contain a wealth of information which goes far beyond the Ancient Arrow Project novel itself. Accessing that information is not easy. With over 1300 entries, the Neruda Index (created by John Berges) seeks to remedy that problem by organizing the hundreds of diverse topics discussed by Dr. Neruda in his interviews with Sarah. You can download the Neruda Interview Index in an Adobe Acrobat file here.