I Am We Are

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James Mahu

We are specks of sky,

a silent choir of pounding hearts.

We are an eyelid

the size of a galaxy,

opening like a rising sun.

If you look out of it

you are absorbed in

I am we are—

whirling in the curvature

of a universe cathedral.

Sound is unity.

Long waves lack horizons,

their roadmaps

penned from the Creator’s heart,



do you hear the subtle, undulating seams

through which you can pass?



and there…

Behind the overgrown weeds

the song leads to

I am we are.

It may seem unlikely

that what is small

and commonly ignored

is powerful,





True power waits in the whisper.

Beneath the ground state.

It is rested.

It does not flex,



or grab,

for it is not of muscle.

Or bone.

Or mind.

Or even humanness.

Remember that.

Power is not

what you have

been taught.

Power is

the internal gaze

that discerns

I am we are,

and then dresses our every deed

in that finery

and nothing more.

In the same way that white light

is nothing more than

all colors.

We are bodies of air.

Deeper, we are not bodies at all.

We are the

Sovereign Integral…

That which is




at one time.

One place.

One and equal.

No dominance.


We are invisible numbers

more than gathered letters,

atop the Periodic Table.


more than mass.


more than skin.

We are a bucket brigade

to the fires of ego and separation.

Our “water” is

I am we are.

We arm-wrestle the limbless soul.

We point our fingers at the mirror

that dares to lecture.

We stare into ourselves

and test:

“Am I?”

“Are we?”


Beautiful clarity,

the sated view

is often heard first

and followed least.

We grow in unseen places.

Come alive in the music

of quiet spaces

porous with pauses

and the rounded sound of soaring feathers.

The eyelid opens.

Canopied hues of blue, green, brown, and gray

come alive,

endless in their bidding to discover

I am we are.

It is this and nothing more,

in the same way that white light

is nothing more than

all colors.


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18 thoughts on “I Am We Are

  1. A Small Story…
    This January I trudged off trail to find a rock basking in the sun. Brushing off the snow I laid my coat over it to sit. The trees wrapped me in their silence. As I sat there, I wondered about my strange rock sitting ways. “Shouldn’t I be shopping at a mall rather than alone deep in the woods!? What a strange creature I am!”

    But then a small scratching sound caught my attention. Looking around but not seeing anything I dismissed it…but…it continued.

    And then I spotted a tiny creature scampering along the top of the snow. It was a small mouse. In and out of my snowy footprints it traveled moving closer and closer to me. I watched it stunned. I held my breath as it climbed up my boot like a great mountain climber!

    The mouse perched on my boot sniffing and walking about. Making claim to his new territory. I wondered if I should fear it or feed it? Slipping my hands into my pockets I searched for a morsel to share but coming up empty handed I had apologized to my fearless friend.

    I sensed a little shrug he hopped down to investigate my mittens which laid on the snow. He stayed with me until I had to leave him to return home. Such a curious creature…

    Your poem reminded me of my small friend. And how precious the small and spontaneous moments are in my life. Maybe the smallest ripples create the most enduring waves sometimes? A human and a mouse in one small space of time partners. Fearless and alone but united in our curious hearts.

    My mouse taught me to follow my nose, to be fearless despite feeling small and should I meet a giant to remember that she too may be benevolent. Oh and one more thing to always carry little treats in my pockets in case I meet some new friends. ;)

    p.s. I loved I Am We Are…I feel this is so true. Thank you so much for sharing it.


    • Beautiful & very meaningful poem by James and wonderful story written from the heart by Elizabeth. I could read the entire book about your stories if they were written in such manner, even if it was a book about you sitting in the forest doing nothing! :)


    • I recently had my pet mouse put down at the vets after two years of her company.

      It was a spontaneous moment the day I walked into the pet shop and came out with Lucy.

      I needed to care for a critter and a mouse seemed the perfect solution.

      I also have 3 tiny fish, and when they depart, that is the end of my time caring for pets.

      Your story was beautiful Elizabeth. Thank you for sharing it. :)


      • I loved your story as well Wi11iam. It’s beautiful how the love of a pet can teach us so much about love. It is also so hard to say goodbye when they leave. Wi11iam, you never know, your next pet may find you when you least expect it. Life is funny like that! All my best, elizabeth


  2. Transforming Heart

    My heart beats with yours
    celestial symphonies
    of oneness, harmony
    & transformation.

    Sovereign Entities
    of the Central Universe
    we resonate quantum fields
    of unity & wholeness.

    Our visions express
    humankind’s future
    as Shining Ones
    free of time & space.

    In the vast universe of
    infinity, essence & love,
    I, Transforming Heart,
    am another You.


  3. As has often been the case in reading, absorbing, intuiting the WM materials, I find myself at a loss for words, yet immersed in contemplation. Being at a loss for words, however frustrating it can feel, I realize that not being able to reach for and express from the familiar is a clear indication that I am taking in something outside of my realm of experience and programming. For that I am grateful and appreciative. Over the last decade or more, one of the most challenging aspects of my “relationship” with the WM materials is finding new footing: how to be in this world but not of it; how to move through the day-to-day routines and events, etc. . . and not feel disconnected, judgmental—isolated. I particularly appreciate the process that Dr. Neruda outlines in the 5th interview, with regard to how we can go about “hacking” into the interface/the program of the human instrument and using the “back door” to communicate new ideas to the unconscious that we all have access to, with the objective of liberating ourselves from this paradigm of separation and deception. I am challenged to have patience. With profound gratitude.


  4. This poem touches the very deepest part of my heart. The heartfelt truth of me being I AM WE ARE is the inception point of a new level of consciousness for me. My new eyes now see through the lens of I AM WE ARE, which puts me into the Nowness of the moment. I am truly appreciate the “framework gift” of the six heart virtues that James has given to us. It has truly makes each day a journey of exploration.


  5. This poem enters into the depths of our origin and First Source. It activates and reflects a purity of rememberance and realisation of Self… beyond the surface manifestation of form, and into the internal landscape of what gives birth beneath… that which is known and “seen” with more vision than the eyes of the physical. The I AM WE ARE is rooted in unity, oneness and equality.
    Thank you James for providing more opportunities for us to remember who and what we most truly are.
    Infinite blessings and gratitude ∞


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