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The Creator of the WingMakers Materials

James Mahu, residing in upstate New York

In His Own Words

Perhaps the best way to understand James Mahu and his role in bringing this work to realization,
is to read, in his own words, how he explains his role. The following quote is an excerpt from the
Author’s Preface in the Collected Works of the WingMakers Vol. 1.

“Whenever one is asked to explain something as vast as the cosmos and its relation to the
individual entity, one is tempted to throw up their hands and expel a deep breath of resistance.
Why me? Why now? Haven’t people more capable than I done it a thousand times before? The
answer to those questions is sometimes hard to understand, and other times hard to ignore.
In my case, it was the latter.


“I have said before that this was a commissioned work. That is to say, I was asked to produce
these materials by an energy field I met when I was a young child. I call it an energy field because
I had, at the time, no other way to describe the WingMakers. Over the years, I grew to understand
their intelligence and creativity, and ultimately their purpose and how it was linked to my own, and
by extension, to each of you who are reading this.


“I was given visions of this work when I was yet in my early teens and I could see that its trajectory
was not concerned with the production of a text-based treatise. It would require multiple forms of
content and technology to include visual art, mythological storytelling, music, poetry, video,
philosophy, and ultimately a global community that could embellish these works with its own
perspectives and insights.


“However, regardless of the many layers, complexity, and scope of these works, there remains a
core essence, and this essence is spiritual equality. This is the equality that is found in the deepest
layers of the human heart, living free like a mountain stream—uncrystallized and unconformable
by social programming or even human experience. You could call this quality of equality many
different names. In my own work I’ve endeavored, and, in some cases, struggled, to name it, define
it, describe it, compose it or paint it.


“This quality of wordlessness and imagelessness is its real essence. How it has survived over thousands
of years of persecution by those who would try to own it, enslave it and make it into something it is
not, is proof of how carefully it is protected by those who would have you enlightened by its existence.
In part, because it is unseen and unspoken, this spiritual equality runs through the DNA of all life as
its template of existence—its distillation or quantum essence. It is what survives all time-forms and
though it is hidden in the mundane, it is expressible. It can live in our actions. It can have force in our
lives. It can become us.


“The beauty of this inexhaustible essence is that we—living as human beings—orbit around it like
planets to their solar centers. It is this essence that activates us to live a love-centered life and to
express the virtues of the heart into our local universe just as the sun expresses its light and energy
outward without condition. Spiritual equality is the activator of the highest frequencies of love on


“This essence or quality of equality is what is coming to this planet. We are all evolving into it, and it
into us, and not necessarily because we are consciously trying or because some all-powerful force is
orchestrating it. It is simply a natural outcome of the process that is designed into life. It is the design
of an intelligence that arises from our collective sovereign essence. We are all a piece of the design
whether we are conscious of it or not.”

Interviews of James

James is anonymous. He does not have any real persona other than he has given a name
(James Mahu) and a general area of residence (upstate New York). We know very little about
him except through his interviews. He has provided several different types of interviews over
the last fifteen years, which amount to a fraction of the requested interviews. The Interviews
can be found below.


In April 2008, and then again in April 2013, James allowed his web manager, Mark Hempel,
to conduct personal interviews, which were later posted as audio files and were transcribed
in Adobe PDFs as well. Those interviews are below. For those who want to know some of his
background, the Third Interview done in April 2008 is probably the best way to get to know a
little bit about his background and childhood.


Other interviews were conducted in written form where the interviewer sent questions to
James and he then responded in writing. Those interviews are also available and can be found in the Resources section.


  • The Interviews
  • April 2008 Interviews Parts 1-3
  • April 2013 Interview

This document consists of the interview between Mark Hempel and James Mahu on April 5, 2008 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It was conducted in the home of Mark Hempel. The interview was done in three parts: part 1 was about 47 minutes, part 2 was about 54 minutes, and part 3 was about 57 minutes. This is the complete, unedited transcript from those three parts, constituting the full interview of April 2008. These can also be downloaded as audio files from the website in the Creator section. Transcription by John Berges and Mark Hempel.




Interview Session with James Mahu
April 5, 2008—Part 1

Mark: This is interview session number 1 with James, recorded April 5 2008, copyright 2008 WingMakers, all rights reserved.

Mark: All right, we’ll get started. First I would like to welcome James to my humble abode here in Minneapolis.

James: Thank you for having me, especially on short notice, Mark.

Mark: It’s a great honor to have you and to be hosting you here in my own home. Before we start, James suggested I give some background on the nature of this interview.

So, first off… my name is Mark Hempel, I have been doing the web management for WingMakers, Lyricus and Event Temples since 1998, so about 10 years I’ve been involved in it, and the email that comes in from these sites comes to me. So, one of the types of requests that I see, maybe two or three times a month is from publications and radio shows wanting to do an interview with James. As most of you know, James has chosen to be anonymous as the creator of these websites so he is not exactly available for those interviews and typically in his style he politely declines.

I guess it was about two years ago that I approached James with the idea that I would interview him using the most common questions that I see in the email I get… sort of an FAQ [Frequently Asked Questions] and just kind of get his unique angle and also let people kind of hear his personality a little bit. And for whatever reason that never happened, but then out of the blue, about a week ago, Sarah called, who works with James and mentioned that James had a layover in Minneapolis en route to Los Angles for a meeting, and he would have about 4 hours and he suggested that we do an interview. So… here we are. I have James in my cozy work studio where I do my regular job. It’s the 5th of April 2008, and actually by Minnesota standards it’s a pretty nice day. I can actually crack the window open a bit, so thanks for bring the warmer weather with you.

James: I will take no credit for that, but the feeling in this space is quite good I agree. I would like to suggest that the listener imagine that they’re sitting at the same table with us. As this will help them feel the information better with their heart. We are planning to let the interview to proceed, yes?…without stops and starts, so it will be on one continuous informal chat and one that I hope will touch your inner-most self.

Mark: Oh, good, I am glad you added that. Do you want to add anything else before we start?

James: No, I think that’s a good introduction. We can begin.

Mark: Okay, good; one of the most common questions I get relates to the whole reality I created around the WingMakers and the Lyricus Teaching Order. I think people understand that it’s a mythology to some extent, but the essence of the question that I get is to what degree is the information real… so could you please comment on that James?

James: Yes, yes. While I understand the interest in knowing what is real and what is not real… it’s fundamental to our natures, but in the case of an encoded mythology it is not essential to distinguish between the real and unreal, so much as it is to feel its effects on your behavior and your point of view. When you read the materials, do new avenues of perception open up? Do you begin to see a new geometry into the subtle fields that surround you at all times? Do you feel more connected to your higher purpose? These are the more vital issues that require contemplation and review. I’ll elaborate just a bit.

The WingMakers mythology is an encoded work, which is to say, that there are frequencies of light and sound that are woven into the music, chamber paintings, philosophy, story, and poetry. These frequencies are subtle in that they are… they are felt more by the heart than they are reasoned by the mind.

Those who review the materials with only their mind, especially a mind that is settled in the historical view of God and Spirit, they will find a very different experience than one who brings both their heart and mind and releases historical views.

Mythologies and stories are actually the preferred communication of Lyricus because they can appear more innocent without the usual embroidery of fact-checking, mental analysis, comparison, and so forth which are all attributes of the intellect and the ego. To the extent possible, we try to diminish the possibility that the ego and intellect dominate the interpretation of the materials.

You see, the historical mind is weighed down by the words and opinions of thousands of writers from the beginning of human history. The real import of the WingMakers materials is to, in effect, dislodge the person from the historical mind and move them into a sense of connection to their higher Self and the Spirit that supports it. In doing this, the person can more easily access the tone of equality or the intuitive faculty inside their heart which opens the channel to the Living Truth.

Mark: I am glad you mentioned the Living Truth. In one of your latest writings, which by the way is a story called “The Living Truth,” you refer to this concept. Even back in 1998 when the WingMakers site was released, you were thinking that this was the main or the core teaching?

James: The main teaching of Lyricus is to connect people more firmly with their higher Selves and the Spirit that unites each human consciousness to the cosmic or universal Being. You see, WingMakers is part of the facilitation of the Grand Portal. And the only way that humanity will open up to the higher dimensions is when individually, person by person, the entire species begins to see that Truth is alive and well within themselves, while relatively speaking, it is lifeless and irrelevant outside themselves. Again, in the historical context and writings, the Living Truth is always relevant, because you access it via the universal field that derives from First Source or the Creator.

This universal field is also known as Spirit and Spirit-filled information can only pass from Spirit to the higher Self or the material self. And when it arrives within the material self or human instrument, when it successfully catches this information, it creates new perspective which, in turn, creates new behaviors. Now, these new behaviors may not be noticeable in a short period of time, but they are nonetheless reshaping the life path of the individual. They create the ability of the individual to recycle their divine energies amongst the human condition, and this is done principally through the six heart virtues of appreciation, compassion, forgiveness, humility, understanding, and valor.

So the expression of the six heart virtues is the outgrowth of this deeper connection between the human self and the Divine or higher Self, quite independent of life conditions, what astrological sign you have been born into, whether you are male or female, whether you are well educated or not, or your social standing. In short, the six heart virtues create the vibrational climate in your local environment that brings forward your higher Self as an agent of Spirit. I will speak more about the Living Truth, but for now I think this provides a good understanding or introduction at least.

Mark: Okay. Let me switch to another question that I get frequently from readers, which is the WingMakers materials, at least within the interviews and the Ancient Arrow book; I have references to, I guess I’ll call it, dark forces at least, and for some they stir up feelings of fear and frustration. These are forces we read and hear about all over the place. I guess I am talking about the Illuminati and the secret government operations and UFO cover-ups and, you know, that kind of stuff more of the conspiratorial line of the continuum. How do these elements fit into the notion of the higher Self becoming a more vibrant part of our life, because I think to some it feels more like a distraction?

James: It’s a good question. Let me try to explain it this way. You will notice that the first floor of the structure that Lyricus built consists of the WingMakers materials. When you design a building, the main floor is where people enter the building even if that building has one hundred or more stories. Everyone enters through the ground floors. Now, if that skyscraper is sitting in a busy intersection, it has entrances from all four sides of the building. Some on the main level, some underground, perhaps. In the same way the WingMakers materials have many different access points because some people will resonate to the materials in the Neruda interviews, that speak of government conspiracy and extraterrestrial influences, others will find the philosophy particularly meaningful, perhaps others will find the art or music to draw from. However they enter the structure, from which entrance—it doesn’t really matter—so long as they enter the building and proceed to higher levels of the structure.

Now the matter of feeling fear or frustration is a common side-effect once people better understand the dark forces and learn how they try to manipulate the systems of culture and government in their favor. But this is also part of the activation, because the individual must again choose to be led by these forces or disengage from them and discern their subtle influence. We don’t turn a blind eye to these forces, nor do we fear them. Instead we see them as part of our family that have lost their connection to the higher frequencies of love and we send our compassion to them.

I would suggest to readers of WingMakers: Do not stop your exploration of these materials in the Neruda interviews or the Ancient Arrow book, but continue your investigation into the Lyricus and Event Temples materials, as these will acquaint you with the higher levels of the Lyricus structure.

Mark: And what are these higher levels, James?

James: Well, the highest level is the Grand Portal itself, and perhaps later I will add some textures and details to the meaning of the Grand Portal. For now I will just say that it is the ultimate goal of the structure. After WingMakers came the disclosure of the Lyricus Teaching Order, or LTO. This was the next level of the structure that was built out so as to make clear that the mind behind the WingMakers was not affiliated with the subject of its writings, namely the ACIO or Incunabula—the alpha organization of the Illuminati. So, the LTO was disclosed in its role, seeding the human understanding of its purposeful journey to the Grand Portal. This was done to clarify the purpose of the WingMakers materials. The next level after Lyricus was more recently launched, and it is the Event Temples.

Event Temples is the activity-based level of transitioning from the instructions of philosophy or mythology, and placing the focus on living a love-centered life through the expression of the six heart virtues.

These three levels—WingMakers, Lyricus, and Event Temples—are aligned and coherent expressions of the one goal of our human family uniting in the behaviors of love and collectively knocking on the door of the fifth dimension, and meshing these energetics of the fifth dimension with the human domain. That is the Grand Portal.

Mark: Okay. Are there going to be other levels between the Event Temples and the Grand Portal?

James: Yes, certainly, but I prefer not to disclose these at this time. But let me say this: Before there can be a collective awakening, there must be an established and sufficient core of people who are functioning on the higher frequencies of awareness. Globally, this might be between ten and twelve million people. This core is not centralized, nor is it the province of one religion or belief system. It is spread across many, many belief systems, and these individuals who are functioning on these higher frequencies will be uniting on an internal basis, not external, not through the trappings of human organizations or religious structure. They will join together through the universal field of consciousness, and blend their hearts as one. And in this unification, the fear-based radiations of those who linger in the lower frequencies, they will be subdued, calmed, and a new sense of trust and hope will emerge.

And as messy as the human condition may become, these ten million islands will rise as a new continent of consciousness, one whose human circuitry is prepared to live a love-centered life quite independent of the external view and events. The structure of Lyricus is one of the buildings that will house these people, and help them connect and shine.

Mark: Are you talking about 2012?

James: I suppose in a roundabout way I am.

Mark: Yeah. I have to say that the subject of 2012 is a frequent question that I get, as well; lots of different perspectives ranging from like end times, the second coming, to a new golden age. It seems like it’s all over the map and it’s an odd thing because you would expect it to have a more convergence feel to it. And yet there seems to be about as divergent view on 2012 and what to expect as any event I’ve ever heard about.

So, can you speak to that issue, I mean, what exactly will happen in 2012 and how will it be different than our current situation?

James: Well, first let me say that the 2012 date is more of a culmination than it is an event unto itself. The process has been underway since the earliest coalescence of atoms into molecules, into stars, into angelic hosts, and into human creation. It’s a process that is… it’s a vibrational pattern sent forth by First Source, and therefore it replicates itself in ever-increasing efficiency and coherence.

Earth is an unusual planet among the mysterious number of planets that dot the universe and it is quite alive in its own right. It is nearing an alignment with this luminous field of First Source that enables a planet to shift its dimensional frequency. All of us, planets and creatures alike, are ascending dimensionally through timespace. This ascension is not arbitrary or capricious in any way. Rather, it is the plan of First Source in action.

Many people I know are expecting 2012 to be a major event, as this alignment between earth and its galactic center is arrived at. In a real sense, the global community of ten, perhaps twelve million people who are operating in the higher frequencies will notice the greatest change, and this change will be expressed in heightened perception, an intuitive knowing, more of a fine-grain intuitive knowing, and a deepening emotional connection to their fellowmen.

Their ability to live a love-centered life by expressing the six heart virtues will be enhanced many fold. This core group having already developed the habits of fluid understanding, relaxed perceptions, and an unbreakable trust in the benevolence of the universe in its super intelligence will have new creative powers because they will operate as one and not as individuals. At first this operation will be murky to all but a few, perhaps one out of three thousand will feel it and see it, and I am speaking of the three thousand being from the group of the ten to twelve million who are operating on those higher frequencies.

So, these small fractional percentages will see it and feel it in the coming years and more will activate and become aware of this collective intelligence as well, as it becomes a very powerful co-creative entity of its own accord.

Now, those who live in fear-based realities will for the most part have their fears amplified as these incoming frequencies and radiations create a pace of change that makes for hardships in their life.

Emotionally, they may even become more disconnected and withdrawn. So, you see 2012, it really represents different experiences for different states of consciousness. It will not be a singular event like a solar eclipse that can be seen in most parts of the world, but quite frankly, no one really knows what it will be like with any precision, as it has no exact likeness and its final chapter has not yet been written.

So in this, the final chapter, we are all playing improvisational roles, there is no script, and there is really no director, in the formal sense of the word. Instead, we are allowed by First Source to choose our destiny. Live a love-centered life, and follow earth’s ascendancy or live a fear-based life and remain in the third dimensional frequency grid with its inherent limitations intact.

In the final assessment, 2012 is a choice. Only those who are willing to undergo a fundamental revisioning, a new perspective, let’s say of the nature of reality, and open and avail themselves to the power of collective intelligence and how this intelligence restructures the face of humanity, only they will really see 2012 as it is. All others will see illusions and in a sense be forced to live in the shadows of the real experience.

Mark: I know this is one of those really broad questions, James, but I saw an article the other day that said the number-one or maybe number-two thing that was being searched on in China, and I am speaking of the Google of China, if you will, was the phrase, “Why are we here?” So, in other words, “Why are any of us incarnated at this time and what is our purpose? Again I know it is a really broad question, but I actually get a lot of email around that subject from people and when I saw this search result from the China Google it just sort of like…okay, it made my list as you can see here. So I just wanted to get your perspective on that.

James: Well, people who live in these times, they want to feel a personal involvement in the collective human destiny. Unfortunately, the vast majority, other than voting for their politicians, don’t really have a sense of this. They are passive observers looking into the arena of action, but not really participating, or so they believe.

Everyone who is incarnate at this time has a higher Self, and this higher Self is aware of the specialness of this time, but the ego-personality within the human instrument is not easily accessible to the higher Self, and unless it has been properly conditioned and prepared, the ego-personality will become like an agoraphobic who is afraid of wild expansive places and simply wants to remain enclosed in its own reality.

If you are here on Earth wearing the human instrument, you are here out of choice and purpose. The choice was made to experience this time, this alignment with the galactic center, and the intensification of the creation beam of First Source. The purpose was to ease the experience of shifting from the old systems and reality models to the new, both for societies and individuals, as well as our planet and the creatures therein. That’s why we are here.

Now, you could say there is more to it than that and I wouldn’t disagree with you, but the other reasons do not carry the same potency of truth. The truth is that we have responsibility to our fellowmen, creatures, cultures, and earth to ascend in unity and ease. This is why we are here.

Mark: I know you have answered this question before, but it is such a common question that I can’t resist asking it again, so you can respond in your own words.

James: Mark?

Mark: Yes.

James: You can ask the question.

Mark: Yeah, okay. Well, once I start talking it’s hard to stop.

James: I understand. It’s a discipline we can all probably practice a bit more.

Mark: Okay, so here is the question, actually two questions. Why did you decide to release all of these materials anonymously and why are you becoming more and more accessible now, I mean agreeing to do this interview now, for example?

James: That was actually pretty good, Mark, very concise.

Mark: I tried.

James: Now to your first question. I would say that the main reason representatives of the LTO do not choose to be visible is that they prefer, as part of their mission, to shine the focus onto the material itself, not their personalities.

No one within the LTO is interested in establishing themselves as a spiritual authority or a way shower. We are actually quite reticent in this regard because we well understand that at this stage of humanity’s awakening it’s truly about cooperative intelligence, not the singular personality. There is no messiah who will be leading this event this time. It is too profound a shift for any one individual or organization to orchestrate or even hope to orchestrate. Nor is it desirable at this stage in the evolution of humanity for it to depend on a human, or angelic, or even godly personality. It creates separation, similar in the way that money creates the haves and the have nots. As I said before, there is a co-creative entity that will be birthed in the coming years and this entity is the collective of millions of humans who have learned to access and transmit the higher frequency emanations of First Source within the human domain.

These frequencies will interpenetrate everything in this realm, marinating even the physical structures in its higher vibratory field and as a result stimulating all life to a new vibratory rate. The LTO is here to share encoded materials to help facilitate this activation of this collective consciousness. It is not necessary for me to go on the lecture circuit and promote books and so forth in order to accomplish this mission. This mission can be done anonymously and, indeed, is easier to do so because it reminds people that the effort is their own, the connection to God is their own, the will to summon their higher Self is their own, and the knowledge they truly need is minimal because they only require activation and the will to sustain and involve this activation. This is not the time for information greed, rather it’s a time of heart-centered behaviors.

Mark: Okay. That’s good stuff, by the way. I’m enjoying this a lot. James, you speak a lot about activation and how each of us can access the higher frequencies. Can you speak to the process of activation and how it comes about?

James: Yes, certainly. It is a very important topic and one that is particularly close to my heart. You see, you can be born into body, educated at the finest universities, live the perfect life from the biological perspective, but if the access to the universal currents, or Living Truth is shut down and these currents are not flowing through and into your human consciousness, then you are not really incarnate, at least… at least not as you were intended by First Source, your Creator. Your incarnation is not complete, in other words. So this is a very important subject, as we have billions of people who are incarnated upon this planet, but are operating at a diminished spiritual capacity.

With our eyes and ears we perceive but a small portion of our universe. The light and sound frequencies that our biological circuitry perceives and processes is fractional. And when you add space to that equation it is infinitesimally small. It was understood that the human instrument would have its limitations, but like all things that are designed by our Creator, there are compensatory factors, which in this case is the human emotional system.

Our emotions are what connect us to the broader universe and the energetics that radiate from First Source. When one lives a love-centered life, practicing the six heart virtues to the best of their abilities in the smallest nooks and crannies of their life, they unfold around themselves an antenna. This antenna is etheric. In other words, it exists in a state of energy that our eyes and ears do not detect. And it’s designed like a finely tuned instrument that both receives and transmits the radiations of the higher frequencies from First Source. So this antenna surrounds our human instrument, occupying the same space as our body, and yet because it’s composed of light frequencies of a high nature, it’s not bound to the reality and limitations of the third dimension like our physical body, for instance.

When our hearts are relaxed, loving and understanding, appreciative, trusting, the etheric antenna becomes… becomes receptive like a flower opening its petals to the sun. If our heart is anxious, troubled, angry, or tumultuous, the same antenna, similar to the way a sensitive plant closes its petals at sunset, passes into disorder and its fine-grain connection to the higher frequency radiations of First Source are cut off or diminished.

This etheric antenna, from a biological standpoint, is anchored in the seven glands of the endocrine system which act as receptors to translate the higher frequencies of the Spirit domain to the body and mind, so that the mind can process the encoded information and the body can act upon it.

Mark: Is this the same thing as the seven chakra system?

James: Yes. Now, when people express anger or hatred, especially over time, their antenna can be damaged, or, more precisely, its sensitivity is diminished, causing a vicious cycle because at some level they realize that they are not receiving the ultra-fine perceptions which are their birthright.

It is precisely these ultra-fine perceptions that activate the individual. It’s important to note that this antenna is never damaged from external emotions, in other words, negative emotions directed at you or others from an external source. Instead, it’s diminished only by your own emotions of hatred, anger, frustration, and resentment. So, you see, your Spirit’s presence in your life is directly proportional to this etheric antenna’s well-being.

It’s a very delicate, wondrous, even miraculous facet of a human instrument and its bond with Spirit. And, as this antenna is unfurled, awakened, activated, strengthened, utilized and secured, it… it broadcasts the incoming frequencies of light and sound, or the higher frequency radiations of First Source to the energetic field around you, bringing you a more complete awareness of the multi-dimensional world in which you live.

Now, this luminous field that surrounds you is not an island anymore. As I said before, the islands are rising up as a continent of consciousness, and this continent is the collective entity I spoke of earlier.

Mark: So, what is the activation then?

James: The higher Self working in conjunction with Spirit is always the activator. It instructs the human instrument on the fundamental truths of the six heart virtues even before the individual can read or speak. These are innate understandings. They derive from the shared pool of wisdom that is the Living Truth, and this pool of wisdom is the very same that angels and enlightened beings draw from. This is the access that every student of Spirit seeks.

Once it is found it becomes your own. Once it is found, you realize that the circuitry of the heavens, of the material galaxies, star systems—and right down to the planet in your own human instrument—they are all aligned in a coherent design that makes the access to the shared pool of wisdom possible. The only thing that you need to do is to activate the etheric antenna transmitter, which is another way of saying—listen to your heart. And then sustain and expand this activation by living a love-centered life.

Mark: It almost sounds… almost sounds too simple.

James: Yes. It is simple. There is no complexity here because it is natural. It is with the grain, where the friction of effort is removed from the task, and because of the incoming energetics of our time, the task is even simpler.

I understand that there are many complex techniques related to posture, and breathing, and mantras, and visualizations, and so forth. I don’t discount these techniques or approaches—activation is a highly personal process—and if your higher Self leads you to undertake these approaches then do so by all means. But also remember that the complexity can mislead. It can create a separation from your spiritual understanding that lives ever-present in your heart.

What matters is not how much we know about the spiritual techniques of the so-called masters or even how well we exercise this knowledge. What matters is our ability to love and to express this love into the finest grain realities in our life.

Mark: And James, when you say the “finest grain realities,” could you elaborate a little bit on that so we know what you mean?

James: First let me get a little glass of water, one moment please…

I think it has to do with the inner guidance. Because without this inner guidance you will have a hard time finding the finest grain realities, as they are very often unnoticed in the everyday experience of a typical person. And this is because of the old paradigm that follows us around like a tired shadow. It tells us to not talk to strangers, and to not look into the eye of a person, to obsess about the external outward appearances of things, to be quiet unless you are spoken to. All of these things dull our connection to the inner Spirit that sustains and evolves our activation.

So it’s necessary to express the six heart virtues into the smallest corners of your life. I won’t give specific examples. The way… I understand that could be useful, perhaps, but with each example I could reveal I may conceal another inadvertently and, again, the whole purpose of the post-activation journey is to become sovereign and self-responsible. All I will say is to look into the areas of your life that seem insignificant to your mind, but have a certain magnetism to your heart.

We have a saying in Lyricus that: “The routines and blinders of the intellect are often the playground and windows of the soul.”

You want your sense of identity to be rooted in the unified field of consciousness which is the shared property of all. If you can bring your identity to this perspective and sustain it in the face of life’s resistance, then you will have left the old paradigm. And the eternal being that lives in your heart will provide the guidance you need.

Mark: James, I’m going to shift to a more personal question, if I may, since we’re…

James: Of course.

Mark: …since we’re running out of time. Is that okay?

James: Okay.

Mark: Good. I have been studying these teachings since, and I am not sure I even should call them teachings, but since I got involved in WingMakers and I have to say I have learned, I think a pretty good amount of information. But I still don’t have what I call—or at least what you are referring to—as this clear connection to the higher frequencies. And I am not sure I would qualify really as a spiritual person since I still get pretty angry when someone cuts me off in traffic; sometimes with more intensity than I care to even talk about. But I guess my point is: how do we know if we’re on the right path or doing the right things?

James: Your condition, I’m happy to report, is very normal. Being vulnerable is part of this world experience, and it is also part of what connects you to others. If you hold yourself at some lofty height you could become unapproachable or, worse yet, indifferent to the plight and issues of the everyday person.

You see, the spiritual writings, by and large, are written by those who have been facilitated by Spirit to produce the information as a means to rekindle human awareness of the Creator, and the heart virtues that It lives through. These writers are often writing from a higher dimensional framework, where the gravity of real problems is sort of stuck off to the margins, if you will. Add to that the stressors that dictate our world and it is not an easy thing to remain a loving and sensitive heart. And so we do yoga, meditation, breath work, toxicity assessments and a hundred other things to support our journey.

It’s important to understand that all are equal in the eyes of God, whether you have ascended to the lofty planes of purity or you are just starting your climb from the desert floor, you are valued no more or less. And this is because we are all projections of a unified field of consciousness, and while, to be sure, we are individually focusing this field to conform to our unique character tendencies; at the bottom line, as they say in business, we are a family of explorers and co-creators. We are divine collaborators who, wearing the human biology, sometimes clumsily make mistakes.

When you experience the material world know that you are not experiencing it alone. And this is a very subtle distinction I am about to make, but it’s an important one: You can converse with God, you can have the conversations of truth and love, and this is well and fine because it is education. But as you go through life it’s indispensable to feel the presence of God… to experience the terrestrial world together as one. This is co-creation and it is a sizable step up from education.

41:44 Mark: I am not sure I’m clear about that last part, James. Could you elaborate on what you mean when you say co-creation is one thing, education is another?

James: Yes. That’s precisely why I said it’s a subtle distinction of the conversations between an individual and the Creator are important exchanges of energy and information, but it is always you and God, a plurality of exchange, if you will.

Co-creation is not a plurality so much as it is the exploration of the terrestrial world as one. God and you are one, and as you go through your life experience, God sees and hears through your human instrument, nudging you this way or that because you have invited Its presence into your heart.

Now remember, I suggested earlier that the heart or human emotional system is the primary organ of perception relative to the ultra-fine frequencies of the higher dimensions. If you invite God into your heart, if you feel this presence blooming, then as you experience your life you can feel that it is being done creatively in the moment together with God, not as you are experiencing life and then reporting back to God through prayer or meditation where you seek advice on this decision or that. This is how you know when you are on the right path.

Let me add one more thing. Your ego has an eternal counterpart and the purpose your ego has held in high regard is rooted in an historical context that is rapidly slipping into irrelevance. The landscape of creation is being renovated, so to speak, to allow for a chain reaction of consciousness that will sweep this planet and carry it and its creatures to new vibratory fields.

Now, the ego has been locked away in fear and lack of trust. It is as if these qualities were hard-coded into the human species. Ideologies, whether they are science- or religion-based, are nonetheless tethered to fear. They block the emanations of the higher frequencies that the human instrument was designed to function on. This is precisely why the individual is sovereign and why it is so critical that they activate themselves and live a love-centered life, because it is only then that a sufficient number of humans can start the chain reaction of consciousness, the consciousness of eternity.

The material forces will respond to this frequency and become the actualizing force of eternity upon the terrestrial plane. In Lyricus we say it this way: “The Master of Matter will become the slave of eternity.” I realize that I moved off on some very wide-ranging concepts, but your answer is in this nest of concepts. You’ll just have to sort it out a bit.

Mark: Thanks, James. Yeah, I am sure I’ll be doing that. While I have been listening I find that much of what you have said…I have a feeling that I’m going to have to listen a few more times before I’m really able to make sense of it.

James: You may be right, but don’t worry so much about making sense of it. This is as much a psychological process as it is a comprehension. It is a process of identity shift, so each individual can shift from the currents of fear and guilt to the currents of love and understanding. Because only in the currents of love do you realize that you are not the form you animate, but rather the energetic frequencies of the animation itself. And these frequencies—where do you suppose they derive from?
Mark: I guess I would say First Source.

James: Yes, from our Creator. And these frequencies, they dance in the moment, they do not know the past or future, they live in the now. So thoughts and feelings that search into the past or future, they can restrict the circulation of these delicate frequencies, and it is these frequencies, like the pied piper, that lead you to the point—the very moment where you are open to transformation.

Now we have a saying that goes like this: “If you are peeling an orange do not be thinking about an apple.” In other words, stay in the moment, because this is where the frequencies of animation occur. This is where your power lies.

Mark: OK, that makes sense. Thanks James, I appreciate that. Mateo! For those of you listening to this, our cat, Mateo just jumped up on the table and is visiting James. He seems to like you.

James: There is no reason he shouldn’t. What kind of cat is he?

Mark: He’s a Ragdoll. The kind that go limp when you pick them up. Hence the name.

James: Yes, he is very relaxed. Very soothing.

Mark: Yeah, I don’t know if the mics are picking it up, but I can sure hear him purring from where I’m sitting. Do you want me to take him, James?

James: No, no he’s fine. If he wants to lay….

Mark: (Mark speaks simultaneously with James.)

James: Well, if nothing else he is a very good diversion, you see. This is the way Spirit works and is a good example of the fine-grain details of life, where in the certain frequency of 30 or 40 minutes and Mateo is just fine, and he suddenly jumps up on the table and asserts himself. Well, to me, it’s Spirit’s nudge to ease off the gas pedal a bit and return to the playful side of life. It’s all a rhythm, you see.

Mark: Yeah, yeah I follow you. James, do you still want to take a break?

James: Yes, let’s do that, we can stretch our bodies and refresh ourselves. I know you wanted to show me some things, so let’s do that now, and we can resume our talk in 15 or 20 minutes.

Mark: Signing off for now.




Interview Session with James Mahu
April 5, 2008—Part 2


Mark: Interview session number 2 with James, April 5, 2008 copyright 2008, WingMakers, all right reserved. Music.

Mark: We’re back for the second part of the interview. I am Mark Hempel and I’m sitting here with James, the once anonymous creator of the WingMakers, Lyricus, and EventTemples web sites. I say once because I guess you’re still anonymous but now that you are sitting here with me it seems less so, assuming that we share these interviews with the public. If you’re listening to this and you haven’t heard Part 1, which we recorded just a little earlier, you might want to start with that part first because it puts these interviews in context and I guess, in the interest of not wanting to repeat myself, I’m not going to do that here. So, partly in the interest of time and partly because I don’t know if I’d do as good a job since I don’t have my notes in front of me…besides which. So, anyway I’ll skip the background information and get right to the questions, if that’s okay with you, James?

James: Yes, and know that’s fine, Mark.

Mark: One of the things I am curious about and I suspect our listeners are as well, is to know more about the world religions and how they relate to WingMakers, or if they do at all?

James: Any time you speak about world religions, I’m not sure how to respond because I don’t want to insult anyone nor do I wish to make comparisons that are subjectively unfair, which leaves little room for statements of any kind.

All I will say is that people can find their higher Selves and activate their higher connections to Spirit and God through most of the religious and spiritual movements on earth. There is no monopoly on the access points to Spirit and to the degree they don’t feel…meaning the people, they don’t feel this higher connection is emerging from their study, then they are probably better served to try something new, trusting that their higher Self will guide them to that which resonates with their innate feeling of the truth. If you go to an orchestral performance, at the beginning the musicians are tuning their instruments trying to find harmony. In a similar way, we are made by the same Creator, but our instruments are in different tuning codes and we are trying to find the point of harmonization. We are all tuned differently through our experience, genetic predispositions, education, and yes, I suppose religion and cultural conditioning play a decisive role as well.

Most religions compete, more than they seek to harmonize and, as I’ve said before, the key is activation of the connection between ego-personality, the higher Self, and the animating Spirit that flows between them. Once this activation occurs, what religion you are is quite academic, much the same way it doesn’t matter what your citizenship is when you visit outer space.

Mark: Yeah, that’s good—interesting analogy. The question I see in the subtext of the email linked to religion is the confusion of all these different spiritual paths have on the individual as they try to, you know, figure out which one is best for them.

James: Yes, yes, I understand, but seekers are yet looking outside themselves. They seek what they sense they lack within, in part, because religion and culture tell them that they lack this ability and require intermediaries like priests and ministers, rabbis or spiritual teachers to find their way. The pathways of Spirit only appear confusing from the inside looking out and this is because the materials that are strewn before the typical seeker are confusing. One path tells you, “you are a sinner,” another path tells “there is no such thing.” One path tells you “to breathe this way and with this posture,” another says “pray in this form.” One path says, “the end is near,” another says, “we are just born in the Spirit of God, it’s a time of new beginnings.” So can all of these things be true at the same time?

It becomes equally confusing as you enter the scientific domain. Not long ago there was magic and wonder in the world, and then Newton and others came along, and the mechanistic universe was unveiled, and magic left our culture and stood on the fringes, like an orphan, and now…now like the prodigal son, magic has returned in the form of quantum physics.

On the one hand religion defined magic in the formulations of its leaders so as to manipulate the masses. On the other hand, science, eschewing magic, distilled our universe to the nuts and bolts of a mechanism in which our specialness as a species was just sort of like, taken out of the equation.

For example, “we are 99 percent the same as an ape,” “we are not the center of the universe,” and so forth. All of these theses or points of view, world views, influenced and it became larger and we became smaller, less significant.

In a sense, the quantum world came to our rescue as we became aware of just how little we know about the universe. This was an activation for the species as a whole that most people do not truly understand because humanity was beaten down with a mechanical uncaring universe and an invisible God. But then we discovered how we are all connected. The basic mechanics were anything but mechanical—they were magical—indeed, inexplicable, but that is the world of subatomic energies, frequencies of light and sound in which we live. I realize I got off track a bit, but the impression I want to leave is that I have great sympathy for the seeker in their confusion. It’s well known.

Mark: So what should people do in the midst of their confusion. I mean, what should they do to get clear?

James: The best place to start in trying to begin again is to simplify. This is a literate world where words rule the mind. The Spirit behind the words is key. It is more important than the words. Most seekers draw confusion to themselves because they compare the words written or spoken by spiritual teachers, or worse yet, they compare the interpretations of the words from spiritual teachers. Language was invented to facilitate trade and barter, commerce and later culture. Language of our world is a third-dimensional construct that is misleading and imperfect. So with words, be careful.

I’ll give you an example. I can tell you the core truth in as little as two sentences. Here goes: “Just as the sun is the presence of God in our collective universe, you are the presence of God in your local universe. You are a light being in a universe of equal beings, each one is just as essential to the whole.” So you see in these two sentences I have told you the seeds of Truth from which all other wisdom arises. There is nothing to be confused about in this Truth unless, of course, you fall back on your historical knowledge, so if you are confused you must bear some responsibility for your confusion, as it comes to you out of comparison.

Take the first sentence. “Just like the sun is the presence of God in our collective universe.” What does it mean? The sun and God are one and the same? Well, for many this would be heresy. In some periods of our history you would have been killed for saying this—and yet it’s the truth. Though it’s more complex than simply saying, “Sun and God are identical.” So the words themselves begin to confound truth.

So to simplify your own truth you need to have a framework from which your beliefs arise. The framework of Lyricus is to live a love-centered life by expressing the six heart virtues to all within your local universe. As you do this you become a conductor of your emotional system and you become the Presence of God in your world. It’s a very simple framework, and one that springs forth from the most ancient of worlds, yet there’s really been no evolution provided to it. It’s not undergone interpretations, it’s not been embroidered by any religious institution, it is not owned by anyone.

Mark: This might be a good time to ask a very frequent question about Lyricus.

James: Very well, but let me add something to your last question first. The world is not without paradox and complexity—it has plenty of both. The seeker in today’s world has been overwhelmed by many, many stressors—the economy, their job, their family, their relationships, even their roles as mother, father, daughter, son, husband, or wife. These stressors inhabit the body and the nervous system is aroused by them, and not in a good way. The nervous system and endocrine systems coupled to the heart produce the network connection to the higher frequencies. In other words, they are your internal network and connection to the external network, the organizing fields of Spirit intelligence.

If you have too much noise in your body and emotional system, and by noise I mean stress that is built up and is endangering the sensitivity of your connection, remember that the practice of the six heart virtues is a method to release this noise or stress. There are many, many techniques that will help, even technologies and it’s important that the individual discovers what works for them. Doc Childre, the founder of HeartMath, is the pre-eminent teacher on the subject and one I recommend without hesitation.

Seekers are often in search of the escalating complexity because the esoteric is seductive. If I see someone who is practicing the six heart virtues to the best of their ability they are, in my view, a greater master on earth than the one who quotes the highest formulations of Spirit or speaks the elegance of Jesus, or Mohammed, or Krishna, or Buddha, or practices meditation every day, but then radiates discordant behaviors or thoughts.

The universe has an incentive system—it’s called evolution—and so we understand that when we look at those things that have evolved into sophisticated techniques or organizations, and we imbue them with greater importance than those things that have not evolved and are simple, even innocent in comparison.

But the six heart virtues, living a love-centered life while disconnected from the evolutionary track of spiritual knowledge, are paradoxically among the most potent forms of truth for this particular time in humanity’s evolution.

Mark: I know what you mean because I get letters from people who acquaint me with some of the more esoteric writings out there, like the Urantia Book, or Keys of Enoch, some of the Alice Bailey stuff and these are a couple examples that come to mind. And they have some really great insights in them, but they also leave me feeling a bit uncertain what to do next, you know, I mean with the knowledge itself.

What do you see as the key thing a seeker new to these materials can do to gain a sense of conviction, I guess I’ll call it that, that they are on the right path?

James: Yes, well, the word “religion” is derived from the word, the Latin words, “re link.” So to re-link into the higher Self is the esoteric meaning of the term religion. So, the seeker is attempting to re-link into their higher Self which has been put in the shade of their ego-personality whose voice is sporadically heard and even less so acted upon. Thus, the seeker of truth must demand or feel a sense of reconnection with their higher Self, the animating Spirit that flows within it and then act upon it. It’s not enough to hear the beautiful thoughts of one’s higher Self or feel the power of its feelings, or the creative urges of its mind.

The human instrument must come into alignment and re-position the ego-personality to its rightful place, adjusted in the knowledge of its role as a facilitator of Spirit within the human domain. When the seeker sees these adjustments, and feels the re-linking into their higher Self, they will have a sense of conviction that they are on the right path. Remember, I said earlier, that it’s a psychological process. It’s the feeling of re-linking to one’s own Divinity. It’s the sense of empowered co-creativity with one’s higher Self and its unalterable connection to the fields of Spirit that make possible its eternal connection to individuality and oneness.

In an alternating… like a sine wave, like a wave of existence, this is the power you hold within you. And every authentic seeker is called to this—this very special and very personal mission.

Mark: So you look at this as a mission of the individual?

James: Yes, it is in every sense of the word a responsibility of the individual to seek out their higher Self and come into alignment with the higher fields of their Source. And I use this term “responsibility” not as a thing imposed upon the seeker from an outside source, but rather a recollection of their purpose for incarnating as a human on this planet at this time.

Once they fulfill this responsibility they will decide, quite of their own accord, what their mission is and with whom they wish to work with. Much of this goes on beneath the conscious awareness of the seeker. In some ways, they feel like they’re caught up in a current, like a riptide that pulls them from the safety of the shoreline. The shoreline represents their past as an ego-personality and the currents are Spirit. And once the seeker comes into alignment with their higher Self they will be pulled by this current and positioned appropriately to fulfill their mission.

Mark: Is the mission different for everyone or it is pretty much the same?

James: It’s really both. Every individual seeker as they awaken to their inmost Spirit and feel the currents of a love-centered life is pulled into very specific situations in which their energetics can be utilized by Spirit in the Grand Awakening of humanity. This does not mean that every moment is a contribution to this mission, but overall as you look at the mosaic of a life, let’s say a course of a month’s time, a contribution is proffered and awakening is brought a little closer, made a tiny bit more tangible and magnetic to all those who remain asleep.

At the collective scale, there are different phases of awakening and there are those who are just awakening who are seeking their purpose in trying to integrate the two worlds into a sensible composition. There are those who are in deep slumber in their ego-personalities and cultural confinements and there are those who are partially awakened, but are manipulated by outside influences to remain with the sleeping masses. And there are those who are awakened and know with deep conviction in the commitment of Divine Love that their primary mission is to activate and rekindle all those in the aforementioned categories so they can all join the Grand Awakening.

Now, and this is important: The mission is not one of a “join the enlightened crowd and be happy,” nor is it “you poor people who live in ignorance, for the glory of God I will help you awaken.” This is not about preaching the good news to the sinners of the world. Those who slumber are not sinners. They are not bad people nor are they lower in standing than you or me. If you have ever seen a fish that inadvertently swam into a shallow tide pool and is now trapped, there is an instinct to help them return to the ocean and this is the instinct we have and nothing more. The fish held in the tide pool is still the same fish. It has the same powers and needs, it is simply trapped in the confinements of the tide pool and that diminishes its ability to be a fish.

Mark: Yeah, you know I get a lot of email from people, and I should add when I say I get a lot of email it’s really intended for you. [Laughter] But the sentiment is a bit edgy and that the person is frustrated that their mission or purpose seems, I’ll say mundane, at least that’s the impression I get from reading this stuff. It’s kind of caught up, as you just put it in a very small tide pool, or at least that’s their perception. What would you say to them?

James: Well, this is a very common problem for people because they feel the expanding grids and the larger purpose of their life and yet they confront traffic snarls, or sick children, or making the next mortgage payment, or the ripples of a relationship gone bad. All of these things impinge on their perception of their purpose because, in part, they feel the mundane and the Divine clashing in their lives. They don’t necessarily see the two worlds as connected in any meaningful way, but they are. Have you ever seen a film that is very dark, even depressing in its darkness, but when the light comes into the film it’s very bright, very fulfilling?

Mark: Yeah, my wife and I love the HBO show called Carnival or Carnival (different emphasis on the syllables)… I’m not sure if I’m pronouncing that right, but it’s about as dark as it gets, because it’s set in the Great Depression. When people shine… it really comes across from an emotional level. I think that’s a good example of what you mean.

James: Yes, though I haven’t seen the movie you mentioned, it can be a very powerful technique in story-telling and film-making to use the contrast of darkness to reveal the light with more fullness and depth, and that does this as well, you see.

The darkness isn’t necessarily a huge event or evil person, as it’s often depicted in film and stories, it can be the accumulation of hundreds of small things. But, however it arises, it creates the conditions whereby you can use the six heart virtues and shed your light into the darkness of the times and into your local universe. The irony is that this is the purpose we came here to undertake. This is our mission, in effect, and yet most people find that the mundane distractions of life interfere with their lofty missions, when indeed—they reveal them.

Again, I want to add that I understand that this can be a difficult thing to see in this light, but if the six heart virtues were ever-flowing and easy to transmit, how would you develop your skills? How would you strengthen your determination to send these virtues amongst your local universe? How would you help in the situations of crisis or difficulty? How would your mission remain a vital element of your life over the changing times and how would you understand the situation about others and feel genuine compassion?

When the darkness enters your world, remember this is the time to use the heart virtues, to exercise them above all other times, as they will stand out, they will reveal your grace and that of the One you truly represent.

Mark: Yes, I’ve heard you use the term “local universe” several times today and it seemed like a new term to me. I think I know what you mean when you say it, but could you define it just to be sure?

James: Yes. One’s local universe is the dimensional field that the individual is in moment to moment. For example, my local universe shifted many times just today. As I was at home in New York organizing for my trip, then drove to an airport, boarded a plane, entered another airport, met you, and now I’m sitting here in your office in Minneapolis.

My local universe embraces every one of those spaces or environments. Each has its own energetic field that is the composite of a few people, or in some cases, like the airport, thousands of people. I can feel this composite, a field, I sense the frequencies, or I can choose to turn down my sensitivity so I can focus more internally. I can also choose to enhance the composite energetic field through my behavior, thoughts, or feelings. Certain environments I have more control over than others. For example, if you work in an office building you have some control over your personal office, but if you go to the cafeteria you must blend or mesh with the composite field that exists there.

So your local universe is wherever you are in the moment and wherever that is, from a physical or geographic point of view, you are also present in other dimensions, and in these higher dimensions you may shift your perception or awareness to a different local universe. The term “local” in this case only means it’s your present focus of attention and energy. And this is important because it means we’re not tethered to our physical geography.

Wherever you are in terms of your local universe, remember you are the presence of God in Spirit. You are like a sun within the sky of your environment and this sun expresses light. But it also absorbs the informational codes or inputs of your local universe and you can feel this absorption flowing into your soul where it is processed with ease and positioned in coherence for your human instrument to make use of.

There is a saying within the text of Liminal Cosmogony that is very appropriate here: “Let your universe be the altar upon which the consciousness of Spirit can descend.” So, in a way, your local universe is a portal through which the consciousness of Spirit can enter into your human domain.

When I said earlier that my day included many geographical shifts, I didn’t mention all the internal shifts because, partly, they would be too numerous to mention and partly because they are difficult to describe in words. As we say, “It’s like trying to put a costume on an angel.” Does this answer your question?

Mark: Yeah, I think so. Thanks, by the way. I do want to return to my question about Lyricus, but as you were talking something else popped into my mind that I wanted to ask you about.

James: Yes, good. It’s wise to be instinctual and follow the sudden impulses when they arrive from your heart. Spontaneity and living instinctually is all connected to a love-centered life because only then can you live in the moment. I commend you for changing the conversation as your heart tells you. If we don’t return to your list of questions don’t worry, it’s only because our higher Selves found a new way to engage and this new way is always better than the old predetermined way. When you operate in the currents of love you can have confidence that you know just the right gesture, or word to say, or thought to hold, or virtue to express in the moment. There is no referential source you need to get approval from. Trust this.

Mark: Okay. Yeah, thanks for that insight, I appreciate that. I almost forgot my question now; I got so carried away by your compliment. Okay, back to it.

The questions about kids. As you know, I have four of them and it seems like there is just more pressure for kids than there was in my time for growing up. What’s your view of kids these days and what prospects do they have? I guess what I mean is that the news isn’t that bright. Things like global warming, energy shortages, food prices going up, water shortages, over-population, yada, yada. You know, when you look underneath the covers there’s a lot of potential problems looming.

James: Well, yes, as you know I haven’t had the honor of raising children myself, so I’ll begin my response with that admission.

It’s a complex set of questions you’ve raised. Let me start by saying that children become entrained to their culture by the age of five. If their culture is fear-based, they themselves will generally with few exceptions learn this fear. This fear negates or diminishes trust, not only in the outside world or universe, but more importantly in themselves. This distrust expresses itself in very, very subtle characteristics many of which are not even noticed by parents because they are generational.

If children grow in fear they tend to define themselves in terms of mortality, or vulnerability and isolation. These qualities strangle the expansiveness and scope of Spirit that courses through their nervous system, their hearts and minds. Just one moment (takes a sip of water).

Imagine if you had a very powerful vehicle to explore our planet, but you were given a blindfold to wear at the time you were born. The only oddity of this blindfold is that it’s relatively transparent at birth. However, each month that goes by the blindfold becomes more opaque. By the time you are able to really control this powerful vehicle your blindfold is completely opaque. So now you can drive, but you can’t see. Now you can explore, but you can only do so with extreme caution because you don’t really trust your perceptions of your local universe. Yes?

Mark: Yes.

James: So this is a metaphor for how many children feel as they mature. The power of their minds and egos becomes an instrument of division because they are taught to perceive the outside world as separate from themselves, while the Spirit that lives within them beats a different message. It says, “Everything is one Being. We are all connected in this universe. Our Creator is benevolent and all-wise. The universe is our body.”

So there’s this dichotomy that frustrates them because on the one hand there is this mask they inherit from their culture that reduces everything it sees to disconnected parts for the purpose of comparison and analysis. On the other hand, the young person feels this unity and connection of Spirit below the surface, sometimes in dreams, sometimes in daydreams, sometimes in art and story, sometimes in real-life experience.

Children and young adults can access the intuitive wisdom through the harmonization of their hearts and minds—a bold trust of their instincts. But the flair and glamour of the pop culture has a very strong magnetism. The access to their intuitive wisdom is seldom found once the child creates their social persona or protective mask that they wear, which gives them a corridor to retreat from the responsibility of higher awareness and purposeful energetic contribution.

There are some children and young adults that break this condition in the social and cultural order, but not in high numbers or ratios. It’s done by the few who have strong blueprints, missions, and inner guidance to access this intuitive wisdom and utilize it for the Grand Awakening.

Now, more to your point, the future is bright because the intelligence of the human race is being intensified in the coming years like never before. This awakening or access to the higher order intuitive knowledge is precisely what many of the children of today are here to reveal.

With this access comes new inventions, innovative solutions, new ways in which humanity will solve the problems of energy, poverty, and its governments and disease, and resource distribution. It’s not to say that these problems will be overcome in a matter of a few years, or when 2012 rolls around, all will be well with the world. No, it will not happen that way. It will happen more gradually, but the critical mass—the re-engineering of the human grids upon which we depend for our interconnections to Spirit—these will be brought to a new level of creativity and cooperation whereby the human and Divine agendas come into a more, let’s say a new and higher harmony, and in this harmony positive change will take hold.

Mark: Now what about all the prophecy and disasters like nuclear wars, or earth changes, like floods, and earthquakes, and pole shifts, to name a few. Do these still loom in our future before the good times can roll, so to speak?

James: There will continue to be calamities of various kinds. That’s all part of the rhythm of nature and man, but it’s not the events of the past that define our species, or the direction in which we advance, so much as it’s the purpose and intention we carry within our hearts and minds. So, yes, there will be wars and natural disasters that trail in the wake of humanity and, yes, it will be natural to presume that the best indicator of our future is our past, but that’s not really the case. Prophecy often neglects the finer energies of the human heart and mind, and instead is informed by the mistakes and disastrous judgments that we see materialize in our history books. There is a prime coherence that makes possible the gradual appearance of the bridge between Creator and creation. As this bridge materializes in the coming years, it will widen so more and more people can cross it and feel the vibrational influences of their Creator—moment by moment—whenever they choose to touch Him.

It’s like the lifting of a fog that separates one identity from another, and despite all the evidence to the contrary, the future of humankind is as bright as a star and even more enduring.

Mark: Yes, I think that was more positive than I expected.

James: Yes, but I’m well aware that prophecy is a bit gloomy relative to humanity and earth, but as I said, within the hearts and minds of ordinary people is the vision of what is to be, even if we can’t articulate it or grasp it with our minds, we nonetheless emit this vision and purpose, and it goes out as a powerful imprint forming the future of humanity like a great Sculptor who wields galaxies like a hammer and chisel.

The deepest motives of the human heart are not found in words, but rather behaviors and energetic or etheric transmissions to share love and light to all creatures. These, these are the muscles and limbs of the great Sculptor or collective Being. And the reason this is so is because we are children of our Creator, Whose vision and purpose is stored within each of us, expressing Itself even when we seem far, far from spiritual godly living. We cannot turn this off any more than our sun can choose not to shine. [Pause.]

Food shortages will be an issue, disease will be an issue, or wars will be an issue, and these are all elements that will pull humanity into a new grid, or a new perspective relative to its values and behaviors. But the deepest motives, even when they are forgotten or ignored, remain as a collective signature of humanity, and these will be crystallized in our new institutions, our new technologies, our new leaders, and the new objectives of a united earth. This is our destiny. It’s not the whim of a few teachers or even angelic hosts—it’s the innermost pure ancient voice of our hearts and minds in a chorus of love where your identity is a cell in an evolving, ascending planetary organism. This organism lives and moves in the currents of love that fill the universe as light and sound frequencies from the highest to the lowest order.

Mark: I think that some of that may have gone over my head, but the great thing about audio is that you can rewind it and listen a few more times, right?

James: Again, don’t concern yourself with understanding everything you hear. Sometimes it’s more valuable to not understand, but just feel the energy of what is said. This energy is more important as it’s often more activating than words or thoughts.

Mark: Okay, I’ll do my best, but let’s switch topics for a moment. I realize the heart has always been a factor in the WingMakers materials, it just seems like it’s taken more of a center stage in the Event Temples site. Can you explain the reason for that, James?

James: Yes, it’s true that the Event Temples is more focused on the heart center. But then, the heart and mind are the key elements of the human instrument, and in the WingMakers materials the mind was addressed more fully. And in the EventTemples, I suppose the focus was more squarely on the heart as a means to provide balance. But even in the poetry and art, and music of the WingMakers materials there is abundant reference to the heart and its central role in human activation and accessing the higher Self.

You see, the heart and mind are like two sides of the same coin, and, by the way, when I say “heart” I really mean the human emotional and intuitive system. And when I say “mind” I really mean the consciousness of the sovereign individual which includes the physical brain, nervous system, and associative mind consciousness. So, with those definitions out of the way—the heart is the portal of the human instrument that enables it to feel the currents of love that flow in and around every individual, at all times. It’s back to that antenna and transmitter I spoke about in our first sessions. It’s really a sensory system that enables that feeling of connection to others and our mutual Creator.

Mind, however, is a powerful perceiver in many ways, though it kind of gets tangled with the ego-personality and the social conditioning of the small story in which culture lives. So, its power can be vastly diminished. The idea is to have both the heart and mind operating in harmony as both receptors and transmitters to ensure a good balance between the incoming streams of energy and information and the outgoing transmissions.

In the WingMakers’ terminology, this is akin to the Wholeness Navigator, that part that looks upon one’s local universe and genuinely perceives it as a three-dimensional web connecting all life in wholeness.

Now, the EventTemples website and materials are really focused on presenting one angle on how an individual can live a love-centered life, but not for the reasons that it brings you spiritual knowledge, or the security of good relationships, or less stress, but, rather, to be responsible in helping humanity shift to a higher dimensional perspective amidst the tumultuous times ahead, as we go though some of these birth pains of a new humanity.

It’s important to understand—the heart and mind are seamless, as I said before, two sides of the same coin, and that that coin does not have a name to it. It’s not definable as we sort out words to apply to it. Paradoxically, it’s wordless where its definition matters, and where it doesn’t matter it’s called things like soul, and integral self, immortal consciousness, and Spirit. But, all of these words pin it down inside a box the moment the word is used to describe it. That’s how the mind works. It places things inside a box that is of a manageable size and can be seen according to a three-dimensional reality.

So, while the focus may be on the heart in this project, and the mind on another, the real focus is on the integration of the two into a harmonious expression of the virtuous heart and mind through the human instrument, into the worlds of timespace, which is here and now.

In this earth, in the year 2008, in the month of April, on the fifth day, and the fourteenth hour, and the twenty-second minute, and the twelfth second of time—I am making some of this up, of course—but, my point is that even when you have limited yourself into thinking that here and now is literally here and now, just the time you define it, it isn’t.

There is no time or space that bounds your expression of the virtuous qualities within you. They are outside that box as big as timespace here and now is, but I understand the difficulty in making that distinction. All that’s really important is to know that when you transmit your love-centered life into your local universe, you are touching more than your local universe and you are not locked inside the here and now, but can transmit it to all time—and even non-time.

Mark: Aha, so I see our discussion is starting to touch on time travel. You know, from the amount of email I forward to you, that time travel is one of the more common themes, I’ll say, not certainly in the top five or six, or whatever, but it’s probably in the top, you know, ten or so.

In the WingMakers materials, time travel is discussed in some detail in the Ancient Arrow Project book. For those of you who haven’t read all of the material, or looked at the book, at least… in there is described a technology called BST, or Blank Slate Technology. Do you want to shed any light on this topic?

James: Not particularly, not at this time. It’s not that I don’t find the topic interesting, but the energetics of our conversation would be better served if we stay on a different wavelength.

Mark: Okay, I understand.

James: You see,timespace is an invention of the mind to allow us to navigate in the three-dimensional reality. Something that is invented by the mind can always be influenced by the higher consciousness of the Spirit, as it is encompassing of the mind. So, as Spirit Beings, we time travel all the time.

The kind of time travel that was described in the WingMakers material… it has more to do with institutionalized time travel and bringing it within the domain of human technology. There are many projects that have experiment with time travel, and I merely disclosed one such project in the Ancient Arrow book. But it’s a very, very complex subject when you begin to institutionalize time travel.

Mark: James, do you want to take a break yet?

James: Yes, it would be good to stretch our legs, but I’d like to make one final point before we end the session.

Mark: Okay, okay that’s fine.

James: One moment. [Long pause.]


We are all members of a single organism much like individual photons compose a beam of light or trillions of electrons compose an electrical current that sweeps across a galaxy. When we move from the world of phenomena to the higher dimensions of reality, individuality is exchanged for community, and this community is vast and encompassing, and it contains an intelligence that mirrors its vastness.

In the times ahead, there will be shifting sands and creeping doubts and many people will feel fears trying to grasp them. May I remind anyone who is open-minded to the possibility that you are here at this time to give your love independent of the external world conditions and events.

It’s the foundation of Event Temples to help organize these quantum communities, so that we can collectively stand as examples of love-based communities living amidst fear-based individuals. And easing fear, and guilt, and hate, and base survival, and ignorance, and greed energies that will be emitted in the coming years as the birth pangs of a new earth are released.

I understand it’s very easy to fall prey to these fear-based energies and want to protect yourselves and loved ones, and prepare for tumultuous times—to, in effect, to crawl inside a protective cocoon and wait for the chaos to pass. But the times, as hard as they may become, will be made easier for all in the broader community of humanity and earth, if those of us who came to this planet at this time fully awaken to our missions of receiving and transmitting love frequencies into our local universe—knowing well that the walls of our local universe extend to the most distant and ancient walls of our Creator’s universe. They are truly one and the same, and what we send out to one, goes to all. It circulates amongst the greater community and stabilizes it amid any turmoil.


So, it is our responsibility to own this time as makers of peace from war, creators of love from turmoil, changers of darkness to light, and transformers of despair to hope. If any of you question your mission or purpose—remember, it is this!

How you clothe your mission in terms of your work, or hobbies, or family, or relationships, well, this is up to you, and in the wide sense of reality—it doesn’t really matter. What matters is that you express a love-centered life into your local universe independent of external circumstance. You place this at the core of your human existence, knowing that if you so, you are a stabilizing force and of all the forces that are needed at this time—this, this is the most vital.

Mark: Yeah, you know, I get this, at least intellectually, but the doing of it’s another thing. I mean, maybe this is too extreme of an example, but if there are food shortages, and rioting in the street breaks out, or the economy really, you know, goes into meltdown, how do we remain as stable forces? I mean, wouldn’t it be natural to get caught up in the chaos since it affects us, and I think it would be very hard to remain in the heart, or express a loved-centered life in the midst of this kind of chaos, at least.

James: I am not predicting there will be chaos, though it’s a possibility. Much of the catastrophic events that were possible components of the birth pains of earth have been mitigated already. There’re enough people around the planet to stabilize it. And this, by the way, is a significant reason for what some people would call over-population. In reality, it requires a very large human population on the planet to get a stabilizing force, energetically speaking… to entrain a higher order field on the planet.

Yes, the difficulty you speak of is true, if there are riots in the street, or the Internet is shut down for a few days, or if governments suddenly announced extraterrestrials are indeed real—these kinds of events would have profound implications to our social order. It would be like turning it upside down for a while, and in this state of disorder it would be hard to think, act, and express outside of the social reaction, especially with the media fanning the flames of fear and apprehension.

And yet, this is precisely what you will be asked to do. Whenever you feel your ability to radiate the love-centered life is in jeopardy or diminishment, you need only to call on your higher Self to replenish it, to tap into the reservoir of love and compassion that surrounds you at all times.

Mark: You know, James, how does one call on the higher Self, or tap into this reservoir you speak of? Is there a technique you recommend?

James: It’s a fair question, but there are no formulas in this regard, Mark, or at least, not ones that, in my view, are effective.

Let me answer you this way. If the people of our world knew only the condition of sleep, it would be logical that they would then fear the dawn. The people would wonder, “What is this strange light that awakens us?”

This is the time when Spirit is victorious over the forces of materialization and it will emerge with the calm supremacy that’s the signature of its Source. And this emergence is like the dawn, as light falls over our world and stirs people awake. Sometimes this light will stir turmoil and unrest, but this is only because people have been asleep for so long that they fear the changes that this light brings, as they know, at a deeper level, that these changes are profound and lasting, and carry with them a responsibility that they themselves must adopt, or be left behind, in a sense.

Those who are truly awake, they’ll see these tumultuous times as demonstrations of this light and it will not evoke survival instincts, or run-and- hide tactics of despair. They will feel a new power that comes to them unbidden, in the sense that they don’t call for it consciously, but it will flow over them nonetheless, like a new current of energy and they will anchor it, share it, and experience it like never before.

You see, I could give you this technique or that, but in the end, it’s really just a string of words. Instead, what I have shared is the Spirit behind the words, the force behind the object and this, in my opinion, is more valuable. So, listen if you want, to the Spirit force, as it will inform you and keep you focused on the mission that you came to be part of, and to achieve as a collective intelligence. I think that’s enough for this session, Mark

Mark: Okay, yes, no, I understand.

James: Yes, let’s stretch our legs and refresh ourselves a bit.

Mark: Okay, signing off. We’ll pick up on session three in, well it doesn’t matter to your listening because it’s all… there’s no time pause, but for your sake, James we’ll start in about another ten or fifteen minutes. Okay?

James: That’s fine, Mark.




Interview Session with James Mahu
April 5, 2008—Part 3


Mark: Interview session number 3 with James April 5 2008, copyright 2008 WingMakers, all rights reserved. Music.

Mark: Okay, we’re back for the third and final part of the interview. I’m Mark Hempel and I’m here with James, (the anonymous creator of the WingMakers, Lyricus, and Event Temples websites.) If you’re listening to this and you haven’t heard parts 1 and 2, you might want to listen to those before taking on this one.

Mark: (some noise) As in the second interview I’ll skip the background information, but if you’re interested in that stuff, listen to the beginning of the first interview. Okay, now for the questions… and James, I’m reminding you that I’m going to ask some more personal questions in this section, so if any of these get too personal for you, just tell me…

James: Yes, I understand… let’s see where Spirit takes it.

Mark: I guess I should mention that we’re just letting these interviews go organically. I’m recording onto my hard disk and really not worrying too much about editing things at this stage, so this is kind of a free flowing interview. Okay, alright maybe the most basic question I get James is who you are. So let’s just start with that one.
Who are you?

James: Well, that’s an open-ended question isn’t it?

Mark: Not to interrupt, but I mean that in terms of your background… where did you grow up, what kind of family did you have, did you have siblings that sort of thing…

James: Yes, well…I grew up in Spain, in the outskirts of Barcelona. I had a normal childhood—at least for those in my town. I suppose I had some advantages, as my father was a scientist… so I had access, at an early age to books and lectures on the various sciences.

Mark: Your mom, did she have a career as well?

James: No, she was, as they’re called today, a stay-at-home mom.

Mark: And siblings?

James: Yes, I have an older brother and younger sister.

Mark: Did you grow up in Spain… or did you move around a lot?

James: Well, because my father worked for the government, my family moved a few times in Europe… mostly northern Europe, but we stayed in London at one time and we even lived in India while my father taught there for two or three times.

Mark: When did you move to the United States?

James: About twelve years ago. I’d been to the US several times as a visitor previous to moving here permanently.

Mark: Can you tell us what your first memory was when you started to awaken to… to this mission in your life?

James: My first memory is actually from my mother who told me about a dream I’d described to her when I was only about five years old. To be honest, I don’t remember the dream so much myself, but I do remember my mother describing the dream to me many times over the years so I feel I remember it quite well through her re-telling of the dream to me.

The dream was about my interactions with a group of spiritual teachers, but apart from that—what I can only assume was a muddled description of what I learned in the dream—the thing that particularly impressed my mother was how enthusiastic I was in the telling of the dream. She said I came downstairs from my bedroom gesturing like an orchestra conductor—waving my arms this way and that—it was probably quite a sight… bubbling over with excitement.

Mark: That’s kind of funny to imagine you in this way… why do think this dream was so activating for you?

James: Well, I don’t really know that it was THE activating force in my life, but it was important to my mother and she felt that this dream had a special meaning. So she, being more philosophically-minded than my father and… and more willing to see these dreams as more than just dreams. She was quite certain that I needed a spiritual education as much as my father was certain that I needed science. So in a way, this dream caught my mother’s attention in ways I didn’t even appreciate or understand at the time. All I know was that she became more attentive to my spiritual side. For me, after I told the dream, I was probably out catching frogs after breakfast… but for my mother, she became my spiritual guardian in a sense, and made sure that I had the books, teachers, and time to cultivate my interests in the spiritual side.

Mark: Was your family active in religion?

James: My father was dutiful in his practice but he didn’t have his heart in it. To him, religion—at least as it was taught in our church—was more of a community service than it was a place to learn things. And he was all about learning new things. For my mother, church was a sacred experience and again, not so much about learning things from the priest, as it was to experience the subtle energies of Spirit.

Mark: From your descriptions, your mom was sort of the one who got you interested in this whole spiritual side of life…

James: Mothers are often the ones that nurture this aspect of the child. The sensitive mothers often have a closer bond to the child’s heart and sense their blossoming—the unsheathing of that etheric antenna-transmitter I spoke of earlier. And they tend to share more developmental time with the child as well. As you point out, this was the case with my mother.

Mark: Would you like to share any details of this dream?

James: No, it’d be difficult to express it in a way that would add value to this conversation, Mark. Suffice to say it made a singular impression on me because I knew, even at that age, that I was part of another group, if you will, or tribe on the other side. I knew I was operating in two or more worlds simultaneously and my education was being directed as much from within, as it was in the schools of our world.

Mark: James, when did you think of doing this whole project? By whole project, I guess I mean WingMakers, Event Temples, and Lyricus. When did that whole vision kind of come together?

James: Well… since I was a young child I knew I was an interpreter. I realized this because I saw in my friends that they lacked this language. And it seemed very odd to me that they instead wanted to think and talk in the language of adults when the language I heard within myself was so much more engaging, nuanced, clean, and clear.

When I turned 9 or 10 years old, I lost this connection. This was during the time when my family moved to India. It was a cultural shift that caused the disconnection, and I became very adept at defining a new voice: the voice of separation, otherwise known as an atheist.

Mark: You, you are going to tell me you were an atheist!

James: In India, my father was actually more available to me than any other time in my life and his influence was strong as a result.

Mark: Was your father an atheist?

James: No, no, he was agnostic with a strong hope that an intelligent being designed it all, but he was always one step short of the total embrace until he passed.

You see, his post in India was quite simple for him so he had time on his hands, and so I became his pupil of sorts. He also knew that I wasn’t enjoying my time in the local schools. It was very hard on me… on all of his children, and perhaps somewhat out of guilt, he made sure that he spent a lot of time with me, and my siblings as well.

I dove into the world of science, and my mind—for the first time in my life—became the conductor of my worldview. I devoured books on subjects of philosophy and science, and my inner voice gradually became silent in the presence of these great authors. I began to construct elaborate mental theorems and ways to prove—to anyone who would listen—that God did not exist.

Mark: What did your parents do? I assume your mom must’ve wondered what happened to you.

James: She understood. It was just a phase. You see, I needed to feel the point of view of an atheist. I needed to understand their sense of separation and appreciate their intellectual modalities of logic and persuasion.

Mark: How long did this phase last?

James: About two years.

Mark: What happened to shift you out of it?

James: I started to interact with my internal world and it became very obvious to me that something was happening that neither science nor philosophy could explain.

Mark: And how old were you at this time?

James: About eleven…

Mark: What kinds of experiences were happening?

James: I’d prefer not to go into details about this Mark, but I’ll say it was like a reunion with my inner tribe and I became reacquainted with the reason I incarnated at this time.

Mark: Is this when you got the idea for WingMakers and Lyricus?

James: There is always a seed vision for this type of work. The seed was given to me through the dream state and it was my intuitive awakening to this seed that began to bring it forward into my life. It was not like some angelic being sat at the foot of my bed and dictated this vision to me, or pronounced me as one of the chosen few, or that it was clear to me in the span of a single moment or even day.

It was the simple and gradual awakening to the vision and why I had come to this planet within the human instrument. Some artists refer to this muse as the means through which they gain their inspiration or access their vision—artistic vision, and from my perspective the muse is one’s Higher Self or Presence, it is not an outside force.

Mark: Is this the time that the WingMakers project started to crystallize?

James: It was about this time, yes. But the real impetus for my work came from experimentation. And by this I mean honing the crafts of poetry, music composition, painting, writing and looking at each of these expressions as extensions of my self—my Higher Self. I knew that this would come forward only if it was aligned with the mission I came to serve.

At an early age I had begun to paint, and was quite good at it, but by the time I was eleven I had begun to see my art as more than painting… it became a symbol of the higher frequencies I was in contact with, and, as a result, everything else flowed including the poetry, music, philosophy and writings. The paintings became the conductor of the project.

Around the time I was 15… I became aware that my experimentation on how these different art forms could be brought together was designed to serve the mythology of the WingMakers.

I understand that the concept of the WingMakers as… as a future representation of humankind is difficult to believe for many people, but the word “WingMakers” is an encoded word that symbolizes this reality… that a future composite of humanity can indeed interact with its past existence. It’s like the symbol of Eternity—the Ouroboros, the snake that eats its own tail.

The WingMakers chose me as an interpreter of their reality—our future reality— it’s not in the sense of their lifestyle or technology, but rather their mere existence and the existence of the Grand Portal as it pertains to human destiny because it’s through the Grand Portal that we, in a sense, re-unite with our future selves.

Mark: Did they give you instructions on what to do or what to create?

James: No. They did not. They simply brought me into their Presence… as an invited guest to experience—to the best of my ability—their vibrational world and the culture therein. Outside of timespace, I’m from this same world—as we all are—yet very few of us have experienced it, let alone heard of this other reality called our distant future.

Mark: How would you describe this, because to me it’s a very hard proposition to get my mind around?

James: It’s a hard thing to describe, Mark. It’s a little like an immense line of humans winding its way from the depths of the desert floor to a towering mountain top, and those at the top of the mountain, they have a video camera and they pass this miraculous view of the larger world that they see down the line so that those on the desert floor—and every step in between—can experience the inspiring view that beckons all of them to ascend… to climb into new territories, new dimensions.

That’s about as close as I can come to describing it with words, Mark. The future of humanity extends much further on the spacetime continuum than its origins arise from history. Why would it seem improbable that our future selves could communicate to our spacetime in the 21st century, and not with technical interventions, but simply through the empowerments of a higher, more encompassing consciousness?

One of the truths that will shock humanity in some not-too-distant future will be the realization that our future collective interacts with our present form much more than we realize. This is a complex subject, Mark unto itself, because many of the so-called interactions with the Creator, angelic beings, or Spirit are really interactions with our future selves, as a collective consciousness. This collective consciousness is symbolically called WingMakers or in some distant time the Elohim or Shining Ones, but regardless of the name you put to it, it is the quantum, collective consciousness of the human species in a far distant spacetime, reaching into ours.

Mark: How does this happen that… that our future selves can contact us, but none of the materials on the planet talk about it? It seems like our holy books or some gurus would be talking about this. Why is it missing from the spiritual literature?

James: Well, again, the WingMakers live in mythology. It’s a little like the quote attributed to Willie Sutton when he was finally captured… the FBI agents supposedly asked him “Why do you rob banks?” And Willie said, “Because that’s where the money is.” The WingMakers live in mythology because that’s where the story lives. Information, you see, lives and dies in very short life cycles like a Mayfly whose adult life span is measured in minutes. But mythological stories, they live for thousands of years, are translated into hundreds of languages and cultures, and their pulse is just as strong today as it was a thousand years ago, if you study them.

So, the WingMakers represent our future selves just as we represent their ancestral selves. We are—at one level—the same, when you take spacetime out of the equation of course. The future is rendered in obscure mythological stories because our future selves don’t want to overextend their help by interfering with our own choices and freewill.

There are other species—extraterrestrial in nature—that are also linked into our human cause or destiny and they also want to be helpful, but not preempt our collective vision, because they know already what we have become, and this post-human chrysalis we are currently in is very, very impressionable.

Mark: So in other words, because our future selves are already known to be like wise and loving beings, no one wants to screw it up by interfering with us? It’s sort of like that?

James: Yes, but that’s a simplification. The human species extends well beyond our current definition of what a human is. As you know, everyone on our blue planet is 99.9% the same in terms of their DNA, and yet if you go to a shopping mall and sit on a bench for an hour or two, you would not say that everyone walking by appears to be 99.9% identical. There is indeed great variation in the human species in every dimension you can measure it, except in DNA. This substance we call DNA is perhaps the most guarded essence in the cosmos because it’s the thread that knits timespace to nonspacetime, and in that trajectory, defines a species destiny.

Just as you can think of DNA as personal to an individual or a family’s genetic line, you can also think of DNA as a collective—at a species level—and contained within it is the fuel to reach the Central Sun of a galaxy. I realize this seems metaphorical, and in part it is, but the essence of what I say is quite literal.

Mark: Okay, it’s good. I’d like to return to our initial interaction with the WingMakers. What was the experience that convinced you to develop the materials and mythology?

James: I understand your interest in tracing this back to the headwaters or source material, but as I’ve already said, it was not contained in a single experience, or “ah ha” moment. I’m aware that some people have had this type of sudden awakening where cosmic consciousness floods their human instrument and they are forever changed by the light. In my case, it was less spectacular, and more of a gradual succession of events and experiences that shaped my energetic alignment to the WingMakers.

Mark: But when you first communicated with them, what was it like?

James: I’m not trying to be evasive, Mark, but let me try to explain it like this. Let’s say I’m an astronaut, but instead of a spaceship, I make use of my consciousness to explore new spacetime dimensions. In doing this, on one journey I stumbled upon a consciousness that was non-terrestrial, operating outside of our spacetime, and yet, because of our spacetime trajectories, a powerful connection was instantly made as if it was set-up in ancient times with meticulous care.

When I first made contact with this collective consciousness it was obvious that it had an intelligence that dwarfed mine and yet it was so intimate with my world that it could only be a part of it—either as an observer or as an experiencer. As it turned out, it was both. When I first began to interact with this consciousness—what I later came to know as the WingMakers—I wasn’t sure if it was two, a hundred, a thousand, a million or even a trillion different entities, but over time it became quite clear that the number wasn’t so important as much as the transmissions they provided relative to humanity’s destiny.

Mark: James, before you go further, let me get clear on this one thing. So, the WingMakers are a composite entity that’s in our future? Right? I guess in other words, we’re all—in some far-distant future—going to become unified as one consciousness, somewhere in space, and every once in a while a person like you will project their consciousness far enough into this future spacetime and make contact? Is that what you’re saying?

James: It’s a complicated exchange of ideas. Let me try it this way, but first let me be clear that it’s no one’s shortcoming that this is hard to understand for you… or anyone else listening to this dialogue, it’s equally hard to describe for me. So I will take credit for the abstraction, if you will.

The WingMakers have a different frequency of existence, which is to say they operate without the density of our human instruments at this stage of their existence, but this is different than being discarnate or entities that have left their bodies through death.

They still operate in a human instrument, it’s just a finer frequency of light or quantum structure, but it’s still a sheath or instrument of individuality.

Now, one of the byproducts of living in this finer frequency is that the walls between individuality and unity are permeable, so the ability to move between the individual state and the state of union is simply a thought away. Just as we shift thoughts—they can move from sovereign individuality to Oneness in consciousness and back again with ease. In the state of Oneness, the WingMakers—as a state of collective consciousness—have access to the shared holographic records that have been compiled over the species’ evolutionary rise from a simple biped to an enlightened, Coherent Collective, aligned to the frequencies of Source Intelligence.

So, with access to this hologram, they can insert themselves into our spacetime as an event string. This is carefully engineered to reveal their identities, but always clothed in a mythological context so they remain meaningful, rather than just informational, or, worse yet, objects of fear.

Mark: What do you mean by that?

James: You may not realize this, Mark, and few people do, I suppose, but lotus seeds and date palm seeds have shown themselves to retain their germinative powers even after a thousand years, and several years ago I remember hearing of a date palm seed that was over two thousand years old that had grown into a tree. So, these seeds are preserved their powers of life and transformation.

Now, the relevance of this is that mythological stories are like these seeds, they retain their potency because they are not trying to be explanatory, but rather meaningful. Everything in today’s culture tends to gravitate around explaining what this information means in terms of usefulness, but in the case of the WingMakers they are more interested in activating people who are prepared to become sovereign entities, and then to apply this empowerment to their local universe and transform it.

If you were to draw a circle around you that extended 15-20 feet in diameter, that is approximately your local universe. This is your conscious, energetic environment, and in the grand scheme of a multiverse of unlimited scope, it may seem like a pittance… like a tiny particle in a boundless ocean. But in reality, what is contained in this sphere of consciousness is much more than the spatial volume of 4,200 cubic feet, because within this sphere the dimensions of the multiverse are present, even though they’re not visible to your senses—they are still there.

And so, you have to think of this spatial volume—the energetic sphere of your local universe—as being the equivalent of a portal that connects you to the multiverse through the Presence of your soul. This is the key message that the WingMakers embed in their mythologies, and this is the key message of my own work, as well. The human self-possesses a local multiverse whose chief architect and governing intelligence is your Quantum Presence. And this Presence is composed of the fabric of Source Intelligence, and just as Source or Creator operates in the non-local multiverse, your Presence operates in your local multiverse.

Mark: Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean here… I mean it seems that what you’re saying is that we’re Gods in our own universe—

James: Multiverse. The local multiverse is the sphere that contains you—not only your present self, but the collective energetic frequencies of your incarnations are included in this local multiverse, your emotional and mental frequencies flow into and surround this multidimensional field. Within your local multiverse you have domains of consciousness or… or energetic frequencies that create a federation of consciousness.

This federation congeals into what you see right now through your human body. Most people call this consciousness the third dimension or human domain. There are other dimensions as you well know and I won’t bother to describe them all, but the higher mental domain is one of critical importance as it is the switchboard between the Quantum Presence and the emotional domain or heart.

Mark: When you speak of the Quantum Presence, are you referring to Soul?

James: Yes, but the definition is placed out of its historical, poetical context into one that is more relevant to our time.

Mark: Okay, I can appreciate that, but it’s hard to keep up with all of the definitions as they change or shift.

James: The changing vocabulary is not by accident. It sets a tempo of adaptation and helps to dissolve older paradigms, exchanging them with new ones that are more aligned to the incoming energies.

You noticed that even in the time we’ve been talking I’ve shifted from local universe to local multiverse, from Higher Self to Quantum Presence. This is the way of our current world. We need to operate in flex and ease in order to allow what is to transpire… to transpire. It means that we need to give birth to a new concept one day and dissolve it the next. This may seem like instability or a lack of harmony, but indeed the harmony is in the flexibility to flow with your local multiverse and all that you encounter therein.

Mark: I feel that we got off our subject… the more personal line of inquiry that I had started, and then we ended up here, which you know I like this discussion very much but I want to ask you. Do you want to return to the….

James: I understand, Mark, but Spirit brought us here so let’s stay for a while, as there’s much more to tell, and I’m positive there’s much more vital information here than in my personal stories.

Mark: Okay… well that’s fine with me. I’ll let you steer the interview.

James: I’ll suggest that allowing Spirit to steer is the better course. The heart anchors the higher frequencies of the Quantum Presence within the sphere of your local multiverse. In fact, if you drew a dot in the exact epicenter of this sphere, it would lead you to your heart—the focal point of your human self and spiritual consciousness, and its every heartbeat, since its very first vibration, before you were even a human form, was activated by the Presence of your immortal self.

So you see the Quantum Presence—in a sense—created you and it is the true intelligence within your local multiverse. It is the holder of omniscience and omnipotence—relative to your local multiverse. And while I say this of you, it’s just as true for every human being that walks the Earth. Each of us is constructed in this same pattern and possesses a Presence… without it, your heartbeat… your life… would be impossible.

Now, this Presence needs to create a mesh between the human self and its point of Presence, which is above you at the top of your local multiverse and it envelops your human self-flowing into both your heart and higher mind. As I said earlier, the Higher Mind is the switchboard that connects the Presence with your heart, so it enables this two-way communication and the behaviors of virtue to be expressed through your human self into the human world

Mark: But you know James, not everyone is at the same level… I mean some people seem like they discount the soul, or Quantum Presence, as you were putting it, thinking that the mind is the highest authority. So why is this? Why didn’t God make it so we would all be able to connect to this Presence with ease?

James: First of all, the multiverse is in perfection and every sphere of the human self is part of this perfection despite how it may appear in the human domain. If you could walk up to anyone and peer into the sphere of their local multiverse—at the quantum level—you would see its perfection because time is not part of the quantum dimension and it is only time that separates the perfection of the multiverse from the human self. To me, all of your struggles to know your Quantum Presence, to understand your purpose, to feel an unshakable connection to your Creator, these are all in the past.

Do you understand?

Mark: You know, I’m not sure I do, but let’s keep going; maybe something else you say will bring me some clarity.

James: Yes, that’s good, Mark. It’s wise to let go of those things you don’t instantly resonate with or make sense to you. Sometimes releasing this intellectual need to understand things is precisely what brings in the understanding. The interesting thing is that the activation of the Presence is a simple process but rarely acknowledged by the leading spiritual paths on the planet.

Mark: Why is that?

James: It is hard to say mostly because it renders the institutional foundation obsolete. For example, if a spiritual path says it’s without a founder who had an extraordinary spiritual experience, then the religion seldom evolves into something anything sustainable. Try to imagine Christianity without the conversion experience of St. Paul, or Buddhism without the enlightenment of the Buddha, or Islam without the rapturous visions of Mohammed. These religions—at their core—require their founders to venture into the mystical heights, and these experiences then become institutionalized as THE PATH.

When indeed the experiences were in fact the individual interacting with their Presence and tapping into its intelligence… just as any of us can do. But then what happens, is the leader is framed outside of humanity with a unique destiny, and to some extent that’s true, but the core experience—access to their Presence and its innate empowerments—this is absolutely normal and available to all who put forth the effort.

Mark: So activating one’s Presence… are there specific techniques or approaches that work for most people?

James: The Practice of the Presence is an important facet of Lyricus. And it’s a practice that requires both discipline and patience. The basic framework deals with understanding the relationships of the Quantum domain with the mental and emotional domains of the human self. We call this: The Wholeness Paradigm.

In our modern world, the intellect and emotions can generate a great amount of discord and incoherence within the local multiverse and this creates a field effect that can cause an unintended disconnection between the human self and the Quantum Presence. So this phase of the Practice is concerned with emotional coherence leading to virtuous behaviors, and mind attunement leading to surrender, and I mean surrender in terms of allowing your Quantum Presence to be the governing intelligence over your feeling and thought domains.

Mark: How is that done though? I mean how does one surrender to the Presence when it’s such an abstraction for most of us?

James: …Pause. It’s a perceptive question, and I’m very glad you asked it. First, the discord within the emotional body requires transformation, which is to say, the feelings of anger, frustration, greed, judgment… envy, and disappointment… all of these negative emotions are energetic densities that accumulate in your local multiverse and their energies need to be cleared… essentially escorted from your local multiverse.

Remember when I was talking about the etheric antenna/transmitter?

Mark: Yes.

James: Well, that’s what is shut down amid these calamitous frequencies… and that’s all they really are—frequencies—the harmonics of disharmony. So in order to clear these accumulated frequencies, one needs to keep open their heart, because the heart is the ground upon which the etheric antenna is planted, and its roots, metaphorically speaking, they enfold the heart and are supremely sensitive to the heart’s frequencies.

It is through the practice of the six heart virtues that the Presence is invoked, in part. This invocation or Practicing the Presence… it’s not an exact formula. It never is. Some of the Ascended Masters use specific techniques or decrees, but those within Lyricus, we prefer to only offer the paradigm and let the individual co-create with their own Presence the optimal way to invoke its governing intelligence into their life.

Mark: I’m just curious James, why do you call it the Wholeness Paradigm?

James: Well, and this is very important, so please listen carefully; because the local multiverse and Quantum Presence are the core elements of understanding that the individual requires. These are the activating elements of the paradigm. With this understanding of your Presence, and its local multiverse, you can navigate to wholeness, you really don’t require any other teaching or teacher, provided, of course, you’re resourceful, and patient, and persistent, and act upon the guidance of your heart and your Presence.

Within the heart of the individual—prior to their activation or awakening—lives a fragment of First Source, but only sufficient in energy to enable the life, or entry into the schoolroom of the human domain. It is not, in itself, powerful enough to propel it instantly into the state of Wholeness. This, this can only be done in steps and each of these steps is the beckoning from the human self to the Presence that surrounds and envelops it. The human heart reaches out to the Quantum Presence and in each effort of calling, invoking, appreciating, summoning, believing, praying, loving—its energy is strengthened, its bond with the Presence becomes clearer, its vision is more encompassing. It allows Presence to be the governing intelligence that pervades the local multiverse and then you are sovereign… then you are limitless within your local multiverse… and you see the Presence in others even when they cannot. (Silence.)

Mark: I find myself very light-headed… mesmerized might be another way to say it… Yeah, I want that. What you were just saying, that’s what I want. So, what you just described, you know, that’s what I think people want.

James: Then play with the Wholeness Paradigm. Play with this paradigm and breathe it into your life. Take the thousand steps of loving and appreciating your Quantum Presence. There are no shortcuts because preparations must be made for the merging of your human self with your Quantum Presence. They exist in different frequencies and to mesh these frequencies is not something you want to do too quickly, so be kind to yourself and others, and have grace and patience. Each morning as you arise to enter the schoolroom of your human self, invite your Presence to accompany you in all of the geometries of your life… even the mundane and ordinary passages.

Feel this bond between your human self and your Quantum Presence as a partnership ordained by First Source, and enabled by your most powerful aspirations as an immortal being—the aspirations that you are afraid to even imagine for they seem too unlike you—too extraordinary for any human to believe. And yet here you are, even now, leaning forward with your divine ears, knowing that what I say is indeed your truth. This is resonance. This is how you are guided. How you navigate the local multiverse that is your schoolroom.

Mark: Thank you, James, I don’t know exactly why, but of all the things you’ve said today, that one really hit home. I can feel… I can feel something shifted inside me just hearing these words. But, I guess it’s the sense of confidence that lacks in me, and probably most people for that matter, that all of this is real. You know… much of what you just said, I know it’s in the WingMakers philosophy section, which I’ve read over the years [nearly ten years ago], but I don’t think I moved the intellectual comprehension into this heart understanding.

James: And that is key, Mark, to hold the understanding in all parts of you, not just your head.

Mark: You’re talking about the 4200 cubic feet thing?

James: To some extent, but this confidence is really harmony. There’s a harmony of understanding, where the local multiverse is harmonious because knowledge and understanding flow with ease and the individual feels that they have access to every insight or solution they require. That whenever a problem arises, a solution arises hand-in-hand. Whenever a bad mood budges in, you can dispel it with ease. Whenever a doubt of your Presence arises, you have the power to dismiss it.

A common way people lose their harmony, and by association, their confidence, is through judgment—of oneself and others. And what is the antidote of judgment? It is blessing. Next time you’re around a person or a group of people and you find yourself going into judgment, shift your emotions to blessing them. Feel your Presence—your 4200 cubic feet of Presence reach into their Local multiverse and overlap in common interest, and that common interest is to exchange blessings as divine beings.

This is but one example of how you can transform the discord of doubt to the confidence of harmony. When you hold blessings and project them from your heart center they expand from your local multiverse without limit. I realize this seems impossible that one individual can radiate blessings from their heart and affect another person thousands of miles away, but our Quantum Presence is not limited to our human domain and the laws that our human self is subject to, including the laws of time and space.

The human self consists of 3 cubic feet and the Presence is 4200 cubic feet. But as I alluded to earlier, the Presence is connected to its Source through the umbilical cord of Spirit or Source Intelligence and it’s from this connective thread that the local multiverse is truly infinite, overlapping all others, and this is what’s meant by Wholeness.


Our Quantum Presence is what navigates our human self to the understanding of Personal Wholeness, but this desire is only an echo of the real motivation—to realize Universal Wholeness while preserving our individuality.

Mark: James, I know we’re running low on time, so I wanted to do a quick time check… We’ll need to get you to the airport in about 40 minutes, and we’re about 20 minutes away, so, do you want to stop now or continue for a few more minutes?

James: Let me add one thing and then we can go, Mark.

Mark: Oh, and I have one more question if you’re open to it?

James: Go ahead…

Mark:One of the things I’ve always felt a certain difficulty in stitching together, is the dark side of reality. The, you know, the Animus, the secret government operations, Incunabula or Illuminati (and however you want to call it), and all these densities of the third dimension. I assume this is part of the Wholeness Paradigm as well. In light of the planetary shift, what advice do you have for those of us who are flooded with negative news lately?

James: Well… as I said earlier, this is a literate culture where words rule the day. The language of the mind is words. The language of the heart is feelings. But the language of our Presence is behaviors or activity. If you stay in the intelligence of your Presence, by giving it your attention, then the things that come within your local multiverse that have a lower density, they will have minimal effect, as you can—from the empowerment of your Quantum Presence—transform them with ease.

It is not so much about dissolving discord or eliminating it, it is more about transforming the lower densities through the activity of the Presence, and you may or may not be conscious, at the human level, what your Presence does to transform these lower densities, but when you summon your Quantum Presence to transform densities, you are activating its governing intelligence, as though you were switching on a light.

Then… then you step out of the way and you allow your Presence to bring you the technique, the thought form, the action, the new behavior to transform the lower density.

Mark: Yeah, but again, we’re talking about faith or belief. The Presence doesn’t manifest for our eyes to see… like a column of light and transform the negativity in our life… we have to have faith that it will, and this is the problem most of us have, James.

Everything is invisible. Everything that’s spiritual is invisible, and unfortunately, everything that is negative is right in our face, solid, visceral, potent, and… and quite magnetic, I might say, in its influence.

James: I understand your perspective, but to worry about the negative is to fret about words and feelings that are not part of the activity of your Presence. They’re unaligned. So I would ask you: Do you want to be influenced by your three cubic foot human self or the 4200 cubic foot Presence that lives within the Infinite?

I’m aware of the doomsday prophecies and to some extent, yes, they’re accurate. There’s a looming global financial crisis and natural disasters that will impinge on a good part of our human population. But we have to remind ourselves that our human self is on a living planet that is part of a living solar system that is part of a living galaxy, and all of these elements are moving together through time and space. And as we do so, we encounter new frequencies and dimensions—we are not on a treadmill. This is part of our journey and we can’t control it no matter how hard we may try, because we’re part of a destiny much larger than ourselves as individuals.

Notwithstanding that larger reality, what we can control, are our behaviors and which intelligence we consciously align to: the intelligence of our Quantum Presence, or the intellect of our human self? Are our behaviors motivated by the transient desires of our human nature, or do they arise from our Quantum Presence as an outgrowth of our love for our Creator and one another? Each time a person aligns to their Presence, they signal an alignment to love, an alignment to First Source, and an alignment to all

While this may not manifest in the physical spectrum of phenomena—a density for the benefit of your eye-brain, I might add; it manifests in your sense of coherence, your sense of out-flowing love, your sense of multidimensional relationships, your sense of guidance, your sense of resilience in the face of discord, your sense of connection to others. So tell me, Mark, are these states of being less or more compelling than those negative, visceral manifestations you mentioned?

Mark: (Chuckling.) I think I’ll just remain silent and let you have the last word, James. But I do know we need to get you to the airport…

James: I have several parting comments, and given the amount of time remaining I’ll do my best to be concise, Mark.

We’ve talked about the Quantum Presence and its role as the hub of the Wholeness Paradigm. I’ve mentioned that the Presence is the governing intelligence of your local multiverse. I’ve spoken of the importance in seeking to activate the communication between our human self and Quantum Presence. And now I want to say that there is more than simply activating and understanding the Wholeness Paradigm, there is also the ongoing evolution and preparation of the local multiverse through the Quantum Presence, and this requires self-discipline or self-management.

When you summon your Quantum Presence to direct your local multiverse, you are activating its power into your human life, and this power is very potent. Its potency requires that you bring balance to your life; that you operate in harmony. If you do not, the power of your Quantum Presence can intensify your imbalance or disharmony. I say this not as a warning so much as a point of clarity. If your human self operates in a sober clarity with balance, managing its emotional and mental bodies with ease and balance, then the power issued from your Quantum Presence can radiate from you and have profound effect not only in your own multiverse, but others as well.

If you call on this power, but then proceed to conduct your life in emotional disorder, or give your attentions to the transient pleasures of life, according to your intellect, or ego, then you may intensify your disorder, or your desire for the material aspects of life. When this occurs, your Quantum Presence withdraws. The flow is constricted as if a tourniquet is applied to your spiritual nature and the circulation of the higher frequencies is diminished.

My point is that if you practice the Presence, you must be vigilant to also practice harmony in your feeling world and attunement in your mental domains. The governing intelligence of your Quantum Presence requires behavioral intelligence in your human self. It’s the only way to secure the full empowerments of your spiritual nature. For those wanting shortcuts or an easy pathway to enlightenment—you won’t find it here, and in my experience, you won’t find it anywhere. Despite what you might hope for, the quick and easy pathways leads to the astral domain of the phenomenalistic, and to those serious students, it’s simply another detour leading away from sovereignty and freedom.


The darkness that embraces our planet is the accumulation of human discord. Densities upon densities upon densities have settled upon the human domain like sediment on the ocean floor. When it is stirred up, the light is obscured. The layers of greed, war, jealousy, anger, misunderstanding, racism, fear, and hatred they have all interleaved and created this darkness. For some it is normal. For those who are awakened, it is repugnant, and many of you I know are tired—tired of waiting for the promised changes, for the shift to a love-dominated world where people of all colors, creeds, and beliefs can live in harmony and co-creation.

The components of darkness are entities unto themselves. So there is an entity of War, an entity of Greed, and so forth, but these entities are becoming, every day, a little weaker, less potent. And what is getting stronger is the collective consciousness of humanity. There will come a time when the collective intelligence of humanity subdues the entities of War, Greed, Racism, and Fear and essentially evicts them from the planet.

It may not happen as quickly as some would like, but this is the path we are committed to. If you feel fatigue and impatience, invoke your Quantum Presence to uplift you and provide you with resilience and determination. You are empowered beings. You are able to do miraculous things, even amid a small amount of doubt, but do your best to release your doubts and limitations. The human imagination is equally effective in arguing for its limitations, as it is in envisioning its freedoms and powers.

If there is one last comment I would make, it would be to contemplate the Wholeness Paradigm. I haven’t defined it completely because you are the artisans of that endeavor. I’ve provided some clues and a modest framework, but the visualization is a key element of this paradigm. Activating your imaginative powers is the muscle of the paradigm.

Surround yourself with music, and art, and culture, and loving relationships. Bring these into your local multiverse and let them inspire your imaginative powers. I would encourage you to participate in the EventTemples when they are launched. There will be seven temples in total, and these will be released over the next four years. If you can participate in the EventTemples, it will help you exercise your Quantum Presence, because you will be part of a quantum community who collectively is radiating love and compassion to those in need.

Mark, it’s been a wonderful time with you. Thanks for all of your patience in letting me wind my way through your questions. Your attentiveness and patience is greatly appreciated.

Mark: Thank you, James. On behalf of all those listening, we’re really grateful for your willingness to make this information available. Your words are inspiring and very practical as well, I think.


This document consists of the interview between Mark Hempel and James Mahu in April 2013. It is a phone interview. It can also be downloaded as an audio file from the website in the Creator section. Transcription by Mark Hempel.




Mark: One of the main questions I think most people have… and it’ll probably come across as naïve, but I’d like to hear your view on it anyway. What’s the purpose of this whole thing called humanity? Why can’t we get along and live together in some form of relative harmony?

James: Have you ever seen the show Dancing with the Stars?

Mark: A couple times. I’m not a big fan of dancing, as my wife will happily tell you.

James: (Chuckles.) Spaniards love dance. It’s a cultural essence. Anyway, to answer your question, I will use a metaphor, and in that metaphor is the concept of the show, Dancing with the Stars. The show pairs up experienced, professional dancers with inexperienced celebrity dancers… although it’s debatable how much of a celebrity they are in many instances, but for this sake, let’s call them celebrity dancers. On each show, one pair is eliminated… until a victor is revealed on the last show.

So, with the framework established, imagine that the entire earth is a dance floor. On the one side of the dance floor you have the celebrities. Now, to be reasonable, these celebrities are not necessarily famous. On the other side of the dance floor you have the experienced professional dancers.

The celebrities… well, they’re the old guard. In a way, they represent where humanity has come—our past journey. They’re the part of humanity that lives dominantly in the left brain, the reptilian brain, the ego personality, the temporal shell. They live to enjoy, but also to fear. So this group, as you might imagine, is concerned with scanning their environment and seeing threats, problems, analyzing their environment, seeking to solve problems, structuring their world in conformity… toeing the line. They prefer to fall in line, to be a part of the story of three dimensions: be successful, acquire things, be a cog in the wheel, and try their best to not rock the boat.

On the other side of the dance floor we have the professionals. They represent where humanity is headed. Its future. They’re the part of humanity that live primarily in their right brain—they are more intuitive, heart-centered, creative. They’re the part that is seeking the tone of equality and oneness. They have a sense of the energetic fields… that ocean of energy that we all live in. They are the change agents, so, by definition, they rock the boat.

So, you have these two groups roaming the dance floor called earth. The music, the thing that makes these two groups begin to dance and interact is the subtle vibratory fields that our solar system moves through as it conducts its grand cycle around the galactic core of the Milky Way galaxy. This music, if you can call it that, is bringing all of humanity together… in this dance. Now, at this stage, it seems awkward… the dance… that is.

Are you with me so far?

Mark: Yes, I follow you. Are these two groups similarly sized?

James: In terms of ratios, there are about 650 celebrities to each professional dancer. However, it’s not simply that these are two groups. This dichotomy or duality also pertains to the individual, as well.

Mark: Okay, there I think you lost me.

James: Within the individual—one person—you have this dance floor at a microcosmic level. Remember we live within a holographic universe. This is why ratios play such an important role in this whole dance… but I’ll get to that later. For now, think of yourself as a dance floor. On the one side you are a celebrity, you have a reptilian brain, your left brain. You’re a survivor… a logical conformist. These are not bad things. I’m not labeling celebrities as bad, and the professionals as good. You need both to have the chemistry. It is the ratio of their presence in the decision-making that’s the critical point.

On the other side, you have your soul, heart, right brain, higher mind, intuition. When these become activated in your life—and by this, I mean you’ve summoned them through the practice of the heart virtues—you can reach out to that part of you that is a celebrity. The part that is hard-coded into your human instrument that scans the threats, that tries to survive, that is ego-selfish, that sees three dimensions and nothing more. You are dancing internally.

So you have this dichotomy. This duality. And it’s all inside you. In the same way… it is all outside of you on the larger stage called earth. So your local universe has this dance floor, as does the non-local universe—the earth part.

Does that make sense?

Mark: Yeah… I think so. Back to the Dancing with the Stars metaphor… who’re the judges?

James: Before we get to the judges, let me explain one more thing.

Mark: Sure.

James: The professional dancers teach… not only by words, but by behaviors. They show the dance moves. They exhibit the movements or practices that come from the heart and soul. They show the creativity of the right brain. They don’t preach it. It’s a demonstration. Part of this demonstration is to accept the awkwardness of their celebrity dance partners—either outside themselves or inside themselves. The celebrity part of humanity is crystallized into behaviors that have served them well in the three-dimensional world. In order to dance with the professionals they must be willing to accept the new behaviors, the new movements, and really listen to the music—to feel it.

This requires a remodeling of their belief systems. Something that is not easy for a large percentage of the human population—half of whom subscribe to a world religion. So the professional dancers must have compassion and understanding. Patience helps, too. Otherwise, they get impatient themselves, frustrated and even angry.

This is true with the individual as well, but it’s directed at themselves. It’s a form of self-judgment… even ridicule, sometimes.

So this dance is going on in the non-local universe and the local universe at the same time. The professionals, within themselves are feeling this dichotomy of the new guard and the old guard, the right and the left brain, the intuitive and the logical, the soul and the body, the heart and the ego. But these are the two dance partners, and when they become entrained to the music, the new guard shows the movement, practices compassion, the two can dance as one!

(8:07) Pause…

Now, to your question about who judges this… who are the judges?

In the local universe, it is, of course, you. You are judging the quality of the dance. Who leads? Who steps on the toes? Who brings down the quality of the movement? You are judging this, and often, harshly.

Mark: Why? Why do we do that?

James: Because once you’re activated, you know you’re energy. You know you’re energy before you’re the body, and you know this energy is connected and linked to everything else in the nonlocal universe. It’s a Being of unity, and its union is through love. So, when you fall down awkwardly… or step on a toe, you judge yourself as being a klutz. But as I’ve said many times, this isn’t about perfection. It’s about practicing the movement, or the heart virtues, to the best of your abilities in the moment.

The dance floor is not always smooth. The three-dimensional world has pitfalls and traps. Everyone can stub their toes against it. Health issues, physical impediments, relationships, work stresses, financial constraints, all of these inform the dance floor upon which you dance. Some dance floors are bumpier than others, but if they are, you slow dance. You move a little more carefully when you hit a bumpy dance floor, but you can still flow. Your movements can still be graceful. You can still practice the heart virtues… even on the dance floor itself.

Mark: What about the nonlocal universe… who’re the judges there?

James: There are two groups of judges: one for each side of the dance floor. For the celebrity dancers, their group of judges is made up of religion, business, government, culture, politics, who all frown on dance in the first place, but if it has to be done, then let the celebrity dancer lead the dance. Let it be logical, rational, and in accord to the prevailing beliefs of the institutions.

As for the professional dancers, their judges come from the cultural creative elite and the spiritual gurus. The authors of best-selling spiritual books, the ones who tour the world dance floor and provide commentary on how best to live as a spiritual being.

Mark: Are you, or the WingMakers judges?

James: No. We are not judges in any sense of the word. The professional judges are trying to cultivate the Light Worker, New Age, the Enlightenment communities. They are the ones who are the perceived leaders in these communities, providing a sense of what’s practical and possible. They’ve become judges in the sense that they believe they have particular knowledge of how to be a spiritual person free of the constraints of religion or the historical mind.

They don’t necessarily see themselves as judges, but if they profess that to be a spiritual person, you must use this technique or follow this practice, then they are, in some ways, a judge.

Mark: But isn’t that kind of what the WingMakers do? … I mean they talk about the Six Heart Virtues or Quantum Pause or things like that, and they encourage practicing these things…

James: The distinction is that we’re not known. No one sees us. You could call us invisible judges, but then if you are invisible, how can you be a judge? Also, we aren’t trying to build organizations. We’re trying to increase ratios of the presence of the Professional dancer—to continue with the metaphor.

You see, anyone can be a professional dancer. They can be a member of the government, the Catholic Church, they can be a Muslim, Hindu, they can be in prison, they can be a communist, they can be a hardcore scientist… it doesn’t matter if they are part of the quote-unquote Enlightenment community or not, or what they profess as their belief system. What matters is that they consciously radiate the virtues of their heart. That they transmit compassion, understanding, humility, forgiveness and so forth through their behaviors.

Often the best professional dancer is the simple person without any alignment at all. By alignment, I mean to a belief system or an organization. The unaligned person simply holds fast to their intuitive belief in the supremacy of the heart and soul, and because of this belief, they can receive and transmit this frequency of equality and oneness. This… this isn’t about knowledge. Someone can be extremely knowledgeable about the historical mind and spirit, they can have the equivalent of a PhD in spirituality, but they can be in their head, and because of this, they may dance to the music of a lesser frequency.

For the unaligned individual, their alignment can be with the frequencies of love and compassion. Not to organizations or personalities. Not to governments or political movements. Not to religions or spiritual organizations. Thus, professional dancers can come from anywhere, and because of this fact, there really is no one who is equipped to judge… though there are those who try.

The movement of the heart-centered life is not owned by any organization. Nor is it the province of the WingMakers. It is an ancient thing, and well before humanity began on this planet, this dance—and the ratio of celebrities to professionals across all domains of the material universe—has existed. It is intuitive, but only to those who have opened themselves to the professional within.

Mark: And how does one do that?

James: Nihilism is a powerful dance move of the celebrity dancers. The left brain and the reptilian brain, see that life, if not meaningless, is at least something to fear and navigate through to lessen disappointments, problems and… and inconveniences. They propose that the universe is compassionless. That God is a figment of the right brain. It is a mirage, and to dance to that music is pointless.

For many people, as they grew up, it was a choice between religion and nihilism. The thought process was… I can be a believer or an atheist. But the real world is much more complex. It’s always about ratios. It is a mathematical certainty, because we are energetic beings—not material repositories of cells—muscle, bones, tendons, organs and blood. So we’re not islands of organic materiality, we are, collectively, an ocean of energy. So ratios mean everything, because of this interconnection.

To see ourselves as Beings composed of energy… of fields of energy that intermix with everyone else, and that this intermixing includes the energy fields of planets, stars, galaxies, and the universe as a whole, this is the reality model that science is bringing to humanity. Now, this model can be adapted to fit into the nihilist belief system—an uncaring, godless universe. It can also be adapted by religions and spiritual belief systems as proof that the universe is an outgrowth of a caring, creative force called God, Allah or Creator… or whatever word you choose.

The first step is always the activation of the professional dancer. To have a sense of it, no matter how vague. To begin to touch into it and bring it into a sharper focus by practicing what flows from your heart in the form of intuitive intelligence, behavioral intelligence and simplicity. I personally believe that the practice of the six heart virtues is a good way, but everyone can find their own method. As I said before, the path isn’t owned or operated by anyone, because, and somewhat paradoxically I suppose, it’s an individual’s path to interconnectedness. There really is no other way.

Mark: You said earlier that there were about 650 celebrity dancers to every professional dancer. As ratios go, that seems like a terrible ratio. How do you see hope in that?

James: It isn’t about hope, Mark. It’s about the empathy of a single individual operating in alignment and resonance with the universe. The ratio of 1:650 is part of the equation, the other is the sheer number of humans that are incarnated on the planet at this time. What’s been called the “Shift” by a lot of people is precisely this shift in the ratios coupled to the larger population of humanity. We are nearing twelve million people on the planet, who are able to transmit these ultra-fine frequencies of the heart-soul, and to do so consciously, regularly, and unconditionally.

Mark: Is this why you wanted to produce the EventTemples?

James: Not really. You see, the numbers are one of things that people get attached to. If only ten people are present in an EventTemple, people will attach a success/failure stature to the event. I know I’ve said this before, but it isn’t about the numbers of coordinated effort. It doesn’t need to be coordinated or controlled or channeled or synchronized. It already is, by the Universal Being of which we are all a part.

There can be ten people in an EventTemple, and ten-thousand others spread around the globe that are doing a similar practice at that point in time. It all contributes to the outpicturing of the higher dimensions into this one, the one that we collectively call earth.

Mark: How does it contribute, James? Or maybe more precisely, what does it contribute to? You just mentioned an outpicturing of the higher dimensions to earth. Is that what it’s all about? The heaven on earth concept?

James: Well, it’s not so much that heaven is brought to earth, or even that the higher dimensions are downloaded to all humans. It’s more of an experiment in time. Time is the vehicle of the consciousness of humanity, much like the human instrument is the vehicle of soul. So, time creates the appearance in three-dimensional realities that the consciousness of humanity is evolving, that it evolves as it moves within the galaxy and the universe.

Think of it like this, the earth revolves around the sun, the solar system revolves around the galaxy, our galaxy group rushes inexplicably towards what astronomers call the Great Attractor, and the universe expands at a an amazing rate of speed. We don’t really know the extent of the mystery that extends beyond this structure, but we know it extends. It continues to expand. And throughout all of this—from the smallest to the largest, spacetime is the vehicle that makes evolution look like a linear process. A journey in spacetime.

There are other domains of consciousness that operate outside of our four dimensional construct of spacetime, where time slows down, or speeds up, or ceases to exist altogether. The higher fields of consciousness—where humanity is one being—this is a different form of spacetime than anything on earth, and yet this is the spacetime we are headed into. When earth arrives in this spacetime, we—all humans—will feel it as a visceral experience that’ll reshape our attitudes and perceptions of what constitute the meaning of humanness. We’ll transform as one being, and yet, every expression or projection of individuality, remains sovereign.

This is the Sovereign Integral state of consciousness… the highest dimensional consciousness that is known within the human family.

Mark: So… does this mean that humanity evolves depending on its position in spacetime?

James: Yes, in a way. If earth were in a frequency or energy pattern of the universe that was of a lower frequency, then the life forms living on earth—including humans—would reflect those lower frequencies in their behaviors and attitudes. If, on the other hand, humanity and its spaceship earth, were in a higher dimensional field within the universe, these higher frequency energies would activate new behaviors and attitudes—more consistent with the heart and the human soul.

This is why the WingMakers look at spacetime as an essential element in the equation of oneness and equality. The human family is inextricably linked to the cosmos, and its position therein.

Mark: It kind of sounds like astrology for the human race. Is that what you’re saying?

James: I can see where you draw that conclusion, Mark, but it’s not really the same. It isn’t so much about the position of planets relative to one’s incarnational beginnings. It’s more about the position of earth as a spaceship orbiting the galactic center, and the galaxy traveling the universe. Nothing remains static. Change is always occurring. The tempo of the change, the degree of the change, the oppositional force to the change—all of these are modulated and created from the cosmic influence.

This cosmic influence can activate or deactivate influences within the human instrument, including the DNA, brain chemistry, heart, endocrine system, and other organs. You see… the fields are the only way that the universe intelligence can operate on an entire species. So, for example, a cosmic field can interact with a solar field, and the solar field can interact with the planetary field, like earth’s geomagnetic field. The earth’s field can carry this cosmic information within it, and it will interpenetrate every human being, and even every animal and plant. Everything on the planet, in a sense, is bathed in these fields. This is going on constantly.


Positions in spacetime are carefully orchestrated by Source Intelligence. These positional coordinates are not arbitrary or happenstance. They occur as an outgrowth of an intelligent process, coordinated by First Source or Creator. They create the opportunity for evolutionary jumps. Some will take advantage of it. Some will not. The difference is in their belief system, their ability to adapt and modify their beliefs, and their practice of these new beliefs in their lives.

Let me give you an example. Everyone has had an experience where they were hurt by someone. A relationship flares up and anger or frustration overtakes the person. They’re in a specific spacetime when the hurt occurs. They cannot forgive the person in that spacetime. It’s almost impossible. But in an hour… or day, they’re in a different spacetime, and forgiveness is now possible. You could say that the memory weakened, and that was the reason that forgiveness was possible. Or maybe the person apologized and that made it possible, and there is some truth in that, but it’s really the shift of spacetime that makes it possible, and the new energies that penetrate us.

Again, nothing is static. Those who never forgive, they lock… or… or anchor themselves into the spacetime of an event, here, in their mind. They’ve lost their ability to flow with the spaceship earth. To see how spacetime is fluid, how energies of the cosmos dance with each of us, how we’re constantly changing, because we’re fluid energies in constant flux relative to spacetime.


I know that was a long answer. I’ll stop there.

Mark: This question may be off base, but I wonder if you could talk about why the professional dancers don’t just dance with each other, and ignore the celebrity dancers?

James: It’s actually a fair question. Let me answer it this way… many of us are activists at heart. We feel passionate about our beliefs. We will defend them. We’ll stand up to anyone who wants to change them. We’ll resist those who try to sway us. However, at the same time, we’re also kind of insecure in our beliefs.

Activism is a form of alignment. Save the whales is a group that is aligned around that premise. If this group, Save the Whales, only talked with marine biologists, they would be singing to the choir. Their activism would be met enthusiastically, but it wouldn’t change a thing.

So it is with professional dancers, if they danced with one another, they would dance more beautifully perhaps, but they would not have the impact. They would be less activist, and more… more artiste in nature.

Spiritual activism is not teaching with words. The dance is made to the music of the Creator, and this music is always changing. There’s not one measure that repeats. The dance is made of attitudes and behaviors. So we demonstrate our behaviors—not as machines, but as humans with all our humanness intact. We practice our heart virtues… not perfectly, but humanly. We’re humble supporters.

Mark: James, I’m going to switch the topic a little bit to focus on your novels if you don’t mind. Your new novel, The Weather Composer, has a focus on Iran and the Islamic culture… in particular one of their prophecies. Since you were talking about Jesus, it sort of reminded me to ask you about this.

James: The Weather Composer is a large story and will probably require several books to tell the story, and yes, it begins in Iran, centering on a 12-year-old boy named Terran Kahn who was raised as the Mahdi. The Mahdi, in terms of Islamic prophecy, is the successor of Mohammed. He’s also known as the 12th Imam.

There are many different prophecies concerning this central figure of Islam, and they vary a bit, depending on Sunni or Shi’ite orientation, but in general, they see the Mahdi as incarnating at the end times to essentially rid the world of evil and convert the world to the one true religion. In The Weather Composer, Terran… he’s like a reluctant Mahdi. He was born on the eve of Sunrot, and raised as the Mahdi, because the prophecy was specific about this condition… that he was born on the first day of the end times.

Mark: Maybe you could explain what Sunrot in is the novel…

James: Sunrot is a term for a cataclysmic event triggered by a solar flare of enormous power. This flare was potent enough to change everything on earth. Terran was born at this precise time when the solar flare touched the earth… and I say touched, but scorched would probably be a better way of putting it.

Sunrot changed everything, and by almost every standard, for the worse. The story shows how a remote tribe in northeastern Iran, known as the Baluchian nation, came to believe that Terran Kahn was the Mahdi. It would be similar to how the Dalai Lama is found as a young boy and then taken from his home to be trained in the rigors of the role he’ll play as the spiritual leader for Tibet.

The story is seen through Terran’s eyes, as he runs away from his village, in order to seek an education. In a way, he’s trying to distance himself from the role of being the Mahdi. He’s very gifted intellectually, but the spiritual leader of the Baluchian people doesn’t want him… doesn’t want to lose Terran, so they send a rescue party to bring him back.

As Terran gets to a city called Mashhad, which is the second largest city in Iran, he finds the school and they immediately discover his intellectual gifts. I should mention that in this post-sunrot world, all nations are unified under the Greater Nation. So it is one world and language and culture are all homogenized. All of the schools are wired to a central office in Denver called The Faculty. Here, they test every child and slot them into a social role. There are no more country borders. There is only one government called The Greater Nation.

So, into this world, Terran walks, completely naive about the way the new world works. The Faculty identifies him as having a ultra-high IQ, and sends in an extraction team to bring Terran to their Denver facility, but there ensues… a bit of a tug of war between Terran’s tribe and the extraction team. I won’t go into the details of the various plot structures, but I think I can say that for those who like action adventures, this book will provide plenty of action.

Mark: As someone who’s read an advance copy, I would wholeheartedly agree. I think of all of your writings this one is the most gripping from a plot perspective. It’s actually kind of tense and riveting. And from the people I’ve talked to who also read an advance copy, they all kind of comment on the same thing… it really kind of a page turner first, and has some spirituality as spice, but it’s really a riveting book. And I think I would also say that it’s a pretty big departure from your previous book, Quantusum.

James: Yes, I suppose it is, though it was not a conscious thing so much as a way to perhaps interest a new, younger audience. Quantusum and Dohrman Prophecy were both fairly esoteric books—as novels go at least. The Weather Composer leans more toward the mainstream… it’s less esoteric in some ways. The sequels will make up for that. This first book is mostly a way to introduce the primary characters and the larger plot structure that will unfold in the next two books.

Mark: Was there a particular reason you chose the setting of Iran and Islamic culture as the focus in this first book?

James: It was simply necessary to tell the full story, and since Terran is the key character to the whole story, and he was born in the high desert of northeastern Iran, it required this setting. Also, it was important to tell the story of a young boy who was raised in the shadows of a prophecy. He was not someone who sought this responsibility—it was thrust onto him. There’ve been many, who’ve claimed to be the Mahdi over the centuries, but their claims have always been disputed, and their missions were largely ego-centric. I wanted to have this reluctance in a boy who had his own vision, and that vision was not aligned to the vision of his Nation—especially its religious leadership. This was an important part of the plot.

The story will take on a very different arc in the sequel… the second book.

Mark: So it’s official that there will be a sequel to this book… when will the sequel be released and can you tell us anything about it?

James: Well, I’m not really sure of its release. I would say early 2014. As for disclosing any information about it… I would prefer not to at this time. I feel that most readers would prefer to read without knowing too much about the plot. So, I don’t like to talk too much about my novels for this reason.

Mark: Okay. Anything else you’d like to say about The Weather Composer book one?

James: I believe it will be out very soon online, and sometime this summer as a physical book. I’m planning to release it online on the Sumbola platform, and as a physical book, it will be released, like my other books, through Planetwork Press. I’m using Sumbola as the online platform because it’s more advanced than the SpiritState site. I’ll release it on SpiritState, too, but probably after the SpiritState site is updated.

Mark: One thing I’ve noticed, James is that the latest books are not as involved with images and music and so on. Is this a trend in your creative process?

James: I don’t know if I would call it a trend, but it’s a reality of time. I can concentrate on the writing, because the story requires this. Some stories call out for other media to help tell the story, others don’t. The Collected Works of the WingMakers will be released this spring, and it will certainly have a significant amount of illustrations, but that was all part of the WingMakers project. The Weather Composer and Quantusum are stories without illustrations or music. So it varies. I continue to compose music daily. I continue to do art as well. I even write poetry. But I’ve chosen not to publish these. Perhaps sometime in the future. We’ll see.

Mark: I know some writers are nervous anytime they write about the Islamic culture, especially if it touches on Mohammed. Do you have any concerns that this book could cause a negative reaction from Islamic quarters?

James: No… I don’t. I realize this is a problem for some artists, and I remember reading just a few weeks ago about a Turkish pianist who was given… I believe it was a five-year sentence for tweeting some unkind words about the Islamic faith, but I think his sentence was stayed.

You see, this might have less to do about Islam, and more to do about the Turkish government wanting to send signals to its artistic community. Artists are often the ones who speak truth to power. They’re often professional dancers—back to our metaphor, because they operate from the right brain, and they are more intuitively connected to their muse or higher self. They tend to be anti-authoritative, and they can get into trouble with governments that seek to control their image.

For myself, the way I presented Terran Kahn… it was done with great respect for his heritage and culture. So, no, I don’t expect any concerns.

Mark: Since we’re on the topic of books, do you want to talk about the Collected Works of the WingMakers?

James: Well, about five years ago, I had asked John Berges if he would be willing to organize the various WingMakers Materials and provide introductory commentary to the various sections. It was a very large task, but John, I’m happy to say, was willing, and he completed the vast majority of the effort before he passed away. Darlene, his wife, she took up the charge of completing the task, and working with you and Tony… I’m sorry, I forgot his last name…

Mark: Sakson, Tony Sakson.

James: Yes, well, you two have put the artistic elements to the book—

Mark: Credit goes to Tony, really. He’s done all the heavy-lifting on the inside of the book, and given that these two volumes, collectively, are around 1500 pages, that’s where the real work is. I did the easy part—the covers.

James: Tony’s done a remarkable job. As you know, I reviewed the last iteration of Volume One about two weeks ago, and was very impressed with how the overall book is developing. It’s a deliberate process, and the ultimate product will be very good quality, and I think any spiritual seeker will find its contents to be a valuable resource to their studies.

The other thing that’ll surprise most readers is that Darlene, as the publisher, has committed to publishing the book in color throughout. So, all of the graphics and artwork can be shown in their full color. This is an expensive proposition for printing, but she’s been steadfast in getting this done, and anyone who knows the WingMakers Materials understands that the material has a very strong color component, so the volumes will be artistically rendered and the vibrational quality of the material will be heightened as a result.

Mark: Just for the sake of anyone listening, The Collected Works of the WingMakers will be separated into two volumes, and they will be physical books. I’m not sure if we’ll do a digital version or not… I think that’s yet to be determined. The first part—the first volume—I should say, will have the Ancient Arrow Project book, the Neruda Interviews, the art, poetry, music… philosophy—almost forgot the philosophy… the Lyricus material, glossary, indexes, and lots of footnotes. John was a stickler on footnotes.

And then Volume Two will contain more of the recent writings and papers. Each volume will be about 750 pages, and as you said, in full color throughout. Volume One will be released in the June timeframe of 2013, and Volume Two will follow, but I don’t think Planetwork Press has a release dates set for Volume Two yet—maybe late summer or early fall. For anyone who wants to keep on top of that, they can register at, and then we’ll send you an update on release dates, or you can go to website and check there. I’ll also keep some kind of an update on those things in the What’s New section of the WingMakers website.

Having been intimately involved in the production process of the Collected Works, I can’t wait to get it in the hands of fellow readers. I think they’re really going to enjoy it.

James: One thing I want to mention, Mark, is that while these Volumes are good resources to learn about the WingMakers Materials and really understand the intricacies of how they all fit together… the seeker doesn’t need them. I know that’s not what my publisher wants me to say, but it’s true. Everything I’ve written or produced in my life, relative to this project called the WingMakers, is really a… prompt or reminder for those who already know the material. Who already know the way to their soul, but have gotten distracted. So, all of these materials are simply there to remind you. In a sense, divert you from your distractions, and nurture that part of you that really doesn’t get nurtured very much by our current culture.

You see, the first volume is more focused on the mind, the belief system that the mind holds or becomes attached to. The second volume is more focused on the heart. In a way, these are two sides of the same coin… the “coin,” in this case, is the embodied soul.

Most people consider the mind as the sight organ, and the heart as the feeling organ. But the heart is more tuned to sight than feeling.

Mark: You’re saying that the heart has eyes?

James: Not as we think of eyes, of course, but, yes, it has vision. It sees things. We sometimes call this intuition or insight or precognition. But the vision is a heart-based quality, it’s not the mind or brain or eye-brain system. They tend to get the credit, but it’s the heart’s vision. All of these works that I’ve been involved with are designed to help people see this two-sided coin and activate the heart’s vision. Once that activation is made, they’re on their way.

Mark: Alright, I’d like to change the subject if I can…

James: That’s fine.

Mark: I know you’ve talked about the MEST universe before, which is the Matter, Energy, Space and Time universe. One of the things I don’t understand is that you’ve talked today about spacetime, but haven’t gone into the same detail about the other two elements of that acronym, Energy and Matter. How do these all fit together in terms of the puzzle we call the three-dimensional world?

James: MEST is an acronym for Matter, Energy, Space, and Time. Some would call this the four dimensions of existence within three-dimensional space. Now, as I said before, it’s very easy to think we are stationary, static beings in terms of our spacetime, but nothing could be further from the truth.

We go to bed each night and think we are in the same space—our bed—but we’re not. Where we slept the night before is quite literally 12 million miles from where we sleep tonight—and that’s just in the context of our solar system. If you take into the equation our local galaxy group and its movement, the number is an order of magnitude higher. It’s also a different time. So our spacetime is perceived as static and routine to our human instrument, and yet we’re in completely different coordinates every moment of our existence, because we’re riding a planetary-solar-galactic spaceship.

In Lyricus we have a saying: Different spacetime; different energy. Different energy; different matter. In other words, if you change your spacetime, you encounter different energies, and these different energies influence matter—material existence—and cause changes. In life forms, we call this change… growth, aging, memory, or life cycles. But it means much more.


Let’s say that as you go through new spacetime you see your breath as a way to infuse this new, ever-changing spacetime into your human instrument and consciousness.

Mark: Like Quantum Pause?

James: It’s an example, yes. Quantum Pause is a breathing technique that structures a certain rhythm onto the breathing process to… to make more awareness of the breath and its integration with the human instrument. You can find it in the paper called Spiritual Activism. You have that paper on which site, Mark?

Mark: Um… let’s see… it’s on the website in the “What’s New” section. People can download it there for free.

James: It’s a good paper for anyone who wants to actively shift into the coming paradigm of interconnectedness… which, as it turns out, is one of the main themes of this conversation. So, it’s good you brought it up.


Now, back to spacetime and Quantum Pause, and by the way, one doesn’t need to practice Quantum Pause if they find it limiting in any way. Conscious breathing will work fine, too. You don’t need techniques, and even Quantum Pause can be adapted to your particular needs, so try something and mold it to your own intuitive sense of what’s right and what works for you.

When you’re practicing conscious breathing, feel how it pulls you into the present moment. In this state of nowness, use your awareness to really feel that you’re in a brand new spacetime—one you’ve never been in before, one that has new energies, new potentialities. Imagine that as you breathe, you’re infusing these new energies into your human instrument, and that this is creating within you a sense of openness, flexibility, coherence, clarity that allows you to be more resilient, agile, giving, intuitively alive, and so on.

Breath relates to spacetime, and this… this brings new energetics into your human instrument. These new energetics can be experienced as new behaviors. So, energy, in this context, informs matter, and matter in this context is behavior.

Mark: Why is behavioral intelligence so important in the WingMakers philosophy?

James: Because seekers are easily confused. One seeker is told that re-incarnation does not exist, another is told the opposite. The two meet, and they confuse and confound one another. One seeker is told that God’s name is Allah, another is told there are many different Gods, the two meet, and confusion results. One person discovers particle physics and another is born again in Jesus, the two meet, and they paint each other into isolated corners.

My point is… there is very little agreement with words—with what goes on in the mind. Very few people really trust their intuition. They prefer to trust experts, but the problem is that the experts don’t agree, so confusion results and no one can feel secure in their beliefs.

Behaviors don’t care about the mind’s opinion. If you can practice the behaviors of conscious breathing, of accessing your heart’s virtues and expressing those into your local universe, all of the beliefs, all of the words you can use to describe your beliefs, don’t really matter. Behavioral intelligence matters. It is a universal language and it never separates or argues or analyzes—instead, it applies compassion, appreciation, understanding, love and so on to all circumstances.

Now, some would argue, I’m sure, that this is naive. There is right and wrong. Truth and falsehood. For example, either reincarnation is true or it is false. It cannot be both. And if that is the case, then truth must be defended. But you see, this is how one loses their perspective on the important things like heart virtues, conscious breathing, love, equality and oneness.

We defend our beliefs. We polarize others. We try to be on the right side. The side of the dance floor that stands for truth. But our universe is multidimensional. It has stories encoded within stories within stories. It is, in other words, hyper-complex. It is not knowable with the human mind. So, when the human mind seizes a “truth,” and then defends it with the words of so-called experts, it invariably becomes little more than an exercise of the ego. The energy invested in this exercise could have been placed on conscious breathing, or fostering a relationship with the universe and Creator, and then expressed in behaviors of compassion, forgiveness, appreciation, and so forth.

It’s interesting to have a philosophical core. To feel that you have a sense of the workings of the universe, but everything we think we know today—in terms of cosmology and physics—will alter as we change our spacetime. Everything…

You see, the recitation of philosophy is based on words and mental ideology. Yes, it can change behaviors to be sure, but it doesn’t bring the ultra-fine frequencies into the human instrument. Only behaviors that are consistent to the virtues of the heart will purify and prepare the human instrument to perceive the soul or higher self. To see its movements, its perspectives, its insights, its consciousness. So, behaviors bring about preparation of the human instrument, and these behaviors must be coherent and clear, and the only way they can be of this quality, is if they’re genuine.

You cannot fake this. You cannot practice like a machine. You must be human, vulnerable, open, humble, and willing to learn from yourself more than you’re willing to accept the words of another. The only thing this requires is a belief in the human soul, and even that is dubious, and I say dubious, because atheist are able to practice the six heart virtues just fine. They’re not encumbered with any kind of beliefs in soul or God or religious indoctrinations. I say dubious only in that sense. The soul is present in everyone, regardless of their position in life, ethnicity, gender, belief system, and so on, and it is because of soul, that we are all interconnected. That’s the only belief that’s really required. If you genuinely believe this, then you can practice with authenticity.

Mark: James, in many of the emails I see, people are reciting things they’ve been told by psychics, astrologers, channelers, ETs, Galactic Federation, things of that nature… Sometimes the information seems so detailed that I find myself thinking this must be real. But this whole thing you said about different opinions and mental ideology… it seems to really sweep people off their feet sometimes. What can a person do to stay centered on the behaviors—the heart virtues?

James: There are many reasons why people are inundated with conflicting information. It happens in every sphere of life. In the spiritual domain, perhaps most of all, because there is no proof. So a person can tell you that you are a reincarnation of Albert Einstein, or that you are an important incarnation from the planet… XYZ, and you cannot prove otherwise. They tend to cater to the ego. This is an age-old problem.

Flattery is an ancient form of commerce. It also stems from the religious sectors, because they have pounded into the human psyche that we’re all sinners. We’re constantly sinning and require salvation. So when someone tells you that you’re really an angel, or a powerful being, it’s very seductive.

And while it’s true, at the level of soul, that you are a powerful being, it’s not a thing of ego-gratification. It’s a responsibility. It’s a thing of service, not satisfaction.


I’ll say this, when someone tells you about you, what you’re gifted in, where you came from, what your personality is or isn’t, and you’ve paid them money for this information, I would take their input to your heart and really review its value to you. The more detailed their information, the more you should probably be skeptical.

You see, detail is used to seduce. It’s like the film industry… I watched the film The Life of Pi a few months ago, and the Siberian Tiger is produced digitally, and yet, there are many times I found myself believing it was a real tiger. The amount of detail is what convinced me…. to suspend my disbelief. To accept the illusion.

So it is with external inputs… detail sells the input.

The point is, where you came from, or what you’ve done or accomplished in the past, doesn’t really matter. That’s time-based. You’re always shifting in spacetime, you’re always capable of connecting with the universe and Creator—Source Intelligence. You can summon this higher consciousness within you and transmit it to those in your local universe. You can be a student of your heart.

If you fill your mind and ego with all of these personal details of your past self or future self, what does it provide you? Clarity or confusion? I can assure you that if you get ten readings from ten different sources, you will be confused. The overlap will be 10-20% and the rest will be divergent and impossible to decode into a meaningful picture or purpose. So, I would advise spiritual seekers to place their attention on behavioral intelligence. Practice this. Don’t fill your mind with complex details that confuse and confound and separate. Behavioral intelligence is what you’re here to learn and express.

Mark: How does conscious breathing help in developing one’s behavioral intelligence?

James: Well, let’s say I practice Quantum Pause, and while I’m breathing, I become conscious of the new spacetime I’m in—that unique part of the universe that my local universe intersects with in that exact moment. I choose to breathe in the feelings of compassion. Every breath I inhale, I imagine it to be compassion, which is to say that any in-breath can be imbued with virtue. I summon it to my human instrument and let it saturate me like an internal waterfall.

…You could be in a jail cell or a villa in the south of France, the spacetime that intersects your local universe can be modified by you. You are the alchemist. The creator. You can use your imaginative power to imbue your in-breath with a virtue like compassion, forgiveness, humility, valor, understanding, joy, love, whatever you would like. You’re the creator, and the new spacetime is your canvas.

The new energy fields that flow through you are carriers, and as they sweep through your local universe—your energy field—they carry it to others, and the distance they’re carried is not bound to earth or limited.

Mark: So you’re saying our personal energy field affects the larger fields… even beyond our earth?

James: You can look at this way, Mark, the human instrument is a little like a factory. It has the body, brain, central nervous system and other organs. These are the physical aspects… the foundation of the factory, if you will. Then you have the heart and mind, and together, these co-create emotions and behaviors. The heart and mind are like the employees, and the emotions and behaviors are like the products.

Then you have the soul—the spiritual essence of the individual. The God-spark. This is like the customer. The one who uses the products that the factory makes. Sometimes, if the factory produces products that are of low frequency, dense energy, the soul or customer doesn’t use the product. It can’t use it. It’s like buying a device that was designed for a different voltage. It doesn’t plug into the wall.

The emotions are the product of how the heart and mind operate together in coherence. If the mind is prayerful, contemplative, receptive, summoning the universe for support, and so on, the mind is then engaged with the heart, because this kind of mindfulness attracts the attention of the heart. It begets behaviors that are intelligent. And what do I mean by that?

Behavioral intelligence is the ability to self-manage the coherence of the mind and heart to create emotions that are balanced and resilient. This isn’t about sentimental emotions or passionate reactions to the wrongs committed by the powers that be—as if we need to start a revolution. Rather, it’s a steadfast, inner conviction to seek the expression of the heart virtues in every affair of our lives. I want to be clear, heart virtues are not emotions. They’re not thoughts. They’re behaviors.

The heart’s intuitive inputs, coupled to the higher mind’s insights on how to express the virtues for a given situation—these are the chefs that create the behavior or virtue, and then take it to market. Similarly, you could have the lower mind or ego-mind create a behavior based on an emotional reaction, and this behavior would be very different, because the creator is very different. The soul doesn’t see how to utilize or become aligned to this behavior, so, in a way, it retreats. It allows. It’s unheard and unnoticed by the human instrument.

Behavioral intelligence is all about raising awareness, not only in oneself, but those around you as well. Raising awareness, not through words, but behaviors that’re based on words or thoughts that’re virtuous and stem from the innermost part of ourselves.

Mark: So, you’re saying that emotions are co-created by the heart and mind? Where’s the soul in this equation?

James: The soul is everywhere. It’s only a question of whether it’s engaged, active, interactive… in the behaviors of the individual. When the deeper heart and higher mind are operating as one to create behaviors that are aligned with soul, the soul engages. It’s strongly present. If the shallow heart and lower mind are fighting one another to create behaviors, the soul disengages. As I said, it cannot come though the muddy waters stirred up by this kind of ego-mindedness.

Mark: So, why is the soul so passive… couldn’t it just… I don’t know… get people to wake up and work more in alignment to itself?

James: If you’re creating behaviors from the interaction of the shallow heart and lower mind… you’ve chosen to shut down your connection to soul. It’s like someone who has this huge natural world that they live in with mountains and valleys and rivers, but they go inside a small cabin, lock the doors, close the blinds, and lay in bed in the dark. How does the natural world reach them?

Mark: Maybe a storm?

James: Well, yes, a storm might reach them, but it also might make them even less comfortable to open up and seek the world of soul. Everyone opens up differently, and is motivated by different things to seek their soul. Soul is persistently magnetic, but sometimes the person is so crystallized in their beliefs that it’s impossible to impress upon them, because, as it is often said, the soul moves in mysterious ways, and the person who is crystallized in the belief of a secular, nihilistic world, for example, may not notice the calling of their soul.

Let me clear about one thing, I’ve mentioned people who have a belief in nihilism or atheism, and I’m not saying that these people operate from the shallow heart and lower mind. They can believe that there is no God and the universe is uncaring, and they can still be operating from the higher mind and deeper heart. Similarly, you can have someone who’s steeped in the belief of God and soul, but they operate in the shallow heart and lower mind.

Belief systems are not the catalysts of behavioral intelligence. It can be a factor, but it’s not the factor. As I said before, we live in complex, multidimensional worlds, and one factor does not dictate or rule… it can only influence. It’s easy to think the sacred and secular are polar opposites, but they’re really elements of the same experience of raising one’s awareness so we can embody virtuous behaviors in our lives—and what our belief system is or how much we profess to worship God or care about our soul’s well-being… those are not the keys. The key, as it has always been, is behavioral intelligence.

Behavioral intelligence is the way to interact with the universe. It’s not the only way, it’s the advanced way. Everyone has the potential to experience this interaction. Most people are taught and told that the universe is a dark, lifeless expanse of empty space. This is out of ignorance. Even our finest minds can only identify about 2% of our physical universe—the rest is dark matter and dark energy, and they don’t understand what this is, how it operates, where it comes from, and other than its gravitational characteristics, it remains a complete and utter mystery.

I look at it this way, First Source or God or Creator or universe, however you wish to think about IT, broadcasts ITS intelligent energy to all that is, as Source Intelligence or Spirit. This spirit is everywhere, including each of us. It streams through us. It is dynamic, ever-changing. It has abilities to respond to us just as we can respond to it. In other words, it’s interactive. When we play an interactive game on Nintendo or our computer or smartphone, we’re interacting with the game design, hoping to make it to checkpoints and continue to higher levels of challenge. To complete the game and get a high score.

In interaction with Source Intelligence, it’s different. It isn’t about high scores and completing the game. It’s about finding the way to raise awareness within yourself in such a way that you can create and express the heart virtues in your life unconditionally. You can modulate them with control. You can combine and sequence them in meaningful expressions that relate to specific situations, as they occur. You can bring your higher mind and deepest heart into alignment in service to Source Intelligence, and you do this consciously, willingly, with care and genuineness.

This is the interaction that one has with the universe, and you will learn, over time, as you practice this that the universe listens, it responds, it rearranges itself… I don’t mean this literally, but the outpicturing of the universe, as it pertains to your local universe, is not a mechanical, wind-up toy that pursues its mission unperturbed by a single human field of consciousness. It’s quite the opposite. The human field—both individually and collectively—shapes the universe expression on earth.

And I don’t mean the position of stars or planets or weather systems, etc. I mean right down to the particulars of who enters or exits your life, your work, your mission, your emotional interactions with people, what you read and study, all of these things—to name just a few—are part of the complex nature of how the universe responds to your fields… what you express through your human instrument.

In a way, if you wanted to humanize it, you could say that you and God are partners. The more you see the value of this partnership, the more you can feel and see the results of the interaction.

Mark: This is that concept that there’s no coincidence? Everything is purposeful and interwoven…

James: No, not really. That concept is more passive, where you see the world’s events as being guided by a wiser hand, and you surrender to its urges, motivations, insights, and will. This surrender is an act of passivity. Interaction, on the other hand, is a partnership. Energy is exchanged, not simply accepted. Missions are co-created and even co-founded.

There is self-responsibility in the interaction and partnership. There is a feedback system. The universe is not an authoritarian.

Mark: Given that we’re always changing our position within the universe… in terms of spacetime, everything is dynamic and complex, and we’re… well we’re human with all of our flaws and limited vision on what’s going on… it seems like surrender to a higher power is not such a bad idea.

James: The passive approach denies the interaction and partnership. It limits the role of the human instrument. For example, I’m a leaf on the river… that is surrender; I’m an artist with a paintbrush and canvas, with a powerful muse to inspire me. That is interaction.

Everything that’s complex seemingly shouts to us: “You’re out of your depth.” Those are the fears of self-responsibility. So, most people either surrender to the culture or the Creator.


Let me give you an example. I knew a person who was haunted by a past… negative experience. Something she couldn’t forgive. I told her that forgiveness was her key, but it had to be unconditional. To which she said, it wasn’t possible. She needed the person to admit their mistake and apologize, but I said she might have to wait a long time. If she forgave them unconditionally, she didn’t have to wait.

She looked at me and said that only Jesus can forgive unconditionally, not regular people like her. That was her perspective, that expressing the heart virtues unconditionally was reserved for the likes of Jesus. It isn’t reserved for anyone. Anyone can do it. Anyone cannot do it. There’s no reservation system either way. It’s choice. It’s a partnership with the universe. It’s seeing the value for oneself to lead, instead of to follow another. To be active, instead of passive.

Mark: Why is it so hard to practice these virtues like forgiveness unconditionally? I think most of us know what this women means… sometimes it seems impossible to operate unconditionally.

James: You see, the majority of people are gridlocked inside their heads—mostly on the left side and mostly down in the reptilian brain. It’s easy to do. The culture creators make it easy for us to live in that part of our human instrument, and base our decisions and belief system from there. Then we think in our lower minds, and our heart’s guidance is shallow… In this state, ego decision… ego-driven decisions, I’ll say—aligned to the culture—are what we tend to rely on.

When the ego is driving the decisions, then the idea of unconditional forgiveness or compassion or appreciation is nearly impossible.

Mark: Why is that?

James: Because this is the long path… the path of self-responsibility. Most people want to get rewarded quickly. They want to see results quickly. They want to win accolades fast. In this time, more than ever before, because technology delivers answers quickly with a voice command to Siri or a mouse click on Google. Solutions… now! The faster the solution the more the ego is gratified. The quick solution, however, doesn’t bring a real sense of wisdom or inner competence—there’s a hollowness to it… a fabrication. To secure that sense of wisdom, you have to be willing to persist and be committed to the long path, where you’re the conductor of the symphonic emotions created by your deeper heart and higher mind.

In a way, you’re a conductor… the left arm is your deeper heart, and the right arm is your higher mind, and together they conduct the music we call emotions. If they operate in coherence—they create music, not noise or distortion. Most people, when they conduct their emotions, the two arms do not conduct as one, they flay their arms and they are out of sync, and the emotions are expressed accordingly. Sometimes stress will do this, sometimes drugs, sometimes old habits, sometimes sheer exhaustion, sometimes the culture seems to shout: “Do it this way!” There’re many, many reasons, which is why it’s so important to practice something like the heart virtues so you can regain your balance when you slip on the banana peel.

The long path is not for those who’re bound to the needs of the ego, because it’s the ego that craves quick mastery, quick results… and the actual benefit of those quick results to others is not the concern or objective. It’s the rewards of vanity and glamor, in their various manifestations, that truly motivate the ego.

Mark: Many paths have the mind as the key aspect of spiritual discovery… and you speak about the ego, which is an aspect of the mind. Is this why the long path is difficult… because of the mind being the centerpiece?

James: The mind seeks causes. It’s a cause and effect calculator in many ways. The ego seeks to be associated with causes like climate change, political parties, religion or culture or gun control or job protection, etc. The list is very long. Almost everything is a cause-related activity, and the mind loves being a part of something that’s evolving an agenda that the mind agrees or resonates with. It also allows a sense of community… the cause itself.

When the WingMakers Materials were released, I know many people wondered why I chose to remain anonymous. Lyricus is not an earthly organization. There’s nothing to join for a reason. There is no cause we are trying to achieve.

Mark: But isn’t the discovery of The Grand Portal a cause?

James: No. It’s not. The Grand Portal is a technological discovery, and it’ll be made not as a cause-based effort, but it’ll be a discovery that’ll erupt out of thin air, where no one predicted, and those who discover it won’t really understand what they discovered until others step in and demonstrate its importance. The cause will then begin as the Controllers try to contain it, hide it, cover it up in fear, and then the cause will be centered on nurturing the technology and making it available to all.

There’re organizations on earth right now who’re quietly working towards this discovery, but they lack the resources to realize their ambitions. The discovery will be made by well-funded organizations that’re pursuing a different objective. They’ll make the discoveries by accident, and those lesser-funded organizations will incorporate the discoveries and re-purpose them.

So the discovery itself isn’t a cause-based initiative, but once the discovery is made and solidified, protecting it and distributing it to the public domain, then it’ll become a cause.

Mark: You mean the scientific discovery of the human soul, right?

James: Yes… I was going to mention in one of your previous questions, that Lyricus sees the mind and heart operating in unison. One is not the guide and the other the follower. They’re co-creating the ability within the individual to incubate the Sovereign Integral consciousness. To nurture it. This is the consciousness of unity and equality coupled to individualism that isn’t ego-based. It’s the consciousness that’s being born on earth, and The Grand Portal is the technological force that will help to unleash its presence to humanity.

Mark: I know you’ve written about this in the Lyricus materials, but why would anyone want to cover up the existence of the human soul? I can understand why the Controllers would want to cover-up ETs or Black Projects, but the soul? Why would they try to cover that up?

James: Because it’s the habit of the Controllers to control. Whenever new discoveries are made, they’re quickly assessed for their ability to change the existing power structure, either in a good way, in other words, to enhance control, or in a bad way, to diminish control.

Mark: But if the Controllers are suppressing humanity’s chance to grow spiritually… how does humanity ever get out of the control?

James: The Controllers are part of the system of ascendancy. They’re not controlling the system. The system is vast. It’s a network that extends everywhere and to everyone. No one group or entity is controlling it. They simply think they control a small—very small—part of the system called material earth. Even this, they don’t really control… take the Internet for example. The Controllers initially thought the Internet would be useful to control educational innovation via ARPAnet, and then they thought it would present a communication infrastructure within the Military Industrial Complex via DARPAnet. What they didn’t see was the spillover into the life of citizens… an effect of capitalism did that. When the World Wide Web entered the picture, they were hopeful it’d stay in the business domain… banking, industry, and so on, but as we know, it’s the global communication system. Now the Controllers have adapted to try and use if for surveillance, personal data acquisition, banking, and so on, but the Controllers never wanted the Internet to become what it has.

So, the premise that humanity is crippled in its ability to grow spiritually because of the Controllers is simply false. They make it more challenging, which is the way the system is designed. Souls don’t incarnate into a human instrument to experience ease and spiritual bliss. They experience this separation from Source Intelligence willingly. They know it will be a challenge to navigate to their soul and deeper heart when they incarnate. They know it will be a challenge to learn to express the higher frequencies of the heart unconditionally in this world. But they also know that there will be help.

Mark: And what form is this help offered? I mean, where does it come from and how do people recognize it?

James: The help is everywhere. It isn’t one thing or one organization or religion. Help is everywhere. It’s really the perception and attitude of the individual that makes the difference. It’s in all things, so when the individual is ready they see something or feel something or learn something that wakes them up—it activates them to seek their higher self. And where this wake-up call comes from varies tremendously for each person. But once they awaken, they’ll seek what is hidden from them. They know, instinctively, it’s hidden—that truth is veiled. They might not call the Controllers by a name or title, but they know they exist—even while they don’t like to admit it.

Mark: And why is that, James? I know many people, who get pretty uncomfortable the moment you start to talk about these subjects that pertain to the Controllers.

James: It’s a bit scary. Unnerving. For most people it’s too hard to believe that the world is suppressed. That it’s held back so that humanity is easier to control and more compliant to the system. These are old concepts. They’ve been on this planet for thousands of years, and very few of sound mind doubt this reality. So, as a coping mechanism, they prefer to avoid the discussion, and it’s perfectly fine that they do. There’s not so much to be gained from talking about it and letting the subject irritate you.

The question becomes, as a truth seeker, how much emphasis to place on it, because in the extreme, it can lead to fear, frustration and even a sense of paranoia, and these conditions clearly diminish the ability of the individual to express love into their local universe. And this is their first priority for their incarnation.

Mark: I’m glad you mentioned that word… Love. I’ve received emails from people wondering why it isn’t mentioned in the six heart virtues. Can you talk about that?

James: It’s analogous to asking why white light isn’t mentioned in the rainbow… you see, love is the six heart virtues. Love is a dynamic mixture of these six expressions. Love is understanding, compassion, appreciation, humility, forgiveness… and valor. It’s the situational awareness and expression of these in your moment—not only to other humans, but also to plants, animals, Creator, Earth, Universe, Source Intelligence… even yourself.



As spacetime shifts and changes, new energetics are encountered, and these energetics can either be accelerators or they can be brakes on consciousness. In periods of acceleration, change is occurring at a more rapid pace. So love is even more important, but love that’s braided to the heart virtues with authenticity. This is why authentic love, at this time, is the only requirement of a belief system.

Mark: I’m not sure I understood that… what do you mean by authentic love?

James: Love is the situational expression of the heart virtues, and to do this unconditionally, you must be authentic in your expression. So, for anyone to profess that they follow the six heart virtues, there’s a responsibility to be authentic practitioners. Otherwise, your belief isn’t practiced, and if that’s the case, why have a belief? So, you see that this choice, to have a love-centered life, is a responsibility. If you resonate with the heart virtues, if you understand their value, not only in your life and those of your immediate friends and family, but the broadest definition of oneness, then you also understand that they must be practiced unconditionally. Otherwise, they’re a mere convenience. Their potency is in their unconditional expression and awareness.

Mark: You’ve used that term a couple of times… situational awareness. Can you explain what you mean?

James: The heart virtues come to you, and you’re expressing them. Situational awareness, in this context, is simply being perceptive of their entry into your local universe in the moment. Sometimes it’s very obvious, sometimes it’s very subtle… almost undetectable. It’s important to perceive what you’re being given unconditionally, as much as it is to express unconditionally.

You could call it precognitive appreciation. Your in-breath is an example… it brings you life. Water is another example. A kind word from a colleague is another example. The list is very long. So you become adept at sensing how the universe and your local universe is bringing you virtues, even when they appear not to be present. That’s the unconditional part. The hard part. But everything in this world is about cycles and ratios, and these always modulate and shift in spacetime. That’s why I call it precognitive awareness. Sometimes you have to imagine the virtues even when they’re seemingly absent. They will come in time.

Mark: It seems like the world’s dysfunction grows in many ways, you know… take the example of the economy or terrorism or the natural disasters… the acceleration energies—if that’s the right way to express it—have been growing strong the past year. It’s as if someone’s turning up the heat in the kitchen, and we’re all feeling the added stress, which makes it harder to be appreciative or practice the heart virtues—at least speaking for myself.

Some say it’s the shadow government; some will point to Reptilians or off-planetary intelligences—

James: The Controllers are human. They’re influenced from other sources, but they’re human, and they make the ultimate decisions. This is greed and power amplified by technology. Technology provides the accelerated and fine-grained perceptions that enable greed and power to be boundless… at least for those who have access to the technologies. This creates imbalance. Imbalance creates energetic incoherence. This incoherence creates a sense of restlessness bordering on anarchy, and this signals the Controllers to apply new technologies, new laws to clamp down, and degenerate culture to distract. This escalates the problem and recycles the discontent and stress.

Yes, it’s harder now to be a practitioner, especially when the incoherence spikes in an event that’s designed to tighten controls or train people to be compliant to the Controllers. However, earth, at this time, is the training ground for those who want to exercise their will, and make a difference—energetically and materially. If humanity wants sustainable peace and goodwill to all… in practice, it will need to restructure its organizations that the Controllers use to control. To do this, requires a watershed event like The Grand Portal, and even then, it’s never easy. However, if there was no darkness or resistance, what purpose would new light serve?

Mark: Are you saying that darkness is… that it’s allowed so new generations that are incarnating can have a purpose? I’m not sure I follow you…

James: I’m saying that the Controllers have a designed purpose that allows each and every human being to either succumb to the controls and live conditionally in the ego-mind, or receive and transmit the deeper heart and higher mind frequencies, and live unconditionally as a love-centered life. The latter is the goal of most people that are incarnated at this time. And even though it may seem that people are failing to achieve this goal everywhere you look, it’s not really true. They fail some, to be sure, but they’re aware of this goal inside themselves, and this represents a major shift.

Mark: You mean that most people are aware that they’re here to live a love-centered life?

James: Yes. But this isn’t obvious to most people, and I understand this, but if you could look at humanity as a factory that’s making two products: one is hate and one is love. The ratio of love to hate has shifted remarkably in the past fifty years. In just the last five years it went through another major shift. And this is now the tempo that we’re in. Love is dominant on this planet. The Controllers would like to make it seem that the world is in turmoil and fear, but that’s an illusion that they present through the media. Fear doesn’t dominate. Love is the dominant frequency on this planet and it will remain so. However, fear is not something that I’m suggesting will just go away anytime soon. It will always be alive in this domain, and all who have human instruments will feel its effects… until they experience their souls, and the continuity of life.

Mark: I know you’ve said many times that the Era of Transparency is upon us and this is why The Grand Portal can be achieved, but part of me wonders why Lyricus doesn’t just make it happen now.

James: These things must be done by contemporary humanity. It has to be an inside job. Outside forces can’t intervene.

Mark: Why?

James: Because free will is the most precious thing in the universe. The moment one group begins to impose and intercede on behalf of one population, then it becomes a game of chess played by the most powerful, the most aware of the Big Picture. And as I said before, this is the time of We the People. This isn’t the time of saviors. The Era of Transparency requires it.

Mark: You’ve said before that what holds true for the Big Picture, holds true for the small picture, in other words, as above so below. Can you speak to that?

James: I’ll give you an example. This is related to the crutches or devices that people rely upon—these are like our personal saviors. We need a device to synchronize our brainwaves, or… or we need special diets or teachers to guide us. Or I must read this or that book to fully understand my soul. No, I’ll tell you right now, “no” we don’t. We need to practice the virtues of the heart, and we need to form a partnership with the universe. We do these things without condition. Without seeing results as we define results. We live in balance and in oneness. We develop our ability to orchestrate the virtues of the heart, but more than anything, it comes down to us. To our commitment to practice.Our commitment to apply these unconditionally, and not simply talk about them.

For example, let’s say you found a device that synchronized your brain waves. You felt wonderful; you experienced a higher dimension or alternative consciousness. In the back of your mind—after the experience—you realize it’s an unnatural occurrence. It was not generated solely from your efforts. It was not your creation. It was a device. Or, let’s say you could take a pill and it would provide you with ESP or a god experience or a talk with an ET. What does this really do for you?

The long path—the path that’s founded in Source Intelligence, isn’t about saviors. It is about self-responsibility and activation. It is about learning to receive and transmit the ultra-fine frequencies of love in your moment to the best of your abilities, even when you judge yourself a failure, you practice forgiveness and understanding. Do you have the flashy experiences? Maybe not. But I would much rather be an alchemist than an explorer.

Mark: What do mean an alchemist?

James: If your human instrument is fear-based, locked in the rigidity of the left, reptilian brain, you’re more likely to broadcast fear, insecurity and depression—for example. These emotions are a form of energy and, like all energy, they are conserved. In a sense, energy is never created, it is transformed or recycled. I can take energy that is dense and closed, and I can transform it to an energy that is opening to the frequency of love. I can be an alchemist of energy, and instead of trying to turn iron into gold, I turn anger into kindness… or depression into interconnection… or indifference into compassion.

Energy then informs matter. Energy is many things by human standards… it can be physical energy used to produce something like work or to play a sport. It can be emotional energy that deals with love or anger. It can be a mental energy that helps us solve a problem or capitalize on an opportunity. It can be spiritual energy that activates and sustains our interest in the culture of soul.

These different types of energies have different frequencies. Some are condensed energies that are heavy—in a sense. Some are light. We’ve all felt these different energetic fields in rooms or public spaces or… or nature, and we’ve all felt them within ourselves. Sometimes we’re buoyant and joyful, and the energy—at least emotionally—is light and easy. Other times we’re heavy with disappointment or fear or frustration. We feel these energies. They’re not abstractions to us… or words on paper. They have a visceral reality in our local universe.


Being an alchemist is being able to transform energy. To shift energy. Not to let densities build up and calcify, because these are the things that weigh us down, and make our abilities to be alchemists for ourselves and others more difficult.

Explorers, on the other hand, like to acquire information, knowledge, data, and of course, experiences. This can be wonderful, so I’m not saying this is good or bad, merely that it’s a different path. They are seekers. They seek knowledge so they can experience a state that’s closer to truth… closer to wisdom. This world seems to hide truth so well, many people feel it’s vital that they put a lot of energy into this endeavor; otherwise, truth will slip away from them. I refer to these seekers as explorers. However, behind this acquisition of knowledge gnaws the question: is this really why I came here… why I incarnated? To acquire knowledge? Especially, as I mentioned before, when the knowledge is often contradictory or lacks any grounding in fact or proof.

For some, the answer is “yes.” For many, though, the answer is that they came to be alchemists. They came to experience the transformation of energies. They incarnated to become a receiver and transmitter of these higher energies, and to go about this consciously, courageously… and most important, unconditionally—to their best ability in the moment.

As you can imagine, these are not exclusive paths by any means. People can do both, and very often, the seeker-explorer becomes primarily an alchemist in the latter part of their life. The explorer fills up on all of the various paths, and ultimately realizes that they’re all tributaries to the long path, and the real reason to be alive is to demonstrate the example of an alchemist. Again, it’s all ratios, there’s never a 100% one or the other.

Mark: Are there other stages or categories?

James: I’m not a big advocate of categorizing people, so with that caveat, I’ll say that the activators are a group of seekers, and what I mean by that is that they’re looking for stimulation not so much about information or knowledge. Though again, this is ratios. They tend to be younger. They tend to be experimental in their approach to the spiritual world, and often find psychic phenomenon or charismatic teachers to be the gateway for them to learn about the worlds of spirit. They’re interested in having the direct experience, because they’re looking to activate their missions or spiritual purpose.

Mark: Any others?

James: The sleepers come in many varieties. Sleepers… the word sounds a bit judgmental I suppose, and I really don’t mean it that way. Sleepers have their purpose, and often they can be one book or one experience away from being a great alchemist. They just need the activation. Sometimes sleepers have seen a lot of paths, a lot of teachers, and nothing quite took. Nothing was convincing, or, perhaps they found a corruption in their organization or noticed that their teacher was less than impeccable. They had a bad experience in their pursuit of the spiritual dimension and they went back to sleep, seeking a familiar comfort in the material world and trying to reimagine their life as an ego-driven personality.

Sleepers can also be content; content to conform to the social order. So they accept the world as a place where the acquisition of material objects is king. But sleepers know that something is missing, and that’s proof.

Mark: Proof of what?

James: That the world is only three-dimensional… physical, and that consumption is king. They wonder why most of the world’s population believes in God, but behave as if there isn’t one. They wonder why saints exist. Why mystics write similar materials throughout time. Why some have experienced these alternate realities or some have astonishing skills that can’t be accounted for. Often they’ve had ESP experiences or events themselves, and they can’t explain it. There’s a very long list of things that poke and prod them to wonder if they should remain sleepers. Proof, in this case, isn’t that God exists. It’s proof that God or a spiritual domain doesn’t exist.

The last group I’ll mention is the absentees. These are the ones whose incarnation was disrupted by some event or series of events that placed them on a trajectory of pain, guilt, resentment, anger, fear, etc. They became lost to both the material and spiritual worlds, and they burrowed into their own worlds for safety—or so they thought. Often these are fantasy or imaginary worlds that are neither real nor helpful to their missions as embodied souls.

There’re others, but these will give you a general sense of the different groups, and again, one person can be in all of these groups, and the ratios can shift over time. Others can be in one group predominantly and something comes along in their life and they suddenly migrate to a new group. But the group to which the WingMakers are aligned, at least mostly aligned, is the alchemist, because there you can be a potent force for good. There, you can impact on an entire planet, because you’re in a trusting partnership with Source Intelligence that lives inside the heart virtues.

And you don’t need to believe in God or a religion or a master. You simply need to practice the virtues of your own heart in your own life in the moment. It’s really that simple, though the practice is challenging, the process is kind of modest without adornments or rituals or techniques—other than the ones you create yourself.

Mark: James, I want to be respectful of your time. This interview has already gone over the time I had asked for. Is there anything else you wanted to cover before we come to a close?

James: Let me just say that I enjoyed our conversation. I know it went a little longer… and I apologize… I start talking sometimes and it’s difficult to stop. Perhaps we can do this again…

Mark: Every five years or so… (laughter)

James: Well, maybe we can do them a little more frequently…

Mark: I hope so.

James: Thanks for your help, Mark, in putting this interview together.

Mark: My pleasure. Thanks for your time, James.



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